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A downloaded movie used eMule with Morricone's music
A movie that contains Morricone's music
Say It Isn't So (2001)
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Say It Isn't So (2001)
Say It Isn't So (2001)
About the movie from IMDB


Director:James B. Rogers

Writers (WGA):Peter Gaulke (written by) &
Gerry Swallow (written by)

Release Date:23 March 2001 (USA) more
Genre:Comedy | Romance more
Plot:A young bachelor finds the love of his life but mistakenly believes her to be his sister.

Original Music by Mason Daring (Used one Morricone's music of "The good the bad and the ugly")

Awards:1 nomination more

Additional Details

MPAA:Rated R for strong sexual content, crude humor and language.
Parents Guide:Add content advisory for parents
Runtime:95 min | Germany:93 min
Color:Color (DeLuxe)
Aspect Ratio:1.85 : 1 more
Sound Mix:DTS | Dolby Digital
Certification:Iceland:L | Malaysia:18PL | Malaysia:U (cut) | Singapore:NC-16 (DVD rating) | Argentina:13 | Finland:K-11 | France:U | Germany:12 | Netherlands:AL | New Zealand:PG | Norway:11 | Spain:13 | Sweden:11 | UK:15 | USA:R | Australia:M | Singapore:PG



Chris Klein ... Gilbert Noble

Heather Graham ... Josephine Wingfield

Orlando Jones ... Dig McCaffrey

Sally Field ... Valdine Wingfield
Richard Jenkins ... Walter Wingfield
John Rothman ... Larry Falwell

Jack Plotnick ... Leon Pitofsky

Eddie Cibrian ... Jack Mitchelson

Mark Pellegrino ... Jimmy Mitchelson
Brent Hinkley ... Streak
Henry Cho ... Freddy
Richard Riehle ... Sheriff Merle Hobbs

Brent Briscoe ... Detective Vic Vetter

Ezra Buzzington ... Stewart
Julie White ... Ruthie Falwell (more)


Young orphan Gilly (Klein) finds out his lover Jo (Graham) may actually be his biological sister. After they break up he discovers he's not related and travels across the country to stop her impending wedding. Unfortunately the entire nation has heard the same story and thinks he's just after incestuous thrills. Written by Anonymous

Good-hearted would-be veterinarian Gilbert 'Gilly' Noble, an orphan who works at the animal shelter in Shelbyville, Indiana, starts falling for walking disaster Josephine 'Jo' Wingfield, who even cuts his ear while doing his hair in the salon. After six months, they are ready for marriage; just then P.I. Vic Vetter, whom Gilly hired but believed hopelessly inefficient, reports that his mother is Valdine- Jo's too, end she takes terribly bad care of her multiply handicapped dad Walter! Another sixteen months later, Gilly lives at her place and Jo, who moved to Oregon, is about to marry a good catch, Jack Mitchelson; then a certain Leon Pitofsky turns up and proves to be Valdine's son. Gilly is an orphan again, but his love no longer incestuous, so he drives across the country, and in Colorado literally bumps into pilot 'Big Dig' McCaffrey, leg-less scum. Valdine calls ahead to the Beaver PD to report Gilly as a 'sister-abuser' and to Jo pretending Gilly believes his "imaginary friend" Leo is her brother, while telling Leon to lay low. After deputy Gina informs groom Jack, who cheats on his bride already, he instructs his ex-con relative Jimmy Mitchelson to scare and rough up 'security risk' Gilly, who wakes up in a plane to Puerto Vallarta, lifts all the way back and sees he's wanted, Dig his only ally against the local magnate who deals in - marijuana ... Written by KGF Vissers (See here)


User Comments

I really liked "Say it isn't So!" I thought it was pretty funny. The whole incest thing is kind of disturbing, but when things actually boil down a bit and reveal that the two lovers(siblings) are actually in fact not at all related. It turns into a giant race against all odds to try and reunite with one another.

Gil, a hunky animal vet will do anything to get back the love of his life that he had once thought of as his sister.. Including going as far as another state in order to stop her from marrying a two-faced millionaire. He will confuse several people when he tells them that he is not actually related to his lover. People are skeptical and believe that there is some how something really gross about the incident.

Soon, Gil will actually team up with a small time crook with every intention to help a man in love try to find the love of his life.

Incest complexities will arise and make a lot of uncomfort among the family and the general city folk. This movie is no ordinary camp-like good time. No, no.. It's pretty twisted. I wasn't exactly laughing out loud constantly, but there were some parts where I laughed a bit and thought there were other films that had a more clever hold on the "gag" incest idea... One of those would be "House of Yes". A very vibrant and horrifyingly romantic tale of incest and obsession.(See here)

Play in online
Playing a part 2'28"
The complete movie is 350Kbps wmv format 94'54" 225M English dub embedded Chinese subtitle.
You can enter here to get an Emule address for directly download the movie (01-01)
About the music of the movie
1.The composer of the movie is Mason Daring (See here American composer ,1949- . He once composed more 50 movies, Nominated for Primetime Emmy in the movie "Bailey's Mistake,See here).Below is a still of head of the movie
marked out Music by Mason Daring
A still (00:02:07.) marked out Music by Mason Daring
song "The good the bad and theugly" composed by Ennio Morricone
A still (01:34:54) marked out, a song "The good the bad and theugly" composed by Ennio Morricone
2.In the end of the movie has marked out a song "The good the bad and theugly" composed by Ennio Morricone. So we have understood why thereis no the movie in the Morricone's official web site A and B ?
See the part (1'56")
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