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031 >>>

Thank you Sherry for your wonderful site!

I wish that I could read Chinese to enjoy your site even more.

Marc duske
032 >>> Thanks heavens for you guys!!! for ages I have been trying to find it.
Victor Hugo
Brasil (巴西)
033 >>> I am from Mexico. Thanks for create this page its so great, the Morricone music changes my life.
Mexico (墨西哥)
034 >>> Thank you very much for wonderful site. I enjoyed so much.....
035 >>> Thank you very much for wonderful site.
036 Sorry for my little english
Dear Chinese friend, i have downloaded all "MARCO POLO" album from your site.
The recording is good and after 21 year i listen that.
Sono ormai 21 anni che cercavo "Marco Polo" (in Italia il disco è introvabile), e ora riascoltando e riascoltando le bellissime musiche del
Maestro Morricone, mi sento come colui che ha riportato Marco a casa dalla "sua" spendida Cina.
Grazie infinite per aver esaudito la mia richiesta
Con amicizia, Franco Caravaggi, Italia

hello, no se si me entenderás, pero envio este mail con el fin de preguntar como puedo obtener toda la banda sonora de "MARCO POLO" de ENNIO MORRICONE, (sólo pude escuchar 04 links),ya que he esperado por mas de 20 a?os el poder volver a escucharla, desde el primer momento que la escuche, cuando dieron la serie en mi país (CHILE), quedé alucinada con su música, ojalá tuviera alguna respuesta.Gracias.

Chili (智利)
038 Hi! Thanks for the wonderful website.I want to see the movie 'The Mission' but I couldn't find it at this there any other way that you can help me ? Thansk
039 MORRICONE is so great. Especially the theme from LA PROFESSIONAL. Do you have this movie sound track CD? Hope to see it someday. Thank you!
Excuse me. Would you please tell me which movie is the theme CHI MAI from? I've been searching this movie for years. Can you tell me the Chinese name of the movie. I profoundly thank you!
Ted Anderson
039 Hello, actually my attention was drawn to Morricone when I heard the OST of Legend of 1900...Then I started to search on this author. To my surprise, there is so much of his music that i'm familiar with but not sure where i first heard them. Anyway I really find Morricone so fascinating...And I read your experience and love for this great musician. I am very touched because i have similar pursuit for music i love...and sometimes one song or one piece of music stays with me with a lot of enjoying that music is like re-living a certain period of life...I love that. Thank you!
040 Many Russian People love music by Ennio Morricone.
Ennio Morricone is a god of music!
Russia (俄罗斯)
041 Thanks a lot for posting wonderful music!
Russia (俄罗斯)
041 Hi again
Yes I have downloaded all the Disclosure music. What a pleasure it is to listen to this !! I have been searching for this music for so long.
I am still busy downloading the movie, and is currently at 78% completed because of the huge file size. I hope to have the entire movie downloaded within the next 12 hours.
Thanks again for your help.
042 (1).My name is Nickita Zakharov. I'm from Russia. I'm 17 years old and fond of Ennio Morricone's music. My favourite scores are: "Once Upon A Time In The West", "The Mission", "Once Upon A Time In America", "Cinema Paradiso", "La
Piovra", "Malena", "D'Amore Si Muore", "La Califfa", "Per Le Antiche Scale" and many others...

I have "Focus" of Dulce Pontes and EM. Here are the tracks: ........

(2).My love to Ennio Morricone's music came to me when I was 13 years old. Television has a great power to us and for me too. So when my mother was watching "Celeste" (1991) with Gustavo Bermudez and Andrea del Boca, I was listening beautiful music there. It was from "Once Upon A Time In The West". Also, in this TV-series were "Once Upon A Time In America", "The Mission", "The Untouchables". Then, when it had ended, "Celeste, siempre Celeste" with music from "La Piovra 2-5", "Moses", "Le Marginal" and others.
These Tv-Series were indulged me to the Morricone's music world.

Many years later I found that it was Morricone.........

Russia (俄罗斯)
043 my name is Vincenzo and I'm writing from Italy.
I've appreciate your site dedicated to E.Morricone and i'd like ask you if it's possible download all the songs of Mission just to evaluate them and eventually
purchase it.In Italy has been issued the new album "Arena Concerto" and I suggest you to purchase it.I don't have any web site but if you have a FTP server I
can put there the MP3 files to evaluate the songs. Ciao
Italy (意大利)
044 name is Sérgio and I′m writing from Campinas, Brazil.
I′m looking for the soundtrack of "State of Grace"/ 1990 (El clan de los Irlandeses). It′s a lovely Morricone′s soundtrack and I can′t find anywhere.
Do you have it in your Website?
Thanks a lot!

Brasil (巴西)
045 Hello,
(sorry for my bad english)
I search, about 1 years ago the final song of the orca movie.
could you send me this song ORCA FINALE

Thanks a lot.
Swiss (瑞士)
045 Thank you very much for kindly making these tracks available. I have now downloaded them. There is just three questions/requests to ask:

1. How did you get to find about Morricone in China? Is he quite popular there? I've known about his music for 27 years and have about thirty purchased albums/CD's. In general, I'm trying to fill gaps in my collection. WIth 500 recordings, a full set is close tom impossible but I try to get one or two where and when I can.
2. The downloading process is very slow, it took me all day to get one track. While I recognise I have no "right" to ask (I am relying on your lone and unrewarded efforts), why is it so slow, and is there a faster way?
3. As a final request, could you (assuming the downloading process be made quicker), make available the soundtracks for Oceano and Queimada? These are the last two I'm after.

With best wishes, Your British friend, Stuart

British (英国)
046 thanks for ur reply, I really have the special request for all music from "the octopus" - "La Piovra" from all the parts of it, downloading all of them in WEB results alotta money, so aaaa, how about FTP?
Kazakhstan (哈萨克斯坦)
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