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Look back the past by way of the satellite map-D-1
4 -1 Review my Danish journey-Copenhagen Topsoe 1986 1989
I once gone to Denmark two times on Nov.28-Dec.21,1986 and July 18-25,1989 for technological update of the QIXIASHAN fertilizer plant. Theirs destination all is Topsoe Co. in Copenhagen. There are many long friends there. For make the web page, I searched the network first by way of the Google. I am very glad to looked a long friend-- Dr.Holder Topsoe from the Tapsoe web site. I think maybe he has been more 80 years old, but seems he is hale and hearty, a good sword remains always sharp. I found an old photo with him, gently send my respects, how are you, Dr. Topsoe!
A group photo in the headquarters of the Topsoe company on the Dec.18,1986
A group photo with Hanrik Topsoe (Dr. Holder Topsoe's son) and his wife Nan Topsoe on Dec.18,1986. Dr. Hanrik Topsoe is a vice president of Topsoe company now (See here)


Dr.Holder Topsoe is a Famous and legendary figure in chemical catalyst region. He created the Holder Topsoe Company used his name from 1940, prepared the catalyst for sulphuric acid, ammonia, gas, petrochemical...(See here) Go through unremitting efforts for more half century, have became to a global company. I have looked its sales income reached 3076 Millions DKK (is about 400 Millions U.S.Dollars) in 2005. This is a very good achievement for a engineering company. I sincerely wish Topsoe Company prosperous, especially wish Dr. Holder Topsoe good health and long life, successors will come.

I start to find the Copenhagen and Topsoe company. I once stayed the "Vestersohvs Hotel 49a Room Vestersogade DK-1601 KOBENHAVN V"(Left Below) It is closed the famous five part lake (Sortedams So). So I can find it easy. But It is difficult to find the Topsoe, because it is in very far place from downtown
I stayed Vestersohvs hotel in 1986. It faced the Sortedams So. Chinese call it five part lake, because it is split into 5 section by 4 bridges
This just is five part lake located Copenhagen downtown
I have found the detail address of the Topsoe company and a route figure from airport to the company. It is located north side of Copenhagen, the distance is about 30 KM. A light railway pass its entrance, so , I have easy found it!
Above: It is the headquarters of Topsoe company (hand's position)
Above: A photo provided by Topsoe's web site. The blue arrow just is entrance of Topsoe company That light railway near it
Above: A figure provided by Yahoo satellite photo. The Hand' position just is entrance of Topsoe company
Writer's photo in the Topsoe on Dec.17,1986.
The place we work and exchange located the bar form's building near a highroad (See above image)
Below is a detail image in the tagzania web site. This is an image that has been marked by writer in January 2007. You can click here directly to enter the web page

Above: A personal record marked by writer, the mard can be shown when it was pointed by a mouse

Left: A recording word recorded by writer

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