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English-->eng1900-006-2 Same CN
eng1900-006-2 The special page for Iranian friend Amin Miri
Amin Miri's E-mail:

We have received Amin Miri's new E-mail recently, he tell us that his weblog's address ( ). Below is a cut image. But it seems only Arab words Except for a few links. We find one link of them is a Muisc of "The legend of the 1900"-"Nocturne with no moon" , it is to point our web site (../../20G/store/music/041-050/048/14nocturne.mp3). It was coordinated with a blue autographed photo that possess same artistic conception, you can feel the youngster's unique art plot and style and his ardently love to music of "The lagend of the 1900"

We hope he will publish more pages and establish more English pages for the worldwide friends in future

Below just are two photos sent by Amin Miri
You can also directly see his site from below
A nice photos sent by Amin Miri on Dec. 15, 2007
A nice photos sent by Amin Miri on Dec. 15, 2007
We wish he will do it better and better for exchange and share with the worldwide friends!
Entry here to download all software for reading score >>>>
October 20,2007
Amin's 2016 latest web page >>>>>>
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