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1977 莫里康内配乐电影概览 (手机版)
A basic view for 1977 film composed by Ennio Morricone (Mobile edition)
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电影及导演 Name and Director
NA-7701  Autostop rosso sangue / Death Drive (Pasquale Festa Campanile) / 凶险旅程
Stars Franco Nero
Corinne Cléry
David Hess
Country Italy
Runtime 104 min | Canada: 82 min | UK: 98 min
Date July 1978 (USA)
Autostop rosso sangue/Death Drive (Pasquale Festa Campanile) / 凶险旅程
  Walter Mancini is a egostical newspaper editor whom is driving across California with his spiteful wife, Eve, on a weekend getaway to save their troubled marriage. But things take a turn when they pick up a straded motorist, named Adam, whom takes them hostage revealing himself to be a fugitive running from both the police and his two acomplices after robbing a bank and making off with all the loot. But things are not always as they seem as Walter and Eve try to find a way to not only get rid of their unwanted car guest, but find a way to deal with each other when both see the tempting offer of the stolen $2 million in cash Adam always has on him (Here)
本站简译: 沃尔特 曼奇尼是一个报纸编辑,在一个周末的夜晚,他驾车和他的不和的妻子横穿加州,为了挽救他们麻烦的婚姻.在路上,他们带上了一个叫亚当的搭车人,没想到此人是一个逃犯,他和他的两个同伙抢劫银行之后刚刚逃脱,他反而把他们夫妻两人劫为人质.沃尔特要想法摆脱这个家伙.但是当他们两人看到了亚当身上带着的抢来的两百万现金时他们又打起了新的主意
NA-7702  Drammi gotici - tv series - (Giorgio Bandini) / 哥特式戏剧
Country Italy
Drammi gotici - tv series - (Giorgio Bandini) (直译 哥特式戏剧)
  About CD: GDM Music presents on CD the OST by Ennio Morricone from the 1977 TV series “Drammi Gotici” (aka “Gothic Dramas”) directed by Giorgio Bandini and divided in four episodes : “Diario di un pazzo”, “La casa delle streghe”, “Ma non e' un vampiro” “Kaiserstrasse. All the dark elements of the supernatural and of fear appear in this TV series and in the effective music score by Morricone who successfully has created very different atmospheres, obtaining them from the experimental sound applications with the performance of Dino Asciolla at viola and the fascinating vocalisms by Edda Dell’Orso. The composers alternates dissonant dark and gloomy passages to funny and grotesque themes and to others of ancient and magic flavour. The CD includes an album mock-up (recently discovered) that in those days was assembled by the same composer, but that was never released and also seven rare tracks in stereo properly restored and remastered in digital.(Here)
编者注: 此片资料极少,目前我们仅从它的原声音乐CD说明中得到了一点信息.这是一部四集的电视连续剧--"狂人日记/Diario di un pazzo","巫婆的家/La casa delle streghe","不是吸血鬼/Ma non e' un vampiro"和,"凯撒大街/Kaiserstrasse". 在这些场景中常常出现黑暗和阴沉的气氛,莫里康内创作了滑稽和怪诞的旋律,加上艾达 戴洛尔索的独唱,成功创造出了非同寻常的感受
Stars Richard Burton
Linda Blair
Louise Fletcher
Country USA
Runtime 118 min
Date 17 June 1977 (USA)
L'esorcista II: l'eretico/Exorcist II: The Heretic (John Boorman) /驱魔人2/大法师续集

A girl once possessed by a demon finds that it still lurks within her. Meanwhile, a priest investigates the death of the girl's exorcist.(Here)

Dr. Gene Tuskin works with troubled children, perhaps none more troubled than Regan MacNeil, who suffers from bad dreams and repressed memories. The memories she represses are of the time she was possessed by a demon. Dr. Tuskin's invention, a device that hypnotizes two persons and links their minds together, reveals that the demon, named Pazuzu, still lurks within her. It is desperate to emerge again and wreak havoc. Meanwhile, Father Philip Lamont is ordered by his cardinal to investigate the death of Father Merrin, the priest who died while performing an exorcism on Regan. Father Lamont undertakes his task reluctantly. He feels unworthy of his assignment. He also feels that Evil is literally an entity and that this entity is winning the battle over Good. His investigation takes him to Africa where he locates another recipient of Merrin's exorcising and learns something fascinating and terrible about locusts. (Here)

本站简译: 四年前,可爱的瑞根(琳达·布莱尔扮演)为了摆脱附身的恶魔,因此经历了一场致命的抗争。四年后,她已经变成一个快乐正常的少女,但是事实真是如此吗?一个神甫(理查·波顿扮演)为了解开当年的恶魔之迷,于是使用催眠法,探索瑞根心底深处的潜意识,但是没有想到,却因此再度释放了深藏在瑞根心中的怨灵……(这里)
NA-7704  Forza Italia (Roberto Faenza) (Documentary) / 意大利力量!
Stars Alcide De Gasperi
Amintore Fanfani
Nunzio Filogamo
Country Italy
Runtime ---------
Date ----------
Forza Italia (Roberto Faenza) (Documentary) (直译 意大利力量!)

(Italian) Forza Italia! è un film documentario sulla situazione politica d'Italia nel dopoguerra e negli anni del miracolo economico. Il film è stato montato nel 1977, utilizzando spezzoni di documentari filmati relativi alla storia italiana dal secondo dopoguerra fino alla metà degli anni settanta. Al regista Roberto Faenza si affiancarono nella realizzazione, in qualità di sceneggiatori, Marco Tullio Giordana e i giornalisti Antonio Padellaro e Carlo Rossella.(Here)

The documentary shows a great deal of historical footage In the process of social reconstruction and its economic take-off in Italy after World War II. A large documentary clip about Italy from 1945 to 1976 was used. Especially the activities of many Italy famous political figures and the Prime Minister of successive administrations such as Aldo Moro (In 1978, He was kidnapped and killed by the red Brigade), Amintore Fanfani, Giulio Andreotti,Mariano Rumor etc. It also shows the friendly exchanges between former American presidents Such as Truman, Nixon and Italy. It has important historical significance. The music composed by Ennio Morricone gives a taste of the Italy melodies of different times (The Site)

本站简译: 这部资料片展示了1945年二战以后意大利的社会重建和它的经济起飞过程中的大量历史镜头,使用了二战以来直到1976年有关意大利的大量记录片的剪辑.特别是许多有名的政治人物和历届政府的总理如阿尔多 莫罗(Aldo Moro, 1978年它被红色旅绑架并杀害),阿明托雷 范尼尼( Amintore Fanfani), 朱里奥 安德烈奥蒂(Giulio Andreotti),马里亚诺 鲁莫尔 (Mariano Rumor)等等的大量政治活动,还展示了从杜鲁门到尼克松等历任在职的美国总统和意大利的友好往来,具有重要的历史意义。导演罗伯托 法恩莎以及作家,记者马可 图里奥,安东尼奥 佩德兰诺,卡罗 路西拉等人参加了创作.莫里康内的配乐使人领略了不同时代风格的意大利旋律
NA-7705 Holocaust 2000 / The Hex Massacre/Rain of Fire (Alberto de Martino) / 2000大屠杀
Stars Kirk Douglas
Simon Ward
Agostina Belli
Country Italy
Runtime Italy: 106 min | USA: 105 min | USA: 96 min | West Germany: 103 min
Date 25 November 1977 (Italy)
Holocaust 2000/The Hex Massacre/Rain of Fire (Alberto de Martino) (直译 2000大屠杀)
  An executive in charge of a Middle Eastern nuclear plant discovers that his son is the Anti Christ and sets out to stop him from using the nuclear power at his fingertips to wipe out mankind.(Here)
本站简译: 一个地处中东的核电厂的主管发现他的儿子是一个反基督者.他打算停掉核电厂并制造毁灭人类的灾难
NA-7706 Il gatto / The Cat (Luigi Comencini) /
Stars Ugo Tognazzi
Mariangela Melato
Michel Galabru
Country Italy | France
Runtime 109 min
Date 16 December 1977 (Italy)
Il gatto/The Cat (Luigi Comencini) (直译 猫)

Amedeo and Ofelia, middle aged brother and sister, own jointly an old decadent, but still attractive, condominium. They want to sell it, but before they have to evict all the tenants. Of course, these don't want to leave at all. The cat (Il Gatto), mascot and beloved by all, dies and this gives the two an excuse to enter the tenants' life. Amedeo starts to court the young Wanda and Ofelia seduces the priest Don Pezzolla. In the meantime police is looking for the cat killer...(Here)

本站简译: 阿曼德和奥菲拉是一对中年的兄妹.共同拥有一座年久但仍有吸引力的建筑.他们希望把它卖掉,因此他们必须首先赶走所有的不想离开这里的房客.一个被认为是吉祥物并为大家所喜爱的猫突然死去,这就给了他们去了解每个房客情况的一个藉口.阿曼德开始向年轻的万达求爱,奥菲拉则在引诱牧师唐比祖拉.与此同时警方也正在寻找那只猫的杀手...
NA-7707  Il mostro / The Fiend (Luigi Zampa) / 怪物
Stars Johnny Dorelli
Sydne Rome
Renzo Palmer
Country Italy
Date 1 October 1977 (Italy)
Il mostro/The Fiend (Luigi Zampa) (直译 怪物)

Valerio Barigozzi, half-notch journalist and during bankruptcy, under the pseudonym "Countess Esmeraida pulls out a book of answers to readers of the magazine" Tenderness ", a weekly for women.Publisher is Nicola Mesca, father George, a boy with no scruples to become the black soul of the protagonist.These, in fact, in complete rupture with his wife Anna, vents his anger with confidence at 16 year old son Luke.One day Barigozzi receives a letter that foretells the murder of St. Victor, a star of the TV under the name Grandpa Gustav. After killing it, something similar happens for Gigi Valley, a famous footballer. Follow the publisher Mesca father and ends up as a fourth victim Dina, a successful pop singer.Meanwhile, backed by Giorgio Valerio changes to "Evening Tribune" affects the public with revelations about the "Monster" and terrifies with its forecasts on criminal procedure.Business boomed for the company and the Mesca Barigozzi, however, was imprisoned temporarily perplexed by Commissioner Pisano.E 'in prison, examining old personal papers, Valerio identifies the Monster in a member of the family's suspicions are about Anna that fatal mistake is killed by a policeman.In reality, the murderess is Luke, material translator of feelings of exasperated father (Here)

(Italian) Momentaneamente in difficoltà, un giornalista si adatta a tenere la posta del cuore presso una rivista femminile. Ma un giorno riceve la lettera di un maniaco che preannuncia un assassinio che succede veramente. Quella lettera diventa la prima di altre e il giornalista indaga.(Here) Un giornalista mezzo fallito cura una rubrica per un settimanale femminile con lo pseudonimo "Contessa Esmeralda". Un giorno riceve una lettera in cui gli si annuncia un assassinio. Dopo il primo delitto ne seguono altri. E lui comincia ad indagare (Here) Un cronista fallito diventa uno strumento dell'assassino.Valerio, un giornalista in crisi, riceve un biglietto anonimo che preannuncia l'assassinio di un divo della televisione. Sulle prime non dà importanza alla cosa, ma quando poi il personaggio viene puntualmente ucciso Valerio capisce di avere in mano uno scoop. La cosa (lettera e omicidio) si ripete ancora una volta e Valerio ci marcia alla grande e, addirittura sembra prendere gusto al colpaccio quando gli omicidi diventano tre e poi quattro. A questo punto però la polizia comincia a sospettare di lui...(Here)

Valerio Barigozzi (Johnny Dorelli) è un cronista fallito, con un matrimonio a pezzi alle spalle ed un figlio adolescente ed introverso, Luca, che vorrebbe vivere con il padre, se questi non fosse troppo in difficoltà economiche per accoglierlo in casa.Nonostante le sue potenzialità, per sbarcare il lunario Barigozzi è ridotto a rispondere alla posta delle lettrici di una rubrica sentimentale di un grande giornale milanese e a scrivere romanzi gialli sotto pseudonimo. Un giorno riceve una lettera anonima che preannuncia l'assassinio di "Nonno Gustavo" (Gianrico Tedeschi) un noto presentatore televisivo di programmi per ragazzi. La lettera di un mitomane? Sembra proprio di no. Infatti l'omicidio viene commesso e Barigozzi, che si è recato sul posto per parlare con la potenziale vittima, è il primo a scoprirne il cadavere.Il misterioso assassino, che si firma "il mostro", continua a preannunciare i suoi delitti al giornalista e questo permette a Barigozzi di mettere a segno una serie di scoop sorprendenti, riuscendo apparentemente a cogliere la ratio che l'omicida segue nel compiere i suoi delitti (le iniziali dei nomi di battesimo delle vittime che sembrano disporsi in acrostico per formare la parola "vendetta", la disposizione logistica dei luoghi dei delitti che sembrano collocarsi su una linea spezzata a forma di V). Grazie ai suoi articoli sul caso, Barigozzi fa una rapida carriera nella redazione del giornale e si guadagna la stima e la fiducia di Giorgio, il figlio del direttore.....(More)

本站简译: 瓦莱里奥是一个记者和侦探小说的作家,并主持一个每周一次的妇女专栏.有一天,他收到了一封自称为"怪物"的人的信.告诉他一宗针对一个电视明星的谋杀案即将发生.在这宗凶案出现以后,又接连发生了三起类似的兇杀.在他开始调查的同时,他自己也被警方所怀疑....

NA-7708  Il prefetto di ferro / The Iron Prefect (Pasquale Squitieri) / 铁官
Stars Giuliano Gemma
Claudia Cardinale
Stefano Satta Flores
Country Italy
Runtime 110 min
Date 23 September 1977 (Italy)
Il prefetto di ferro/The Iron Prefect (Pasquale Squitieri) (直译 铁官)

The mafia has overrun a section of the country so ruinously that a very stern man (Giuliano Gemma) has been sent by the government to be the governor in that region. He has been given wide-ranging power and authority and is not afraid to use it. Indeed, on occasion he finds it necessary to gun down a fleeing felon himself. As he closes in on the true extent of local corruption, and its connections elsewhere, he is promoted to a higher position in the fascist government so that the local mafia (Here)

本站简译: 一个非常严峻的男子(朱里亚诺 杰玛饰)被政府派到一个黑手党严重泛滥的地区作为总督.他被广泛地授权并敢于使用它.甚至于他认为在必要时他自己应该亲手击倒在逃的黑帮头目.由于他有效地治理了当地的腐败,他被提升到一个更高的位置
Stars Richard Harris
Charlotte Rampling
Will Sampson
Country USA
Runtime 92 min
Date 22 July 1977 (USA)
L'orca assassina/Orca...Killer Whale (Michael Anderson) / 杀人鲸

After witnessing his mate and child's death from Nolan's hands, Orca, the killer whale, goes on a rampage in the fishermen's arbor. Under the villagers's pressure, Nolan, Rachel and an indian sails after the great beast, who will bring them on his own turf. (Here)

本站简译: 在目击了它的伴侣和孩子死在诺兰的手里之后,这个杀人鲸愤怒地冲撞渔民的栖息地.在村民的压力下,诺兰,雷切尔和一个印第安的水手不得不驾船尾随这头巨鲸去一决雌雄
编者注: 这部源于现实生活的奇特影片请见本站电影网页See the page in our site for this strange film from real life
NA-7710  Stato interessante (Sergio Nascal) / 有趣的故事
Stars Duilio Del Prete
Janet Agren
Turi Ferro
Country Italy
Runtime ----------
Date --------------
Stato interessante (Sergio Nascal) (直译 有趣的婚姻)

Un tema importante affrontato in maniera semplicistica .

Sono tre episodi sullo scottante tema dell'aborto, che tuttavia viene trattato in maniera alquanto semplicistica. (Here)

Three women are together in a clinic to abort; those who do it reluctantly, those with determination. (IMDB)

本站简译: 三个女人在一个诊所里一起堕胎;那些是不情愿的,那些是有决心的。

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