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Goodbye Forum!

Our forum (Chinese and English sections) has been in operation for over 6 years since its establishment in 2017. My administrator, Ma Yong, and all members have put in a lot of effort and achieved certain results. However, throughout the past 6 years of practice, it has not achieved the expected goal of establishing a forum - to create an interactive home for fans and friends. More crucial is: there are also many difficulties that are difficult to overcome in the continuous operation of the forum. In order to maintain the long-term and stable development of the theme website, after discussing with Ma Yong's friends, we had to make a decision to close these two forums soon. I hope to receive everyone's understanding and support in this regard
01-- 6 years of hard work and progress行
Before bidding farewell to the forum, we need to do a retrospective in order to summarize our experiences and lessons, and retain this unforgettable history. From the following set of data, you can see the basic data of the two forums
List1 Overall
Items Chinese Forum English Forum Total of Chinese and English
Total number of accepted members 283 141 424
First three years of them 180人,An average of 53 people per year 86人, An average of 27 people per year An average of 80 people per year
Next three years of them 123人,An average of 21 people per year 55人,An average of 18 people per year An average of 39 people per year
Number of themed posts 257 104 361
Number of all posts (themes and replies) 942 324 1266
Total views 198531 147418 345949
From the above data, the following understanding can be drawn:
Over the past 6 years, the total number of admitted members has been 424, with an average of approximately 71 members per year. However, the overall trend is decreasing year by year. Especially in 2023, as of August, the total number of newly developed members was only 10, and it is estimated that there will be about 15 members for the entire year of 2023, showing a downward trend, which is the same as the decline in total website traffic. The reasons for this are puzzling. I believe there may be three possible reasons: 1. Changes in the algorithms of major search engines such as Baidu and Google have affected the search ranking of our website. 2. On Chinese WeChat, Tencent's monitoring program has unreasonably closed URL of our website, despite several complaints, it has not been resolved, thereby reducing the traffic of Chinese mobile phone visits. 3. The departure of the master has affected people's attention to Morricone. These three factors are all objective and we cannot change them. What need is that we must face them correctly
2. The proportion of members in the Chinese and English forum is approximately 2:1, which is similar to the analysis of the proportion of members and the proportion of domestic and international traffic on the website over the years. Indicates that these numbers are trustworthy
3. Over the past 6 years, the total forum views have been 198531+147418=345949, with an average of 57658 per year. According to the historical average PV/IP=3 ratio, the number of independent IPs received each year is 19219, which accounts for approximately 20% of the total visited IPs on the website. This number is reassuring.
List 2 Theme Post Source
Items Chinese forum (proportion) English forum (proportion)
Total number of themed posts 257 (100%) 104 (100%)
Among them, the number posted by the webmaster HWG 194 (75.5%) 100 (96.2)
Among them, the number posted by the Admin Ma-Yong 60 (23.3%) 0
Other 3(1.2%) 4 (3.8%--Didier 2, Morriconefan 1, Albert 1)
The numbers above are disappointing and helpless. The most important thing is that there was no interaction situation that we hoped for. The vast majority of people still love forms such as WeChat or chat software, and fast food culture is still prevalent. As a small personal website, we have to carefully consider our positioning and take the right path
List 3 Statistics of page views by section and key posts
Items Chinese Forun English Forum
1. Statistics of views by section
Administrator area 9657 4888
chat room 39718 16775
Handbook exchange area 3496 2423
Talk to Didier 5748 5639
Morricone Theme 106611 76909
Resource download area 41864 40874
2. Analysis of browsing volume and proportion


Obtaining resource database password related posts, with a total of 31560 Chinese and English (9.1%)

获取会员密码 2705 VIP password 大于10000
2020 普通会员资源库密码 2976 Get Member Password 3276
为社员和VIP提供的130G免费资源密码 7788 Total 130G free resources download for member 4815
合计 13469 合计大于 18091
A public letter to the official website of Morricone, with a total of over 15009 Chinese and English (4.3%) 对莫里康内官方网站的一封公开信 5009 An open letter to the official website of Ennio Morricone 大于10000





The total number of posts with 18 views greater than 1500 is 26267 in Chinese, 37465 in English, and 63732 in total。(18.4%)

最新提供内嵌中英字幕电影“卡里夫女人”3144 The film "La Califfa" embed EN-CN subtitle 2085
好消息:出生入死10部67小时全中文字幕版编辑完成 1616 Providing "The Octopus / La Piovra" complete serie 855
莫里康内官站年表缺失的作品 1595 Missing works on the Ennio Morricone official website -1 2847
莫里康内欧洲巡游音乐会宣传手册的一个严重错误 1751 A serious mistake of Morricone concert brochures 2064
告别亚历山德罗·亚历山德罗尼-世界上最著名的西部片“吹口哨的人”1720 R.I.P. Alessandro Alessandroni 3620
下载电影“卡里夫女人”(内嵌中英字幕)3221 Download "La Califfa" film embed EN-CN subtitles 1980
莫里康内慕尼黑音乐会资料 976 Download the information of 20170307 Morricone Munich Concer 2111
联系8年,无一回音:谈官站的公共关系 1287 Contact for 8 years, without any echo from Morricone Officia 2031
“发现美洲”(TV)的发行年代之争可以定论了 1037 About released year of "Alla scoperta dell'America 1765
莫里康内官站年表缺失的作品 - 2 1408 Missing works on the Ennio Morricone official website -2 1562
莫里康内2016新书“追逐声音”将由后浪出版现正在征求翻译者 1108 Good News--"INSEGUENDO QUEL SUONO" Chinese version 1513
莫里康内慕尼黑音乐会资料 976 Information of Morricone Munich concert on Mar 7,2017 2454
2016-2017 莫里康内欧洲巡演音乐会研究 1062 Research on the Morricone 60 years of music tour - 1 1732
2016-2017 莫里康内欧洲巡演音乐会研究-2 1278 Research on the Morricone 60 years of music tour - 2 1611
介绍2016年莫里康内最新自传体新书“追逐声音”1240 A English introduction about "INSEGUENDO QUEL SUONO 1856
莫里康内悬疑赏金系列大行动-003-1 寻求英文字幕 402 Bounty Series Action 003 My question-1 2718
迪迪埃交往13年 636 A warm welcome an old and well-thought-of friend Didier 2391
You can see from the numbers above. The number of posts related to downloading passwords from the resource library accounts for 9.1% of the total number of views, which is quite high, indicating the attractiveness of the resource library to everyone. The efforts of resource accumulation in the past 20 years have not been in vain. It is provided to fans through reading reference resources, which reasonably avoids the interference of copyright restrictions on our dissemination of master's excellent works, and enables fans to obtain the resources they need through simple programs. I am sincerely gratified by this. In the future, even if the forum is closed, we will still retain this channel in a new way to continue serving global fans
Secondly, the proportion of views for an open letter to the official website of Morricone is 4.3% (totaling over 15009, with over 10000 in the English section), indicating the importance that fans attach to this issue. Although we have now abandoned our dependence on this official website, I still hope that it can accept reasonable criticism from global fans and revise many of its own mistakes
More views appear in the "Morricone Theme" and "Download Resources" sections. Among them, the "La Califfa" movie with Chinese and English subtitles provided twice was the most popular for public download, with a total of 10430 views. A large number of posts express the excitement and gratitude of fans from the bottom of their hearts, inspiring the author to persist in serving fans without regret for a long time
The rest of the 361 themed posts have mostly seen hundreds or even thousands of views, reflecting the attention of global fans to Morricone's works. Despite the continuous decline in website traffic, it still brings us light and confidence. It is worth mentioning that forum administrator Ma-Yong, has persistently published 60 articles related to Morricone's works that he has been researching for six years from February 24, 2017 to May 15, 2023. The total number of views reached 42763, with an average of 713 per article, accounting for 21.5% of the total number of views on Chinese forums. He has become a shining new star in our forum. His articles have reviewed a large amount of domestic and foreign materials, added his own analysis and research, and some have opened up a series of special topics (such as advertising series) with both pictures, sound and text, doubling readers' interest, broadening their horizons, increasing knowledge, and solving mysteries. He has also opened a personal column with a reading volume of 40000 and a radio station with a total of 44 issues on the NetEase Cloud Music website, with nearly a thousand fans. He is a researcher on Morricone's works, which have emerged in recent years. Let's jointly wish him continued efforts and greater achievements. We hope more such fans will appear.
02 Why close the forums
If you have carefully read the summary above, it is not difficult to find the answer to the question. In order to answer this question more clearly. I will use some simple language to explain
1. Forums and websites are different in that they are separated from mature web editing software (such as the internationally popular DREAMWEAVER software currently used on this website) and use a less common program created by different authors themselves. This website uses a paid to purchase software, which should be said to be basically usable, but there are also some shortcomings. The biggest problem is that it requires a considerable amount of support from network open-source programs, and once these programs are upgraded or rewritten, our forum will come to a standstill. Since last year, due to certain reasons, this program has stopped technical support. This year, there have been three malfunctions, with the longest shutdown lasting for 15 days. Although it was temporarily rescued and restored by other technical personnel, the integrity of the program was damaged. One problem was temporarily resolved, but it also brought new problems. For example, the recent situation where new members were unable to open hidden posts and obtain passwords is no longer sustainable.
2. The forum has never been able to showcase its characteristics. The actual operation over the past 6 years shows that it is almost a monologue for the webmasters or the administrators, and these functions can be fully implemented in the form of a website. After looking forward to 6 years, we finally realize that such an objective reality is difficult to change in a certain historical period, and we must face reality.

3. The forum not only has many problems, but also brings us unexpected troubles. Since 2023, its main domain name http://morricone.cn Being blocked by Tencent's network management on WeChat has brought many difficulties to everyone. Its reason is that there is a "malicious link" on our webpage pointing to that forum. Although I have repeatedly stated the nature and situation of the forum, its robot monitoring has always been ignored. It is very puzzling and helpless. In order to successfully eliminate this obstacle, coupled with many of the aforementioned issues, we have to make up our minds to close it

4. Through 20 years of ups and downs on the website, the author fully realizes that if a personal website wants to persist in the long term, it cannot be greedy for strength, but can only be done well as possible. In addition, as the author is already old, in order to consider a successor, it is necessary to shrink the front line and facilitate management. Given the existing issues with the forum, actively closing it and integrating its main functions into the website is the best choice
03 Follow the steps and make a steady transition
1. Notify everyone in advance and make necessary preparations. Old members will receive a new password through emails sent by our website. For personal articles, resources, etc. that need to be collected, please copy, download, or save them yourself as soon as possible
2. Modify the existing registration, log in to the program, and continue to maintain the stable operation of this function. (New membership application is here, member login and preferential treatment are here)
3. Gradually transfer important forum posts to the website for display, so that they continue to serve fans
4. If you can use Chinese, welcome to join the recommended WeChat groups on this website, where you can make more friends and get the latest information
Let's all work together and continue to take care of this hot land
Doing it alone is life, everyone doing it is career!
Aug. 20 2023


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