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NA-6701 (6801) Ad ogni costo / Grand Slam (Giuliano Montaldo) (ֱ ϧκδ/)

Stars Janet Leigh
Robert offmann
Klaus Kinski
Country Italy | Spain | West Germany
Runtime 121 min | Spain: 114 min
Date 1967
After retirement, Professor James Anders presents criminal Mark Milford an elaborate plan to rob a diamond company in Brazil with a crew of professionals. The men assemble in Rio de Janeiro and run in to an unanticipated problem: a new alarm system called Grand Slam 70.(Here)
վ: ݽڰ˹һõļƻ,׼ͬһְҵŻȥٰһʯ,ǾۼԼ¯ʱ,ȴʯиոհװһµGrand Slam 70ϵͳ.....
NA-6702 (6713) Arabella / Bad Arabella (Mauro Bolognini) /
Stars Virna Lisi
James Fox
Margaret Rutherford
Country Italy
Runtime Italy: 105 min | USA: 88 min
Date 1967
Taglines: How can anybody SO BAD... be SO GOOD at it? She steals to live... and lives to steal... (Here) Apparently in the Italy of the 1920s, the only way to keep your home out of the maws of the tax collector was to steal and cheat from everyone in sight -- and the dupes you'd swindle wouldn't know the difference since all their attentions would be focused upon cheating you. That little bit of homespun philosophy is the only conclusion to be drawn from Arabella, a broad sex-farce enlivened with British comic Terry-Thomas appearing in a quartet of roles, and the sexy Virna_Lisi as the title character, who is compelled into chicanery in order to prevent her mother's home from being taken away by the tax man. To raise funds, Arabella rooks money from Terry-Thomas, in various fake beard incarnations as a general, a duke, a hotel manger, and an insurance agent. But while she is busy conning the four Thomases, she steps on the toes of an equally tricky burglar (James_Fox) and two young lovers -- Giancarlo_Giannini and Melina_Vukotic. Arabella ultimately becomes attracted to the burglar. Now she must hold her base animal urges in abeyance and concentrate on squeezing more cash out of the Terry-Thomases.(Here)

վ: ϸͶʮ,Ϊ˼ͥ,ҶҪ˵ѿ˰.صѧǰó.ΪŪǮ,ӽ,,꾭ͱվƭǮ.æƭǮʱ,ͬƻĵһ.ǵע.뼯оȥƭȡǮ

Da uomo a uomo (Giulio Petroni) /
2-1 62'32"
Stars Lee Van Cleef
John Phillip Law
Mario Brega
Country Italy
Runtime USA: 114 min | Italy:120 min
Date 1967
As a child, Bill witnesses the murder of his family by four robbers. Fifteen years later, he embarks on his revenge. During his quest, he crosses paths with Ryan, an ex-con who wants the money the robbers owe him.(Here)

һ1968ϵӰ,λһݻ˵ԱεǺʹ.Ӱڻкܶද֮.ر󲿷.ԼѰ𸴳յҿʱ,֪,һ·ͬѰ,,빲,ԭҲij.ǹڿһƬеһѰľ:һ˾˸ǹ,һת,׼Ԥϵĸӵ.ʱǹ,ڲδ𰲵,µȴǸڷ׼ɱǵһͽ! һʱ,ҲԼչǿԼΨһ,δŵӵ.ʱΪ("MONODY"Ϊ"ʫ")ļȻ,ӦΪ"Ӻ"(DA UOMO A UOMO)ĴɺӰƬ˼.ΪⳡӺĸ֮ûһĹľ.йⲿӰֵĸվӰҳ

NA-6704 (6710) Dalle ardenne all'inferno / Dirty Heroes (Alberto de Martino) / Ӣ
Stars Frederick Stafford
Daniela Bianchi
John Ireland
Country Italy | France | West Germany
Runtime 105 min | France: 101 min
Date 1967
Nate Music by
Ennio Morricone
Bruno Nicolai
Holland. Spring 1945. Two armies face each other in the final confrontation of World War II. On the one hand are the powerful forces of the Allies, on the other, all that remains of the Third Reich. The scene is set for the Battle of the Ardennes (Here) Set near the end of World War II in the Netherlands, Dirty Heroes concerns a group of ex-convicts recruited into the U.S. Army to recover Dutch jewels originally stolen by the Nazis as well as confiscated Allied plans. (Here)
վ: 1945ĺ,սǰϦ,˾͵۹IJಿڰս.Ϊ˲һɴӶĺ鱦,ĺһɷǰƲﷸɵȥִ....
Stars John Phillip Law
Marisa Mell
Michel Piccoli
Country Italy | France
Runtime France: 105 min
Date 1968
In psychedelic swinging 60s style, the dreaded thief (and killer) Diabolik wreaks havoc on a generic European country for his own financial gain and amusement. He shares an extravagant underground lair (and a giant bed of money) with his curvaceous, superficial girlfriend...who uses her awesome powers of wig-wearing to help Diabolik kill innocent people and steal billions from the government. Nonetheless, Diabolik is the "hero" of the film because he must face off against bumbling cops and revenge-seeking mafiosos.(Here)
Ǹڴ"Diabolik"ıಢĪ￵ڴʦһϲ;Ƭ. "Diabolik"ڴҹС"ë˼"һ,ʮŷʢ,.е̵²һµĵɱ.һ͵ﷸ.SƌWI̵֪R,Ÿ߿Ƽֶ.Ϊ˵IJƸͻӻ,ŷ޹Ҵصֺ. Ůѹһݻĵ³Ѩ,ɱ޹ȡļʮڲƸ.Ȼ,²ȻǵӰе"Ӣ",ΪͬʱֻԾ׷ͺֵı,;ٽ˵Ķ,лǺ¸,ʤһ,ʹڌκε״̬. ˵վӰҳ
NA-6706 (6714) Escalation (Roberto Faenza) (ֱ )
Stars Lino Capolicchio
Claudine Auger
Gabriele Ferzetti
Country Italy
Runtime 89 min
Date 1968
1968, London. Luca (Lino Capolicchio), the son of an Italian rich owner, is living his 'swinging' years away from duties and responsibilities while his father wants him to be introduced to the family business at any cost. Luca is first forced to return to Italy, then he is kidnapped by his father's collaborators, jailed into a sanitarium, put through the electroshock and other torments. Then, when 'normalized' Luca marries a woman who in reality is a psychologist paid by his father to brainwash him and turn him into a perfect businessman. He discovered everything and killed her. But the transformation already occurred: Luca is now a cynic and amoral individual, ready to lead family's industry with the iron fist.(Here)

վ: 1968׶, һ̵Ķ¬,ҪҵϣڻƵص֮.ȷ֮,ȴ׵ĺƭһԺܵĥ.֮ȰȢһŮ,Ϊ˶ϴԳΪһ˶Ǯҵһѧ.һвɱ.ʱתѾ:¬ѱһûеµˣ׼ֶ쵼ļҵ.

NA-6707 (6704) Faccia a faccia / Face to Face (Sergio Sollima) (ֱ )
Stars Tomas Milian
Gian Maria Volont
William Berger
Country Spain | Italy
Runtime 108 min | Spain:100 min
Date 1967
History Professor Brad Fletcher heads west for his health, but falls in with Soloman Bennett's outlaw gang. Fascinated by their way of life, Fletcher finally takes over the gang, leading with a new 'efficient' ruthlessness (Here)

վ: ʷѧڸΪ˸˽ԭ,һǷŻ.ǵʽ,ӹŻﲢһµ"Ч"ʽ쵼.

NA-6708 (6715) Grazie zia / Thank You Aunt (Salvatore Samperi) (ֱ лл㰢)
Stars Lisa Gastoni
Lou Castel
Gabriele Ferzetti
Country Italy
Runtime 94 min
Date 1968

Young Alvise's body is paralyzed, or at least he thinks so. He is infatuated by his beautiful aunt Lea. What starts as innocent therapy and care soon develops into strange erotic and psychological battle between them. (Here) Grazie Zia is better known by its English-language title Thank You, Aunt. As an act of defiance against a world he never fit into, 17-year-old Alvise (Lou_Castel) has willed himself into a state of psychosomatic paralysis. From the vantage point of his wheelchair, Alvise cruelly manipulates all those around him. The only one who seems to resist his tyranny is his gorgeous aunt Lea (Lisa_Gastoni). Hopelessly in love with Lea, Alvise determines to "conquer" her as well. Her response to his insidious mind games is hardly what Alvise expects, but it's certainly what the audience has been clamoring for since Reel One. To call Grazie Zia kinky would be putting it mildly. The film was also released as Come Play With Me.(Here)

վ: 17갢ά˹һм.ϵ,Χе˷dzֱ,ΨǸ.Ƿ.Ļ,ӦӦ....
NA-6709 (6708) Il giardino delle delizie / Garden of Delights (Silvano Agosti) (ֱ )
Stars Maurice Ronet
Ida Galli
Lea Massari
Country Italy
Runtime 95 min | 68 min (cut)
Date 1967
A ceremony. A wedding night. A hotel room. A flush toilet leaking. A man ... a woman and another woman. Memories that flow, anxieties that arise. The first hours of marriage, the beginning of hell.
She's at her third month of pregnancy, he's furious because he never wanted to marry in the first place. One night, as she slowly hemorrages her life away, he gets stuck meditating on Bosch's garden od Delights. Then he meets a beautiful stranger...(Here)

վ: һʽ.»֮ҹ.Ƶķ.һˮͰ©ˮ.һ...һŮ˺һŮ.ӿ,.ڽĵһСʱ,ʼ.еĵ,еŭ,Ϊδ.һҹ,ΪʧѪȥ.ڲĻ԰ĬĬ˼.֮һİ....

NA-6710 (6816) L'harem / Her Harem (Marco Ferreri) (ֱ Ĺ뷿)
Stars Carroll Baker
Gastone Moschin
Renato Salvatori
Country Italy
Runtime 100 min
Date 1967
A seductive woman pushes three men to the limits toying with their sexual desires and male pride.(Here)
վ: һ˵Ůʹ˳ΪҪʾԽ
Stars Glauco Mauri
Elda Tattoli
Paolo Graziosi
Country Italy
Runtime 107 min
Date 1967
A pair of working class lovers - a secretary and an accountant, scheme to marry into the rich landed gentry. Their targets are a professor, Vittorio Gordini Malvezzi ,(Glauco Mauri), who is running for municipal office as a Socialist candidate, and his sister Elena, (Elda Tattoli), a great lady who lets every man in town climb on top of her but won't marry because socially they're all beneath her. Vittorio doesn't get what is going on. Their little brother Camillo, a seventeen year old seminary student turned Maoist provides the title of the film when he scrawls 'China is Near' on the walls of the Socialist Party building, his brother's campaign headquarters.(Here)
Ī￵ڴʦ2009523йٰĵһֻ. 522еŷϷĽ,й𾴺Ѻ֮.ڽᵽΪ֮ййӰ:һǴ֪" ";һǴҲ̫˽1967Ӱ"йѽ".һɱΪ"µӰ캽"֮һ ݵķӳйĻ˼ӰĵӰ.ӰƬѡٺԹϵΪ,ᵳѡ˵ľѡΪ,дƶײͬ.η̵ʽдͳ,Ӱʷռһĵλ.ⲿӰ漰йĪ￵ڴʦҪ,йĪ￵ڰ߲ɲ֪,ɲһӰ.˵վӰҳ
NA-67-12 La resa dei conti / The Big Gundown (Sergio Sollima) / ɱ / ǹ
Stars Lee Van Cleef
Tomas Milian
Luisa Rivelli
Country Spain | Italy
Runtime Germany: 80 min | Italy: 105 min | Spain: 107 min | UK: 84 min | Germany: 105 min
Date 1966
Jonathan Corbett is a gunman so Brave to have eliminated all the bandits of Texas. For this he is proposed for the candidacy to the Senate of the United States. In exchange he has only to support the construction of one railway line. Only after he accepts does he comes to know that the Mexican Cuchillo has raped and killed a 12 year old girl. Corbett leaves on a long manhunt. During this hunt Jonathan gets to know its adversary better and discovers a variation on the crime of which the accused Cuchillo may not be as guilty as he first thought. (Here) (Note: Its many famous music see here 13-2-001,022,023, 024)
ɭһܳ¸ҵǹ,ѾеĵˡΪˣ׼Ϊһѡ˲μԺԱѡ١ΪӦ֧һ·ߵĽ衣ȴֵ֪һī˿ǿ鲢ɱһ12Ů.֮,̤µѲ׷;....ֵһ,Ī￵ⲿӰдĿ,"Run Man Run (Corri Uomo Corri)/Ӻ" Լ"La Condanna/Ǵ","La Resa/"ȵ,,ҰԵĺ,صȵɫԶΪƷ,ΪӰ"ɱȶ","޳ܻ쵰","֮ս","ҹʱ"(йֲμҳҳ)
NA-67-13 OK Connery / Operation Kid Brother (Alberto de Martino) / ϰ
Stars Neil Connery
Daniela Bianchi
Adolfo Celi
Country Italy
Runtime USA: 104 min
Date 1967
Note Music by
Ennio Morricone
Bruno Nicolai
The evil crime syndicate Thanatos is bent on taking over the world, using a magnetic wave generator that will cause all metal-based machinery to grind to a halt. However, the well-known British secret agent normally assigned to such tasks isn't available, so they engage his civilian brother, Neil, to help. Neil, played by Neil Connery, is a world-class plastic surgeon, hypnotist, and lip-reader, which turn out to be precisely the skills required for thwarting Thanatos. (Here)

վ: аķOͼ˹ͼӹ.ʹõĴԲеĽеͣ١Ӣع޷.ĵܵṩ.һ缶ҽʦʹߣʵ֤ЩسΪ˴ͼ˹Oļܡ

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