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English-->eng1900-006-1 Same CN
eng1900-006-1 The special page for Iranian friend Amin Miri
Amin Miri's E-mail:
Amin Miri is a very young iranian friend. Our association start from Sep.10,2007. Below are E-mail between us.
Amin Miri's E-mail on Sep.10,2007 at 4:12
hello my friend.
I need The scores of 20 music of "The legend of 1900"

please send me. tanks a lot.


Amin Miri's E-mail on Sep.10,2007 at 19:19
tank you very much dear HAN.
I'm very happy that have a good friend.

I am Amin Miri ,a Iranian boy. good luck
HAN's E-mail on Sep.14,2007 at 17:54
Dear Iranian boy Amin Miri, I am very happy so to have a new Iranian younger friend. My first Iranian friend (girl) is see here She is my a philatelic friend for long time.

I hope you will send some information about yourself or your city, family, life....images, photos, articles, records.... I will make a special page for you so that more friends can sharing it

About me and our team, you can see ../../englishweb/engaboutus/engaboutus-000.htm I am Chinese old man, I have been 70 years old (Oh....too old!),but I hope to have more younger friend in the world for our common interest

Looking forward your reply

Amin Miri's E-mail on Sep.14,2007 at 20:59 are you grandfather?
I have 18 years old & you are my oldest friend.
but i'm very happy.

this is my pic that mixed by beethoven pic.
Below just are two photos sent by Amin Miri
Below just are two photos sent by Amin Miri
Oh.... It is so like the Beethoven, I carefully see his E-mail again and the two photos, final, I confirm the "Beethoven" just is our young friend Amin Miri. "The hero is from juvenile since ancient"(A Chinese proverb), we hope the young friend will grow up a promising person who will get somewhere!
Below just are two photos sent by Amin Miri
Amin's 2016 latest web page >>>>>>
September 15,2007
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