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eng1900-001-1 The special page for German friend Oliver
1.2005.12.29. Extract from E-mail for first time come-and go
001-2005.12.29 from Oliver: Hi,I wanted to ask if you could send me the sheet music to the pieces 1900's madness #1 and #2. I would be eternally grateful for that because I really want to play those pieces and I am such a fan of Ennio Morricone! Kind Regards, Oliver

002-2005.12.29.Reply from the web site: Dear Oliver, Enclosed the two files you need, one is JPG format, 952K; Other is PDF format, 1779K. Because They was limited in the E-mail, so I have to divide them to 2 E-mail. This one is JPG file. Return an E-mail to me if you have received the 2 E-mails. Wish you every success, If you have a recorded file of your playing the music and you are willing, we will publish it in our web site so that web friends enjoy it (we will give you a FTP address for transmit the file). Happy new year to you (and are you in Germany? I have a few long friends there) Chinese aged friend HAN
003-2005.12.29. From Oliver: Dear HAN! Thank you very much! I am so glad that I can now play those fantastic pieces.I will let you know when I am able to play them well and record it (unfortunately, I only got an upright, but it sounds quite nice.), but it may take some time, for they are quite difficult for me... By the way, I am from Germany and through my studies (including music science) I also know some people from China and Korea. Best regards Oliver
2.2006.2.22. From recent E-mail:
Hi HAN! I'm still practicing eagerly at 1900's madness #1.In order to hear how it actually sounds in slower tempi, I made a midi file out of the sheet music you sent me. I thought that because I have been searching for such a midi file but never found it on the net, that I would send it to you. Maybe you want to put it on your homepage, so that others can download it. Best regards Oliver


3.1900's madness #1
The MIDI music file made by Oliver Listen (Left click))   Download (Right click.12K)
"1900's madness #1" WMA format Listen (Left click)   Download (Right click)
Below is the score(JPG format)
"1900's madness #1" score sheet piece
"1900's madness #1" score sheet piece
"1900's madness #1" score sheet piece
"1900's madness #1" score sheet piece
"1900's madness #1" score sheet piece
Editor's note: Today the column has been created, it is interest that its come into being was because to be pushed by a German friend. German is known as stringent and conscientious all along (It is said they still need to use the balance when cooking!)This time I affected this point again! We could imagine that Oliver is practicing the score musical note for musical note. We congratulate them beforehand on his success, we still more hope many more friends will enter the special column, we looking forward your coming!
4.Annex: March 1,2006, Oliver's reply:
Hermann Melville Moby Dick
......Thank you very much! The site looks great!I wish I wasn't so busy - I am writing a term paper on Hermann Melville(Editor's note: American author in 19 century, his representative work is "Moby Dick")right now...But I will try to learn 1900's madness #1 completely as soon as possible.Right now, I am able to play "A mozart reincarnated" quite well. I will record it and send it to you in a week or so (as mp3).I will also send you some background information about me and photos then.....
Hermann Melville
Entry here to download all software for reading score >>>>
Wish Oliver friend every success in the future and looking forward his new works
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