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NA-6501 (6601) Agent 505: Todesfalle Beirut / Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut (Manfred R. Kohler) / ع505ս³
Stars Frederick Stafford
Chris Howland
Genevive Cluny
Country West Germany | Italy | France
Runtime 93 min
Date 1966

A couple of beautiful girls are murdered while sunbathing at a luxury hotel. The killer too is murdered, but able to reveal C before dying - that they were disposed of because the knew too much. Something bad is being planned in Beirut, and it has something to do with a man called The Sheikh, who has only four fingers. It seems this isnt a lone incident. The Sheikh is also thought to be behind the assassination of several prominent scientists. (Here)

Interpol Agent 505 Richard Blake battles a mysterious criminal known as "the Sheik" who plans to eliminate the population of Beirut by dropping radioactive mercury on the city. (Here)

(Italian) L'agente 505 arriva a Beirut dove i servizi segreti sono stati allertati sulla preparazione di un grave attentato contro l'ordine internazionale. L'indagine lo conduce avventurosamente nel laboratorio di uno scienziato impegnato nell'ambizioso progetto di restituire, mediante l'impiego di una soluzione chimica al mercurio montata sulla testata di un missile, fertilit alle zone desertiche della Terra e risolvere, finalmente, il dramma della fame e della povert nel terzo mondo. La formula, per, caduta nelle mani di un'organizzazione criminale che pu trasformarla in una spaventosa arma di distruzione di massa.Scontato intreccio fantaspionistico costruito sul clich dell'impavido agente segreto, irresistibile seduttore, abile con le pistole, astuto e spietato contro i nemici. La rivelazione che il misterioso super-criminale il personaggio pi insospettabile dell'intera vicenda dovrebbe ritmare il racconto sulle cadenze del colpo di scena, ma le sole note interessanti sono quelle della colonna sonora composta da Ennio Morricone.Conosciuto anche con i titoli:Baroud Beyrouth pour F.B.I. 505, Agent 505 - Todesfalle Beirut, Agente 505 - Desde Beirut con amor, Agent 505 - Death Trap Beirut, From Beirut with Love (Here)

վ: ع505³ݼ.˱׼Թش󹥻.һѧʵоһֺĻѧҺ,ԱһµĴģɱ뷸֯....
NA-6502 (6518) Agente 077: Missione Bloody Mary / Ian Fleming's Goldfinger (Sergio Grieco as Terence Hathaway) / ع077-Ѫսж
Stars Ken Clark
Helga Lin
Philippe Hersent
Country Italy | Spain | France
Runtime 101 min
Date 1965

IMDBʾ Directed by Sergio Grieco (as Terence Hathaway)
Original Music by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino soundtrackʾ Composer(s): Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Ennio Morricone (main theme) ӰƬƬͷ(0'54")Ҳʾ

Mentre sta finendo il progetto di una potentissima arma segreta, uno scienziato sparisce e ricompare... cadavere. 077 indaga. I film di spionaggio italiani non superano mai un certo livello, ma non si pu negare che questo di Grieco (alias Terence Hathaway) ha una sua dignit: abbastanza spettacolare e movimentato, ligio agli elementi convenzionali del filone.(Here)

վ: һѧһǿƺصʧַʬ.ع077ʼе...
NA-6503 (6515) Altissima pressione / Highest Pressure (Enzo Trapani) (ֱ ѹ)
Stars Dino
Gianni Morandi
Rosemary Dexter
Country Italy
Runtime 97 min
Date 1965
Robert, an aspiring singer-songwriter, manages, together with a group of friends, to persuade one of their fathers to open up a night-club. Everyone helps to do it up and they call it the "Caciotta club". Meanwhile, Robert meets a girl called Serenella at a show. Serenella's father is a very influential man with a lot of interesting contacts for Robert and so, even though he is engaged to Lia, Robert decides to cultivate his new friendship in the interests of his career. Sure enough, thanks to Serenella, the young singer gets his first audition and manages to make his first record. However, carried away by his success, Robert forgets Lia, who heart-broken disappears from the scene determined that her life is not longer worth living. Luckily though, her younger sister raises the alarm and the group from the "Caciotta Club" rush off to find her. She is found thanks to Robert's new song which is playing on the radio all over the city. .(Here)

վ: ޲һбĸ,һȺѣһ˵׿һҹܻᡣ޲ݳʱʶһɯŮ,ĸһӰ,Ҷ޲غܸȤ.޲ѺǶ˻,ΪҵǾȥύ.ȷʵ,ɯİ,ĸͨԾ¼ĵһųƬ.ȡ˳ɹ,ȴѾ.ΪԼѾʧȥ˼ֵ.Һþҹܻᱼȥ.ʱ,޲ص¸л...

NA-6504 (6501) Gli amanti d'oltre tomba / Lovers from Beyond the Tomb (Mario Caiano) (ֱ γDZ)
Stars Barbara Steele
Paul Muller
Helga Lin
Country Italy
Runtime UK: 101 min | USA: 90 min | Italy: 104 min
Date 1965
A sadistic count tortures and murders his unfaithful wife and her lover, then removes their hearts from their bodies. Years later, the count remarries and the new wife experiences nightmares and hauntings. The ghosts of the slain return to exact their bloody revenge, until their hearts are destroyed.(Here)


վ: һпԵIJĥıɱIJӺ,Ȼڳǵ.Ժ󲮾ٻ,ج಻.ɱߵ鷵߲ҪѪȵĸ,ֱ౻ݻ.

Stars Lou Castel
Paola Pitagora
Marino Mas
Country Italy
Runtime 105 min
Date 1965
Alessandro, a young epileptic with paranoid inclinations, decides to relieve Augusto, the only sound brother, from the burden of a numerous family plagued with hereditary diseases. After a first aborted attempt, the dreadful series of accidents/murders is started by pushing the blind mother into a ravine. Then comes the turn of Leone, the idiotic brother. Will Alessandro be able to bring to completion his obsessive project ? (Here)
NA-6506 (6512) Idoli controluce (Enzo Battaglia) (ֱ ż)
Stars Omar Sivori
Massimo Girotti
Valeria Ciangottini
Country Italy
Runtime 97 min
Date 1965
Having been assigned by his publisher to write a biography of Omar Sivori, the great footballer, Ugo Sanfelice heads for Torino. Given he is not very knowledgeable about soccer, Ugo tries -several times but in vain - to obtain an appointment from Sivori. Forced to fall back upon persons being or having been in contact with the elusive star, he gets to know young forward-center Moretti and soon becomes friendly with him. The young man confides in him and tells him the whole truth about his own "career" : the training in a small provincial team, the promising debut alongside Sivori, the desertion of his fiance, the premature decline due to a dissolute life. When Sanfelice finally meets Sivori, he finds that the star is no match - humanely at least - for Moretti and he gives up writing the book at all (Here)
վ: Ӧ̵Ҫ,ҪΪΰ˶Ա дһ.˶.ӢʽϤ,ԼﶼδԸ.ʶһλǰĪ׵ٲܿΪ.˸:ʡѵ,ij,δ޵,ŵ˥.ջʱ,ﲻһ,дĴ.
NA-6507 (6502) Il ritorno di Ringo / The Return of Ringo (Duccio Tessari) / ָ
Stars Giuliano Gemma
Fernando Sancho
Lorella De Luca
Country Italy | Spain
Runtime Italy: 95 min | Spain: 104 min | West Germany: 96 min
Date 1965
Once again billed as Montgomery Wood, Giuliano Gemma plays a civil war soldier who returns to his family land to find his family decimated, his property taken over by a family of Mexican bandits and his fiancee about to marry the Mexican gangster behind all this. Bent on revenge, he goes undercover disguised as a Mexican and discovers he has a daughter! (Here)
վ: һʿսԺ󷵻ؼ,ȴĺܶ˱ɱ.رīķͽռ.δ޽Ҫīͽ.Ϊ˸,αװһī,ҷһŮ!

La battaglia di Algeri / Battle of Algiers (Gillo Pontecorvo) / ֮ս
Full Movie 121'24"
Stars Brahim Hadjadj
Jean Martin
Yacef Saadi
Country Italy | Algeria
Runtime 121 min
Date 1966
Note Music by
Ennio Morricone
Gillo Pontecorvo
A film commissioned by the Algerian government that shows the Algerian revolution from both sides. The French foreign legion has left Vietnam in defeat and has something to prove. The Algerians are seeking independence. The two clash. The torture used by the French is contrasted with the Algerian's use of bombs in soda shops. A look at war as a nasty thing that harms and sullies everyone who participates in it. (Here)
NA-6509 (6511) Menage all'italiana (Franco Indovina) (ֱ ͥ)
Stars Ugo Tognazzi
Anna Moffo
Monica Silwes
Country Italy
Runtime 95 min
Date 1965

Alfredo (Ugo_Tognazzi) is a traveling salesman who enjoys his job because he can continue his many amorous adventures. Soon he is overcome with the consequences of his actions and feels the pressure of too many paramours. Alfredo chooses a way out by assuming the identity of a man who has recently drowned. He watches in anonymity as his wife and his many lovers gather together for his funeral in this engaging comedy of manners. (Here)

վ: ׶һԱ,ϲݹ,Ϊʹл᲻ϵ̸˵.ûж,͸ܵ鸾̫ѹ.ΪѰҳ·,׶ٰһˮ˵.һԿӺһμӵһ˵ϲ
NA-6510 (6510) Non son degno di te (Ettore Fizzarotti) / (ֱ Ҳֵ)
Stars Gianni Morandi
Laura Efrikian
Gino Bramieri
Country Italy
Runtime 115 min
Date 1965
(Italian) Carla la fidanzata di Gianni. Una sera s'incontra con Giorgio e ci scappa un bacio. Gianni che l'ha vista vuole lasciarla. Canzoni e sentimentalismo a tutto vapore: un vero tripudio dell'Italia in rosa. C' persino l'Ave Maria di Schubert. Poco tempo trascorso dal suo fidanzamento con Carla, figlia del maresciallo Todisco, quando la recluta Gianni Traimonti di stanza a Napoli viene invitato a Roma da una casa discografica per incidere una canzone. Carla accompagna Gianni, dopo aver promesso al padre di tornare a casa prima di sera. Al suo rientro a Napoli la ragazza incontra un amico di Gianni, Giorgio, figlio di un ricchissimo armatore napoletano, il quale non fa mistero dei suoi sentimenti per la ragazza, colmandola di costosi regali. Confusa e smarrita, Carla non sa negare un ulteriore appuntamento a Giorgio il quale, con la forza, riesce a carpirle un bacio. All'incontro presente, ben nascosto, Gianni. Egli non esita a rompere il fidanzamento; ma dal contenuto di alcune lettere di Carla, sottratte a suo tempo da Giorgio, il giovane non tarda a convincersi della completa innocenza della ragazza e fra i due ritornano la pace e l'amore..(Here)
վ: Լδޣڼ罻УڿʶһЩѣԼԿصҪͿϾԼһżȻĻ˿żȫ֤ʵ˿סعں
Per qualche dollaro in pi / For a few dollars more (Sergio Leone) / ƻ˫ڿ
Full movie 131'32"
Stars Clint Eastwood
Lee Van Cleef
Gian Maria
Country Italy | Spain | West Germany
Runtime 132 min
Date 1965
Two bounty hunters are after the same man, Indio. At first, they go their own ways, but eventually get together to try and find him. But are they after him for the same reason ? (Here)
ⲿӰĪ￵ں˹ºġڿ"ĵڶ,Ҳ һ˵Ĵ.ǹɸĪŸУרΪͽ׷ͨ.Ǿʹұ켩ӷӡԶͽ.Ϥӡһືͽٱ򱣰,ʱ,DzԼͬǰһĿĵ.˲ҪԸѪǿ,Ҫ跨ֹԷƻԼͽļƻ.ɸΪǿ,ĪŸǹ;һ,.ǻụ,ּˣһɱ,漴չ.
NA-6512 (6517) Se non avessi pi te (Ettore Fizzarotti) (ֱ û)
Stars Gianni Morandi
Laura Efrikian
Anna Maria Polani
Country Italy
Runtime 95 min
Date 1965
A young singer secretly gets married since he does not want to let his fans down. After a while the gutter press make up a love story which seriously worries his young bride.(Here)
վ: һλĸܽ飬Ϊĸʧ.û,һɫСİȴʹDz.
NA-6513 (6507) Sette pistole per i MacGregor / Seven Guns for the MacGregors (Franco Giraldi) / ǹ
Stars Robert Woods
Fernando Sancho
Agata Flori
Country Spain | Italy
Runtime 107 min
Date 1966
The MacGregors are a hard-working, hard-playing, whisky-drinking Scottish clan--with seven sons--that own a horse ranch near the border of Texas and Mexico. When it comes time to sell some of their stock, the eldest son, Gregor, leads his brothers and a herd of horses to the town of Las Mesas, where they expect to get a good price for their livestock. But, what they find in Las Mesas is a crooked horse-trader who is in league with a corrupt sheriff both of whom have strong ties to the vicious bandit chief Santillana. The horse-dealer offers the MacGregors a paltry sum for their animals and tries to force them to take his deal. This triggers a brawl for which the MacGregors end up in jail. The boys manage a successful jailbreak only to discover that their horses have been stolen by the crooked dealer and Santillana. Gregor decides something must be done to break the power of this oppressive, corrupt, outlaw regime as well as get their horses back. Thus, he sets about worming his way into Santillana's gang. Gregor manages to secure a position with the bandit bunch thereby giving him the opportunity to pass information about Santillana's planned robberies to his brothers. The brothers, in turn, take action to thwart all of Santillana's plans. Eventually, the bandit chief becomes wise to the deception and turns the tables on the MacGregors.(Here)
վ: ǵÿ˹һ¸ҵӲ,һ߸.ܵ,IJ̵թ,Ź.ʱȴƥѱ̵ȡ.Ҫָܺѹ,IJƸ....
NA-6514 (6506) Slalom/Snow Job (Luciano Salce) /
Stars Vittorio Gassman
Adolfo Celi
Daniela Bianchi
Country Italy | France | Egypt
Runtime 108 min
Date 1965
Lucio (Vittorio_Gassman) and his sidekick (Adolfo_Celi) accidently gets mixed up with a gang of international counterfeiters in this fast-moving and suspenseful comedy with music from Ennio_Morricone. The crooks hope to upset the U.S. economy by flooding the world with bogus bills. Lucio is an overworked businessman who only wants a little rest and relaxation. Instead, he is skiing in Northern Italy on one day and the next day enduring the searing heat in the Egyptian desert.(Here)

վ: Ī￵ڿٺ˽ǵ,¬ºĴкһα߻쵽һ.Щƭϣͨļٱľ.¬һ۵,ֻõһϢͷ.һѩ,ڶֵ˰ȵɳĮ.

NA-6515 (6505) Thrilling (Carlo Lizzani, Gian Luigi Polidori, Ettore Scola) (ֱ: )
Stars Alberto Sordi
Nino Manfredi
Walter Chiari
Country Italy

117 min

Date 1965
Three segments: in the first one (Il vittimista) a teacher is obsessed with the idea his wife betrays him. When he goes to a shrink he lets him understand that his fear has to do with him having cheated on her for some time. When he dumps the mistress and confesses to his wife she forgives him while the mistress seems to take it rather seriously. In the second segment (Sadik) a wife has her husband dress himself with a comic character costume. In the last segment (L'autostrada del sole) a man has to spend the night in a mysterious hotel because of his car breaking down.(Here)
վ: ӰƬ: һ:һʦӱ.ȥҽ.ףĿ־Ϊһʱƭ;ڶ:һӴɷԼķװ;:һ˲òһصùһҹ,ë
Stars Tot
Ninetto Davoli
Femi Benussi
Country Italy
Runtime 89 min
Date 1966

On an empty road, an old man is walking with his son. They meet a crow that can speak. They are changed into monks and Saint Francois sent them to preach for hawks and sparrows. A reflexion about idealism (Here)

Toto and his son Ninetto roam the neighbourhood and the countryside of Rome. During the walk they observe a body being removed from a house following a murder. They next encounter a talking crow, who is described in the intertitles thus: "For the benefit of those who were not paying attention or are in doubt, we remind you that the Crow is as you say a left-wing intellectual of the kind found living before Palmiro Togliatti's death").The Crow subsequently recounts the tale of "Fra Ciccillo" and "Fra Ninetto" (still played by Tot and Ninetto), two Franciscan friars, who are bid by St. Francis to preach the Gospel to the hawks and the sparrows. After many months, they succeeded in preaching the commandment of love unto the species separately, but are not able to get them to love each other. The sparrow-hawks continue to kill and eat the sparrows, as it is in their nature.After the tale, the journey of Tot and Ninetto carries on, the Crow still accompanying them. They encounter other individuals: land-owners who order them out off their land when they are caught defecating; a family living in absolute poverty with no food and who Toto threatens to drive out of the house if the rent is not paid; a group of travelling actors (representing figures marginalised from society such as women, those that are gay, the elderly, racial minorities, and the disabled) and who persuade the pair to push the group's Cadillac car for them; and a rich man who is waiting for Tot to give him the money he owes him (in contrast to the earlier episode where Toto had demanded rent). After that, a brief extract of news footage of the funeral of Palmiro Togliatti, the long-time leader of the Italian Communist Party. Then, after having met a prostitute, they end up killing and eating the Crow, whom they found to be unconscionably boring.Pasolini declared that Uccellacci e uccellini was his favourite film, as it was the only one that did not disappoint his expectations.(WIKI)

This richly symbolic film is really impossible to understand without some knowledge of 20th Century Italian history, and particularly the power of the Roman Catholic Church. The Lateran Treaty of 1929 finally politically separated Italy from Church power by creating the Vatican as a sovereign state. But the trade off was the that the Church was still left in power over many aspects of everyday Italian life. For instance, Italy finally established a civilian divorce law through a bitterly contested 1970 referendum. Before then, divorce was under strictly in the domain of Church law, and the Church NEVER granted a divorce, even in extreme cases like when a spouse was abandoned many years hence. Overall, however, the power of the Church still resided in the blind allegiance of Italians at all levels to Church morality. Over decades, this led to impeding Italy's social and political progress, and greatly maintained the status quo in the division between the privileged upper class and the ... IMDB)

ⲿӰƬӰʷݱ ڵľƷ.һڸӵıϲԢԡIMDB˵˵ģ˽ʮ͵ʷ̵ⲿḻԵӰʵDzġ˵СϲĵӰΪΨһûйĵӰⲿӰкĶڹ·ߵʱһųԡʶ̬ѻǵУѻΪǽеĸìܣǽĪԢԡڡС ⲿӰУѻָǹǵϡʥĸϣ˹˵Ƕλָǽ̻ʱϹΪԼѻΪԼԼ׸߽ʳҲİˡ Լ˵ⲿӰΪֿ̽֡˶ڼʮ˼Σ С Ÿӵԣӳ˵ݶʶ̬˼ͬʱҲܵ˵ʱŷе˼Ӱ졣йⲿӰоվҳ
NA-6517 (6509) Una pistola per Ringo / A Pistol for Ringo (Duccio Tessari) / ָǹ
Stars Giuliano Gemma
Fernando Sancho
Lorella De Luca
Country Spain | Italy
Runtime 98 min
Date 1965
In a border town the famous gunslinger Ringo kills four people out of self defense but is arrested nevertheless. Meanwhile a gang of Mexicans cross the border and rob the local bank. Their leader is wounded when they try to escape and therefore the bandits take refuge on a nearby ranch, taking the occupants hostage. The sheriff is reluctant to take action because his fiance is among the hostages. The only one who can help him now is Ringo, who is set free and asked to infiltrate the gang . (Here)

վ: һСǹָɱĸ,Ȼв.ͬʱ,һīԽ߽,ٵ. ͼʱǵͷĿ,ڸһũѾΪѰӻ.ԸȡжΪδҲм.Ψָ԰æ,ͷŲҪȥԵ....
NA-6518 (6504) Un uomo a met / Half a Man (Vittorio de Seta) /
Stars Jacques Perrin
Lea Padovani
Gianni Garko
Country Italy | France
Runtime 93 min
Date 1966
Jacques Perrin was awarded Best Actor at the 1966 Venice Film Festival for his gripping portrayal of a young writer's descent into madness. Alienated, neurotic, and plagued by guilt, Perrin retreats from reality, loses interest in work, and comes to the brink of suicide before being sent to an asylum for shock therapy. Escaping from the asylum, Perrin returns to his boyhood home, where he learns the reasons for his present mental state. The strong supporting cast, including Lea Padovani and Pier Paolo Capponi, bring credence to their roles, but it is De Seta's direction, Perrin's controlled performance, and a relatively subtle score by Ennio Morricone which keep this film from becoming as overwrought as it might have become in other hands.(Here)


վ: ,ʺھε,һӱʵ,ԹʧȥȤ.ڱ͵Ժݿ֮ǰ,ѽӽɱıԵ.֮,صʱĹ,,оھ״̬ԭ......ſְǵĿҵд,ʹ1966˹ӰԱ.Ī￵΢ʹӰȽŶʧг

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