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1970 莫里康内配乐电影概览 (手机版)
A basic view for 1970 film composed by Ennio Morricone (Mobile edition)
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电影及导演 Name and Director
NA-7001 Città violenta / Violent City (Sergio Sollima) / 狼之挽歌
Stars Charles Bronson
Jill Ireland
Michel Constantin
Country Italy | France
Runtime 100 min | Sweden: 104 min (TV)
Date 1 February 1973 (USA)
Città violenta/Violent City (Sergio Sollima) / 狼之挽歌
  After a bloody double-cross leaves him for dead, professional hit man Jeff tracks the shooter and his beautiful mistress to New Orleans. But when Jeff takes both revenge and the woman, he finds himself blackmailed by a powerful crime boss who wants the fiercely independent gunman to join his organization. Jeff refuses, and is hunted through an unforgiving city where love is like a loaded gun and debts of vengeance are paid in bullets.(Here)

本站简译: 在一场血猩的背叛中职业杀手杰夫幸免于死,为了复仇,他跟踪那个枪手和他的情妇来到新奥尔良.但他被一个强大的黑帮头子要挟要他加入他们的集团.杰夫拒绝了这个要求,他在一个无情的城市里被追杀,在那里爱就像一支装满了子弹的枪,仇债要用子弹来偿还

NA-7002  Giochi particolari / The Voyeur/ autoritratto (Franco Indovina) 特别的游戏 / 自画像
Stars Timothy Dalton
Virna Lisi
Marcello Mastroianni
Country Italy | France
Runtime ---
Date 26 November 1970 (Italy)
Giochi particolari/The Voyeur (Franco Indovina) (直译 特别的游戏)
  40 year old Sandro(Marcello Mastrovanni)is married to Claude(Virni Lisi).Sandro has one strange obsession - he is a self confessed voyeur. He films his wife in all walks of life on his wobbly hand held camcorder. But everything changes when Mark (Here)

本站简译: 40岁的桑德罗(马塞洛·马斯楚安尼饰)和克劳德(维尔妮 丽丝)结婚. 桑德罗有一个奇怪的僻好--他是一个窥淫狂.他用一个手持摄影机拍摄他夫人的生活情节,但是在他的记录中所有的事物都发生了变化

NA-7003 (7005) I lupi attaccano in branco / Hornet's Nest (Phil Karlson and Franco Cirino) / 天龙特攻队
Stars Rock Hudson
Sylva Koscina
Sergio Fantoni
Country Italy | USA
Runtime Netherlands: 110 min | USA: 110 min
Date 9 September 1970 (USA)
I lupi attaccano in branco/ Hornet's Nest (Phil Karlson and Franco Cirino) / 天龙特攻队
  A commando unit is dropped behind the German lines in Italy and its mission is to blow up a strategic dam. However, the unit is ambushed and only its leader survives. He is picked up by a ragtag group of local youths, who strike a bargain with him--they will help him blow the dam if he will help them get revenge on the Germans, who have taken over their village and killed their parents (Here)

01-本站简译: 1944年意大利北部,第二次世界大战期间,一个美军突击队被空降在意大利的德军防线后方,它的任务是摧毁一个战略性的大坝.但是突击队遭遇了埋伏,只有队长幸免.他被当地的一群年轻的村民抓住.这个村子由于由于帮助意大利抵抗运动,全村人遭到党卫军的屠杀,只有一群7至14岁的男孩逃脱.他们和他达成一项交易,如果他帮助他们复仇,他们将帮助他摧毁大坝

02: 1944年意大利北部,第二次世界大战期间,由于Reanoto村帮助意大利抵抗运动,全村人遭到党卫军的屠杀,唯一的幸存者是由阿尔多领导的一群7至14岁的男孩。(这里)

Stars Romy Schneider
Ugo Tognazzi
Massimo Farinelli
Country France | Italy
Date 9 November 1971 (West Germany
La califfa/Lady Caliph (Alberto Bevilacqua) / 卡里夫女人

Here the director adapts his own novel about Mira (Romy Schneider), a firebrand of a woman, who moves from being a ferocious labor organizer to being the mistress of her town's factory owner (Ugo Tognazzi). Labor negotiations provide a background for their brief but devastating romantic affair. (Here)

2017 providing download of whole film "La Califfa" embed EN-CN subtitles

本片系由导演阿尔贝托 比维拉科 Alberto Bevilacqua根据他的同名小说改编而拍摄的.片中描写了一个烈性的女人密拉(由罗密施奈德扮演)从一个激进的劳工组织者演变成为当地工厂主(由雨果唐格纳吉扮演)的情人的故事.劳工谈判给他们短暂而又带有破坏性的浪漫事件提供了机遇(更多介绍请见本站电影页)

NA-7005  La moglie più bella / The Most Beautiful Wife (Damiano Damiani) / 最美丽的妻子
Stars Alessio Orano
Ornella Muti
Tano Cimarosa
Country Italy
Runtime 108 min
Date 12 March 1970 (Italy)
La moglie più bella/The Most Beautiful Wife (Damiano Damiani) (直译 最美丽的妻子)

Based on the story of Franca Villa and Filippo Melodia. In Sicily, as a Mafia boss leaves for prison, he advises Vito, a young man who's his potential successor, to marry a virtuous and poor woman. Vito's eye settles on Francesca, only 15, but lovely and self-possessed. Among her virtues are high self worth and forthright speech, so although she falls in love with Vito, she won't bow down to him. Believing he's losing face, he has his boys kidnap her and he rapes her. Then, he tells her he'll still marry her. Instead, she files charges. Her parents, brother, and neighbors refuse to support her. Will she break? Will Vito continue his assaults?(Here)

本站简译: 影片基于弗兰卡 维拉和菲利普 梅洛迪亚的小说.在西西里,一个黑手党头目蹲在监狱里,他建议他的未来接班人,一个年轻人维托娶一个善良,贫寒的女人为妻.维托看中了一个15岁的女孩弗朗西斯卡.她很可爱并且自重,她为人自强,直率,所以当她爱上维拉以后,对他并不俯首听命.维拉认为自己丢了面子.他让他的男仆绑架她然后他强奸了她.之后,他告诉她他仍然要娶她.结果相反,她提出控告.但是,她的父母,兄弟和邻居拒绝支持她.她会改变吗?维拉还会再攻击她吗?

NA-7006  Le foto proibite di una signora perbene / Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (Luciano Ercoli) / 一位女士的可疑照片
Stars Dagmar Lassander
Pier Paolo Capponi
Simón Andreu
Country Spain | Italy
Runtime 93 min
Date 19 November 1970 (Italy)
Le foto proibite di una signora perbene/Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (Luciano Ercoli) (直译 一位女士的可疑照片)
  A triangle of friendship, love, sex, and, perhaps, murder. Minou is newly married to Peter, a businessman in debt as he works to bring a new product to market. They met through Dominique, sexually voracious, Minou's best friend, and Peter's former (and possibly still) lover. A stranger accosts Minou one night on the beach while Peter is away. He tells her that Peter has murdered a business associate and blackmails her into sleeping with him. He compounds the blackmail with photos taken of their tryst. To Minou's surprise, this same stranger is in a pornographic photo Dominique has imported from Denmark. Is this all a game, and if so, who's behind it? (Here)
本站简译: 一个关于友谊、爱、性或许还有谋杀的三角恋爱故事.米瑙和彼得重新结婚,彼得是一个新产品推销商. 他们的结合是通过多米尼克的撮合.多米尼克是一个性欲旺盛的人,是米瑙最好的朋友和彼得以前的情人(也许现在还是).一次夜晚,当彼得外出时,米瑙遇见了一个陌生人和她搭话.他告诉她彼得谋杀了一个同事而且勒索她同他睡觉.他用他们幽会的照片去勒索.使米瑙惊奇的是,这个陌生人和多米尼克从丹麦得到的一张色情照片里的人是同一个人.这全是一场游戏?如果是,谁是幕后人?
NA-7007 Quando le donne avevano la coda / When Women Had Tails (Pasquale Festa Campanile) / 有尾巴的女人
Stars Senta Berger
Giuliano Gemma
Frank Wolff
Country Italy
Runtime 105 min | West Germany: 95 min
Date 15 October 1970 (Italy)
Quando le donne avevano la coda/When Women Had Tails (Pasquale Festa Campanile) (直译 有尾巴的女人)
  A bunch of 7 orphan cavemen grow up on a little island all by themselves. After a fire burns all vegetation they set out to find a new place to live. Here, one day they trap a strange animal, looking very similar to them, only softer and with longer hair. She (Filli) feels attracted to one of the brothers (Ulli) and convinces him, that a certain kind of playing with each other is far more satisfying than just eating her. He hides her and serves the other cavemen a goat. Soon Ulli and Filli are playing the Johnson-Game quite frequently. But the others find out about this and want to see what's so great with "johnsonning". After they all force Filli to show them the game too, she manages to flee with Ulli. Being pursued by the 6 men of Ulli's clan, they meet the rest of Filli's clan: A tribe of about 150 unsatisfied women, who just love to have new men around for playing.?(Here)
本站简译: 7个孤儿共同穴居在一个小岛上独自成长.一次大火烧死了所有的植被,他们决心要找一个新的居住地.一天,在他们的陷阱里捉到了一个奇怪的动物,这动物看起来和他们很相似,只是有更软更长的头发.费丽和尤里觉得和这种动物互相玩耍要比把她吃掉更好,他们把她藏了起来.很快尤里和费丽频繁地玩起了约翰逊游戏.不久其他人也发现了他们的活动并想弄明白为什么他们那么热衷于这个游戏.在他们的强制下,费里给他们表演了这个游戏,之后她设法和费里逃走.他们被尤丽部落的其他6个人追赶,他们遇见了费里部落的人:这个部落大约有150名女人,她们会喜爱那些新人吗?
NA-7008  Il virginiano / The Men from Shiloh - tv - (1970-1971 by Harry Harris and Russ Mayberry 1963-1971 All see here) / 来自示罗的人
Stars James Drury
Doug McClure
Lee J. Cobb
Country USA
Date 19 September 1962 (USA)
Il virginiano/The Men from Shiloh - tv - (1970-1971 by Harry Harris and Russ Mayberry 1963-1971 All see here)(直译 来自示罗的人)
  The Shiloh Ranch in Wyoming Territory of the 1890s is owned in sequence by Judge Garth, the Grainger brothers, and Col. MacKenzie. It is the setting for a variety of stories, many more based on character and relationships than the usual western. (Here)

本站简译: 在十九世纪九十年代怀俄明州的示罗大农庄依次由法官加思,格云兄弟,和科尔 麦克肯泽所拥有.在那里发生的许多故事,比通常西部片具有更复杂的关系和更多的人物特性

编者注: 这是一部历时十年(1962-1971)的美国长系列电视剧.描写十九世纪九十年代发生在怀俄明州土地上的历史往事.全剧共249集,其中1962-1970年的225集的主题曲(Series Music Department composer: theme music)由Percy Faith(225集)和Stanley Wilson(223集)谱曲;1970-1971年的24集由莫里康内谱曲.详情见这里

Stars Clint Eastwood
Shirley MacLaine
Manuel Fábregas
Country USA | Mexico
Runtime 116 min
Date 16 June 1970 (USA)
Gli avvoltoi hanno fame/Two mules from sister Sara (Don Siegel) / 烈女镖客-独行侠千里送贞娘
  Set in Mexico, a nun called Sara is rescued from three cowboys by Hogan, who is on his way to do some reconnaissance, for a future mission to capture a French fort. The French are chasing Sara, but not for the reasons she tells Hogan, so he decides to help her in return for information about the fort defences. Inevitably the two become good friends but Sara has a secret....(Here)

本站简译: 故事发生在墨西哥.一个名叫莎拉的修女被霍根从三个牛仔手下解救出来.霍根此时正在为了夺取一个法国人的堡垒而执行一项侦察任务.法国人正在追踪莎拉,霍根决定帮助她以得到有关法国人堡垒的情报,由此不可避免地两人变成好朋友.不过莎拉有一个秘密....

Stars Franco Nero
Tomas Milian
Jack Palance
Country Italy | West Germany | Spain
Runtime 118 min | Spain: 110 min | Germany: 115 min
Date April 1972 (USA)
Vamos a matar, companeros/Companeros (Sergio Corbucci) / 决斗者
  Arms dealer Yolaf Peterson aims to make a sale to guerilla Mongo, but the money is locked in a bank safe, the combination known only to Professor Xantos, a prisoner of the Americans. Yolaf agrees to free Xantos, accompanied by reluctant guerilla Basco, but a former business partner of Yolaf's- John 'The Wooden Hand', has other ideas. (Here)

本站简译: 军火商尤拉夫 彼得森打算对蒙戈游击队出售一批军火, 但是这笔钱被锁在银行的保险柜里.这个系统只有美国人的囚犯埃克山度斯教授知道.尤拉夫同意在一个难驾驭的巴斯科游击队的伴随下释放埃克山度斯,但是尤拉夫的一个从前的合伙人约翰却另有打算


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