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The special page for friend Junyi
A whole score of "The legend of 1900" provided y Junyi friend
Junyi is a new friend. He is a Chinese stay German. He sent an E-mail for ask the scores of the movie "The Legend of 1900" on Jan.20,2009 and sent a photo of Karlsruhe city of German .
We have found the Karlsruhe city from Google map: (Red "A" mark and near Munchen)
He thanks us after he got the scores. He sent an E-mail to me again on his own initiative. He said he hope to upload a new edition of the score for share with friends:
Junyi's second E-mail

Chinese original: 谢谢你发来的下载链接,下来后发现PDF和图片格式的琴谱都不是很清楚,(编者注:这里可能有一点误解,因本站提供的JPG图像有几张为了网页使用作了拷贝和简化处理,所以略显模糊.后来编辑时忘了删除.其它文件应是清晰好用的.现已将原简化了的文件删除,只保留了清晰的原件)然后自己在网上找了一番,发现了一个国外朋友自己扫描制作的PDF格式的文件,大小有70M,非常之清楚,由于文件太大,邮件也不能发送,所以特发此邮件询问一下贵站能否提供一个上传空间,我好直接上传过去,好东西要和这么多热爱音乐的朋友分享。

Translated text: .....I have found a new edition of the 1900 score in the network. It is a PDF file, its size is 70M. It seems more clear. Please provide a uploaded route for submit and share with friends.....
This is a whole continued file with PDF format. Its content is same as the score provided by POT friend, but its all scores is in one file. Its size is 70M. Its sample image below. You can compare with POT's score

The file (70M) only is proveded download for the member of our site. If you need it, please entry here submit your application to become a member. Then you will get the download password soon.

Here is login entrance to the download area for member

Thanks for Junyi friend's warmly support and contribution
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