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1967 莫里康内配乐电影概览 (手机版)
A basic view for 1967 film composed by Ennio Morricone (Mobile edition)
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电影及导演  Name and Director
NA-6701  Ad ogni costo / Grand Slam (Giuliano Montaldo) / 智多星巧破钻石库 / 不惜任何代价 / 大满贯
Stars Janet Leigh
Robert offmann
Klaus Kinski
Country Italy | Spain | West Germany
Runtime 121 min | Spain: 114 min
Date 1967
Ad ogni costo (Giuliano Montaldo) (直译 不惜任何代价/大满贯)

After retirement, Professor James Anders presents criminal Mark Milford an elaborate plan to rob a diamond company in Brazil with a crew of professionals. The men assemble in Rio de Janeiro and run in to an unanticipated problem: a new alarm system called Grand Slam 70.(Here)

A seemingly mild-mannered teacher, Professor James Anders (Robinson), is an American working in Rio de Janeiro. Bored with years of teaching, Anders retires and sets about putting together a team to pull off a diamond heist during the Rio Carnival in Brazil.

With the help of a youthful friend, now a successful criminal, Anders recruits a team of four international experts to carry out the robbery: Gregg an English safecracking specialist, Agostino an Italian mechanical and electronics genius, Jean Paul a French playboy (whose job it is to seduce the only woman with a key to the building holding the diamonds, the lovely Mary Ann), and Erich a German ex-military man (at the movie's ending, it will become clear that Anders' young friend had ordered the German to kill the other members of the team after the job is finished).

The team develops a series of mechanical devices to defeat the layers of protection built within the building in which the diamonds are stored, mainly photocells which crisscross the entry corridor, and the new "Grand Slam 70" safe system: an alarm triggered by any sound detected near the safe room by means of a sensitive microphone listens for sounds while the safe and its environs are secured. Although the presence of the latter system is found by the team only one day in advance and at first this seems to impose a stop to the entire action, Agostino is able to find a genial solution to overcome the problem, so that the action can start.

The team successfully enters the safe using a pneumatic trestle to bypass the photocell beams by crawling over them, accesses to the safe room with the Mary Ann's key stolen by Jean Pauland, move the safe to the corridor using shaving cream to dampen their sounds, and finally open the safe with specific nitroglycerin charges. However, the following day the police are alerted by Mary Ann, who has found that the safe key had been temporarily taken, and all the four members of the team are killed during their escape.

Anders ends up with the diamonds in a small letters case, sitting in an outdoor cafe...but loses them in the film's last scene in Rome to a thief gang on a motorcycle. (Here)

本站简译: 退休教授安德斯提出一个精心设置的计划,准备伙同一个职业团伙去抢劫巴西的一家钻石行,当他们聚集到里约热内炉时,却发现钻石行刚刚安装了一套最新的Grand Slam 70报警系统.....
NA-6702  Arabella / Bad Arabella (Mauro Bolognini) / 阿拉贝拉
Stars Virna Lisi
James Fox
Margaret Rutherford
Country Italy
Runtime Italy: 105 min | USA: 88 min
Date 1967
Arabella (Mauro Bolognini) / 阿拉贝拉
  Taglines: How can anybody SO BAD... be SO GOOD at it? She steals to live... and lives to steal... (Here) Apparently in the Italy of the 1920s, the only way to keep your home out of the maws of the tax collector was to steal and cheat from everyone in sight -- and the dupes you'd swindle wouldn't know the difference since all their attentions would be focused upon cheating you. That little bit of homespun philosophy is the only conclusion to be drawn from Arabella, a broad sex-farce enlivened with British comic Terry-Thomas appearing in a quartet of roles, and the sexy Virna_Lisi as the title character, who is compelled into chicanery in order to prevent her mother's home from being taken away by the tax man. To raise funds, Arabella rooks money from Terry-Thomas, in various fake beard incarnations as a general, a duke, a hotel manger, and an insurance agent. But while she is busy conning the four Thomases, she steps on the toes of an equally tricky burglar (James_Fox) and two young lovers -- Giancarlo_Giannini and Melina_Vukotic. Arabella ultimately becomes attracted to the burglar. Now she must hold her base animal urges in abeyance and concentrate on squeezing more cash out of the Terry-Thomases.(Here)

本站简译: 在上个世纪二十年代的意大利,为了家庭的生计,大家都要说谎以逃脱苛捐杂税.这点扑素的哲学结论是阿拉贝拉得出的.为了弄到钱,阿拉贝拉从将军,公爵,饭店经理和保险经纪人那里骗钱.在她忙着骗钱的时侯,她遇到了两个同样狡猾的盗贼和一对恋人.阿拉贝拉引起了他们的注意.现在她必须集中精力去骗取更多的钱

NA-6703  Da uomo a uomo / Death Rides a Horse (Giulio Petroni) / 死神骑马来
Stars Lee Van Cleef
John Phillip Law
Mario Brega
Country Italy
Runtime USA: 114 min | Italy:120 min
Date 1967
Da uomo a uomo (Giulio Petroni) / 死神骑马来
  As a child, Bill witnesses the murder of his family by four robbers. Fifteen years later, he embarks on his revenge. During his quest, he crosses paths with Ryan, an ex-con who wants the money the robbers owe him.(Here)

这是一部1968年的老电影了,不过那位一贯扮演坏人的著名演员李范克里夫这次倒成了主角和大半个正面人物.电影的情节还是有很多动人之处.特别是最后部分.当青年约翰劳寻仇复仇的谜底最后揭开时,他才知道,这个一路伴他同行寻仇,甚至生死患难,苦乐与共的朋友瑞安,原来竞也是他的仇人.于是观众看到了一场在所有西部片中的一场异乎寻常的决斗:一个人举起了复仇的正义枪口,而另一个人则转身背行,准备接受这颗早有预料的复仇的子弹.这时枪声响了,不过观众并未看到瑞安倒下,倒下的却是那个埋伏在房顶准备刺杀他们的最后一个匪徒! 当瑞安理解了这一切时,他也向约翰展开了手中那颗约翰给他的唯一的,但他并未将其上膛的子弹.这时那首名为哀歌("MONODY"或译为"挽诗")的吉它声悄然响起,回应了那首名为"男子汉"(DA UOMO A UOMO)的粗圹旋律和影片的主题思想.为这场真正男子汉的复仇与友善之旅划上了一个人心共向的句号.有关这部电影及其著名音乐的更多介绍请见本站电影页

NA-6704 Dalle ardenne all'inferno / Dirty Heroes (Alberto de Martino) / 肮脏英雄
Stars Frederick Stafford
Daniela Bianchi
John Ireland
Country Italy | France | West Germany
Runtime 105 min | France: 101 min
Date 1967
Nate Music by Ennio Morricone
Bruno Nicolai
Dalle ardenne all'inferno (Alberto de Martino) / 肮脏英雄
  Holland. Spring 1945. Two armies face each other in the final confrontation of World War II. On the one hand are the powerful forces of the Allies, on the other, all that remains of the Third Reich. The scene is set for the Battle of the Ardennes (Here) Set near the end of World War II in the Netherlands, Dirty Heroes concerns a group of ex-convicts recruited into the U.S. Army to recover Dutch jewels originally stolen by the Nazis as well as confiscated Allied plans. (Here)
本站简译: 1945春天的荷兰,二战即将结束的前夕,盟军和第三帝国的残余部队在阿登战场对峙.为了查找一批被纳粹掠夺的荷兰珠宝,美军招暮了一组由犯有前科并身怀绝技的罪犯所组成的特殊队伍去执行这个任务....
NA-6705  Diabolik / Danger: Diabolik (Mario Bava) / 德伯力克
Stars John Phillip Law
Marisa Mell
Michel Piccoli
Country Italy | France
Runtime France: 105 min
Date 1968
Diabolik (Mario Bava) / 德伯力克
  In psychedelic swinging 60s style, the dreaded thief (and killer) Diabolik wreaks havoc on a generic European country for his own financial gain and amusement. He shares an extravagant underground lair (and a giant bed of money) with his curvaceous, superficial girlfriend...who uses her awesome powers of wig-wearing to help Diabolik kill innocent people and steal billions from the government. Nonetheless, Diabolik is the "hero" of the film because he must face off against bumbling cops and revenge-seeking mafiosos.(Here)
这是根据意大利著名漫画口袋书"Diabolik"改编并由莫里康内大师谱曲的一部轻喜剧型警匪片. "Diabolik"口袋书就像我国著名的漫画小人书"三毛流浪记"一样,上世纪六十年代在欧美富有盛名,几乎家喻户晓.书中的主人翁德伯力克是一个可怕的盗贼和杀手.而且是一个高智能型的罪犯.他在許多科學領域都有深刻的知識,并掌握着高科技犯罪手段.但他为了满足个人的财富和挥霍,给欧洲国家带来了严重的灾害. 他和他的女友共享着一个极尽奢华的地下巢穴,她则帮助他杀害无辜和窃取政府的几十亿财富.虽然如此,德伯力克仍然是电影中的"英雄",因为他必须同时只身面对警察的追捕和黑手党的报复,在他和警官金克的斗争中,他富有机智和勇敢,因而总是胜出一筹,而常使警方处于尶尬和无奈的状态. 更多情节说明请见本站电影页
NA-6706  Escalation (Roberto Faenza) / 上升 / 扩张
Stars Lino Capolicchio
Claudine Auger
Gabriele Ferzetti
Country Italy
Runtime 89 min
Date 1968
Escalation (Roberto Faenza) (直译 上升)
  1968, London. Luca (Lino Capolicchio), the son of an Italian rich owner, is living his 'swinging' years away from duties and responsibilities while his father wants him to be introduced to the family business at any cost. Luca is first forced to return to Italy, then he is kidnapped by his father's collaborators, jailed into a sanitarium, put through the electroshock and other torments. Then, when 'normalized' Luca marries a woman who in reality is a psychologist paid by his father to brainwash him and turn him into a perfect businessman. He discovered everything and killed her. But the transformation already occurred: Luca is now a cynic and amoral individual, ready to lead family's industry with the iron fist.(Here)

本站简译: 1968年的伦敦, 一个意大利富翁的儿子卢卡,不顾他父亲要求他料理家族产业的希望而沉迷在花天酒地的生活之中.当他被迫返回意大利之后,他却被他父亲的合作伙伴拐骗到一个疗养院受到折磨.之后他被规劝娶了一个女人,这个人是他父亲为了对他洗脑以成为一个完美的商人而花钱找到的一个心理学家.他发现了这一切并杀害了她.不过这时转变已经发生了:卢卡现在已变一个玩世不恭和没有道德的人,并准备以铁腕的手段领导他的家族产业.

NA-6707  Faccia a faccia / Face to Face (Sergio Sollima) / 面对面
Stars Tomas Milian
Gian Maria Volonté
William Berger
Country Spain | Italy
Runtime 108 min | Spain:100 min
Date 1967
Faccia a faccia (Sergio Sollima) (直译 面对面)
  History Professor Brad Fletcher heads west for his health, but falls in with Soloman Bennett's outlaw gang. Fascinated by their way of life, Fletcher finally takes over the gang, leading with a new 'efficient' ruthlessness (Here)

本站简译: 历史学教授弗莱克为了个人健康的原因来到西部,但是他落入一个非法团伙.他们的生活方式吸引了他,弗莱克最后接管了这个团伙并以一种新的"高效"方式来领导他们.

NA-6708  Grazie zia / Thank You Aunt (Salvatore Samperi) / 谢谢你阿姨
Stars Lisa Gastoni
Lou Castel
Gabriele Ferzetti
Country Italy
Runtime 94 min
Date 1968
Grazie zia (Salvatore Samperi) (直译 谢谢阿姨)

Young Alvise's body is paralyzed, or at least he thinks so. He is infatuated by his beautiful aunt Lea. What starts as innocent therapy and care soon develops into strange erotic and psychological battle between them. (Here) Grazie Zia is better known by its English-language title Thank You, Aunt. As an act of defiance against a world he never fit into, 17-year-old Alvise (Lou_Castel) has willed himself into a state of psychosomatic paralysis. From the vantage point of his wheelchair, Alvise cruelly manipulates all those around him. The only one who seems to resist his tyranny is his gorgeous aunt Lea (Lisa_Gastoni). Hopelessly in love with Lea, Alvise determines to "conquer" her as well. Her response to his insidious mind games is hardly what Alvise expects, but it's certainly what the audience has been clamoring for since Reel One. To call Grazie Zia kinky would be putting it mildly. The film was also released as Come Play With Me.(Here)

本站简译: 17岁的青年阿维斯是一个残疾人.坐在轮椅上的他,几乎对于周围所有的人非常粗暴,唯有他美丽的李阿姨是个例外.他爱上了她而且想入非非.在这样的环境中,她应该怎样来应对他的阴暗心理呢....
NA-6709  Il giardino delle delizie / Garden of Delights (Silvano Agosti) / 尘世乐土
Stars Maurice Ronet
Ida Galli
Lea Massari
Country Italy
Runtime 95 min | 68 min (cut)
Date 1967
Il giardino delle delizie (Silvano Agosti) (直译 尘世乐土)

A ceremony. A wedding night. A hotel room. A flush toilet leaking. A man ... a woman and another woman. Memories that flow, anxieties that arise. The first hours of marriage, the beginning of hell.
She's at her third month of pregnancy, he's furious because he never wanted to marry in the first place. One night, as she slowly hemorrages her life away, he gets stuck meditating on Bosch's garden od Delights. Then he meets a beautiful stranger... (Here)

Charlo and Carla are on their honeymoon. She is three months pregnant. He, furious about his marriage of convenience, recalls the past and ponders on The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch, dear to the Surrealists. While she is bleeding, he spends the night with a beautiful stranger?( (Here)

本站简译: 一个仪式.新婚之夜.酒店的房间.一个抽水马桶漏水.一个男人...一个女人和另一个女人.回忆涌动,焦虑升起.在结婚的第一个小时,苦狱开始了.在她怀孕的第三个月,他感到愤怒,因为他从未想结婚.一天夜里,她因为慢慢地失血而死去.他在博世的花园美景中默默沉思.之后他遇到了一个美丽的陌生人....

NA-6710  L'harem / Her Harem (Marco Ferreri) / 她的闺房
Stars Carroll Baker
Gastone Moschin
Renato Salvatori
Country Italy
Runtime 100 min
Date 1967
L'harem (Marco Ferreri) (直译 她的闺房)

A seductive woman pushes three men to the limits toying with their sexual desires and male pride.(Here)

This satirical comedy illustrates that women are just as likely to succumb to the pleasures of the flesh as their male counterparts. Carol Baker enjoys a series of unashamed romantic romps with three different men. She tells her story to a homosexual male friend and a six-month-old cheetah when she is not enjoining the benefits of her harem. Her cozy arrangement is upset quickly when the men in her life get together and decide to take charge of their situation. Its slight nudity marked this film as an "exploitationer," but those seeking pornographic titillation will be disappointed, as the story is its main focus.(Here)

本站简译: 一个诱人的女人力使三个男人成为满足她的性欲要求和显示男性骄傲的玩具
NA-67-11 La Cina è vicina / China Is Near (Marco Bellocchio) / 中国已近
Stars Glauco Mauri
Elda Tattoli
Paolo Graziosi
Country Italy
Runtime 107 min
Date 1967
La Cina è vicina (Marco Bellocchio) / 中国已近
  A pair of working class lovers - a secretary and an accountant, scheme to marry into the rich landed gentry. Their targets are a professor, Vittorio Gordini Malvezzi ,(Glauco Mauri), who is running for municipal office as a Socialist candidate, and his sister Elena, (Elda Tattoli), a great lady who lets every man in town climb on top of her but won't marry because socially they're all beneath her. Vittorio doesn't get what is going on. Their little brother Camillo, a seventeen year old seminary student turned Maoist provides the title of the film when he scrawls 'China is Near' on the walls of the Socialist Party building, his brother's campaign headquarters.(Here)
埃尼奥 莫里康内大师2009年5月23日在中国举办了他的第一次音乐会. 他在5月22日上午举行的新闻发布会上发表热情的讲话,表达了他对中国人民的尊敬和友好之情.他在讲话中提到了他为之谱曲的有关中国的两部电影:一部是大家熟知的"马可 波罗";而另一部则是大家不太了解的1967年电影"中国已近".这是一部由被称为"意大利新电影领航人"之一的马可 贝洛奇奥所导演的反映中国文化大革命极左思潮对意大利社会影响的电影.影片以政治选举和两性关系两条主线为叙事中心,以社会党候选人的竞选活动为背景,描写了贫富两个阶层五个不同人物的内心世界和社会活动.以政治讽刺的形式批判传统的社会体制,在意大利电影史中占有一定的地位.由于这部电影涉及中国主题和莫里康内大师的配乐两个重要方面,所以它是中国莫里康内爱好者不可不知,不可不看的一部电影.更多情节说明请见本站电影页
NA-67-12 La resa dei conti / The Big Gundown (Sergio Sollima) / 大捕杀 / 神龙闪电枪
Stars Lee Van Cleef
Tomas Milian
Luisa Rivelli
Country Spain | Italy
Runtime Germany: 80 min | Italy: 105 min | Spain: 107 min | UK: 84 min | Germany: 105 min
Date 1966
La resa dei conti (Sergio Sollima) /大捕杀/神龙闪电枪
  Jonathan Corbett is a gunman so Brave to have eliminated all the bandits of Texas. For this he is proposed for the candidacy to the Senate of the United States. In exchange he has only to support the construction of one railway line. Only after he accepts does he comes to know that the Mexican Cuchillo has raped and killed a 12 year old girl. Corbett leaves on a long manhunt. During this hunt Jonathan gets to know its adversary better and discovers a variation on the crime of which the accused Cuchillo may not be as guilty as he first thought. (Here) (Note: Its many famous music see here 13-2-001,022,023, 024)
乔纳森是一个杰出勇敢的枪手,他已经消灭了所有的德州土匪。为此,他准备作为一个候选人参加美国参议院议员的选举。作为交换条件,他答应支持一条铁路线的建设。紧接着他却又得知一个墨西哥人库奇洛强奸并杀害了一名12岁的少女.之后,他又踏上了新的搜捕追途....值得一提的是,莫里康内在这部电影中所谱写的许多曲目,如主题曲"Run Man Run (Corri Uomo Corri)/男子汉" 以及插曲"La Condanna/谴责","La Resa/清算"等等,更是以它激昂的旋律,野性的呼换,深沉凝重的曲调等等特色而广远地流传于世成为经典作品,并为其后的许多电影如"杀死比尔","无耻混蛋","阿尔及尔之战","当黑夜降临时"等所引用(有关音乐参见此页此页)
NA-67-13 OK Connery / Operation Kid Brother (Alberto de Martino) / 上吧 康奈利
Stars Neil Connery
Daniela Bianchi
Adolfo Celi
Country Italy
Runtime USA: 104 min
Date 1967
Note Music by
Ennio Morricone
Bruno Nicolai
O.K. Connery (Alberto de Martino) / 好吧 康奈利
  The evil crime syndicate Thanatos is bent on taking over the world, using a magnetic wave generator that will cause all metal-based machinery to grind to a halt. However, the well-known British secret agent normally assigned to such tasks isn't available, so they engage his civilian brother, Neil, to help. Neil, played by Neil Connery, is a world-class plastic surgeon, hypnotist, and lip-reader, which turn out to be precisely the skills required for thwarting Thanatos. (Here)

本站简译: 邪恶的犯罪集团塔纳图斯正在企图接管世界.他们使用的磁性波发生器将导致所有的金属机械停顿。这是英国著名的特工无法解决的问题.所以他们请来了他的弟弟尼尔提供帮助.尼尔是一个世界级的整形外科医生,催眠师和唇语译读者,事实最终证明这些特长正是为了挫败塔纳图斯犯罪集团所需的技能。

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