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Introduce about the works of the Philippine famous musician Redentor Romero

E-mail of JING:

The photos of Jing and his Philippine typical happyness big family (Jing is second from right)

About Jing

Our friend, Rodison C. Leonardo, was born in the Philippines, a native Filipino. You can also call him by his nickname Jing. He's 34 years old, a Roman Catholic. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering. There was once an occurrence in his life he wanted to enter Priesthood after his graduation in college. For some personal reasons, he didn't continue to pursue it. Until now it's very hard to admit that he's still a bachelor at his mature age. He only diverts his time to watch film or hear music after his work. He loves film and music. His real hobbies are to collect music in LPs and CDs, and also to collect films in VHS, VCD and DVD as well. He started to like Sir Ennio Morricone's music when he saw the film "The Mission" in 1995. He considered The Mission music 'very influential' to him. Seeking more of Sir Ennio's works, he joined in one of Morricone's prestige forums. There he met many friends in different nations who really loved to help those who were beginners of knowing Sir Ennio and his magnificent scores. He still makes contact to some of them through e-mail. Knowing friends who have one common goal, "to spread the music of Sir Ennio Morricone", is a very remarkable and tremendous experience for him. It's so great to know there's someone in the Philippines who really appreciate Maestro Ennio Morricone, truly the legend of film music.

Many happy to Jing and his big family
Introduce about the works of the Philippine famous musician Redentor Romero
Philippine famous musician Redentor Romero

Redentor Romero is Philippine famous violin performer, musician and international conductor. He has already guided worldwide many famous orchestras. In June 2000, he attended "The Chinese- Philippine join concert" in China and guided Peking symphony orchestra (See here ). In May 2001, he died in Philippines due to illness(See here). Jing sent his some work and an introduce about him ( See below)

Philippine famous musician Redentor Romero


At the big musician of the behind of DAMDAMING PINOY(Filipino mood)

Have with the REDENTOR L the recording of the DAMDAMING PINOY of a Moscow love band body orchestra. The ROMERO is a Romero of promotion of culture of the whole world Philippines of total of with shake commitment motionless of another certificate. He has already loved music with London and Royal similarly of the orchestra record Philippines of classic work.

Romero's guiding business that in the music history of Philippines is to have no spouse. He is the Filipino first of with unique nations of leader. By receiving such as the New York post of"a good conductor", he has already guided five leadership orchestras of mainlands- From Bolshoi to the Carnegie music hall and from Peking to New Zealand-At Russia, in the repeated tour of the United States, the socialist is national, Europe, Asia, Canada, South America and Australia.

The leadership of most worlds plays solo already Be including Leo meteors Kogan, the Philippe Entremont, the cover 瑞 Graffman, protect Badura-Skoda, his conductor's baton of the Gidon Kremer under circulate, Gyorgy mulberry virtuous 尔 , the Viktoria Mullova, the Vladimir Spivakov, ducal Ellington, the Ruggiero Ricci, the Valery Klimov with more. The Romero has already been the Russian ballet and Romania opera leading as well.

The Romero is also the 36 years old citizen who discovers at him to love the band body get rid of of the behind of the society motive. He already take the world class solo and various different groups go to here with perform to the Filipino abroad of tallest play solo of opportunity of nation with give circulate.

The Romero started such as a his business of violin performer. He graduated from the university of Philippines republic and the state university in San Francisco, the rice 尔 college, California of the San Francisco glasshouse of music begins to carry on after graduate student of course, the music college of the west and the American symphony orchestra alliance. He is a Richard Lert, the benefit 昂 Kirchner and Naoum blinder students. He had in host's class of the underneath of Joscha Heifhetz.

The DAMDAMING PINOY(Filipino mood)

1. The Moscow love band body orchestra
4. The Sapagka't Kami'y way Lamang(because we are unique mankind) 4:10
5. Katakataka(how surprising of) 3:28
6. The Kapantay approves a Langit(be like heaven similar height) 4:18
7. Ikaw(you) 4:25
8. The Yakapin Mo Ako(embrace each other me) 6:49
9. The Anak Fantasie(my precious kid) 4:45
10. The Maalaala Mo Kaya(will you[would] still remember me) 3:15
11. The Gaano knocks down the Ikaw Kamahal(do I love you how much) 5:12
12. The Dahil sa Iyo(because of you) 4:41
13. The Walay Angay(my matchless and lonesome) 4:06
14. The Bakya Mo Neneng(you of wood system baffling young girl) 3:58
15. Usahay(sometimes) 5:00
16. The Ikaw Ang Mahal knock down(you are that my love) 3:02
17. Saan thousand ampere man Naroroon(in your possibility yes anyplace) 4:43

Reference: 001, 002, 003, 004 , 005. 006, 007, 008, 009

Moscow love band body orchestra   Conductor REDENTOR L. ROMERO
Only 20Kbps WMA format are provided in the page.
If you need the MP3 with higher bitrate in this page, please click "'Request download" at top icon
Download for 14 original 320Kbps MP3 music period June 10-16,2006, Click here (RAR format,142M)
WMA listen
Sapagka't Kami'y Tao Lamang (Because We're Only Human)
Katakataka (How Surprising)
Kapantay ay Langit (As High as Heaven)
Ikaw (You)
Yakapin Mo Ako (Embrace Me)
Anak (My Precious Child)
Maalaala Mo Kaya (Would You Still Remember Me)
Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal (How Much Do I Love You)
Dahil Sa Iyo (Because of You)
Walay Angay (My Incomparable Loneliness)
Bakya Mo Neneng (Your Wooden Clogs Young Lady)
Usahay (Sometimes)
Ikaw ang Mahal Ko (You're the One I Love)
Saan Ka Man Naroroon (Wherever You May be)

A lot of people believe that I began with the cinema, and then started to write "absolute music"; it is not true. I began with writing "absolute music", and then I worked for the cinema because some directors called to me. I made experiences of arrangements for the radio, the television, the theatre... Therefore, I became known and was called for the cinema.For the film The Mission, Roland Joffé wanted eclectic music...The film story is true: it happened in the 18th century, in a period, musically, of a renewal of the instrumental music. This music is brought by a priest, playing oboe, in South America. He brings not only the instrumental music, with his oboe, but the rules of the Trento's council (1), dating from the end of the 16th century. It established some rules to put some order in the liturgical music, for which Palestrina (2) is the main responsible.Here are the two roots of the occidental music, put in the film The Mission: the liturgical music rules and the instrumental music. A third element added is the ethnic music, from the Guaranis.                          more>>>>>>


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