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NA-7601(7612) Il deserto dei Tartari / The Desert of the Tartars (Valerio Zurlini) / ˵ɳĮ
Stars Vittorio Gassman
Giuliano Gemma
Helmut Griem
Country Italy | France | West Germany
Runtime 140 min | France: 138 min
Date 29 October 1976 (Italy)
As his first assignment, lieutenant Drogo is sent to an isolated fortress on the borders of a desert and of a range of high mountains. The mission of the garrison is to prevent a possible incursion by the fearsome Tartars, coming from beyond the desert. Some fellow officers are eagerly awaiting an attack; some no longer want to believe in it; others take advantage of the vague threat to further their career. All of them are sacrificing everything -- health, youth, friends, family -- for a distant military ideal: leading the defence against the onslaught of the enemy. But in the vast emptiness surrounding the fortress, nobody has ever sighted the Tartars...(Here)


ע: ƬĪ￵ֻıĿ(վҳ)

NA-7602 (7615) L'Agnese va a morire / And Agnes Chose to Die (Giuliano Montaldo) / (ֱ ȥİ˿)
L'Agnese va a morire/And Agnes Chose to Die (Giuliano Montaldo) / (ֱ ȥİ˿)
Stars Ingrid Thulin
Stefano Satta Flores
Michele Placido
Country Italy
Runtime ------
Date 29 September 1976 (Italy)
(Italian) L'Agnese va a morire un romanzo neorealista scritto da Renata Vigan. Romanzo forse di ispirazione autobiografica, giacch Renata Vigan fu con il marito un'attivista della resistenza italiana.

Il romanzo ambientato nelle Valli di Comacchio durante la seconda guerra mondiale, nello specifico nel periodo degli otto mesi precedenti alla liberazione dell'Italia. Protagonista del romanzo una lavandaia di mezz'et, di nome Agnese, che, dopo la morte del marito deportato, non essendosi mai interessata prima di politica, inizia a collaborare con i partigiani assumendo il ruolo di staffetta. Il marito di Agnese Palita, un uomo reso debole da una malattia avuta da bambino, che lo costringe a stare in casa ad intrecciare ceste di vimini, malessere che portava la moglie a lavorare il doppio per mantenere se stessa ed il marito. Palita, per quanto fosse debole di fisico, era un uomo politicamente impegnato, era un comunista. Ad un certo punto del romanzo Palita viene catturato dai nazisti; ma l'autrice quale sia il vero motivo, lascia il dubbio; Palita potrebbe essere stato catturato perch in contatto con i partigiani, o a causa di una soffiata dei vicini di casa, in quanto la sera prima aveva ospitato un disertore italiano. Qualche giorno dopo alla cattura di Palita, un suo amico, riuscito a fuggire alla camionetta tedesca, annuncia ad Agnese la morte del marito. Ma la lavandaia dentro di s lo sapeva gi, perch sapeva che il marito doveva essere sempre curato. L'Agnese quindi si trova sola con la gatta del marito, tutto ci che gli resta di lui, ed un odio profondo nei confronti dei nazisti. A non darle sicuramente una mano sono la vicina di casa e le figlie che amoreggiano coi soldati nemici. Una sera, dopo aver bevuto, uno di loro (Kurt) spara per divertimento alla gatta. Agnese allora lo colpisce in testa col fucile, e credendolo morto fugge nascondendosi presso una famiglia di partigiani. Da questo momento Agnese diventa l' organizzatrice delle staffette, e la "mamma" della compagnia partigiana. Ma proprio quando gli alleati inglesi stanno per prendere il sopravvento sui nemici, Agnese viene trattenuta dai soldati tedeschi e, riconosciuta da Kurt, viene uccisa.(Here)

Agnese, lavandaia analfabeta delle valli di Comacchio, prodiga il suo affetto e le sue cure al marito Paolo, marxista convinto, che nonostante lhandicap di cui soffre ( pressoch paralizzato) svolge attivit politica clandestina. Quando Paolo viene deportato e ucciso dai tedeschi, Agnese reagisce unendosi come staffetta a un gruppo di partigiani(Here)

վ: Ӱ άŵ(Renata Vigan)һʵԴС˵ı.ʱڶսڼ.ϴŮ˿ɽһä,ɷز,һᶨĹԱ͵ֿ˶սʿ.ΪչɷҪǵһ,˿˼ͥص,ȥϴ»Ҫ֯Ǯ.,ڽзǷλ¹ɱ.˺,Ϊ̳ɷ־,Ŷɴij,˿¸ҵزμλ....
NA-7603 (7603) L'eredit Ferramonti / The Inheritance (Mauro Bolognini) / ٺϻ/ɿŲ
Stars Anthony Quinn
Dominique Sanda
Fabio Testi
Country Italy
Runtime Argentina: 120 min | USA: 105 min (short version) | Italy: 124 min
Date March 1979 (Turkey)

Wealthy patriarch Gregorio Ferramonte (Anthony Quinn) openly lusts after his new daughter-in-law (Dominique Sanda). Seemingly resistant at first to the lecherous Quinn, Sanda rapidly succumbs to his crude charms. There's a little more to the story than that: Sanda knows that Quinn is dying, and that he hasn't yet chosen anyone to inherit his fortune. Things get pretty hot and heavy at times, especially in the original 121 minute version prepared for Italian audiences. The Inheritance was originally released as Eredita Ferramonti. (Here)

User Reviews Compelling drama with a surprise ending.
10 April 2000 | by raymond-15 (Australia) C See all my reviews
This is a compelling drama about an Italian family in the 1880's. Papa (Anthony Quinn) closes down the long-standing Ferramonti bakery and informs his two sons Pippo and Mario and daughter Teta that they will have to fend for themselves in future. Irene his daughter-in-law under the guise of reconciling the family feuds maps out a plan to grab the inheritance for herself. Beautiful Dominique Sanda plays Irene as a shy serene young temptress using her charm and personal magnetism to good effect as she manipulates her lover and family members as cunningly as in a game of chess. The fascination of this movie is to watch Irene at work and to anticipate her next clever move. Irene convinces the family that they must at all costs prevent Papa from marrying again as that would certainly mean the loss of their inheritance. Anthony Quinn plays the patriarch as a bitter and arrogant man in search of love and affection (impeccably acted!) Irene sees that her way to the top and the family fortune is ready for her. Good-looking Mario with his smouldering dark eyes is entrapped by Irene's remarkable beauty and she in turn submits to his advances thus misleading the family of her real intentions. It's a completely fascinating drama that is truly absorbing from beginning to end. As in a game of chess, a sudden and unexpected move can change the outcome of the game. A dramatic confrontation near the end of the film sends the Ferramonti family headlong into a new course of action which quickly resolves the problem of the inheritance. Dominique Sanda (Winner Best Actor Cannes Film Festival) is not only a superb actor but has a beautiful presence in all her scenes. I thought the supporting cast were also brilliant in their various roles. I thoroughly recommend this movie, not only for its great acting and talented direction, but also for its lavish presentation.(Here)

վ: ɲᵼݵһľϷԵĵӰ,ӰƬɵӰںӰЭά.ӰƬдһ1880ͥŲ̳кͻҵԹϵķ粨.׸ һӪĸжɫļҳ,ӺһŮ.ӽԺֿƯ¶ϱ.Ϲղ,Ϊ˿ƼͥȡŲ,Էصķȡ˰ư͵IJ.Ϊ˷ֹŲ,ֻͬ˽ֹٻ......ӰƬβһ벻Ϸֳ.
NA-7604 (7706) Le Ricain / The Man from Chicago (Guy Lionel, Jean Marie Pallardy) (ֱ /֥Ӹ)
Le Ricain/The Man from Chicago (Guy Lionel, Jean Marie Pallardy) (ֱ ֥Ӹ)
ע: IMDBʾƬSohban Kologlu,Stepan Melikyan (as Stephane Melikian) Jean-Marie Pallardy ˹ͬ
Stars Jess Hahn
Ilker Inanoglu
Gordon Mitchell
Country France | Turkey
Runtime ----
Date 25 May 1977 (France)

The action-adventure story of intrigue about a smuggler, Serva. Serva decides to change his lifestyle and builds a legitimate business, becoming a "workaholic". Serva's ex-gang of smugglers continue with the high-risk fast-pace life of heroine smuggling and other crimes. Ten years later, one of the smugglers, Jeff, needs a favor from Serva, and as a friend, he obliges. Later a dangerous gang kidnaps Serva's son Oliver. The thrilling action of crosses and double crosses is fast paced and vicious (Here)

Il a kidnapp un enfant... et il dcouvre qu'il l'aime !!! Serva est un homme "arriv". Il voyage beaucoup ! Son fils, Olivier, adore sonpre mais le voit peu. Visiblement, on sent qu'Olivier manque de l'affection de son pre d'autant plus que sa mre est morte en le mettant au monde. Un jour, il est mis en pension... Il y est kidnapp. Parmis les ravisseurs, se trouve Jeff, une force de la nature de 1m90 et 120 Kilos, plus communment appel "Le Ricain" ! jeff a toujours t employ pour sa force mais jamais pour lui... Entre le kidnappeur et le kidnapp vont na06tre des sentiments trs particuliers... (Here)

վ: һ˽ıðչ. һ˽ͷ߾ıԼʽһϷľӪΪһְҵ.˽ŻȴȻŸ߷յĺ˽.ʮԺ,һ˽ŻԱܷȻҪߵIJͰ,Ϊʹ߾ͷ,ǰĶӰ....


Stars Robert De Niro
Grard Depardieu
Dominique Sanda
Country Italy | France | West Germany
Runtime USA: 245 min (R-rated version) | 317 min (uncut version) | Argentina: 250 min (heavily cut) | Australia: 248 min (heavily cut)
Date 4 November 1977 (USA)
Set in Italy, the film follows the lives and interactions of two boys/men, one born a bastard of peasant stock (Depardieu), the other born to a land owner (de Niro). The drama spans from 1900 to about 1945, and focuses mainly on the rise of Fascism and the peasants' eventual reaction by supporting Communism, and how these events shape the destinies of the two main characters (Here)

վ: þȴ1900굽1945꣬ͨλǵ·˱˹ũĹ״.ũӰ׵ũӰ¶ïȥĵһͬճ˴СͿʼڽнꡣǵij;ͬȫͬۡ¶ïճΪһսʿ׵Ϊ˹ı绤ˡӰƬ1945꣬ũׯӭ˹Ĵ죬¶ïũС㳡Ͼһ޴ĺ죬˰׵µĹᡭ

ע: ɡĩʵۡӰݱ³ִһʷʫԵӰ,ַҲ൱ǿ,Ϊ׼ĵӰ.ͬʱ,ⲿӰֹɫͷ.ϸվӰҳ. This epic film is known that directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and composed by Morricone's excellent music, more see the page in our site.
NA-7606 (7608) Per amore / For Love (Mino Giarda) (ֱ Ϊ˰)
Per amore/ For Love (Mino Giarda) (ֱ Ϊ˰)
ǸƵ Sorry No Video
Stars Michael Craig
Janet Agren
Country Italy
Runtime 100 min
Date ------

(Italian) Lacrimosa storia di una moglie malata che si sacrifica per il marito pianista. Anche l'amante del pianista si tira in disparte. Tutti sono buoni(Here).

Una donna gravemente malata si sacrifica per il marito pianista e l'amante di lui decide di farsi da parte.(Here)

Comment: Per Amore's variation features Michael Craig as Alberto Reggiani, a Chopin-besotted pianist: flashbacks tell us that he was playing one of Federic C.'s etudes when his mom dropped dead of a mysterious wasting disease. Dead mom is played by the same Capucine who plays his oddly evasive wife Marina...which telegraphs what her secret may be. Alberto restlessly jets around (on heavily featured Alitalia) to New York and Milan and heads, without wife, to his family home of Parma (after debating the respective picturesque virtues of Geneva and Paris) where he has more primal flashbacks and hooks up with the nubile daughter (Janet Agren) of a childhood friend. They become lovers and go to Venice... then wife Marina finds out and wonders how to disclose her Big Secret.
This is all photogenic piffle with tons of touristy footage, attractive players (plus folk like Franco Ressel), and wall to wall Morricone and Chopin. Hardly great, but I'm happy enough to have made its acquaintance thanks to an online regional Italian TV station.(Here)

վ: һĹ: һزŮΪĸټɷĵԼվ

NA-7607(7607) Ren la Canne / Rene the Cane (Francis Girod) (ֱ /ͬ)
Stars Grard Depardieu
Sylvia Kristel
Michel Piccoli
Country Italy | France
Runtime 96 min
Date 16 February 1977 (France)

Paris, 1942. Having been arrested and tried for armed assault, Ren Bornier feigns insanity to gain admittance to a psychiatric asylum, from which he intends to make his escape. Here Bornier, better known as Ren la Canne, meets Marchand, a French policeman who was incarcerated after poking fun at the German authorities. The two men strike up an immediate friendship but any hope of escape is extinguished when the Gestapo turn up. In no time, Bornier and Marchand find themselves on a train bound for a German labour camp... (Here)

(French) Ren Girier n le 9 novembre 1919 Oullins (banlieue lyonnaise) et mort le 28 janvier 2000 dans une maison de retraite Reims, est un truand francais. Son surnom de Ren la Canne ou Ren le boiteux provient d'une balle re?ue dans la jambe qui le fait boiter, la ? canne ? tant la jambe en argot. Ren la Canne est l'? ennemi public n 1 ? dans les annes 1940 et surtout 1950 et est impliqu dans le gang des Tractions Avant. Il s'vade 17 fois en 8 ans de prison et est libr en 1956 grace sa visiteuse de prison, la princesse Charlotte de Monaco. La princesse l'installe prs de son chateau de Marchais (Aisne) et il devient son chauffeur (sans permis), son intendant et son ami. Ren la Canne conduit ainsi la princesse au mariage de son fils Rainier III de Monaco avec Grace Kelly en 1956. Il est inhum Reims, au cimetire La Neuvillette.(Here and here)

User Reviews

This tasteless and plotless farrago follows the fortunes of three rogues during and after the Nazi Occupation of France. 'Rene the Stick' (Gerard Depardieu) is a vulgar petty crook. 'Fernand the Sneak' (Michel Piccoli) is a corrupt police officer. Krista (Sylvia Kristel) is a whorehouse madam who beds them both turn by turn. Allegedly, this trio are based on real-life characters. One can't help wondering if director Francis Girod and co-writer Jacques Rouffio saw their cheerful amorality as a metaphor for the moral disintegration of society during wartime. If that is their aim, the film is a wretched failure. Its attempts at black comedy are too crude and obvious to convince. (Are we meant to whoop with delight when Piccoli eats his boss's pet frog?) It is frankly sick-making to see the Nazi persecution of Jews and homosexuals used as a set-up for cheap and unfunny jokes. To make this movie still worse, both of the 'great' French actors (Depardieu and Piccoli) ham up their roles atrociously. Dolled up in her white tuxedo, la Kristel looks very fetching indeed - but she has precious little to do apart from that. Oh well! At least she does not embarrass herself by overacting.(Here)

վ: 1: 1942ڰ豻,װԻ׼Ժ֮.ھԺһҲķ,ȡЦ¹ͳεֶ.˴ڨñ㽨.ǵܼƻڸ̫ijֶ.ܿ,DZѺ˿¹͹ӪĻ....


ע: ""Ӱԭ2040-50һĽ, ׶(Ren Girier),1919ڷﰺ,һװ,()Ĵº.˳ƶ,,Ϊ.óԱչװ׻,ƽ鱦,α,ֶ.1950ΪͷŹ.1956Ħɸ繫صİ»ͷŲ˳.˹(Reims)Ӫһ,дͳ˶౾ͼ,˸ﷸ. 200021˹һԺ,尲˹NeuvilletteһĹ.(ͼμ)

NA-7608 (7606) San Babila ore 20: un delitto inutile / San Babila-8 P.M. (Carlo Lizzani) (ֱ ʥͱ˵:ķ)
San Babila ore 20: un delitto inutile/San Babila-8 P.M. (Carlo Lizzani) (ֱ ʥͱ˵:ķ)
Stars Daniele Asti
Brigitte Skay
Giuliano Cesareo
Country Italy
Runtime ----
Date 3 July 1978 (Hungary)


A group of neo-nazi youngsters, usual customers of a bar in the famous Milan public square, lives through one day of madness passing between assaults, rapes and homicides. Thanks to the testimony of one of the victims the four criminals will be assured to the Police justice...(Here)


վ: һɴŻ,ͨ㳡һưۼ.ǵճǷش,Ӷɱ.һܺվ֤,ﷸܵ˾Ѷ....
NA-7609 (7605) Todo Modo (Elio Petri) / жࡤĪ
Todo Modo (Elio Petri) / жࡤĪ
Stars Gian Maria Volonte
Marcello Mastroianni
Mariangela Melato
Country Italy
Runtime 112min.
Date 19791214USA

Set at an indeterminate time in the near future, this routine, well-acted drama by Elio Petri tackles favorite Italian topics: religion and politics. A bit of macabre fantasy is added to the mix, but the end product remains somewhat muddled. Don Gaetano (Marcello Mastroianni) is a priest who is supervising a group of Christian Democrats on a religious retreat. The objective is to help these politicians purify their past wrongdoings, no matter how large or small, and live closer to God. The retreat takes place in a concrete bunker with plenty of small rooms for contemplation and icons set here and there to offer inspiration. Once the retreat begins, the politicos alarmingly begin to die off one by one. Don Gaetano wants them to get closer to God but did he mean that close? (Here) (Here)

Don Gaetano (Marcello Mastroianni) is a priest who is supervising a group of Christian Democrats on a religious retreat. The objective is to help these politicians purify their past wrongdoings, no matter how large or small, and live closer to God. The retreat takes place in a concrete bunker with plenty of small rooms for contemplation and icons set here and there to offer inspiration...(Here)

ע: 1976ִ,Ī￵ֵһҪԢƬ.һִ,ͿֲɫʵĻַʱͳ,¶Ȩ,ְ̻Աʹ֮以͸,ʵ.ȨIJ̬,Լǵĸܺкͷ.һȫ,һؾƵĵ½,̻ھٰһΪ,ϰϲ㾫Ӣ--񵳵䣬мңҵҵȵȲμӵ޻ᣬƵĿǰǵ,ǹȥʲôС,ֻҪڣﶼԵõϵۿˡ;.ϿһƵ,ġĹѨcatacombeкܶڽյijԼС,Աÿ˿о˼͵õ.ʵϣֿʥĻУȴŴΣڽ̣Ȩ֮ĽסΪ˶ȹִ񵳵ڿִһµĺҰĹͽ⣨Э·ߡΪָĸǶ⣨֮䣬ڽ֮䣩νףڱڵķ޵Ḷ́ǽЩ׵ʱ޿ʼ,ȴ˵һ.ֵ˭ǵĿʲô񵳣̻ᣬһڰʲôĽɫûֱӸյף˹Լȥ˼ӰƬ,ִĪ(Ա¡ذ)Ҳɱ,,ʵĪ޹Ȼɫðܺɱ.ɺϸʹⲿӰΪһԤƬӰƬӳ,Ұ˼,񵳺͹ɣⲿӰƬҵص͹ԭ˵(μվҳ"1945Ӱ"P168-169)ƬεӰռҪλ,ǺܶѧоĶ.

NA-7610 (7604) Una vita venduta (Aldo Florio) (ֱ һ)
Una vita venduta (Aldo Florio) (ֱ һ)
Stars Enrico Maria Salerno
Gerardo Amato
Rodolfo Bianch
Country Italy
Runtime -----
Date 2 March 1978 (Hungary)

(Italian) Michele e Luigi, siciliani membri di una legione fascista, si conoscono durante la guerra civile spagnola. I due reagiranno in modo diverso nei confronti della situazione in cui sono coinvolti: il primo avr una crisi di coscienza che lo porter a rendersi conto delle brutture del conflitto, il secondo dimostrer tutta la sua codardia e il suo cinismo e continuer a schierarsi con la parte vincente.(Here)

Ispirato al racconto L'antimonio di L. Sciascia, il solo film italiano dopo il 1945 sulla guerra civile spagnola dalla parte delle Camicie Nere fasciste: la storia dell'amicizia tra due siciliani C un giovane caruso, arruolatosi perch senza lavoro, e un anziano caporale un po' anarchico deciso a disertare per passare in Francia. Prima di morire, il giovane comprender che una guerra fratricida anche per gli italiani. Non colma una lacuna, purtroppo. Inetto nelle scene di massa (bombardamento di Malaga nel 1937, battaglie di Guadalajara e del Jarama), melodrammatico nei principali snodi narrativi, schematico nei personaggi, nonostante la discreta prova di Amato, fratello minore di Michele Placido, e di Salerno.(Here)

Membri della legione fascista "Dio lo vuole", i siciliani Michele e Luigi Ventura si conoscono a Malaga e fanno amicizia nel corso delle azioni controrivoluzionarie 1936-39 che, passando per Guadalajara ove provano il sapore della sconfitta, li portano verso la conquista di Madrid. Diversi d'animo, i due sono stati anche guidati da ragioni assai diverse nel reclutarsi: Michele, miserabile caruso, non vuole tornare alla miniera di zolfo e, combattendo, intende mettere da parte i soldi per l'acquisto di un campicello da coltivare "senza pi baciare le mani a nessuno"; Luigi, "schedato" dopo tre tentativi di espatrio clandestino, blatera da "rosso", ma in realt aspira soltanto a trovare il modo di raggiungere l'America ove ha famiglia. Mentre nel corso della guerra Michele apre gli occhi sugli orrori dello scontro fratricida e recupera un minimo di coscienza, Luigi passa dall'opportunismo al collaborazionismo vigliacco e cinico. Quando Michele si ribeller al comando disumano di un gerarchetto, Luigi far parte del plotone d'esecuzione che uccider l'amico insieme a tre rossi arresisi con la sicurezza di avere salva la vita.(Here)

վ: ӰƬдսʱ˹Ա˶·˹,սеDz̬ͬ.ɱսʹDzĵΣ
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