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1969 莫里康内配乐电影概览 (手机版)
A basic view for 1969 film composed by Ennio Morricone (Mobile edition)
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电影及导演  Name and Director
NA-6901  Giotto - tv documentary - (Luciano Emmer) / 乔托传
All Writer and supply Lionello Torossi; Luciano Emmer; Richard Basehart; Universal Education and Visual Arts.; Kartes Video Communications.
Stars Richard Basehart
Country Italy
Runtime 47 min
Date 1969
Giotto - tv documentary - (Luciano Emmer) /乔托传
  Giotto and the Pre-Renaissance explores the major works of Florentine painter, sculptor, and architect Giotto di Bondone. Considered the first genius of the Italian Renaissance, the innovative artist focused on religious subjects, lending them powerful emotion and a three-dimensional quality. This program provides a highly detailed study of Giotto's key frescoes, including the masterpieces of the Upper and Lower Church of San Francesco, Assisi, and St. Croce in Florence. Other related programs are The Greek Temple, Picasso: War, Peace and Love, Le Corbusier, Goya, and Germany: Dada.(Here and 010203)

本站简译: 根据这一个网页的介绍,这是一部由Luciano Emmer导演并由莫里康内谱曲的记录片.它似乎是一套名为"Museum without walls"(无墙的博物馆)通用教育和视觉艺术(Universal Education and Visual Arts)视听资料中的一卷,在1969年发行当时是以VHS录像带为载体发行的.全集约有几十卷,包括了毕加索(Picasso),戈雅(Goya)等著名艺术家的作品,乔托是其中的一卷.(参见下图)

乔托传探索了佛罗伦萨画家,雕塑家,建筑家乔托 迪 邦顿的主要作品。乔托是意大利文艺复兴时期第一位天才,他的创新的艺术家重点聚焦在宗教主题,这些主题给予他强烈的情感。这部电影提供了乔托关键壁画的高度细节研究,包括圣弗朗西斯科的上下教堂的杰作,阿西西,和佛罗伦萨的圣十字。其他相关的内容如希腊神殿,毕加索:战争,和平与爱,勒柯布西耶,戈雅和德国:达达。

NA-6902  Gott mit uns / The Fifth Day of Peace (Giuliano Montaldo) / 神与我们同在
Stars Bud Spencer
Franco Nero
Richard Johnson
Country Yugoslavia | Italy
Runtime USA: 103 min | Italy: 110 min | Spain: 104 min (DVD edition)
Date 1970
Gott mit uns (Giuliano Montaldo) /神与我们同在
  This World War II drama is based on an actual incident. Two Nazi soldiers desert and help a Canadian cook when the unit takes over a concentration camp. Trudeau (Richard Johnson) is the Canadian captain who respects his German counterpart (Helmut Schneider). An escape attempt has the Nazis capturing the deserters and the Germans demand they be turned over to them. The Canadians refuse, but the Germans insist the deserters face court martial. The Canadian commander forces the cook to turn over the two men who are shot by the Germans with Canadian rifles five days after the official end of the war. (Here)
本站简译: "Gott mit uns"(英语译为"God with us")是历史上德国军队中一句古老的常用语(参见这里) 这部有关二战的剧本基于一个真实事件。两个纳粹士兵开了小差并且在部队接管一个集中营时帮助了一名加拿大厨师。特鲁多是一位加拿大上校,他尊重他的德国对手。由于纳粹士兵企图逃跑,德国人要求把那些士兵移交给他们。加拿大人拒绝了,但是德国人坚持让逃跑的士兵面对军事法庭。在战争正式结束五天以后,加拿大的司令官强制厨师移交那两个被德国人用加拿大的来福枪射杀的人(Erik译)
NA-6903  I cannibali / The Year of the Cannibals (Liliana Cavani) / 食人族
Stars Pierre Clémenti
Britt Ekland
Tomas Milian
Country Italy
Runtime 88 min
Date 1970
I cannibali (Liliana Cavani) (直译 食人族)
  This story of youthful rebellion is taken from the ancient Greek classic "+Antigone." The setting is modern times and Britt_Eklund plays Antigone in a fictitious land where reality is suspended. Haimon (Tomas_Milian) goes against the wishes of his father and the prime minister by wanting to become an animal. Tiresias (Pierre_Clementi) plays a Christ-like figure. The only resemblance between this version and the ancient tragedy is that the three principle characters are slated for an uncertain future among the living. The film was shown at the 1970 New York Film Festival. .(Here)

本站简译: 这部青春叛逆的故事取自于古希腊名著“+安提戈涅”.电影的时空背景则是设定为近代一个虚构的国度.海蒙不顾他父亲和首相的愿望而是想变为一个动物.泰瑞西斯扮演了基督般的人物.这个现代版本和古代悲剧原著对比,只有在对于未来生活不确定性的三个特点中有类同之处.这部电影曾在1970年的纽约国际电影节上放映

Stars Gian Maria Volonté
Florinda Bolkan
Gianni Santuccio
Country Italy
Runtime 112 min | Norway: 115 min
Date 1970
Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (Elio Petri) / 对一个不容怀疑的公民的调查
  Better known as Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, this Oscar-winning political drama stars Gian_Maria_Volonte as the citizen of the title, an unnamed police inspector. The story finds the inspector calmly cutting his mistress' throat, then planting evidence that will clear him of accusation -- and attempting to evade arrest by virtue of his "clean" public image. Elio_Petri's own anti-establishment stance was never more pronounced than in this film, where the truth is whatever the ruling class chooses to acknowledge. The original Italian title of Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion was Indagine su un Cittadino al di Sopra di Ogna Sospetto. (Here)
NA-690L'assoluto naturale / She and He (Mauro Bolognini) / 她与他
Stars Laurence Harvey
Sylva Koscina
Isa Miranda
Country Italy
Runtime 90 min
Date 1969
L'assoluto naturale (Mauro Bolognini) (直译 她与他)
  The love-hate relationship between a poet and his mistress provides the basis for this metaphorical drama. The trouble seems to come from the fact that the two have very different approaches to their relationship. The poet is interested in a more traditional romance while his hot-blooded lover would rather spend all their time having sex.(Here)

本站简译: 电影描写一个诗人和他的情妇爱恨交织的关系.两人对他们之间关系的不同愿望带来了烦恼.诗人需要的是一个传统的兴趣,而他的浪漫热血情人则宁愿用所有的时间去做爱

Stars Tony Musante
Suzy Kendall
Enrico Maria Salerno
Country Italy | West Germany
Runtime 98 min | Argentina: 105 min | Germany: 101 min | Netherlands: 92 min | USA: 96 min | Finland: 97 min (1972) | Belgium: 108 min (VHS version)
Date 1970
L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo (Dario Argento) / 摧花手
  Sam, an American writer in Rome, witnesses a murder attempt on the wife of the owner of an art gallery by a sinister man in a raincoat and black leather gloves - but Sam is powerless to do anything as he gets trapped between a double set of glass doors in going to her aid. The woman survives, and the police say that she is the first surviving victim of a notorious serial killer. But when they fail to make any progress with the case, Sam decides to investigate on his own, turning up several clues that point in the direction of just one possible suspect - assuming that he really knows who he's looking for...(Here)
本站简译: 美国游客山姆隔着美术馆的玻璃窗,瞥见一宗谋杀企图,他的及时出现让凶手逃走了,获救的女子芳名莫尼卡。不久,山姆仿佛受了蛊惑似的对这宗谋杀着了迷,他决定追踪凶手的下落,这自然让他的女友朱丽娅很不快;而同时他和女友也开始接到威胁电话,电话的背景声音里总是有一种鸟叫声。后来,山姆的一个朋友终于辨析出这是西伯利亚的一种珍禽的叫声,动物园里有这种鸟。自此开始,影片的情节越来越恐怖……
NA-6907  La donna invisibile / The Invisible Woman (Paolo Spinola) /  无形女
Stars Giovanna Ralli
Carla Gravina
Anita Sanders
Country Italy
Runtime 95 min
Date 1969
La donna invisibile (Paolo Spinola) / (直译 无形女)

(Italian) Un uomo osserva “attraverso” il corpo della moglie una macchia sul muro: Laura si rende conto che il marito “non la vede”, dunque non l'ama più. è l'avvio di un racconto del Moravia “surrealista” del realismo. Così comincia il film di Spinola che del racconto ha conservato intatto anche il finale: a caccia il marito punta il fucile verso la moglie “invisibile”, spara e l'ammazza. Quel che c'è tra la A e la Z Spinola se l'è inventato con l'aiuto di Dacia Maraini e Ottavio Jemma, sviluppando le premesse moraviane. Leggibile a 2 livelli, naturalistico e fantastico, quasi moraleggiante. Suggestiva ambientazione lombarda.(Here)

(Italian) Moglie di un professore "contestato", Laura s'accorge che il marito Andrea non l'ama più, tanto da vedere attraverso il suo corpo, quasi nemmeno esistesse. Profondamente innamorata di lui, le cui attenzioni sembrano tutte rivolte a Delfina, un'altra donna che vive in casa con loro, Laura si strugge, cerca di riaccendere il suo interesse, confessandogli un'occasionale tradimento, ma tutto è inutile. Un giorno, durante una battuta di caccia, Andrea, sparando a un fagiano, con uno dei colpi la uccide, ma nemmeno stavolta si accorge di lei, distesa accanto alla preda e si allontana al braccio di Delfina. Rivolgendosi a costei, tuttavia, la chiama Laura.(Here)

A man observes "through" the body of his wife a stain on the wall: Laura realizes that her husband "doesn't see it", therefore does not love him more. And the launch of a tale of Moravia "surreal" of realism. Thus begins the film of Spinola and the story has preserved intact the final: hunting the husband tip the gun toward his wife "invisible", shoots and kills

本站简译: 劳拉的丈夫说他透过她的身体可以看到她的污点,劳拉认为她的丈夫已经看不见她并不再爱她,他的注意力似乎是在另一名女子德尔菲娜身上。在一次外出打猎时,她看见她的丈夫正在举枪准备射杀她...
NA-6908  La stagione dei sensi / Season of the Senses (Massimo Franciosa) /  感官季节
Stars Udo Kier
Laura Belli
Edda Di Benedetto
Country Italy | West Germany
Runtime 94 min | Italy: 86 min
Date 1969
La stagione dei sensi (Massimo Franciosa) / (直译 感官季节)
  (Italian) Quattro ragazze, affascinate dal misterioso proprietario di un maniero su di un'isola sperduta, rivaleggiano per conquistarlo. Finiranno tutte e quattro vittime dei suoi sadismi.(Here)

Sul finire dell'estate, quattro ragazze, Monica, Claudia, Michèle e Marina, e due giovani, Marco e Peter, s'avventurano al largo su di un motoscafo. D'improvviso viene a mancare la benzina; la terraferma è lontana; vicina è la notte: per fortuna c'è, a portata di remi, un'isola, su cui sorge un antico castello, a picco sull'acqua. Il giovane che vi abita, Luca (il quale ha appena strangolato l'amante, gettandone il corpo in un pozzo) non si dimostra molto ospitale con i nuovi venuti: ombroso e scostante, s'apparta da solo, mentre essi si accomodano liberamente nel maniero. Il giorno dopo gli ospiti scovano una latta piena di benzina, che consentirebbe loro di riprendere il largo: se non che, affascinate dallo strano padrone di casa, le quattro ragazze decidono di restare. Partiti i due accompagnatori, comincia tra di loro una specie di gara per conquistare Luca, ma questi, anziché soddisfarle le piega, sfruttando la loro adorazione per lui, a una serie di sadici giochi finché, dopo averle stravolte del tutto, le lega alla torre del castello e abbandona l'isola.(Here)

本站试译 (根据意文在线自动翻译摘要编写,可能不太准确请原谅): 在一个夏末的夜晚,四个女孩,莫妮卡,克劳迪娅,米歇尔和玛丽娜以及两个年轻人马克和彼得,在海上游玩时快艇发生故障.幸运的是他们登上了一个小岛,到一个古老的城堡和庄园并在那里过夜.第二天,四个女孩被神秘的庄园主所吸引,她们决定留下来玩起了游戏, 结果她们成了虐待狂的受害者....
Stars Jean Gabin
Alain Delon
Lino Ventura
Country France
Runtime 120 min | Germany: 115 min | Spain: 119 min | USA: 118 min
Date 1969
Le clan dei siciliani (Henri Verneuil) / 西西里黑帮/神机妙算/劫宝奇谋

Behind every gun is "The Sicilian Clan!" The murders in Paris! The robbery in Rome! The double-cross in New York! Every industry has its first family.( Here) This is a film that proves just how cool things were in the 1960s in Europe, particularly France and Italy. The ultra-cool Alain Delon (the French Steve McQueen) is truly superb as the loner hood, and with an excellent cast (including the legend Jean Gabin), thrilling story, stylish direction and yet another masterful score by Ennio Morricone, THE SICILIAN CLAN is a must-see for lovers of heist thrillers. (Here)

Stars Massimo Ranieri
Ottavia Piccolo
Frank Wolff
Country Italy
Runtime 107 min | Argentina: 110 min
Date 1970
Metello (Mauro Bolognini) / 我的青春/梅泰洛
  Metello struggles to escape from the poverty that led to the premature death of his parents, and that is the lot of the working class in northern Italy during the second half of the 19th century. Metello fights his way out from his condition through hard work, a determined will to resist oppression inherited from his father, but also by taking advantage of his good looks when dealing with women. Metello progressively assumes an important role in the organization of an emerging workers movement, and attempts to conciliate his risky political activities with his private life. (Here)
影片系根据意大利著名文学家瓦斯科 普莱托里尼( Vasco Pratolini) 同名小说"Metello"改编.影片以1902年意大利建筑工人大罢工的史实为背景,描写了十九世纪末期到二十世纪初三十年间意大利早期工业资本主义发展时期劳动者和企业主两个阶级对抗的场景,以一个贫苦农民的儿子梅泰洛力图改变个人命运,进城打工拼博的艰难生活为主线,描绘了梅泰洛个人青春时代友情,爱情,家庭,事业的发展,变故和曲折成长过程,展现了当年意大利社会的政治,经济,文化,人文和历史风貌.整个故事对于一个世纪后当代中国出现的进城打工的的亿万农民工潮以及社会发展,仍然具有重要的现实意义.影片由莫里康配乐的主题音乐,更是一部电影和音乐完美交融互补的楷模之作,聆听此曲带来的震撼,往往令每个已有个人往事的中老年人无不为之动情反思.对于电影及起音乐的研究请见本站此页
Stars Marlon Brando
Evaristo Márquez
Norman Hill
Country Italy | France
Runtime Argentina: 115 min | Italy: 132 min | UK: 112 min | USA: 112 min | USA: 132 min (restored version) | Germany: 121 min
Date 1969
Queimada (Gillo Pontecorvo) / 烽火怪客/凯马达之战
  The professional mercenary Sir William Walker instigates a slave revolt on the Caribbean island of Queimada in order to help improve the British sugar trade. Years later he is sent again to deal with the same rebels that he built up because they have seized to much power that now threatens British sugar interests.(Here)
NA-6912  Sai cosa faceva Stalin alle donne? / What Did Stalin Do to Women? (Maurizio Rivelani) / 斯大林对妇女们都干了什么?
Stars Helmut Berger
Margaret Lee
Silvia Monti
Country Italy
Runtime 85 min
Date 1969
Sai cosa faceva Stalin alle donne? (Maurizio Rivelani) / (直译 斯大林对妇女们都干了什么?)
  This comedic political satire lampoons Russian communist leader Josef Stalin and ridicules the brief period of communism in Italy following World War II. The leader has sex on a bedspread with his own likeness. A hammer and sickle, along with a swastika, is prominently displayed on the posterior of his lovely mistress. The film continues with a series of sight gags, puns and short sketches with some brief interludes of female nudity. The finale finds Stalin's coffin being removed from the mausoleum in Red Square in Moscow and Italy finding another government.(Here)

本站简译: 这是1969年意大利制作的一部嘲笑俄共领导人约瑟夫斯大林的政治讽刺喜剧,电影也潮笑了二战以后在意大利出现的短暂的共产主义时期.领导人在带有他的肖像的床单上作爱,带着纳粹标志的镰刀和锤子在她情妇的臀部突出的显示出来.电影以插科打诨,双关语等方式穿插一些小品系列.最后斯大林的棺材被从莫斯科红场移走而意大利也出现了另一个政府

NA-6913  Senza sapere niente di lei (Luigi Comencini对她一无所知
Stars Philippe Leroy
Paola Pitagora
Sara Franchetti
Country Italy
Runtime 96 min
Date 1969
Senza sapere niente di lei (Luigi Comencini) (直译 她不知道什么)
  When Maria Mancuso dies suddenly before the expiration of her life-insurance policy, the insurance company sends lawyer Nanni Brà (Philippe_Leroy) to investigate. He seduces Cinzia (Paola_Pitagora), one of the late woman's daughters, in order to obtain more information. When he falls in love with the girl, he confesses to her his original intentions and she tries to take her own life. Nanni discovers that Maria Mancuso was murdered; Cinzia admits to the crime, then crashes the car with herself and Nanni into a truck, killing them both. (Here)
本站简译: 玛丽亚 曼库索在人寿保险期满之前突然死亡.保险公司派律师南尼 伯拉进行调查。他诱使一个已故女人的女儿辛则亚以获得更多的信息。当他与女孩辛则亚落入爱河时对她坦白了自己对她原来的意图,其后她则产生了自杀的念头。不久南尼发现玛丽亚 曼库索是被人谋杀致死,辛则亚承认这是她犯的罪,最后在她和南尼两人开车出行时,她驾车冲向一辆大卡车,结束了他们两人的生命.
NA-6914  Uccidete il vitello grasso e arrostitelo (Salvatore Samperi/ 杀了肥牛犊去烤
Stars Jean Sorel
Marilù Tolo
Maurizio Degli Esposti
Country Italy
Runtime 92 min
Date 1970
Uccidete il vitello grasso e arrostitelo (Salvatore Samperi) (直译 杀了肥牛犊去烤)
  The first color film by writer/director Salvatore_Samperi is this grim family melodrama, a modern-day reinvention of the tale of the Prodigal Son. Upon hearing of his father's death, Enrico Merlo (Jean_Sorel) leaves his boarding school in Switzerland and returns home to Padua. There he overhears a conversation between his older brother Cesare (Maurizio Degli Espositi), who has taken over the profitable family business, and Verde (Marilù_Tolo), Cesare's cousin and lover. Their words persuade Enrico that the two have murdered his father; he obtains proof when he discovers that his father's death certificate post-dates his death. But Enrico becomes gravely ill with pneumonia, all the while refusing to return the incriminating death certificate to the killers, and so Verde makes sure he is denied his needed medication and lets him die.(Here)

本站简译: 这是作家和导演萨尔瓦多 辛普利的第一部彩色电影.这是一部严酷的家庭情节剧,讲的是一个现代社会常见的浪子故事。恩里科 梅洛在听到他父亲去世的消息后,离开他在瑞士的寄宿学校,回到了帕多瓦。在那里,他无意中听到他的哥哥塞萨尔和他的表妹和情人弗尔德的一次谈话.他们的谈话使得恩里科相信是他们两个人谋害了父亲,他在他父亲死亡证明书上的死亡日期中得到了证据.此时恩里科患上了严重的肺炎,但他一直拒绝把那个死亡证明书交还给杀手,弗尔德则设法使他停止服药以便让他去死.

NA-6915 Un esercito di 5 uomini / The Five Man Army (Don TaylorItalo Zingarelli ) / 五人军队
Stars Bud Spencer
Peter Graves
James Daly
Country Italy
Runtime 105 min
Date 1969
Un esercito di 5 uomini (Don Taylor, Italo Zingarelli ) / 五人军队
  Set during the Mexican Revolution, a man known only as "The Dutchman" has a plan, and brings in four of his old acquaintences, including an old army buddy and a silent Japanese swordsman, to help him out by promising a $1000 reward if it succeeds. The plan turns out to be a fool's mission: rob a train carrying $500,000 in gold that's guarded by dozens of heavily armed soldiers and passes through a steady stream of military checkpoints. Naturally, his friends agree to go along with the scheme. (Here)
本站简译: 在墨西哥革命时期,一个被称作“荷兰人”的人有一个计划,并且让他的四个老相识帮忙,其中包括一个老军人和一个沉默的日本剑客,他许诺他们计划成功后有1000美元的回报。这个计划显得是一个愚蠢的任务:抢劫一辆装有价值500000美元的黄金并被一伙装备有武器的军人护卫的穿梭于络绎不绝的军事检察点的火车。当然,他的朋友同意与他一起参与计划.(Erik译)
NA-6916  Una breve stagione / A Brief Season (Renato Castellani) /  一个短季
Stars Christopher Jones
Pia Degermark
Angelo Boscariol
Country Italy
Runtime 95 min
Date 1969
Una breve stagione (Renato Castellani) / (直译 一个短季)

Johnny, a young American working in the Stock Exchange in Rome, and Luisa, a Swedish girl living in that city with her parents, meet and fall in love. A young man in a hurry, Johnny uses a client's funds in a losing speculation and winds up in jail. A guard is accidentally killed when he manages to escape. With what could be a day or a year before his re-capture, the lovers enjoy to the full their "brief season" of romance and passion in the Italian countryside and at a luxury hotel.(Here)

(Italian) Luisa , figlia di nordici, e John Philips, nato negli USA, entrambi trapiantati a Roma, si incontrano e si innamorano. Lei fa la traduttrice simultanea, lui il “trombettiere” per un agente di Borsa e, giocando al rialzo, finisce in carcere.In un tentativo di fuga provoca involontariamente la morte di un agente e raggiunge, gemente, Luisa. Dopo due giorni d'amore, circondati dai carabinieri, si danno la morte. è il film più mortuario e disperato di R. Castellani, nonostante i passaggi gioiosi, i momenti ariosi. Come se, nel cantare ancora una volta il mito e il sogno della giovinezza incorrotta, non riuscisse più a capire i giovani, tanto cambiati rispetto ai loro coetanei del primo dopoguerra. I 2 protagonisti – che parlano l'italiano dei doppiatori – sono fiacchi; il racconto su tre piani temporali s'indebolisce man mano che procede.(Here)

本站简译: 约翰尼是一个在罗马股票交易所工作的美国年轻人,路易莎是一个瑞典女孩,他随父母移居在罗马,担任一名同声翻译,两人相遇并坠入爱河。不幸的是,约翰尼私自动用了一个客户的资金进行投机,由于交易亏损失败而被捕入狱。在他试图从监狱逃脱时,一个警卫由于意外而死亡.....他们还能重享过去那个短季的美好浪漫生活吗?

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