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A movie with Morricone's music
engmov-025 Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
Derict Vladimir·Khotinenko   
Main performer Sergei·Makovetsky, Marat·Basharov, Andrei·Krasko.
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Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
Russian movie "72 metre" (72 metpea,2004)
About the movie from IMDB


Director:Vladimir Khotinenko

Writers:Aleksandr Pokrovsky (novels)
Valeri Zalotukha (writer)
Genre:Drama / Action / Thriller more
Plot Outline:Every second is precious for a Russian submarine crew, as they are stranded 72 meters below the ocean's surface. more
Plot Synopsis:This plot synopsis is empty. Add a synopsis
Plot Keywords:Based On Novel / Number In Title

Additional Details

Also Known As:72 Метра (Russia)
72 Meters (International: English title)
Parents Guide:Add content advisory for parents
Runtime:115 min / 100 min
Language:Russian / Ukrainian
Aspect Ratio:1.85 : 1 more
Sound Mix:Dolby Digital


The film begins in the 1980s Soviet Union. Two best friends, Orlov (Basharov) and Muravyev (Ulyanov), are serving at the Black Sea Navy Base in Sevastopol, Crimea. Both fall in love with one beautiful girl Nelly (Khamatova), and their friendship suffers a first blow. Because she picks Muravyev, his friend Orlov struggles with an inferiority complex and becomes a secretive alcoholic. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, both friends are transfered to the Nothern Fleet on the Polar Ocean. One day their sub is performing a routine training. A disturbed WWII mine slowly moves on a collision course with the sub. A mighty blast knocks down everyone inside the wrecked sub, 72 meters below the sea level. Then ensues a nerve-racking struggle for survival. Written by Steve Shelokhonov (See here)

Russian dub, Chinese subtitles  117minuites,548kbps, rmvb format, 463M.
See the movie (117'07")
About the song "Take leave of Slav women"
The song was used in above part of the movie, it formerly was a song at the "Tsarist Russia" age, it was rearranged in defend country war of USSR.
A interview to Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone gave an interview to a Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda about his work in 72 Metra as well as about the rest of his career. The interview is in Russian, but we have translated it into English for you!

Ennio Morricone: 72 Meters - this is the Russian answer to American K-19.
Popular Italian movie composer wrote music for the new Vladimir Khotinenko film. He gave an interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda at the film festival in Locarno.
Not everyone will immediately recall the names and the subjects of many of the 480 films, music to which was written by Ennio Morricone, but the melodies are instantly recognizable. Millions of copies have been released. They can be heard from the television screens and from the store fronts in Italy, in America, and in Russia. Here, perhaps, people most of all remember television series The Octopus and Once Upon A Time In America...
He was invited to the festival in Locarno, Switzerland, to give a lecture with an all-encompassing title Aspects and Problems of the Creation of a Composer in Our Times. Having said what was expected of him, Morricone moved to a grand piano to play a musical theme from the film Battle for Algeria, which is by far more famous than the film itself. Unfortunately, I cannot sing it for you from a newspaper page. Instead, I can reproduce our conversation with the maestro.

I am not called omnivorous for nothing.
- Mr. Ennio, why you did undertake to write music for the sub par films?
- Well, I didn't request scripts from directors. Some of them I I agreed to do simply out of the love for the cinema... Yes, they call me omnivorous, but I don't care. For example, it is terribly boring to write music only for westerns.
- You like chess. But what is the use of it for a composer?
- In chess you fight as in boxing, but with your brains, not with your fists. Each piece has its role, its time of action. Same in the orchestra - a tube will begin to play at a specific moment, trombone will enter at the end. I conduct chess pieces as I do musicians in the orchestra... Great Russian chess players demonstrated significant talent for music and could master foreign language in several weeks. Everything is interrelated...


I don't want to burden the listener with complex music.
- Your music is arranged by different bands. Heavy metal band Metallica used to open their concerts with your theme from the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...
- I like it. By the way, Quentin Tarantino in the new film Kill Bill uses my music as well as the composition of Ulrich's Larsa by the same Metallica. My compositions are generally easy to strum on the guitar even for a nonprofessional player, since at the basis of the compositions is a simple harmonics. I do not want to burden my listener, whose life, most likely, is complex even without me . I try to write simple music.
- Is that why your film music became so popular?
- I carefully watched the films, which used the music by Bach, Mozart, Mahler, and posed myself a question: "They did not write specially for the cinema, so why, for example, Mahler sounds so magnificently in Visconti's Death in Venice?" Cinema music is remembered, if this is actual music. Real music. Even if it seems simple.

Russians Italians have similar temperaments
- You composed musical score to the new picture by Russian director Vladimir Khotinenko 72 Metra...
- Yes, I was touched by its story of male friendship, faithfulness to their oath and to their duty. The film is about the crew of a Russian submarine, which came to belong to the Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR. Seamen refused to take the oath to another state, and they leave it. But the Russian submarine, which they are given, perishes because of the negligence of the technical personnel. (The film features Sergey Makovetskiy, Sergey Garmash, Marat Basharov, Chulpan Khamatova. - S. T.)... On the whole, as far as I see it, this is a Russian answer to the American film K-19. And just as the American film, this one is also based at the real events.
- Did you write the music in the Russian style?
- No, I did not have to imitate it. Indeed, it had been noted long ago that Russians and Italians have similar temperaments.

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