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1968 莫里康内配乐电影概览 (手机版)
A basic view for 1968 film composed by Ennio Morricone (Mobile edition)
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电影及导演  Name and Director
NA-6801 C 'era una volta il West / Once Upon a Time in the West (Sergio Leone) / 西部往事 / 狂沙十万里
Stars Henry Fonda
Charles Bronson
Claudia Cardinale
Country Italy | USA
Runtime Italy: 175 min | 165 min (international version) | Finland: 137 min (1970)
Date 1968
era una volta il West / Once Upon a Time in the West (Sergio Leone) /西部往事/狂沙十万里
  Story of a young woman, Mrs. McBain, who moves from New Orleans to frontier Utah, on the very edge of the American West. She arrives to find her new husband and family slaughtered, but by who? The prime suspect, coffee-lover Cheyenne, befriends her and offers to go after the real killer, assassin gang leader Frank, in her honor. He is accompanied by Harmonica on his quest to get even. Get-rich-quick subplots and intricate character histories intertwine with such artistic flair that this could in fact be the movie-to-end-all-movies.(Here)
NA-6802  Comandamenti per un gangster (Alfio Caltabiano) / 黑帮的戒律
Stars Ljuba Tadic
Alfio Caltabiano
Dante Maggio
Country Italy
Runtime 96 min
Date 1968
Comandamenti per un gangster (Alfio Caltabiano) (直译 流氓的戒律)
  (Italian) Northon, un gangster ritiratosi dagli affari, vuole vendicare la morte di sua sorella Helen, sposata a Frank Cline, scomparso durante il trasporto, via mare, di due milioni di dollari in oro, appartenenti all' "Organizzazione", della malavita. Per riuscire nel suo intento, Northon si allea con "5 cents" - un messicano - e affronta, con relativo successo, la lotta che gli muovono "Il Santo" e la sua banda. Successivamente recupera l'oro dall'imbarcazione affondata e scopre a bordo della medesima, il cadavere di Frank Cline. "Il Santo" interviene, deciso a uccidere Northon e "5 cents" e a impadronirsi dell'oro: ma il tentativo fallisce. Poiché Northon tra i sicari de "Il Santo", trova il responsabile della morte di Helen, lo uccide. Compiuta la sua vendetta, il gangster rinuncia, in favore di "5 cents", alla sua parte dell'oro ritrovato (Here) Un ex gangster vuole vendicare l'assassinio della sorella e fare luce sulla scomparsa del marito di lei, avvenuta durante il trasporto per mare di un grosso carico d'oro. Dopo essersi scontrato con una potente organizzazione mafiosa interessata al recupero del malloppo, troverà l'omicida e compirà la sua vendetta. (Here)
本站简译: 一名前黑帮的成员要为他被谋害的妹妹复仇.他的妹夫也在一次载有大量黄金的海运事故中失踪.通过调查,他发现了一个强大的黑帮集团并最终找到凶手,实现了他的复仇愿望,并找到了丢失的黄金.
NA-6803  Corri uomo corri / Big Gundown 2: Run, Man, Run (Sergio Sollima) / 大捕杀2 / 神龙闪电枪2
Stars Tomas Milian
Donald O'Brien
John Ireland
Country Italy | France
Runtime 120 min
Date 1968
Note Music by Bruno Nicolai
Ennio Morricone (uncredited)
Corri uomo corri (Sergio Sollima) / 大捕杀2/神龙闪电枪2

Several competing groups and mavericks (including the lead character Cuchillo) are hunting a gold treasure of $3,000,000. The gold was reserved for the Mexican revolution.(Here)

本站简译: 几个团体和一个独立的角色(主角库奇洛)競相搜捕一个价值三百万美元的黄金宝藏.这些黄金是为了墨西哥革命而保存的

NA-6804  Cuore di mamma (Salvatore Sollima)/ 母之爱
Stars Carla Gravina
Philippe Leroy
Beba Loncar
Country Italy
Runtime 92 min
Date 1969
Cuore di mamma (Salvatore Sollima) (直译 母之爱)
  This film is a social commentary about the mindless violence that is perpetuated on impressionable youth by television. Lorenz (Carla_Gravina) has three young children who are victims of a media who wishes to turn out terrorists. She contends with her monstrous offspring and student revolts until she can't take it anymore. Lorenz takes matters into her own hands by planting a bomb in the factory of her estranged husband. The director attempts to illustrate the effect that Big Brother has on the lives of people and how they are subjected to behavioral conditioning beyond their control.(Here)
本站简译: 这是一部关于在青少年间经常出现的盲目无知的暴力行为的社会评论电视片. 劳伦兹有三个年幼的孩子,他们是那些希望播出恐怖事件的媒体的受害者......
NA-6805  E per tetto un cielo di stelle / A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof (Giulio Petroni) / 屋顶满天星
Stars Giuliano Gemma
Mario Adorf
Magda Konopka
Country Italy
Runtime 100 min
Date 1968
E per tetto un cielo di stelle (Giulio Petroni) / 屋顶满天星

Two drifters meet, and soon become travelling companions. But one of them, Tim (Gemma), is being chased by a crazed killer and his band of gunmen to settle an old score. The two (Adorf being the other) are chased through the west, encountering scrape after scrape until the killers catch up and the score is settled for good.(Here)

The bandit Pratt, looking for Tim, who is responsible for the death of his two sons, attacks a caravan killing all the passengers. Harry, the vagabond, after having robbed the dead, casually meets Tim and they become friends. Running away together from Pratt, they reach Harry’s farm, but their hiding place is soon discovered (Here)

本站简译: 两个流浪者相遇并很快成为流浪的伴侣。 但是他们中的一个人正在被一个疯狂的杀手所追杀....

一伙强盗的头目普拉特,正在寻找蒂姆,为他两个儿子的死报仇。他们袭击了一辆大篷车,杀死了所有的乘客,却发现搞错了人。他随即杀了那个线人并扬长而去。哈利是一个流浪的人,在抢劫了死者之后,偶然遇见了蒂姆,他们变成了朋友。两个人一起从普拉特那里逃脱, 当他们到达哈利的农场时, 他们的藏身之处又很快被追杀他们的人发现......

NA-6806  Eat it / Mangiala (Francesco Casaretti) / 吃吧
Stars Frank Wolff
Paolo Villaggio
Giampiero Albertini
Country Italy
Runtime 84 min
Date 1968
Eat it (Francesco Casaretti) (直译 吃吧)
  (German) Zum Inhalt: Ein Industrieller versucht, mithilfe eines Werbetricks den Absatz seines Dosenfleischprodukts "Eat it!" zu erhohen. Dabei stoBt er auf ein unkultiviertes Individuum, das sich streng an zwei Lebensaufgaben halt: Unmengen an Nahrung zu sich nehmen und sich fleischlicher Gelüste hingeben. Der Firmeninhaber sieht die Chance, den Wilden zu Werbezwecken einzusetzen und behauptet fortan, dass sein Produkt ein Aphrodisiakum ist. Zum Entsetzen verliert bald darauf der sonderbare Mann seine "Talente", sodass der gesch?ftige Industrielle ihn ersetzt und daraufhin feststellen muss, dass sein neuer Werbetrager nach dem immensen Verzehr von Fleisch die Gestalt einer Kuh annimmt … (Here) A groovy soundtrack to a weird movie – 1969's Mangieala, aka Eat It, a film about efforts to sell a canned meat product as an aphrodisiac and a ravenous sex machine of a character exploited in that effort – which somehow sets the stage for Ennio Morricone's sweetness soaked score! (Here)
本站简译: 一个企业主为了推销他的产品,在广告中宣传他的肉类罐头,说他的罐头吃了以后可以像春YAO一样提高人们的性欲...
20120308 叶苏疏朋友发来的译文:一个生意人试图靠虚假的广告来提高他的罐头肉产品"Eat it!"的销售量。然而,他碰到了一个没啥教养的家伙,这个人有两大生活需求:大量地吃东西,以及“那种”欲望很强烈。 这个生意人看到了这样一个机会,雇佣这个人当做产品的代言人,并且保证说,他的产品是一种CHUN药。由于惊慌和紧张,不久这个有“天赋”的人失去了他的“天才能力”,因此这个生意人需要补偿这个家伙并且不得不接受他的新的广告代言形象——一块巨大的,外形类似母牛形状的肉……
NA-6807 Ecce Homo (Bruno Alberto Gaburro) / 瞧!这个人
Stars Philippe Leroy
Irene Papas
Gabriele Tinti
Country Italy
Runtime 99 min
Date 1968
Ecce Homo (Bruno Alberto Gaburro) (直译 瞧!这个人)
  Ecce Homo is a 1968 Science Fiction/Thriller film directed by Bruno Gaburro (Here) Sopravvissuta a una spaventosa guerra nucleare, che ha distrutto il genere umano, una famiglia di tre persone - Jean, la moglie Anna e Patrick, loro unico figlio - vive in una vecchia roulotte in riva al mare, nutrendosi di pesce e rifornendosi di qualche indispensabile attrezzo nella vicina, morta città. Un giorno, appaiono due altri esseri umani: Quentin, intellettuale, e Len, ex-militare. Anziché esserne contento, però, Jean, che le radiazioni hanno reso impotente, odia la loro presenza: apparentemente perché essa ha distrutto la pace della sua piccola comunità, in realtà, perché profondamente geloso di sua moglie. Il suo astio verso i due intrusi aumenta, allorché, ascoltando di nascosto una loro conversazione, sente dichiarare da Quentin la necessità di fecondare Anna, perché da lei possa avere origine il nuovo genere umano. Approfittando di un viaggio in città, Anna e Len si amano. Al loro ritorno, Jean impone al giovane e al suo compagno di andarsene: per tutta risposta, Len lo uccide e si libera anche di Quentin, costringendolo a vivere in solitudine. Un giorno, andato il piccolo Patrick a fargli visita, Quentin apprende che Anna e Len hanno deciso di andarsene: per impedirglielo, appicca il fuoco a un camioncino, loro unico mezzo di trasporto. Furente, Len lo insegue per ucciderlo, ma anche Quentin è armato, e a morire è il giovane. Disperata, Anna si annega. Quentin e Patrick sono ora gli ultimi abitanti della terra. (Here)
本站简译: 这是一部虚构的科幻惊悚类电影.讲述在一场全球核战争以后,唯一剩下了生活在一个海滩上的旧拖车中的一对夫妇帕特里克和他的妻子安娜以及他们的一个儿子.但是不久又有两个人出现在他们平静的生活中,科学家莱恩和军人昆汀.不久,在他们之间就发生了严重的冲突.....
NA-6808  Fraulein Doktor / Fraulein Doktor (Alberto Lattuada) / 毒气间谍战
Stars Suzy Kendall
Kenneth More
Country Italy | Yugoslavia
Runtime 104 min
Date 1969
Fraulein Doktor (Alberto Lattuada) / 毒气间谍战

One night during World War I a German U-boat lands three people in the Orkney Islands. When two are captured, Colonel Foreman of British intelligence tricks one of them, Meyer, into revealing that the third person landed was an infamous German spy known as Fraulein Doktor, whose mission is to kill British Field Marshal Lord Kitchener. Fraulein Doktor learns that the field marshal is aboard the H.M.S. Hampshire , and the Germans sink the ship, killing Kitchener and the 700 men aboard. Her mission completed, Fraulein Doktor injects herself with morphine. Meyer, meanwhile, has told Foreman about another of Fraulein Doktor's deeds: disguised as a housemaid, she won the confidence of Dr. Saforet, the French lesbian inventor of a powerful poison gas formula; murdered her; and stole the formula for the Germans. Colonel Foreman sends Meyer back to Germany as a counterspy, and Colonel Mathesius, the German spy chief, having discovered the plan, encourages Meyer to kill Fraulein Doktor. Although Meyer is attracted to the beautiful spy, he carries out his assignment and returns to England. The Fraulein's "death," however, has been staged by the Germans, and she is already at work on a two-fold suicidal mission. She poses as a Spanish aristocrat and dupes the Belgian ambassador into allowing her to organize a Red Cross train to aid wounded Allies at the front; then smuggles aboard four spies to steal Allied offensive plans from a Belgian chateau. Meanwhile, Colonel Foreman has begun to suspect that Fraulein Doktor is not dead, and he takes Meyer along with him to investigate the hospital train. Though Meyer recognizes Fraulein Doktor in her nurse's uniform, he has become too infatuated to expose her, and her mission is a success. The Germans make use of the stolen plans to launch a counterattack against the Allies employing the insidious poison gas. After the German victory Colonel Foreman and Meyer arrive at a railway station where Fraulein Doktor is treating wounded soldiers. Foreman realizes that he has found the infamous spy, but he is shot dead by Meyer, who, in turn, is killed by a German patrol. Fraulein Doktor laughs maniacally and then breaks into sobs. Meyer's death, her addiction to morphine, and her fanatical patriotism have taken a heavy toll.(Here)

A woman spy working for the Germans during World War I participates in seducing and using French and British civilian and military personnel by which she aids in the bungling of the Allied effort to defeat Germany. Of particular interest and importance to her is deciphering which ship Lord Kitchener will be sailing on for conference in Russia. Afterwards she aids a German U-boat to sink the Hampshire with Kitchener on it taking his life and nearly all on board. Later she steals a formula for Mustard gas which the Germans use to great effect against the Allies on the battlefield. (Here)

本站简译: 影片讲述一战期间英德两国之间的间谍战.一名狂热的德国女间谍道克特被派往英国执行暗杀英国元帅基奇纳勋爵.之后她又伪装成一名女佣窃取了法国女科学家的毒气配方,使盟军遭受了沉重的损失.两国情报机关展开了错综复杂的斗争,英方对她展开了调查和追杀.....
NA-6809  Galileo / Galileo Galilei (Liliana Cavani) / 伽利略传
Stars Cyril Cusack
Georgi Kaloyanchev
Nikolay Doychev
Country Italy | Bulgaria
Runtime 105 min
Date 1968
Galileo (Liliana Cavani) / 伽利略传

Somewhat overshadowed by Joseph Losey's 1975 film on the same subject, the 1968 Italian/Bulgarian biopic Galileo is a worthwhile picture in its own right. Irish stage and screen actor Cyril Cusack is well-cast as Galileo Galilei, famed astronomer and unintentional icon-buster. Stirring up controversy with his theory that the Earth is not the center of the Universe, Galileo is given a going-over by the Vatican legal system. The highlight: "Nevertheless, it does move!" A bit too verbose in its climactic courtroom scenes, Galileo nonetheless does full justice to its protagonist. The musical score is by Ennio Morricone, of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly fame.(Here)

After his encounter with Giordano Bruno in 1592, Galileo convinces himself that the sun, and not the earth, is at the center of universe. The Church considers Galileo's theory a heresy, but he continues his studies in Florence, until he's arrested and tried. Standing before the inquisition court in 1633, he will sign a solemn abjuration. Galileo Galilei and the Church: a controversial and hard subject faced by Liliana Cavani in this TV movie (which was later screened in movie theaters), which portrays Galileo's drama when he opposed himself to a conservative and obscurantist church. Cavani focuses on the contrasts, and powerfully proposes his story with dramatic intensity. (Here)

本站简译: 这是1968年由意大利和保加利亚合拍的一部传记片.伽利略是十六世纪意大利著名的物理学家、天文学家和哲学家.他证明了地球并非是宇宙的中心,这触犯了天主教会的教义,从而受到梵蒂冈宗教裁判所的制裁.他的晚年过着十分悲惨的生活.但是,他仍然坚持说: "不过,它(地球)确实在动!"

NA-6810  I cannoni di San Sebastian / The Guns of San Sebastian (Henri Verneuil) / 双虎将大追踪 / 烽火山河 / 一卒将军
Stars Anthony Quinn
Anjanette Comer
Charles Bronson
Country France | Italy | Mexico
Runtime USA: 111 min | Germany: 115 min (theatrical version)
Date 1968
Gun's for San Sebastian (Henri Verneuil) /双虎将大追踪/烽火山河/一卒将军

Leon Alastray is an outlaw who has been given sanctuary by Father John, whom he then escorts to the village of San Sebastian. The village is deserted, with its cowardly residents hiding in the hills from Indians, who regularly attack the village and steal all their supplies. When Father John is murdered, the villagers mistakenly think the outlaw is the priest. Alastray at first tells them he is not a priest, but they don't believe it, and an apparent miracle seems to prove they are correct. Eventually, he assists them in regaining their confidence and defending themselves.(Here)

In this French/Italian co-production set in Mexico in 1746, Alastray (Anthony Quinn), a gunman on the run from the law, happens upon a Franciscan priest, Father Joseph (Sam Jaffe), while in flight.
Father Joseph shows mercy on the fugitive and allows Alastray to stay with him, but when the locals find out that Joseph is harboring criminals, he's run out of town; Alastray travels with him, disguised as a monk.
While approaching what appears to be a deserted village, Father Joseph is killed by a sniper, and Alastray heads into town. He is met by Teclo (Charles Bronson), a half-breed who calls the village home.
It seems that a band of savage Yaqui Indians have been terrorizing the town and have a special hatred for men of faith; they intend to continue laying waste to the village until the residents beg for mercy and renounce Christianity. The Village leaders want to make Alastray their new spiritual leader, and despite his great reluctance, he agrees, mostly as a means of maintaining his cover. But when Alastray tries to organize the building of a much needed dam, as well as obtaining a stash of weapons so that the citizens may defend themselves, the Yaquis return in force, leading to a decisive confrontation. Guns for San Sebastian also features Anjanette Comer and Silvia Pinal. (Here)

本站简译: 圣塞瓦斯蒂安是一个偏僻的印第安人村庄.由于这里居民的懦弱,因而经常受到歹徒的侵犯和抢劫.来到这里避难的阿拉斯蒂帮助他们树立信心,武装起来保护自己.

简介之二: 亨利·维尼尔执导的一部强调暴力场面的动作片。故事讲述1746年,一名反西班牙殖民政府的墨西哥人为了躲避政府逮捕而逃至一偏僻小村落,却被当地村民误认为是牧师,而他也就将计就计,率领村民抵抗来犯的暴徒。安东尼.奎因在此片的演出很落力,然而故事内容本身则乏善可陈。(这里)

NA-6811  H2S (Roberto Faenza) / 硫化氢
Stars Carole André
Denis Gilmore
Lionel Stander
Country Italy
Runtime 88 min
Date 1969
H2S (Roberto Faenza)

The story is a puzzling one- it begins in London,England where students are controlled by a dictatorship Government where sex is outlawed.The film was supposed to have been banned in Italy and destroyed,but do they really do that to films these days? Nonetheless,the set designs are truly stunning,especially the second half of the film where the runaway lovers end up living in the Italian mountains in a colourful 'funked-up' igloo! ..... Please note this film has never been shown on TV anywhere, the film was seen in an Italian Film Archive.(Here)

(Italian) Tommaso, salito a bordo di un avveniristico treno, arriva in una grande città si trova subito sperduto ed estraneo. Accettando l'invito di un individuo, viene ospitato in un grande edificio dove alcuni docenti stanno sottoponendo gli allievi a un incessante martellamento di slogan per renderli ubbidienti. Quando Bea tenta di ribellarsi, mediante un tranello, viene catturata e messa a morte. Tommaso decide di scappare.

Faenza gioca la carta della metafora politica e racconta un domani che ha i difetti dell'oggi. Ma il ritratto è datato. Quanto al titolo, è la formula dell'acido solfidrico.(Here)


A young student finds himself involved with a rebellion against authority at a strange university. Eventually, he escapes to a mountain wilderness with one of the female students, but their new life together brings its own problems…Once in a while, trawling through the underbelly of obscure and low-budget cinema brings you to a film that defies analysis. All that can be done is to describe what happens on the screen, and confess yourself completely stumped. This is such a film.

Matters open with a 5-minute educational(?) sequence about the behaviour of rats. When population reaches critical mass, they eat each other. Lovely. Then we meet our hero Tommoso, a small, young man who dresses in shiny shoes with large buckles, green stockings, rolled-up trousers, a blazer, and a bright green shirt. His hair is fluorescent orange. Yes, he looks like a leprechaun. Why? Who knows? He’s enrolled at a rather unusual establishment of higher education (or he may have been kidnapped) where tuition consists of watching little girls killing goldfish, and other informative demonstrations. These are led by US actor Lionel Stander, still several years away from his most famous role as old retainer Max on T\/’s ‘Hart to Hart’ with Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers.

Not surprisingly, the students would rather be doing media studies or hanging out at the Uni bar, so they stage a rebellion that involves wrapping their Principal in toilet rolls. He gets his own back, though, when he invites the student leader to lunch, and then eats her instead. He’s aided in his nefarious schemes by a very tall and strangely dressed woman who bares an unmistakable resemblance to a giant bird. This is probably significant. Why? Who knows?

Tomato escapes all this horror to a snowy mountainside along with fellow malcontent Alice, where they build a shiny log cabin, and decide to speak only in grunts. Things seem to be going well, if rather slowly for the audience, until Alice gets bored and starts wanting things. Most of these involve nasty role-playing games that push Tomato to the point of death. What’s it got to do with the first half of the film? Who knows? But Tomato isn’t very happy about the way the relationship is developing, and decides to go back to school…Probably to finish his education and take his place in normal society. Who knows?........(Here)

本站简译: 这是一部由费恩扎导演的令人费解的超现实主义电影,其内容涉及政治,科幻等各个方面,叙述一个疯狂的科学家进行一种使用硫化氢来控制动物和人类行为的试验.电影开始是在英国伦敦.在那里学生们被一个独裁的政府所控制,性的问题被禁止,因而引起了学生的暴力抗争,一对恋人最终逃到意大利一个风景优美的山区并在那里生活下来.这部电影的布景和服装设计令人惊奇和赞叹.但由于其内容涉及影射当时意大利基民党的独裁统治以及片中的暴力内容,且上映前正值意大利发生了总理莫罗被红色旅绑架事件而被禁演多年,之后也从未在意大利上映过,现在它存放在意大利的电影挡案馆.这部冷门电影只是由于莫里康内的配乐而留名于世.它的主题曲经常出现在莫里康内的音乐会上,详情请见本站此页.更多内容请参阅下面的一篇英文评论文章(抱歉请自行翻译)
转载一篇评论文章和它的插图(抱歉请自行翻译) Reprint a review article and its illustration
H2S (Disturbing) Magic (From here)

I’ve recently re-watched an Italian film entitled H2S and directed by Roberto Faenza. Despite being very little known, I think this film is very inspiring for fashion, graphic and interior designers. Shot in 1968, H2S was banned a few days after it was released since it was considered as too violent. The film could be considered as a sort of manifesto of the late ‘60s student protests that also tackles themes such as consumerism, power, technocracy and mind-control. In the film Tommaso (Denis Gilmore), a young man clad in a rather bizarre and anachronistic outfit in bold and bright colours, arrives at his new art college in London where he meets a dictatorial lecturer accompanied by the college founder, an elderly lady (wonderful Paolo Poli). The first lecture is delivered to a class of obedient and tamed students, all dressed in white outfits. A rebellion led by a brave girl follows but, soon after, catastrophe ensues and Tommaso takes refuge in the mountains with Alice (Carole André). Together they live for a while in a sort of hippy cottage with walls covered in aluminium foil and furniture reminiscent of Claes Oldenburg’s papier-maché sculptures. Tommaso goes back to the college towards the end of the film with a criminal plan in mind, but finds it is now ruled by the assistant of the lecturer, a mad scientist (Lionel Stander – remember the barman in Sergio Leone's C'era una volta il West?) who uses hydrosulfuric acid (H2S) for his experiments to control humans and animals.

The film went through a long and extenuating trial and was released in 1971 when it didn’t seem to be as relevant as when it was shot. Faenza released in 1977 Forza Italia! (Go Italy! believe it or not, the title anticipated in a way the name of Berlusconi’s party before it mutated into the People of Freedom coalition…), a docufilm that criticised the political class ruling in Italy (the Christian Democrats) and their abuses of power. The film was seized by the authorities a few days after the leader of the Christian Democratic Party Aldo Moro was kidnapped by the Red Brigades and banned for over 15 years (before being killed, Moro actually suggested in one of his diaries to go and see the film to understand the lack of scruples of his political colleagues...). H2S explores different themes, from student demos and anger/rebellion to surrealism, politics, sci-fi and futuristic inspirations. White aseptic atmospheres, white outfits and metallic silvery shades prevail (see also the futuristic vehicle Tommaso uses to get to the London-based college View this photo) throughout the film hinting at a cold and mechanic future full of fear and anxieties.Faenza’s film also boasts some interesting connections with A Clockwork Orange (1971): both films feature disturbing, violent images and look at a dystopian future. During his trip to the college, Tommaso is given a pair of bizarre glasses and headphones that look a bit like the contraption used to torture Alex in Kubrick’s film (though Tommaso’s glasses are supposed to allow him to enter some bizarre virtual dimension, so they're not used to torture him). Besides in the Professor’s office there is a chair shaped like a woman that calls to mind the piece of furniture in the Korova Milkbar (was Faenza inspired by Allen Jones’ human furniture?). In H2S when Tommaso goes back to the college after his hippy escapade with Alice, he is submitted to a sort of punishing treatment like Alex, though in this case the experimental therapy is not the “Ludovico technique”, but consists in strapping him to a strange vibrating device (shaped like the stylised body of a woman) and in forcing him to watch a video showing a pair of sensual red lips moving and repeating words such as “order”, “legality”, “well-being”, “happiness”. Faenza’s film was shot before A Clockwork Orange, but it wasn’t released outside Italy, so it’s unlikely that Kubrick actually saw H2S, even though it’s impossible to deny there are some connections between the two films (Faenza may have read Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange yet a book is always different from its adaptation for the big screen...).

Music fans seem to know this film pretty well since the score was composed by Ennio Morricone and also includes “Luna Canadese” sung by Edda Dell’Orso (bizarrely enough Morricone never regretted doing the score for this obscure film and still plays its main theme during his concerts, while scores for cult films à la Diabolik were totally abandoned by the maestro). The film has also got some very interesting graphics: the closing titles feature chaotic representations of letters and numbers while an abstract red and blue painting (reminding the students that the Greek word "Techné" means Art, therefore, according to Tommaso's lecturer, technocracy is the way forward) hangs in the lecture hall of the college. Colours strike the imagination hitting the retina and the senses turning some of the stronger scenes into the projections of the main character’s visionary and confused imagination. Architecturally speaking the spaces used in the film are also amazing: there are no ordinary benches in the lecture hall, but cubicles (that disturbingly anticipate the cubicles in our call centres...); rooms often have aluminium walls and there is even a strange rotating platform on which a priest celebrates a final doomed wedding. Bizarre and grotesque set decorations have in this film the same purpose of the strange props in Elio Petri’s La decima vittima, since they are used by the director as a sort of satire against society.There are also some interesting fashion connections: Franco Carretti (the costume designer for many films by Elio Petri and Sergio Leone and current owner of the ABC costume shop in Miami) designed the costumes for this film that were made by the Tirelli tailoring house. One of the most striking outfit remains the bride dress seen at the very end of the film. While this bizarre rocket-shaped metallic wedding dress looks futuristic and perfectly matches with the aluminium room where the wedding takes place, it still retains some connection with classicism and in particular with Greek mythology (see also the laurel wreath around the head, like Apollo for example, God of healing and the arts - and a connection to the "techné = art" concept often repeated in the film). This outfit actually came to my mind after seeing some designs by Craig Green. Though the main inspirations for this young British designer’s collection came from the Bauhaus, '60s robots and Russian folk tales, with hints at Walter van Beirendonck (Green worked at his studio as an intern) and Bernard Wilhelm, one outfit from his collection seems to reference this amazing costume from Faenza's H2S. I wonder if this film will ever be re-released: as bizarre as it may look in 2011, I think its eerie magic could still inspire many artists, designers and directors.(Here)

NA-6812  Il grande silenzio / The Great Silence (Sergio Corbucci) / 雪海深仇
Stars Jean-Louis Trintignant
Klaus Kinski
Frank Wolff
Country Italy | France
Runtime 101 min
Date 1968
Il grande silenzio (Sergio Corbucci) / 雪海深仇
  Bounty killers led by Loco prey on outlaws hiding out in the snowbound Nevada mountains. After Pauline's husband becomes Loco's latest victim, she hires a gunman for revenge; Silence, mute since his throat was cut as a child (Here)
本站简译: 一伙疯狂的歹徒逃窜到内华达州大雪封山的山区,吸引了一些赏金杀手前来追捕.波琳的丈夫也被这些歹徒杀害,她雇用了枪手以为他丈夫复仇.....
NA-6813  Il mercenario / The Mercenary (Sergio Corbucci) / 无情职业快枪手
Stars Franco Nero
Jack Palance
Tony Musante
Country Italy | Spain
Runtime Italy: 110 min | Spain: 111 min
Date 1968
Note Original Music by Ennio Morricone
Bruno Nicolai
Il mercenario (Sergio Corbucci) / 无情职业快枪手

While a Mexican revolutionary lies low as a U.S. rodeo clown, the cynical Polish mercenary who tutored the idealistic peasant tells how he and a dedicated female radical fought for the soul of the guerrilla general Paco, as Mexicans threw off repressive government and all-powerful landowners in the 1910s. Tracked by the vengeful Curly, Paco liberates villages, but is tempted by social banditry's treasures, which Kowalski revels in. (Here)

During the Mexican revolution mine owner Colonel Alfonso Garcia (Eduardo Fajardo) hires Sergei Kowalski (Franco Nero) a Polish mercenary to protect seven tonnes of silver being transported to the US. Kowalski arrives only to discover the repressed peasant workers, led by Paco Roman (Tony Musante), have taken control of the mine by force. Always eager to make good his losses Kowalski persuades Roman, now in a tight spot with Garcia's army bearing down on him, to hire his services. A sadistic homosexual mercenary called Curly (Jack Palance), wanting the silver himself tries to ambush Kowalski, but Roman thwarts his plans and Curly's men are killed. Kowalski renews his partnership with Roman and after liberating a town the bandits are joined by Columba (Giovanna Ralli) an idealist who's farther was hung for being a revolutionary. With the promise of making Roman as famous as Pancho Villa and all the gang rich in exchange for a hefty daily fee plus expenses, under Kowalski's guidance Roman earns the reputation of a great revolutionary liberator. Garcia's army still desperate to capture the bandits are joined by Curly in their search. Kowalski's financial demands for guidance increase but Roman now married to Columbia sees the true importance of the revolution to the Mexican people. Realising his responsibility for his fellow countrymen Roman reneges on the deal and takes all Kowalski's money for the great cause. The bandits keep Kowalski tied up as a prisoner, but in a devastating attack by Garcia's army he escapes. Kowalski tracks Roman to a rodeo where he is in hiding working as a clown, Curly also trails him there and the scene is set for the final showdown. (spaghetti-western

本站简译: 在1910墨西哥革命时期,一个波兰雇佣兵让墨西哥农民加入游击队帕科将军的的激进斗争,以摆脱专制政府和地主的压迫.帕科虽然解放了农村,但他却被黑帮的财宝所诱惑.....

在墨西哥革命时期一个银矿的矿主阿方索 加西亚雇用了一个波兰的雇佣兵瑟格 科瓦斯基去为他的七吨银子作保镖运送到美国。科瓦斯基来到以后发现由帕科 罗曼领导的被压迫的农民工人已经控制了银矿。为了赚更多的钱,面临帕科和加西亚的军队之间的紧张形势,科瓦斯基劝说帕科雇用他去击败加西亚。一个被称为“卷毛”的人是一个残酷成性,唯利是图的同性恋者,为了抢到银子他打算伏击科瓦斯基,但是帕科阻碍了他的计划并杀死了他的人。科瓦斯基和帕科重新合作。在解放一个村镇以后一个理想主义者科伦巴(鸽子)也加入了这帮匪徒(the bandits)的队伍,她的父亲由于是一个革命者而被吊死。科瓦斯基许诺帕科将成为和潘昭维拉(笔者注,Pancho Villa 著名的墨西哥革命领导人)那样著名的革命者并更加富有,作为交换帕科答应给他大量的佣金。在科瓦斯基的指导下,帕科赢得了伟大革命解放者的声誉。此时加西亚的军队在卷毛的协助下仍在拼死地去抓捕这帮匪徒,科瓦斯基的佣金要求也不断增加。但是现在已经和科伦巴结婚的帕科看到了革命对于墨西哥人民真正的重要意义。由于觉悟到他对于他的同胞的责任,帕科否认了他和科瓦斯基的交易并没收了科瓦斯基所有的钱。匪徒们把科瓦斯基囚禁起来,但是在一次加西亚军队的严重袭击中科瓦斯基逃脱。科瓦斯基在一次牛仔杂技表演中发现了帕科,他在那里扮演一个小丑。这时卷毛也跟踪发现了帕科,最后摊牌的场景出现了。(西部电影网

NA-6814  L'alibi / Alibi (Adolfo Celi, Vittorio Gassmann, Luciano Lucignani) / 阿利
Stars Vittorio Gassman
Adolfo Celi
Luciano Lucignani
Country Italy
Runtime 106 min
Date 1969
L'alibi (Adolfo Celi, Vittorio Gassmann, Luciano Lucignani) (直译 阿利)
  (Italian) Vittorio, Adolfo e Luciano sono amici da quando frequentavano l'Accademia d'Arte Drammatica negli anni del dopoguerra. Poi le loro strade si sono divise: Adolfo se ne è andato in Brasile dove, come attore, ha ottenuto un grande successo; Vittorio, rimasto in Italia, è diventato un divo del cinema e del teatro; Luciano, regista e autore di teatro, impegnato politicamente nel partito comunista, fa il critico, il giornalista e lo studioso. Adolfo, sentendo la nostalgia dell'Italia e dei suoi amici, manda un telegramma a Vittorio e Luciano preannunciando il suo ritorno. Durante il viaggio egli ripercorre mentalmente la vita trascorsa con i suoi compagni sognando di riformare il gruppo e riprendere la vita di prima. Ma sia Vittorio che Luciano non sono quelli di una volta: pur accettando l'attuale situazione sentono che essa non è la vera realtà; gli appelli di un vecchio amico, Luca, rinchiuso in una casa di cura, sono per loro il richiamo all'autenticità che cercano. Quando tutti e tre si ritrovano, durante una lunga discussione, capiscono che qualcosa si è spezzato fra di loro. L'arrivo di Luca tronca sul nascere una lite.(Here)
本站试译: 维托里奥,阿道夫和卢西亚诺曾是三个要好的朋友,战后他们一起进入一个戏剧艺术学院学习.毕业以后他门各奔前程:阿道夫去了巴西,在那里成为一个演员,取得了很大的成功; 维克多留在意大利,成为了电影的编剧和明星; 卢西亚诺则成为一名共产党的政治活动家,评论家,记者和学者.当阿道夫回国相聚时,却发现他们在现实生活中出现了很大的裂痕....
NA-6815  La monaca di Monza / The Lady of Monza (Eriprando Visconti) / 深院偷情 / 蒙扎的修女
Stars Anne Heywood
Hardy Krüger
Antonio Sabato
Country Italy
Runtime 105 min
Date 1970
La monaca di Monza (Eriprando Visconti) / 深院偷情/蒙扎的尼姑

The Nun of Monza is the story of a Spanish nun named Virginia de Leyva (Anne Heywood). As Mother Superior, her convent is the picture of saintliness. That is until a young nobleman (Antonio Sabata) takes refuge there after killing a man. Then, all hell breaks loose. All those who inhabit the habit give in to temptation while hysteria and hypocrisy abound. The Mother is accused of breaking her vows and must endure harsh punishments including tortures both physical and psychological. One of the earliest examples of the Italian nunsploitation genre. (Here)

Luciano Odorisio's Italian-made exploitation film La Monaca di Monza travels into the deepest and darkest recesses of a Catholic convent, where a nobleman (Alessandro Gassman) and a nun (Myriem Roussel) engage in a passionate love affair. Little can they foresee the dangerous and calamitous consequences that this will yield -- consequences involving betrayal, vengeance, and homicide.(Here)

本站简译: 蒙扎的修女是西班牙一个名叫弗吉尼亚 德莱瓦修女的故事. 作为修道院的院长,她的修道院是一幅圣洁的图画.直到一个年轻的贵族,在杀了人后到那里避难,打破了那里的各种禁律.人们习惯了歇斯的里和伪善. 她必须要忍受身体和心理上的双重折磨....
NA-6816  La tenda rossa / The red tent/ Krasnaya palatka (Mikhail Kalatozov) / 红帐篷
Stars Sean Connery
Peter Finch
Claudia Cardinale
Country Soviet Union | Italy
Runtime 121 min
Date 1969
Note Music by Ennio Morricone (international version) Aleksandr Zatsepin
The red tent (Mikhail Kalatozov) /红帐篷
  The commander of a failed 1928 Arctic airship expedition is remembering the events of the "Italia" airship flight, crash and subsequent rescue efforts. The "ghosts" of people involved in the events appear in his memories to assist him in determining his guilt in the affair. The reminiscences are mixed with the real action: the flight of the "Italia", the air rescue operation from Kings Bay airfield, the expedition of the "Krassin" ice-breaker. A sort of human touch is added by the ever beautiful C.C. playing Malmgren's girlfriend.(Here)
The reply from Austria friend Mr. Michael Caletka on June 18, 2015

5) The Red Tend (La tenda rossa)

This is the very rare case, that a movie has 2 scores. It tells the story of the run to the south-pole, had an international cast, but had a Russian director and was partly filmed in Russia. For the worldwide distribution of the film the score was the one we know by Morricone, except for Russia. They replaced his music by a score of Russian composer Aleksandr Zatsepin for the Russian market.

NA-6817  Metti, una sera a cena / Love Circle (Giuseppe Patroni Griffi) / 爱的轮廻
Stars Florinda Bolkan
Tony Musante
Jean-Louis Trintignant
Country Italy
Runtime 125 min
Date 1969
Metti, una sera a cena (Giuseppe Patroni Griffi) / 爱的轮廻

A liberal-thinking author watches his wife as she attempts to seduce his best friend at a dinner party. She ends up taking on another man as well, and the writer has an affair with the another dinner guest. Soon the three men and two women are entangled in a confusing series of partner-swapping sex sprees where everyone's morals are challenged in the wake of the sexual revolution.(Here)

This movie has a very involved plot, concerning an affectionate foursome who meet for dinner as often as they can. One is a writer who has a complex about being left out of things; another is his wifw, beautiful and frigid. Then there is an actor who has a strong inclination towards voyeurism, and a spinster friend who is not unpleasant to look at, and who has a mania for telling dirty stories and jokes. The wife and the actor end up in bed together, but that isn’t really what the actor wants because he cannot see what is taking place. So of his to get into bed with the wife and then he is happy once more, watching. So the foursome became a fivesome: and trouble starts, especially when the poet turns out to be partial to either sex, and the husband decides to write a play about his wife (Here)

Michel (Jean-Louis Trintignant) is a successful bourgeois playwright who fantasizes an affair between his beautiful wife, Nina (Florinda Bolkan), and his best friend, Max (Tony Musante), a bisexual actor. Unbeknownst to him, the pair have in fact been lovers for years, though Max is really in love with Michel. While Nina is occupied with Max, Michel drifts into an affair with a rich, but lonely, single woman (Annie Girardot). The four meet regularly for dinner at the home of Michel and Nina where they indulge in bored, amoral conversation.

As a diversion, Max suggests to Nina that they add a third player to their bedroom games: Ric (Lino Capolicchio), Max's anarchist/poet boyfriend who lives in a dankly luxurious basement and sells himself to both men and women. After a while, Ric finds himself falling in love with Nina and eventually attempts suicide over her. Nina discovers Ric in time to save him and decides to leave Michel to live with Ric. But soon their relationship withers and Nina returns to her husband. It's then that Michel decides to invite Ric into the circle, as they go on meeting at dinner and playing their games of love and seduction.(WIKI)

本站简译: 一个自由主义的作家注视着他的夫人在一次晚宴中试图勾引他的好朋友.而同样这个作家也和另一个晚宴的客人有染.很快三个男人和两个女人陷入一场交换性伙伴的狂欢纵乐之中.在那里每个人的道德受到性革命热潮的挑战

获奖记录 :1970年 意大利电影新闻记者协会银丝带奖 Best Score (Migliore Musica) 埃尼奥·莫里康内
1969年 戛纳电影节(金棕榈) 最佳影片 (提名) 吉塞皮·帕特洛尼·吉费 (这里

编者注: 这部反映西方性革命浪潮的电影由于莫里康内的配乐而被世人所关注.它的主题曲经常出现在莫里康内的音乐会上,详情请见本站此页
NA-6818 Il sosia / Partner (Bernardo Bertolucci) / 搭挡 / 同伴
Stars Pierre Clémenti
Tina Aumont
Sergio Tofano
Country Italy
Runtime 105 min
Date 1968
Partner (Bernardo Bertolucci) / 搭挡/同伴
  Bernardo Bertolucci was obviously influenced by the films of Jean-Luc Godard and the worldwide political upheavals of 1968 while assembling his feature-film Partner. This unorthodox adaptation of Dostoevsky's The Double studiously avoids traditional linear storytelling and exposition techniques. Pierre Clementi stars as a repressed young student who concocts a radical alter ego for himself. As the student's two faces argue polemics, Bertolucci uses the opportunity to take freewheeling critical potshots at all forms of political ideology. Not all of Partner makes sense, but the film will command the viewer's interest from beginning to end. (here)
此片是意大利著名导演贝托鲁奇(Bernardo Bertolucci)执导的第三部影片. 电影改编自俄罗斯陀思妥耶夫斯基最具争议的小说《双重人格》("The Double". 1846年). 陀思妥耶夫斯基的创作是世界文学史上最复杂的现象之一.他作品中的"双重人格”形象则是世界文学史上一道独特的风景。贝托鲁奇早期电影深受他的精神导师帕索里尼以及戈达尔后新浪潮影片的影响。同时也受到马克思主义、弗洛伊德精神分析以及1968年横扫欧洲的学生运动的影响,故事讲述一个年轻人面对政治革命、社会活动以及面对隐藏在他内心中的另一个自我,陷入内心分裂而无发自拔的困境之中. "双重人格"是一种常见的心理和社会现象,无论古今中外都难以避免.在当今中国现实社会中更是屡见不鲜.影片充满了布莱希特的戏剧风格, 乍看此片似乎使人感到深奥难懂,但却是喜爱和研究贝托鲁奇电影,莫里康内音乐,以及研究心理学,社会学的朋友们不可不看的一部作品.更多内容及有关资料请参见本站此页
NA-6819  Roma come Chicago / Rome Like Chicago (Alberto Martino) / 罗马大盗
Stars John Cassavetes
Gabriele Ferzetti
Anita Sanders
Country Italy
Runtime 105 min
Date 1968
Note Original Music by Ennio Morricone
Bruno Nicolai
Roma come Chicago (Alberto Martino) / 罗马大盗

This film of violence and gangsterdom opens with an attack on the post office at the terminal station in Rome. The raid succeeds and the two gangsters, Enrico and Mario, run off, machine guns in their hads. The police are hot on their trail with forensic research methods, and when the gangsters try to repeat their luck on a supermarket, Mario is arrested. Enrico then threatens two jewellers brothers with death unless they assist in a crime. By this time, the public is asking questions about the repeated violences, and public opinion is on the side of the police .(Here)

(Italian) Evaso dal carcere dov'era stato rinchiuso per rapina, Mario Corda si mette alla ricerca del suo complice Enrico che, dopo aver commesso altri misfatti, gli ha ucciso la moglie. Rendimento finale di conti. è con Gli implacabili uno dei 2 film neri che Cassavetes interpretò a Roma tra il '68 e il '69. Factotum dei generi d'azione, De Martino governa bene le sequenze spettacolari, ma i personaggi non hanno spessore.(Here)

本站简译: 这部暴力和黑帮电影从一次对罗马邮局的攻击开始.两个歹徒恩里科和马里奥从警察的枪击中逃脱.当他们再次在一个超市重演故技时,马里奥被警察逮捕. 恩里科对两个珠宝商兄弟进行死亡威胁,除非他们协助他犯罪......
NA-6820  Ruba al prossimo tuo / A Fine Pair (Francesco Maselli) / 老千兵团 / 鸳鸯大盗
Stars Rock Hudson
Claudia Cardinale
Leon Askin
Country Italy
Runtime 113 min
Date 1969
Ruba al prossimo tuo (Francesco Maselli) / 老千兵团/鸳鸯大盗
  A detective gets involved with the beautiful daughter of an old friend. The daughter turns out to be a jewel thief, who in turn gets the detective involved in a caper in Austria.(Here)
本站简译: 一个侦探遇到了棘手的问题,他老朋友的美丽女儿原来是一个珠宝窃贼.她参与了在奥地利的一起盗窃案...
NA-6821  Scusi, facciamo l'amore / Listen, Let's Make Love (Vittorio Caprioli) /  听着 让我们作爱吧
Stars Pierre Clémenti
Beba Loncar
Carlo Caprioli
Country Italy | France
Runtime 91 min
Date 1968
Scusi, facciamo l'amore (Vittorio Caprioli) / (直译 听着 让我们作爱吧)
  In this drama, a Neapolitan lad travels to Milan to attend his father's funeral. His father was a gigolo, and the young man decides to continue the family profession and begins looking for rich women to prey upon. He is successful, but then he finds himself caught in a bidding war between a wealthy steel heiress and an rich old homosexual. Though the homosexual wins, the gigolo decides to make it with the heiress. Time passes and he ends up falling for a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, he discovers that she is his half sister. He then remembers a bit of advice from one of his father's friends who said "It's better for a young man to attach himself to a rich homosexual." The young gigolo heeds that advice (Here)
本站简译: 一个那不勒斯小伙子前往米兰参加他父亲的葬礼. 他的父亲曾是一个舞男, 年轻人决定继承父业,他开始寻找富有的女人作为自己的猎物. 他虽然获得了成功,但他发现他自己却处于一个富裕的钢铁业女继承人和一个富有的老年同性恋的竞购战之中.....
NA-6822  Teorema / Theorem (Pier Paolo Pasolini) / 定理
Stars Silvana Mangano
Terence Stamp
Massimo Girotti
Country Italy
Runtime 105 min | Australia: 104 min | Germany: 97 min | Finland: 99 min (cinema release) (1971)
Date 1968
Note Music by Ennio Morricone
Ted Curson (uncredited)
Teorema (Pier Paolo Pasolini) / 定理

A strange visitor in a wealthy family. He seduces the maid, the son, the mother, the daughter and finally the father before leaving a few days after. After he's gone, none of them can continue living as they did. Who was that visitor ? Could he be God ? (Here)

It was the first time Pasolini worked primarily with professional actors. In this film, an upper-class Milanese family is introduced to, and then abandoned by, a divine force. Two prevalent motifs are the desert and the timelessness of divinity: A mysterious figure known only as "The Visitor" appears in the lives of a typical bourgeois Italian family. His arrival is heralded at the gates of the family's Milanese estate by an arm-flapping postman. The enigmatic stranger soon engages in sexual affairs with all members of the household: the devoutly religious maid, the sensitive son, the sexually repressed mother, the timid daughter and, finally, the tormented father. ....Then one day the herald returns and announces that the stranger will soon leave the household, just as suddenly and mysteriously as he came. In the subsequent void of the stranger's absence, each family member is forced to confront what was previously concealed by the trappings of bourgeois life. The maid returns to the rural village where she was born and is seen to perform miracles; ultimately, she immolates herself by having her body buried in dirt while shedding ecstatic tears of regeneration. The mother seeks sexual encounters with young men; the son leaves the family home to become an artist; the daughter sinks into a catatonic state; and the father strips himself of all material effects, handing his factory over to its workers, removing his clothes at a railway station and wandering naked into the wilderness (actually the volcanic desert slopes of Mount Etna), where he finally screams in primal rage and despair. (WIKI)

一个年轻人来到资本家的家中作客,全家不论男女老少都立刻爱上了他。他成了众人的执迷偶像、也成了启发者。他走了之后,为了填补强烈的空虚,全家人若痴若狂:主人自己革自己的命、把工厂让给工人、在火车站脱个精光朝大漠奔去;主人的妻子发现性的美妙,与多位男工恣意寻欢,最后遁入教堂;主人的女儿失魂落魄;主人的儿子发现艺术的自由,在画布上小便以完成新的作品;女仆则感应了圣灵,悬浮在半空让人膜拜。 以包括同性恋与不伦情感的「性」为中心,用一个简明扼要的荒谬寓言,帕索里尼描述了基督离开后的世界,展示宗教给人世带来各种层次的矛盾和影响,也暗示着无路可出的终局.帕索里尼是意大利电影史上最有才华而又最具争议的一位导演,他的这部电影可分为两则前言、三幕场景、及五段平行叙事.一如片名所示,结构严谨如数学逻辑.直言无赘的叙事手法,与其复杂辩证的深奥内容,被称为现代主义的经典.有关帕索里尼的介绍及他的重要电影请参见本站这里这里
NA-6823  Tepepa / Long Live the Revolution (Giulio Petroni) / 革命万岁
Stars Tomas Milian
Orson Welles
John Steiner
Country Italy | Spain
Runtime Italy: 136 min | Spain: 105 min | USA: 96 min | West Germany: 108 min
Date 1968
Tepepa (Giulio Petroni) (直译 革命万岁)

In Mexico, at the beginning of the twentieth century, a man is to be executed by Cascorro's men. Doctor Henry Price, en Englishman, arrives in his car and saves him. The nickname of the man is Tepepa and he was a hero of the Revolution. Tepepa asks doctor Price way he saved him and the answer is chilly: to have the pleasure to kill him himself. And he aims his gun at him. (Here)

An English doctor saves a Mexican revolutionary leader (Tepepa) from the firing squad in order to exact personal revenge for the death of his fiancée. But things are not so simple, as the revolutionary is a popular man with the masses and his version of events throws doubt as to his guilt in the matter. The doctor is not swayed but, as political hostilities are renewed, both men are engulfed in the increasing violence and find themselves pursued by the ruthless Colonel Carrosco who is determined to recapture Tepepa and make an example of him to the peons who see him as a hero (Here)

本站简译: 二十世纪初叶的墨西哥,一个即将要被处决的人,被一个名叫亨利 普里斯的英国医生解救. 这个人的绰号叫特培帕,他是一位革命英雄. 特匹帕问医生为什么要救他,回答是冰冷的, 医生说他要自己亲自杀他.但不久他们就发现军队正在追捕他们

NA-6824 Un bellissimo novembre / That Splendid November (Mauro Bolognini) / 再见晤爱 / 偷情世家
Stars Gina Lollobrigida
Gabriele Ferzetti
André Lawrence
Country Italy | France
Runtime 95 min | Argentina: 98 min
Date 1969
Un bellissimo novembre (Mauro Bolognini) / 再见晤爱/偷情世家
  The Italian title for That Splendid November is Un_Belissima_Novembre, but it might as well have been "Belissima Gina". That's because the film's main attraction is Gina_Lollobrigida, whose well-proportioned chassis diverts the audience's attention from the turgid plot. The story concerns a large Sicilian family whose patriarch is an advocate of self control. The hypocrisy of this stance is illustrated in a number of scenes involving sex, gluttony and greed. Adapted from a novel by Ercole Patti, That Splendid November was released in the US in 1971, three years after it made the European theatrical rounds.(Here)
本站简译: “那个美妙的十一月”的意大利标题是“再见晤爱”,但也可能是“美丽的吉娜”。这是因为电影的主要看点是吉娜 (Gina Lollobrigida),她的匀称的体形将观众的注意力从夸张的情节上转移过来。这个故事是关于一个西西里庞大家族的故事.他们的族长是一位自我控制的倡导者。这个伪善的姿态却被一些涉及性,暴食和贪婪的场景所揭穿. 电影改编自Ercole Patti的小说,“那个美妙的十一月”在1971年于美国发行,三年后它在欧洲剧场播放。
NA-6825 (6906) Un tranquillo posto della campagna / A Quiet Place in the Country (Elio Petri) / 乡间僻静处/一片安静的地方
Stars Franco Nero
Vanessa Redgrave
Georges Géret
Country Italy | France
Runtime 106 min
Date 1969
Un tranquillo posto della campagna (Elio Petri) / 乡间僻静处/一片安静的地方

Leonardo (Franco Nero) is a painter who retreats to a house in the country to regain his lost inspiration. He is plagued by the presence of an erotic apparition. The gorgeous ghost soon moves the painter to the point he wishes to carry on a relationship with her. Leonardo is several bristles shy of a brush as he sinks deeper into insanity. When his fiancé arrives for a visit, she is murdered and chopped into little pieces by the troubled artist. Vanessa Redgrave and Gabriella Grimaldi also star in this story of madness and horror. (Here)

(Italian) Pittore di successo in crisi creativa, dilaniato dalla volontà di contestazione e dalle richieste del mercato, ha un rapporto schizofrenico di amore/odio con la donna che gli fa da amante, amministratrice e infermiera e, per sfuggirla, si rifugia in una villa veneta disabitata cercando la compagnia di un fantasma. Film sulla pittura (sulla pop art, usando i quadri dell'americano Jim Dine), sulla ricerca disperata della bellezza perduta, sulla morte dell'arte, sui rapporti tra arte e realtà, “è prima di ogni altra cosa un giro di boa tecnico: di tecnica narrativa, di montaggio, di ritmi, di effetti speciali, di fotografia. Senza l'esperienza maturata sarebbero forse impensabili i successivi film” (Here)

本站简译: 这是一部疯狂和恐怖的电影. 莱昂纳多(佛朗哥 尼禄扮演)是一个画家. 为了恢复他的灵感,他回到乡下居住.在那里他受到一个色情幽灵的折磨. 这个华丽的幽灵很快地找到了画家并希望和他继续保持关系.莱昂纳多的精神受到很大的刺激而出现问题.当他的未婚妻来探望他的时侯,她被这个精神错乱的艺术家杀害并被他切成碎块....

NA-6826  Vergogna schifosi / Dirty Angels (Mauro Severino) / 肮脏的天使
Stars Roberto Bisacco
Marília Branco
Lino Capolicchio
Country Italy
Runtime 95 min
Date 1969
Vergogna schifosi (Mauro Severino) (直译 肮脏的天使)

Three young people arrive in the city from the provinces to make their fortunes. They become firmly established in their work and social life. They have behind them important people who use them to make money but also provide them with affluence. But their new-found rich existence is shattered when menacing letters start arriving through the post. The letters threaten each with death. The three decide that the letters are being sent by a fourth friend who left the provinces with them, but was later abandoned by them. They find him and bring him back into the group to find out if he is the one who is sending the letters. The find that he is playing a very cunning game, and so they decide that he must die. (Here)

(Italian) Tre ricchi giovani milanesi vengono ricattati da un misterioso personaggio che invia loro messaggi registrati e li accusa d'aver provocato la morte di un tedesco durante un'orgia. Individuato il colpevole in un loro amico pittore, i tre l'uccidono scoprendo poi che non si trattava di un vero ricatto, ma solamente di uno scherzo. (Here)

Super obscure Italian giallo starring Roberto Bisacco and Marilia Branco. Wide screen, English subtitled presentation. Highly obscure and very rare sperimental and anomalous thriller, substancially linked to and inspired by the 1968 protest movement, supported by an awesome soundtrack by Italian maestro Ennio Morricone featuring the sublime Edda Dell'Orso's voice and I cantori moderni di Alessandro Alessandroni. Never issued on DVD shamefully and almost forgotten, it's a movie where Morricone's amazing work adds more power to motion pictures since Morricone's delirious soundtrack was sourced directly from cinematic centripetal moves of shots, focused on some obsessive key themes and enriched by plenty of pop aesthetics and design. The mainly urban set is an incredibly deserted and ghostly Milan during August. Featuring Roberto Bisacco, a blonde-haired (!) Lino Capolicchio and the gorgeous Brazilian actress Marilia Branco, who married Adolfo Celi. (Here)

本站简译: 三个年轻人从农村来到城市,为了改变他们的命运. 他们终于得到了稳定的工作和生活,这是因为在他们背后有重要的人物利用他们来赚钱,但同时也给他们提供了富裕的生活. 不过他们的新生活由于接到一封恐吓信而被打破, 这封信威吓要杀死他们每一个人.他们判断这封信可能是被他们抛弃在乡下的第四个朋友发出的.他们决定去找到他,如果这信确实是他写的,那么他们就带他一起来加入他们的团体.但是他们发现这个人正在和他们玩弄狡诈的游戏,所以他们决定必须杀死他.....

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