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Sep. 20, 2015 Change the RSS transfer mode
20130128 Notice

In the past months, because the the FeedBlitz site often appears unknown fault, affected our RSS e-mail cannot be normal sent, so we decided to use own software to send the RSS Mail to subscribers from now on. The new RSS subscriber go here please to complete subscription. Old subscribers without any change.

Continue to provide RSS service for the friends who use own RSS reader, original RSS file address remains unchanged. (../xml/engrss.xml)You can continue to use it

If you have any problem, please use the email to contact us , thanks!
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1. About RSS mail notice

2. Important Notify--Subscription notification to "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" 2013 English edition

3. Important Notify--A notice about provide the bulk of resources delivery service for VIP

4. A film “Sans mobile apparant"-- French dub and English subtitle, providing download before January 31,2013


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