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The special page for friend Wanglu
Chinese friend Wanglu
About Wanglu
WangLu is a versatile young friend. Now study for his PhD in the Hongkong. His favourite is multifaceted, including painting, photography, piano, puzzles, manual and so on. Although not as professional learning, but he can enjoy a lot of fun from it. From his personal home page on the remarkable level, some works have been quite impressiveness. For the piano, he likes ragtime before 100 years, and the modern Bossanova, swing ...styles. After watching the film "The legend of 1900"later, he soon fell in love many songs in it. And to find our site, to establish a friendship. The following are reproduced some of his works for share. More work you can visit his art blog
 WangLu's picture
 WangLu's picture
 WangLu's picture
In order to prevent malicious E-mail address search, if you need his E-mail address, please click here to download a small file ( 1K ), thank you for your cooperation
In contacting, we talk about the sheet music of "The legend of 1900" and related software . In order to share with who to have this need friends , the following will release these information
001-The four Hands sheet music of "Magic Waltz" in the "The legend of 1900 and his lover"
The four Hands sheet music of "Magic Waltz"
The four Hands sheet music of "Magic Waltz"
The first page of the four Hands sheet music of "Magic Waltz"
002-The "Magic Waltz" sheet music with PDF format combination and remade by Wanglu from the four hands sheet music
The "Magic Waltz" sheet music with PDF format made by Wanglu from the four hands sheet music
First page of the "Magic Waltz" sheet music with PDF format made by Wanglu
003-About the software MuseScore
It is a opening software, its function seems more than the software Overtune .It can create and making sheet music with mscx, mid, pdf,ogg, wav and flac etc.format, save as mscx or mscz (compressed) file by it specifies, can be performed on a computer to play. You can download it in the official web site (1.1 edition 34.2M. Many languages can be selected). Its main windows below (Sorry this is Chinese window)
About the software MuseScore
Click "File"--"New" into a guide for create new sheet music. After complete a new sheet music, you can save it as mid,pdf,wav,flac,ogg... file for using. You can study its many function as yourself
About the software MuseScore
The "Magic Waltz" with mscx format was auto played in the MuseScore software
You can contact Wanglu if you have any questions about using the software
Thanks for Wanglu friend's warmly support and contribution
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