The third volume of 《Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook》was published

After the publication of Volume 2 of the 《Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook》in 2022, and after more than a year of continuous efforts, as the final work of the whole volume of the 《HANDBOOK》, Volume 3 was finally published on January 8, 2023. It has realized a wish of the author for many years: to edit a book with both an introductory nature and a panoramic perspective for Chinese and global fans. The systematic study of books will fill a gap in the existing works of About Ennio Morricone in the world. When this wish was realized at the end of the year when I was 86, it is self-evident that I was gratified
In an article summarizing the experience of the 20th anniversary of the website (see here), the author deeply felt that Ennio Morricone was indeed a great maestro. His greatness can be summed up in three points: amazing diligence and great achievements of labor; Great musical talent; Great moral character, presiding over justice, and supporting weak social activists. If you carefully read the three volumes of 《HANDBOOK》, you will surely find sufficient reasons for these conclusions, and you will have a more sense of respect for such a great person. From the following list, you can learn some things:

Serial number (Pages and Words)

Publication year Main Concent

Volume 1

(302 pages, 176660 words)

2012.6.15 1. Introduce 401 FA films (including TV, the same below) and 6048 OST from 1961 to 2008 by Moricone
2.Introduce the excellent works about Morricone by Chinese and global fans
3. Introduce various activities of Chinese fans related to Morricone over the past 40 years, including historical records, website construction, the establishment of the "MorriUnion" organization, and the two Chinese concerts of Morricone in 2009 and 2010

Volume 2

(2399 Pages,358738 Words)

2022.4 1. Special article by Chinese fans deeply mourning the death of Maestro Morricone
2. Special article on Morricone's filmography
3. Introduce 47 FA films with Morricone's original soundtracks added by 2020
4. Introduces 302 FB films closely related to Morricone from 1953-2020
5. Introduces 151 FC films general related to Morricone from 1953-2020
6. 2161 FA, FB, FC film's music played online

Volume 3

(1226 Pages,118524 Words)

2023.1.8 1. The general contents of Volume 1, 2 and 3 of the 《HANDBOOK》and the review of important columns on the website in the past 20 years
  2. Reprinted important articles in the past 20 years
  3. Introduce 224 FU non traditional films related to Moricone from 1949 to 2020
  4. 310 FU film's music played online
  5. Introduce 56 advertising works with music by Morricone
  6. A list of 294 concerts conducted by Morricone from 1984 to 2020

Total Volume 1-3

(3927 Pages,653922 Words)

  1. Total film introduction 401+47+302+151+224=1125 films
  2. Total OST music introduction 6048 music
  3. Total played online 2161+310=2481 music
  4. 56 Advertising works
Reading Resource Library ABCD area 1206G in total 2020-2023 Total Size 293+576+296+41=1206G,Including film videos 126+237+451+224=1038

This volume contains 224 FU works during the 71 years from 1949 to 2020. The early works recorded the hard process of Morricone's development from a trumpet player (FU4901) to a musical arranger (FU5301Q) for drama, broadcasting and film as an apprentice, and then to write music for drama as a composer (FU5802), until he became a film musician. What's more surprising is that his last work as an original musician in his life was also a modern drama 《There are days that never happen》 in 2020 (see FU2002). This not only reminds us of the saying that the Maestro often mentioned: "I am a music composer first, and then, just then, a film music composer."

In this volume 3 book, there are also a large number of works recording the maestro's social activities, such as FU7401 《Vi scrivo da un care in Grecia / I Write in Greek Prison》, FU8901 《MUTAC / Farmers' Traditional Art Museum》, FU9301 《Eva Fischer, Pittore / Painter Eva Fischer》, FU9501 《Music per la resistenza / Resistance Music》, FU0101 《Ritratti italiani n. 7: Gillo Pontecorvo / Italian Portrait No. 7: Gilo Pontecorvo》...... etc. We can see that from workers to farmers, from poets to writers, from prisoners to resistance fighters, from environmental protection to energy, from leftists to religious ceremonies. The character and activities of this maestro can be seen almost everywhere. In this sense, he is not just a musician

In this book, there is also a special column dedicated to 56 known TV advertisements with music by the maestro. Most of these advertisements are directed by many famous directors. For example, Sergio Leone, Giuseppe Tornatore, these advertisements are limited to one or two minutes or even dozens of seconds, but under the careful design of these directors and the wonderful music of Morricone, almost every piece has become one pearl gem with eternal brilliance, which is amazing and memorable

This volume was officially published on January 8, 2003. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our website and widely disseminate the excellent works of Morricone, we have decided to provide this volume 3 to all fans in an open and free manner in 2023. For details of the full volume of the《HANDBOOK》, please see here

I sincerely wish the master's outstanding music will be immortal!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the site, this volume and the D library will be open to all fans free of charge in 2023
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Unzip password of all compressed files is morricone.cn
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