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2000-2002 莫里康内配乐电影概览 (手机版)
A basic view for 2000-2002 film composed by Ennio Morricone (Mobile edition)
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电影及导演  Name and Director
NA-0001  dell'ignoto / Canone inverso (Ricky Tognazzi) / 爱欲旋律
Stars Hans Matheson
Mélanie Thierry
Lee Williams
Country Italie
Runtime 107 min
Date 11 février 2000 (Italie)
Canone inverso (Ricky Tognazzi) / 爱欲旋律

Costanza is drinking a beer in a Prague pub, a summer night in 1968, while a violinist enters and starts playing a "canone inverso" for her. It is not a case, that music and that violin have a story behind that could concern her. It is the love story between Jeno Varga and the music, between Jeno and Sophie. It is also the friendship story with David on the background of WWII and the 'Prague spring' 25 years later. Music and Love the most powerful link that could resist through the time (Here)

As he did so effectively in The Luneburg Variations, Maurensig uses the device of a narrator who opens the novel and immediately gives way to another narrator, who spins a convoluted story within a story, leading to a surprising denouement. Again the time frame is the 1930s and '40s in Hungary and Germany; and though the words Nazi and Holocaust are never mentioned, the cataclysm to come is the subtext in a mesmerizing narrative. A mysterious stranger in contemporary London tells a man who has bought a rare 17th-century violin about the instrument's former owner, Jeno Varga, a brilliant Hungarian musician. In 1932, with his unknown father's violin his only legacy, Varga surmounts his illegitimate birth to win acceptance to the Collegium Musicum, a highly competitive music school outside Vienna. The Collegium is a Kafka-esque institution: the students are treated as prisoners subject to military discipline; they are systematically humiliated and subjected to mental torment. At the top of his class, Jeno finally feels fulfilled when the equally talented and charismatic Kuno Blau becomes his best friend and, in many ways, his doppelganger. When Kuno invites Jeno to stay at the family castle near Innsbruck, however, Jeno is subjected to a nightmare of intimidation and derision. His friendship with Kuno diminishes into a frightening reversal of itself, a canone inverso. It is obvious to the reader, though not to Jeno, that the outside world is descending into its own spiritual death. The complex fugal themes of Maurensig's plot touch on such questions as the essence of musical genius (""The true musician is a descendant of Cain""), the search for immortality in artistic creation and the growth of evil beneath the carapace of respectability. Some of the narrative is heavy going, as Maurensig's ponderous symbolism and metaphysical exploration threaten to overwhelm the plot. The shocking ending brings everything into focus, however, and renders this novel a tour de force.(Here)


意大利故事片《提琴恋曲》是一部反映两代人恩怨的影片。其中扮演男女主角的分别是英国的汉斯·马西森和法国的梅兰妮·蒂埃里,这两位青年演员都是从小便跻身银幕和银屏,足迹遍布欧洲。在《提琴恋曲》中,他们出演了一对苦难的恋人,对音乐的痴迷使他们走到了一起,而纳粹的残暴最终摧毁了他们美妙的梦。   耶诺从小没有见过父亲,可以寄予情感的只有父亲留下的一把小提琴。长大后,耶诺凭着对音乐的热爱和天赋考进了寄宿音乐学校。在那里,他和出身名门的戴维成了好朋友,又与女钢琴家索菲碰撞出了爱情的火花。一切似乎都很顺利,然而,纳粹的势力开始肆虐欧洲,戴维因为犹太血统被迫退学。一个意外的发现使耶诺失去了和戴维的友谊——戴维竟然是自己同父异母的兄弟。戴维难以接受这个现实,与耶诺分道扬镳。不久,耶诺和索菲为声援犹太人被关进集中营。而索菲和耶诺的女儿就降生在集中营……(这里)

Stars Gary Sinise
Tim Robbins
Don Cheadle
Country USA
Runtime 114 min
Date 12 mai 2000 (France)
alle origini della vita ai confini dell'ignoto /Mission to Mars (Brian De Palma) / 火星任务

When a mysterious storm kills all but one crew member of the first manned mission to mars, a rescue mission is launched. Once on the red planet, the crew finds the sole survivor of the first mission who informs them that this was no ordinary storm. It was meant to protect something. But what? (Here)


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Stars Gérard Depardieu
Uma Thurman
Tim Roth
Country France | UK | Belgique
Runtime 103 min | Argentine:125 min
Date 10 mai 2000 (France)
Vatel (Roland Joffe) / 欲望巴黎/烈爱灼身

In 1671, with war brewing with Holland, a penniless prince invites Louis XIV to three days of festivities at a chateau in Chantilly. The prince wants a commission as a general, so the extravagances are to impress the king. In charge of all is the steward, Vatel, a man of honor, talent, and low birth. The prince is craven in his longing for stature: no task is too menial or dishonorable for him to give Vatel. While Vatel tries to sustain dignity, he finds himself attracted to Anne de Montausier, the king's newest mistress. In Vatel, she finds someone who's authentic, living out his principles within the casual cruelties of court politics. Can the two of them escape unscathed? (Here)

The story takes place in 1671. In the context of the Franco-Dutch War, a financially struggling Louis, Grand Condé is visited by King Louis XIV for three days of festivities at the Chateau de Chantilly. The Prince wants a commission as a general, and spares no expense in order to impress the king. In charge of organizing the event is Fran?ois Vatel, Master of Festivities and Pleasures in the prince's household. Vatel is a man of great honor and talent, but of low birth. As the great Condé is prepared to do anything in his quest for stature, the tasks assigned to Vatel are often menial and dishonourable. While Vatel tries to sustain dignity amidst the extravaganza he is meant to orchestrate, he finds himself in love with Anne de Montausier, the king's latest lover, who returns his affections. However, due to their incompatible social standing and the rigid hierarchy of the court, continuing the liaison is clearly impossible.

In the last day of the visit by the King Louis XIV, Vatel realizes that he is nothing more than a puppet in the hands of his superiors, bought and sold like a piece of property, after learning that the Prince of Condé has "lost" him in a card game with the King. Disheartened and refusing to leave his people (the servants of the Chateau) and go to work for the King, Vatel consequently commits suicide by throwing himself on his sword. Nevertheless, the word that goes to the King by his own court members is that Vatel killed himself because the roast was not sufficient to feed several unexpected guests, the clouds dulled the fireworks display and he lacked confidence that there would be enough fish for the morning meal. This explanation pleases the King very much. Anne de Montausier is grief-stricken upon hearing the news, but knows she must not speak of it. In doing so, she flees the court quietly and no one ever hears about her and Vatel again. (Here)

《欲望巴黎》取材于17世纪法国宫庭的一个真实故事,故事的主人公是一个普通人、一个国王以及夹在两人之间的一个女人。  故事发生在1671年的法国,当时的凡赛尔宫被路易十四统治着。在法国的北部,康德王子准备举行一场盛大的宴会,邀请包括国王在内的全体王室成员参加。他想借此重获国王的宠信,以使他的封地避免发生经济灾难。整个计划都牵系于一个人身上,他就是王子的侍从瓦特尔(杰拉德-德帕迪约饰)。瓦特尔届时将为国王送上美酒佳肴,精心安排他所热衷的盛大舞会,以及照应他的其它嗜好。但是就在准备这场豪华盛宴的时候,瓦特尔却迷上了美丽的安妮王后(乌玛-瑟曼饰)。这样一来,他把自己置身于一场与国王的“竞争”之中。  本片的导演是罗兰-约菲,曾执导过《战火屠城》(“The Killing Fields”)和《教会》(“TheMission”)。男主角是曾主演《铁面人》(“The Man in the Iron Mask”)等的法国巨星杰拉德-德帕迪约,女主角是乌玛-瑟曼,曾主演《低俗小说》(“Pulp Fiction”)和《金钵》(“The Golden Bowl”)。(这里)

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Stars Monica Bellucci
Giuseppe Sulfaro
Luciano Federico
Country Italie | USA
Runtime 109 min | USA:92 min (heavily cut) | Turquie:84 min (version TV)
Date 27 juin 2001 (France)
Malèna (Giuseppe Tornatore) / 真爱伴我行/玛莲娜/西西里的美丽传说

On the day in 1940 that Italy enters the war, two things happen to the 12-year-old Renato: he gets his first bike, and he gets his first look at Malèna. She is a beautiful, silent outsider who's moved to this Sicilian town to be with her husband, Nico. He promptly goes off to war, leaving her to the lustful eyes of the men and the sharp tongues of the women. During the next few years, as Renato grows toward manhood, he watches Malèna suffer and prove her mettle. He sees her loneliness, then grief when Nico is reported dead, the effects of slander on her relationship with her father, her poverty and search for work, and final humiliations. Will Renato learn courage from Malèna and stand up for her? (Here)

The film is set in 1940 during World War II just as Italy enters the war. Malena's husband, Nino Scordia, leaves to serve in the military. Malena feels sad and tries to cope with her loss, as the town she has just moved to tries to deal with this beautiful woman who gets the attention and lustful stares of all the local men, including the 12-year-old Renato. However, in spite of the villagers' gossip, she continues to be faithful to her husband. Renato becomes obsessed with Malena and starts fantasizing about her while masturbating.

The silent, distractingly beautiful outsider learns one day that her husband has been killed. Renato continues to watch as she suffers from loneliness and grief. Malena is shunned by the townspeople and the unattractive, jealous women of the Italian village, who begin to believe the worst about her, simply because of her beauty.

She visits her father, an almost deaf professor of Latin, regularly and helps him with his household chores. When a slanderous letter about her sexual morals reaches his hands, their relationship suffers a catastrophic blow. In the meanwhile, the war worsens. The village is bombed and Malena's father is killed.

She falls on hard times and eventually has no money. The wife of the local dentist takes her to court, but Malena is acquitted. The only man Malena does have an innocent romance with, an army officer, is sent away because of the trial.

Malena's poverty finally forces her to succumb to the greed and malice of the town and she becomes a prostitute, making the wives' fantasies about her a reality. When the German army comes to town, Malena gives herself to Germans as well. Renato sees her in the company of two German officers and faints.

His mother and the older ladies of the town think that he has been possessed by the devil and take him to church to exorcise the "demons." His father however understands that he is suffering from sexual hunger and takes him to a brothel; Renato has sex with one of the prostitutes while fantasizing that she is Malena.

When the war ends, the women of the village gather and, out of jealousy and hatred, publicly beat and humiliate Malena, who shortly after leaves for Messina. A few days later, Nino Scordia returns to town, to the shock of all the residents. He finds his house occupied by people displaced by the war. Renato tells him through an anonymous letter about Malena's whereabouts.

Nino goes to Messina to find her. A year later, they return. The villagers, especially the women, astonished at her courage, begin to talk to "Signora Scordia" with respect. Though still beautiful, they think of her as no threat claiming that she had wrinkles near her eyes and put on some weight.

In the last scene near the beach, Renato helps her pick up some oranges that had dropped from her shopping bag. Afterwards he wishes her "Buona fortuna, Signora Malena" (good luck, Mrs. Malena) and rides off on his bicycle, looking back at her for a final time, as she walks away, with the retrospective thought that he has not forgotten her, even after a few years. He said, "Of all the girls who asked me if I remember them, the only one I remembered is the one who did not ask." The audience is left not knowing if Malena ever realizes Renato's feelings for her. (Here)

“当我还只是十三岁时,1941年春末的那一天,我初次见到了她...那一天,墨索里尼向英法宣战,而我,得到了生命里的第一辆脚踏车。"   她,撩着波浪状黑亮的秀发,穿着最时髦的短裙和丝袜,踏着充满情欲诱惑的高跟鞋,来到了西西里岛上宁静的阳光小镇。她的一举一动都引人瞩目、勾人遐想,她的一颦一笑都教男人心醉、女人羡妒。玛莲娜,像个女神一般,征服了这个海滨的天堂乐园。   年仅十三岁的雷纳多也不由自主地掉进了玛莲娜所掀起的漩涡之中,他不仅跟着其他年纪较大的青少年们一起骑着单车,穿梭在小镇的各个角落,搜寻着玛莲娜的诱人丰姿与万种风情,还悄悄地成为她不知情的小跟班,如影随形地跟监、窥视她的生活。她摇曳的倩影、她聆听的音乐、她贴身的衣物...都成为这个被荷尔蒙淹没的少年,最真实、最美好的情欲幻想...   然而,透过雷纳多的眼,我们也看到了玛莲娜掉进了越来越黑暗的处境之中,她变成了寡妇,而在镇民们的眼中,她也成了不折不扣的祸水,带来了淫欲、嫉妒与忿怒,而一股夹杂着情欲与激愤的风暴,开始袭卷这个连战争都未曾侵扰的小镇。   玛莲娜一步步地沉沦,与父亲断绝了关系、被送上法院,更失去了所有的财产,这使得向来天真、不经世事的雷纳多,被迫面对这纯朴小镇中,人心的残暴无情,看着已经一无所有的玛莲娜,雷纳多竟鼓起了他所不曾有过的勇气,决定靠着他自己的力量,以一种教人难以料想的方式,来帮助玛莲娜走出生命的泥沼...(这里

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电影及导演  Name and Director
Stars Ray Winstone
John Malkovich
Uwe Mansshardt
Country Italie | UK | USA
Runtime 110 min | Argentine:112 min
Date 7 février 2003 (Italie)
Il gioco di Ripley/Repley's game (Liliana Cavani) / 魔鬼雷普利/天才瑞普利/雷普利游戏

Tom Ripley - cool, urbane, wealthy, and murderous - lives in a villa in the Veneto with Luisa, his harpsichord-playing girlfriend. A former business associate from Berlin's underworld pays a call asking Ripley's help in killing a rival. Ripley - ever a student of human nature - initiates a game to turn a mild and innocent local picture framer into a hit man. The artisan, Jonathan Trevanny, who's dying of cancer, has a wife, young son, and little to leave them. If Ripley draws Jonathan into the game, can Ripley maintain control? Does it stop at one killing? What if Ripley develops a conscience? Luisa prepares for her concert. (Here)

根据「天才雷普利」系列小说中第三部改编而成,故事发生在「天才雷普利」20年后,汤姆雷普利(John Malkovich)现在已经结婚,定居在法国庄园,靠他的姻亲及自己高竿的犯罪技术获得了大笔财富。在一个宴会中,一点摩擦冲突再度引发雷普利妒火中烧,所以当友人求助一桩谋杀案时,他干脆一不作二不休,拟好了谋财害命的一石二鸟计策,再度与警方玩起了游戏...(这里
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Stars Vittorio Bestoso
Massimo Bitossi
Simone D'Andrea
Country Italie | UK
Runtime 75 min
Date 21 décembre 2001 (Italie)
Aida degli Alberi /Aida of the Trees (Guido Manuli) / 奧伯利的阿依達

In a world divided between two cities, the evil stone dragon Satam and his followers in the city of Petra wage war against the peaceful Tree People of Alborea. Beautiful Princess Aida, the daughter of Alborea's king, is taken prisoner by the Petrans and enslaved. As a servant, Aida meets and falls in love with handsome soldier Ramades. Ramades feels the same for Aida, but can their young love end the war between their two peoples? (Here)

本站简译: 在被分割为两个城市的一个世界中, 邪恶的石头龙和他在伯特拉城的追随者发动了一场针对奥伯利和平人民的战争.美丽的公主,奥伯利国王的女儿阿依达被俘并被奴役.成为奴仆的阿依达遇见了英俊的战士拉马迪斯并爱上了他,拉马迪斯同样也爱上阿依达.但是他们的年轻爱情能够结束两个民族之间战争吗?

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电影及导演 Name and Director
NA-0201 (0201) Perlasca, un eroe italiano -TV / Perlasca: The Courage of a Just Man- (Alberto Negrin) / 佩拉斯卡/惊劫重生
Stars Luca Zingaretti
Jérome Anger
Amanda Sandrelli
Country Italy, France, Sweden, Hungary
Runtime Hong Kong:126 min | USA:104 min | 197 min (2 parts)
Date 28 janvier 2002 (Italie)
Perlasca, un eroe italiano - tv/Perlasca: The Courage of a Just Man- (Alberto Negrin) / 佩拉斯卡/惊劫重生
  It is the real story of Giorgio Perlasca (Luca Zingaretti). During the 1920s he was an Italian Fascist supporter, fighting in Africa an in the Spanish civil war where he deserved a safe conduct for Spanish embassies. After some years, disillusioned by fascism, he is a fresh supplier for the Italian army. In the war years he is in Budapest for his business. He lives an easy life there, well introduced into the Hungarian high society, without any problem coming from the war situation. When the Nazi occupied Hungary, in 1944, instead to leave (Italy had already surrendered to the Allies) he escaped to the Spanish embassy in Budapest using his old safe conduct and becoming a Spanish citizen, changing name into Jorge Perlasca. He starts working as a diplomat here. When Sanz Briz (Geza Tordy), the Spanish consul, is removed, Perlasca immediately substitutes him, like if he was officially appointed from Spanish authorities...(Here)


佩拉斯卡原是位从事过贸易活动的意大利商人,曾经两赴战场,面对满目的硝烟和战火,他的良心受到强烈震撼,舍弃与家人团聚的幸福,并且挪用公司资金,开始想尽办法在布达佩斯挽救犹太人的生命。他很英勇,常常面对杀人不眨眼的纳粹军官据理力争,几次将犹太人从死亡线上拉回来,尽管他最后还是没能挽救大多数人的性命。但是有一幕深深地印在我脑海里:他伪造了西班牙政府的电报,并且贿赂了纳粹的军官,在犹太人即将被关在火车里的一刻,得到了允许释放西班牙籍犹太人的批准,于是他拿着那份莫须有的名单,尽力营救更多的犹太人。甚至他救下了一个犹太人,就让犹太人快说出一个名字,然后再跑上火车把另一个人拽下来,就这样他营救了满满一卡车的犹太人。他为了营救犹太人,想到了各种藏身之地,开始集中在传染病院,可是后来军人们不再理会,直闯进医院,屠杀了不少的犹太人。后来,他寻求西班牙大使的庇护,安宁的日子没过两天,西班牙大使就被召回了,在这种内外交困的状况下,他挺身而出扮演了西班牙外交官,与纳粹上尉几次斗智斗勇,设法不让军队进入领事馆,与此同时,他甚至在那里办起了学校,唤醒人们的求生意识,还要更加有尊严的活着。  影片刻画了性格各异的犹太人组成的群体形象,其中有虔诚的后来不得已杀了人的牧师;桀骜不驯却又很胆怯的三个年轻人;眼看着父母被残杀而不会说话的小男孩;痛苦分开而又相聚的莉莉一家;为了爱挺身而出接受枪决的男孩;在纳粹的枪口下依然忘我弹奏钢琴的女教师;优雅而善良的伯爵夫人......都烘衬了佩拉斯卡的领袖气质,在这种环境中不屈服、不慌张、不退缩,尽管他曾经是很普通的意大利人,但他的行为却足以显示出他高大的人格。

Stars Anna Galiena
Gabriel Garko
Franco Branciaroli
Country Italie
Runtime 128 min
Date 12 avril 2002 (Italie)
Senso 45/Black Angel (Tinto Brass) / 黑天使

March 1945 Asolo, Italy. Livia Mazzion, the attractive wife of a top ministry official, slips into the car of lawyer Ugo Oggiano, Livia's admirer and her husband's informer. Livia must reach Venice and her lover Helmut Schultz, a Wermacht lieutenant, as beautiful and accursed as a pagan god, with whom she is having a burning love affair. During the trip she relives the high points of her devastating sexual abandonment gone adrift, one that has shattered her life and her destiny, swallowing her up in the ruinous vortex of a sybaritic and bituminous Venice. The city, in the throes of the final months of the war, is rife with traffickers, officials, nabobs, military brass, sharks and adventurers of every kind. Yet a surprise awaits Livia upon her arrival in Venice, a surprise in which the heroes' own personal defeats interweave with those public, as historical and political events now seek to settle accounts.(Here)


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NA-0203 Un difetto di famiglia - TV/ Family Flaw (Alberto Simone) / 家庭瑕疵
Stars Nino Manfredi
Lino Banfi
Carlo Cascone
Country UK | Italie
Runtime 108 min
Date 26 mai 2002 (Italie)
Un difetto di famiglia - tv /Family Flaw (Alberto Simone) (直译 家庭瑕疵)

A runaway coffin, a conservative wedding, an eccentric older man, two transsexuals, the police and an adorable puppy, collide on a humorous and heartwarming journey through the picturesque South of Italy. The "unexpected" death of 103 year-old Rosa creates an awkward family reunion the evening before what was to be a lush and opulent wedding. Rosa's grand-daughter, Chiara Gammarota, is set to marry the son of a wealthy general, much to the excitement of her conservative father, Nicolo. Francesco, Nicolo's "eccentric" brother caused a town scandal when he revealed his homosexuality 40 years earlier. He has returned for the wedding-turned-funeral and the two polar opposites see each other for the first time in decades. Acting on the final wishes of their mother the conflicting brothers reluctantly embark on drive through the countryside to bury their mother in their hometown; forcing them to confront family secrets...(Here)

本站简译: 一口亡灵的棺材,一个保守的婚礼,一个古怪的老人,两名变性人,警察和一个可爱的小狗,汇集在碰一个风景如画的南意大利幽默和温馨的旅程中。在一次豪华的婚礼前,103岁的老人罗斯的意外死亡带来一次糟糕的家庭团聚.....
NA-0204  Giovanni XXIII - TV / The Good Pope: Pope John XXIII (Ricky Tognazzi) / 乔瓦尼二十三世
Stars Bob Hoskins
Carlo Cecchi
Roberto Citran
Country Italie
Runtime 180 min
Date 28 janvier 2003 (Italie)
Giovanni XXIII - TV /The Good Pope: Pope John XXIII (Ricky Tognazzi) (直译 乔瓦尼二十三世)

Angelo Roncalli, born in Sotto Il Monte in 1881, is known for his profound spirituality as well as his extraordinary goodness from the young years of his life. When he feels a need to serve God, Angelo goes to study theology in Bergamo, and in Apollinare School (Rome) and becomes a priest. During his studies, he gets to know his two dearest friends, Mattia and Nicola. Very soon, most people see marvelous talents in him, including his wide knowledge and a constant readiness for sacrifice. The Holy See makes him go further to bishop and cardinal, and the Holy Father sends him to various places as a representative of the Church. When Pius XII dies on October, the 9th, 1958, 77 year-old Angelo goes to Rome, to conclave to choose a new pope. However, this time, it is him who hears gentle words of Jesus "Tu es Petrus!" ("You are Peter!") and from October, the 28th leads the church as pope John XXIII.(Here)

本站简译: 安杰洛 隆卡里1881年生于意大利北部小城索特蒙特(Sotto Il Monte).从青年时代起,他就以渊博的知识,和善良的精神而出名.他在贝尔加莫学习神学,并在伦敦阿波里纳里斯(Apollinaris)学院成为一名神父.不久人们便看出他是一个奇特的人才,包括他的广博的知识和随时准备牺牲的精神.之后罗马教廷起用他为红衣主教,教宗经常派他为代表出访各地.1958年10月9日,比犹12世去世,77岁的安杰洛去到罗马参加新教皇的选举.然而这一次,他却听到了耶稣的温情话语:"Tu es Petrus!"(你是彼得).从10月28日起他成为约翰二十三世罗马教皇.

NA-0205  Musashi - TV- (Mitsunobu Ozaki) / 武蔵
Stars Hiroshi Abe
Toru Emori
Takaaki Enoki
Ebizo Ichikawa
Country Japon
Runtime 170'50"
Date 5 février 2003 (Japon)
Musashi - TV- (Mitsunobu Ozaki) / 武蔵
  Many are familiar with "The Book of Five Rings" which was written by Miyamoto Musashi in the 17th century. Musashi's treatise on strategy and the way to lead instantly became the business executive's bible when the translated version hit the bookstores more than three hundred years later.

Now, the story of this legendary swordsman-philosopher-painter comes to life in the 2003 NHK Taiga Drama "Miyamoto Musashi." Based on the famous biography written by Yoshikawa Eiji, this year's drama boasts a list of stars that reads like a Who's Who of screen and television. Among them: Fujita Makoto, Emori Toru, Nakamura Kankuro, Nakamura Tamao, Miyazawa Rie, Watase Tsunehiko, Takashima Masanobu, Tsutsumi Shin'ichi, and Katase Rino. The younger generation is well represented too, with stars like Matsuoka Masahiro, Yonekura Ryoko, Nakama Yukie, Uchiyama Rina, and Masuda Takahisa. Kabuki actor Ichikawa Shinnosuke, who has enthralled theater audiences since his debut, will no doubt win over many television viewers with his portrayal of the strong and enigmatic Musashi.

Orphaned when he was not yet ten, Musashi grows up skilled in the martial arts. During the Battle of Sekigahara, he fights on the side of the losing Toyotomi forces, but eludes the enemy as they hunt down the vanquished soldiers. He then spends years wandering the countryside mastering the sword. As his fame spreads throughout the nation, men seek him out to test their skills against him--most notably Sasaki Kojiro who faces Musashi in the ultimate duel at Ganryujima. -- Kiku TV(Here)

Stars Alfredo Landa
Nino Manfredi
Kiti Manver
Country Espagne
Runtime 108 min
Date 31 janvier 2003 (Espagne)
La Luz Prodigiosa/The End of a Mystery (Michele Hermoso) / 神秘的终点

Joaquin comes back to Granada in the eighties trying to find out about something happened when he was a child and the Spanish Civil War was going on. He helped an unknown man who survived after being executed. He finds the man, Galapago, who is now quite old, poor and with almost no memory. Joaquin takes care of him and finds hints that point to Galapago as Federico García Lorca. (Here)

1936年,在西班牙国内战争开始的时侯,一个年轻的牧羊人JOAQUIN偶然发现了一个头部受到枪击重伤的人,这个人是在法西斯行刑队执行枪决后死里逃生的.JOAQUIN把他藏了起来.但是当他清醒以后,他却忘记了自己的身份.在JOAQUIN的耐心救护下,这个人身体逐渐恢复.但随着时局变迁,两人失去了联系.44年之后,JOAQUIN也已年入花甲,但他一直心存疑窦,经过长期探寻,JOAQUIN再次找到了这个疯疯颠颠的老人,在他的多方努力之下,终于解开了这个神秘老人真实身份之谜.该片是意大利老牌演員尼諾.曼佛瑞迪(Nino Manfredi)在世主演的最后一部电影,由莫里康大师配乐,由葡萄牙女歌手邦蒂丝(Dulce Pontes)演唱的主题曲铿锵激奋,感人至深.成为莫氏作品的一支保留曲目.该片曾获第25届莫斯科电影节"最佳影片奖",洛杉矶拉丁电影节"最佳导演和最佳影片奖",第60届威尼斯国际电影节奇"毕昂"奖.
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