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A downloaded movie used eMule with Morricone's music
Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine / Ils vont tous bien (1990)
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Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine / Ils vont tous bien
Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine / Ils vont tous bien
Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine / Ils vont tous bien
Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine / Ils vont tous bien
Movie 01, 02, 03, 04
Music 01, 02, 03, 04
It is shown in the movie "Stanno tutti bene" composed by Ennio Morricone (00:01:15)
01-Overview (IMDB)

Director:Giuseppe Tornatore
Writers:Massimo De Rita (writer)
Tonino Guerra (writer)

Release Date:31 May 1991 (USA) more Genre:Drama more

Runtime:118 min Country:Italy | France Language:Italian Color:Color (Eastmancolor)

Produced by
Mario Cotone .... executive producer
Angelo Rizzoli Jr. .... producer
Original Music by Ennio Morricone
Awards:3 wins & 1 nomination
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1990 Won Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
Giuseppe Tornatore

Nominated Golden Palm
Giuseppe Tornatore

David di Donatello Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1991 Won David Best Music (Migliore Musicista)
Ennio Morricone

Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1991 Won Silver Ribbon Best Original Story (Migliore Soggetto Originale)
Giuseppe Tornatore

Also Known As (AKA)
Alla m?r bra Sweden
Allen geht's gut Germany
Allt í besta lagi Iceland
Están todos bien Spain
Est?o Todos Bem Portugal
Estamos Todos Bem Brazil
Everybody's Fine USA
Herkesin keyfi yerinde Turkey (Turkish title)
Ils vont tous bien! France
Kaikilla menee hyvin Finland
Kaikki hyvin Finland
Koolum Besder Israel (Hebrew title)
Met iedereen gaat het goed Netherlands
Stanno tutti bene: Estamos todos bien Argentina
Plot Summary for Stanno tutti bene
Matteo Scuro is a retired Sicilian bureaucrat (responsible mainly for the writing of birth certificates), a widower with five children, all of whom live on the mainland and hold responsible jobs. He decides to surprise each with a visit and finds none as he imagined. The film is a veritable travelogue across contemporary Italy, as Matteo journeys to Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Milano, and Turino to search for each of his children; he even spends one night on the streets among the homeless. Scuro returns to Sicily, visits his wife's grave, and reports with irony that "stanno tutti bene." Written by {}
Cast (Cast overview, first billed only)
Marcello Mastroianni ... Matteo Scuro:

Michèle Morgan ... Woman in train
Valeria Cavalli ... Tosca
Marino Cenna ... Canio
Norma Martelli ... Norma
Roberto Nobile ... Guglielmo
Salvatore Cascio ... Alvaro enfant
Matteo Lo Piparo
Mariangela Randazzo
Gaia Restino
Paride Zappala
Leo Gullotta ... Uomo armato sul tetto

Antonella Attili ... Matteo's Mother
Nicola Di Pinto
Sylvie Fennec


02-The stills in the film
Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine / Ils vont tous bien
Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine / Ils vont tous bien
Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine / Ils vont tous bien
Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine / Ils vont tous bien
马特奥只身来到著名的斯卡拉大剧院,看到乐队指挥(埃尼奥 莫里康内饰演),他请求大师为他演奏一段著名的"茶花女"第三幕的前奏曲.
03-Th stills 0f a part
The Dialog (01:02:16--01:03:34)
(Matteo) Lady... I ask because I am sad.
(Lady) I won't because I am also...Think, don't continue with their journey...Forget it.
(Matteo) No, I can. And to be honest...I do not...I promised my wife to wait in Sicily...In addition, look,we are very close to our children...We never parted.- Although this was wonderful.
(Lady) I believe so.
(Matteo) Ma'am, I...never kissed another woman's hand, may I have yours...That icy little hand
(Lady) You are very noble,I won't forget.
(Matteo) Relax, I'm not betraying you.
03- Theme Music (Viaggio)
04- Morricone and "La Traviata / Lady of the Camelias"
The master Ennio Morricone as a film actor(conductor)conducted a prelude to Act III of La Traviata" in the film (01:17:50-01:19:48)
05-Play a part of the fiim in online
A part of "Eveybody's Fine" Italian dub CN-EN subtitle 9'50" (Potato)
05-About Download the movie
We have provided download of the movie for Member period April 2010, please login here and entry Primary Member Download region to download
Film "Stanno tutti bene / Everybody's Fine"
WMV format 700Kbps 649M 114'15" Italian dub Embedded EN-CN subtitle
06- American "Everybodys Fine" released in 2009
2009 American "Everybodys Fine" (IMDB)

Director:Kirk Jones
Writers:Kirk Jones (writer)
Massimo De Rita (original screenplay) ...

Release Date:4 December 2009 (USA)

Runtime:USA:99 min Country:USA | Italy Language:English Color:Color Aspect Ratio:2.35 : 1 more Sound Mix:DTS | Dolby Digital Certification:USA:PG-13 (certificate #39360) | Canada:G (Quebec) | Canada:PG (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario) Filming Locations:Connecticut, USA Company Miramax Films

Original Music by Dario Marianelli

Plot:A widower who realized his only connection to his family was through his wife sets off on an impromptu road trip to reunite with each of his grown children.
Everybody's Fine (2009 film): Everybody's Fine is a remake of the Giuseppe Tornatore film Stanno Tutti Bene that is written and directed by Kirk Jones and stars Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale. The film opened on December 4, 2009.(wiki)


Cast (Cast overview, first billed only)

Robert De Niro ... Frank Goode

Drew Barrymore ... Rosie

Kate Beckinsale ... Amy

Sam Rockwell ... Robert

Lucian Maisel ... Jack
Damian Young ... Jeff

James Frain ... Tom

Melissa Leo ... Colleen

Katherine Moennig ... Jilly
Brendan Sexton III ... Mugger

James Murtaugh ... Dr. Ed
Austin Lysy ... David

Chandler Frantz ... Young David
Lily Mo Sheen ... Young Amy (as Lily Sheen)
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick ... Young Robert

The store: After visiting his physician and being warned about his health, Frank Goode (Robert De Niro) takes a train to New York, where he sits on his son David's doorstep. David never shows up, but Frank sees one of David's paintings in a nearby art gallery window. He slips an envelope under David's door.

Next visit is to daughter Amy (Kate Beckinsale), who says it's a bad time to visit. Frank plays a little golf with grandson Jack, but dinner is uncomfortable with tension between Jack and his father. The next morning, Frank accompanies Amy to her fancy office and hears her agency's pitch for a TV ad. She takes him to the bus station to visit Robert.

As Frank travels to each of his children's homes, the film cuts to phone conversations between the siblings. David is in some type of trouble in Mexico, and Amy is going there to find out what is happening; the sisters and Robert (Sam Rockwell) agree to not tell their father about David until they know for sure.

Frank arrives in Denver expecting to see Robert conduct the orchestra. It turns out Robert is "only" a percussionist. He also says Frank's visit is at a bad time, so within hours Frank takes a bus to Las Vegas to visit Rosie (Drew Barrymore). Frank is adamant that each visit is a surprise, but Robert calls Rosie to warn her.

Frank is attacked by a mugger who destroys Frank's prescription pills. Frank manages to escape and scrapes up some of the crushed pills, but when he calls the doctor back home for a prescription refill, he doesn't tell the doctor that he is hundreds of miles from home, traveling against doctor's advice. He has a dream that his son David is in jail.

He arrives in Las Vegas late. Rosie picks him up in a stretch limo and tells him she was in a big show that just ended the previous week. She takes him to her fancy apartment, where her friend brings over a baby for last-minute babysitting. Frank overhears a message being left on an answering machine, indicating the apartment is borrowed from Rosie's friend. He is not comfortable, knowing all his kids are lying to him.

Frank flies back home but — without his pills — he has a heart attack in the lavatory. Frank has another dream of his kids as young children; in the dream, he knows Amy's husband has left for another woman and Rosie's friend's baby is really Rosie's baby. The kids and their mother always kept the unpleasant truth from Frank. While Frank thought he was encouraging his kids, they thought he was pressuring them and would be disappointed in how their lives really turned out. Next scene is in the hospital, where he wakes up in bed with Amy, Robert, and Rosie standing there. They tell him David has died.

Frank goes back to New York to buy David's painting but it has already been sold; the gallery shows him another painting by David that is more appropriate to him — a landscape showing PVC-covered power lines made out of glue and macaroni (Frank made PVC-covered cable for years). He visits his wife's grave and talks to her. The last scene shows the family at Christmas. Frank is cooking the turkey and remembers that he always forgot to tell his wife hers was overcooked. The film ends with him walking into the dining room, to his family.(wiki)

2009 "Eveybody's Fine" English dub CN-EN subtitle 95'11" (Poptato)
April 15, 2010
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