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Same CN
  A movie with Morricone's music
 engmov-029 Moses/Moses the Lawgiver (1975)
The movie DVD provided by Philippine friend Jing (See here about Jing)
English dub,Chinese subtitle  358M .rmvb format, 141 minutes
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"-official" is in official catalogue
Moses/Moses the Lawgiver (1975)
Moses come into the world
Moses is receiving instructions from the God
Moses come into the world
Moses is receiving instructions from the God
Moses died
Moses died
About the movie from IMDB


Director:Gianfranco De Bosio

Writers:Vittorio Bonicelli (writer)
Anthony Burgess (writer)
Release Date:21 June 1975 (USA) more
Genre:Drama more
Plot Keywords:Dead Children / Biblical / Bird Catching / Cave / Desert more

Additional Details

Also Known As:Mosè (Italy) (short title)
Mosè, la legge del deserto (Italy)
Moses (USA) (theatrical title)
Runtime:UK:141 min (theatrical version) / USA:360 min
Country:UK / Italy
Color:Color (Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio:1.33 : 1 more
Sound Mix:Mono

User Comments (Comment on this title)
5 out of 6 people found the following comment useful:-

Author: leevmlafn1 from California

This 2 hour version cuts out a lot of the interplay and character development of the mini-series that helps move the story along, and gives credence to the whole thing. If you can see the mini-series, do so.

The best thing about both the short and mini-series versions is the score by Ennio Morricone. He has composed one cue that I, personally, believe is the finest single cue he has ever written, and that is saying a lot, what with OVER 400 scores to his name. And Morricone, himself, called this one of his most difficult works at the time, having to compose, thru modern means, a score that depicts an ancient time and place. The score is magnificent, heart-wrenching, and haunting. (See here)

See a part of the movie from CC union (1'36")
About TV series and its movie version (IMDB)
Differences in Mini-series and Theatrical cut
For many, the best access to the 1976 mini-series MOSES THE LAWGIVER was the 2-hour-and-20-minute edit MOSES released in theatres. Over the years, I?ve found very little on the footage removed from the series. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a Spanish NTSC DVD of the original mini-series. Because there is still a lack of info, I feel it right to release such information for other readers. Here is a list of the differences of the series and movie.
DELETED SCENE- Scene cut entirely from the mini-series
EXTENDED SCENE- Scene shortened from the mini-series.
ALTERED SCENE- Scene played differently (a rearranged edit, a change in score)

Part 1
The mini-series had a special title sequence: close-ups of the cast before scenes of the series, always fading into a negative-image of sorts. The movie?s opening is just scenes of Israelites wandering the desert.
DELETED SCENE: Richard Johnson narrates scenes of the Israelites migrating to Egypt, describing their history and their many tribes from the sons of Jacob.
DELETED SCENE: Some children play with a doll they call Joseph. They ask their father if Joseph was a god. The father says there are many gods in Egypt.
EXTENDED SCENE: Pharaoh Seti?s Court discuss the Hebrew problem. The narrator mentions the King?s ignorance of Joseph. Seti explains his fear that war will cause the Hebrews to ally with Egypt?s enemies, justifying his order to enslave them.
EXTENDED SCENE- Egypt collecting the Hebrews. The Captain has a line of dialogue- ?Are you the sons of Levi??- before making the attack.
EXTENDED SCENE: Egyptians rustling the Hebrews. A shepherd protests his change of position.
ALTERED SCENE: Israelites working to build treasure palaces. In the series, Richard Johnson narrates this scene. The movie omits the narration.
DELETED SCENE: Miriam attacks a Hebrew girl for ?going native? by wearing an Egyptian necklace. She declares her unborn brother will set things right for her people.
EXTENDED SCENE: Seti?s Court. A scribe describes the Israelites? adultery, lechery, and incest.
DELETED SCENE: Miriam makes a basket; she explains her mother?s absence as being due to isolation for fever.
DELETED SCENE: Miriam presents the basket to Yokebed and her baby son.
EXTENDED SCENE: Miriam carrying the basket to the Nile. She checks on her baby brother, telling him of his future destiny.
EXTENDED SCENE: Miriam meeting Princess Bithia and her adopted baby. Bithia?s handmaidens gossip about the child?s background. Miriam is stopped by a handmaiden. Bithia begins to understand where her miracle baby came from.
DELETED SCENE: As Yokebed nurses the baby, Bithia awkwardly apologizes for the woman?s ?dead? son, stating her confusion with state policy and men. She declares that in a few weeks time, Yokebed will leave the child to her care alone.
DELETED SCENE: Yokebed and Miriam return to their village among gossip that she sold her child to an Egyptian. Two old men take this child?s escape as a sign of God finally hearing their pain. Yokebed embraces her husband.
DELETED SCENE: Prince Moses comforts the dying Bithia; Bithia comments about Moses? un-Egyptian thirst for knowledge of the unknown.
DELETED SCENE: Bithia is embalmed; Moses bides his farewell.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses? audience with Prince Merneptah in the miniature city. Moses informs him of the death of his mother, calling him the Pharaoh?s sister (The movie?s omission of this line makes it implied that the Pharaoh in the beginning and the Pharaoh before Dathan are one and the same). Merneptah nonchalantly likens her death to the death of the slaves who built the cities.
EXTENDED SCENE: Miriam and Aaron spots Moses. Miriam asks Aaron if that is Moses. Aaron watches the Prince ride off.
DELETED SCENE: Moses wanders the Hebrew village, noticing his people?s poverty.
DELETED SCENE: Dathan enters the Overseer?s house as his lord is having his way with his wife. The Overseer mocks the slave?s status and masculinity, inciting Dathan to attack him.
DELETED SCENE: Dathan?s whipping/Moses kills the overseer. As the overseer declares Dathan?s crime, Dathan pleads that he did not want to be a cuckold.
DELETED SCENE: Moses comes out of the murdered Overseer?s house, stuttering his death by his own brutality. When an old man asks the name of this person who speaks so negatively of his Egyptian people, Moses tells him his name.
EXTENDED SCENE: Dathan?s audience with King Ramses (portrayed only in shadow and voice). Ramses is upset over the revelation of Prince Moses? true background.
DELETED SCENE: Miriam informs her family of Moses? return. Aaron is pessimistic about his sister?s idealism. Yokebed is uncertain about meeting her youngest child only to lose him.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses? reunion with Miriam. Narration mentions Miriam filling Moses? emotional void. Moses shares talk with Miriam about his background.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses? conversation with Jethro. The movie cuts down Zipporah?s lines and Moses? reminiscences of his past to one each.

Part 2
DELETED SCENE: A shot of King Merneptah sitting on his throne.
EXTENDED SCENE: The old man?s story about Moses. He adds that Moses must be bleached bones by now.
EXTENDED SCENE: Merneptah?s recollection of Moses. He feels responsibility for sending his cousin into the position that led to his exile.
EXTENDED SCENE: Jethro gazing at Moses. He questions the name of Moses? son Jessum.
EXTENDED SCENE: The messenger from Egypt. The Messenger says it?s Moses? choice that he return to Egypt or not.
DELETED SCENE: Moses in his tent the night of his meeting with God. He calls out for God to take away this burden asked of him. He is struck down. Zipporah calls out if God wants Moses or their child. She goes to her baby, ready to stab him. Instead, she circumcises him, buries the foreskin and wipes the blood on her husband. Moses recovers. He tells Zipporah he must go.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses? goodbye to his family. He asks Jethro to pray God to bless him.
EXTENDED SCENE: Aaron?s talk with Miriam. She pressures him to go find Moses. She gives him a stolen purse to bribe his way out of work.
DELETED SCENE: Aaron bribes an Egyptian ferryman to cross the Nile. He converses with the Ferryman about dreams, which the latter scoffs with skepticism. Walking the desert, Aaron soliloquies about how his people must understand and how miracles shall be performed to convince them. He wanders in the heat, suffers hallucinations, and collapses. Moses comes to his aid.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses and Miriam. Moses tells Miriam that emancipation will be a hard journey, especially for the innocent (this gives meaning to his sad look over Merneptah?s child in the next scene). He mistakes Miriam?s child?s name again.
DELETED SCENE: Dathan tells an overseer that Moses is back. He is forced back to work, whipping his fellow slaves.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses and Merneptah. Merneptah tries to persuade Moses to see the real truth: he is an Egyptian. Moses tells him signs will be made enforcing his wish to free his people. Merneptah scoffs at such magic that his sorcerers can duplicate, like turning rods into snakes or snakes swallowing other snakes.
EXTENDED SCENE: Aaron and the tribe leaders. Aaron and company discuss the reality of a one true God. Joshua makes his first appearance.
DELETED SCENE: Aaron asks an overseer to allow his people three days in the desert to worship their god. He gets struck for his insolence.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses getting a message from God. Before receiving the message, Moses looks sadly at the growing corruption of his people: idol worship, idol-making (this scene remains in the movie), indecent public sexual display.

Part 3
DELETED SCENE: Aaron gives farewell to his wife Eliseba before joining Moses to see Pharaoh.
EXTENDED SCENE: The Nile of Blood. The petitioners await Merneptah. After the blood, a servant presents a dish of the corrupted water to Pharaoh. He scoffs at this trick.
EXTENDED SCENE: The magicians? discussion. The magicians call the corrupted Nile having some facsimile of blood. ?Fool?s Blood.? They predict the natural result of frogs, locusts, and cattle problems.
ALTERED SCENE: The movie imposes the frogs-in-blood scene between a shot of the crying baby.
DELETED SCENE: The suffering of Egypt. A maiden wanders around parched ground, grasping for a puddle. Egyptian physicians futilely treat their dying patients.
DELETED SCENE: Aaron argues with the naysaying elders, too grounded in their present environment for any future migration.
EXTENDED SCENE: Merneptah?s court. A chamberlain protesting Pharaoh?s stubbornness is revealed to have lost a wife & daughter in the Plagues. Merneptah scoffs that he can find another wife and bear another daughter. He makes a speech about how these sudden plagues are threatening Egypt's strength as a great nation as well as the divinity of their Gods (including Pharaoh). His magician relates about the Hebrews? belief in monotheism, reminding Merneptah of an embarrassing incident in Egypt?s past. An advisor persuades a reluctant Merneptah to bend to some compromises to the Hebrews' demands.
EXTENDED SCENE: The beggar scene. Aaron jokes about the trinket given in payment, a holy symbol. He discusses the changing situation. Dathan is among them. Moses calls the Plagues a dance, and Pharaoh is in a dance where his heart will soften, then harden, and so on until it shatters. Joshua asks for an immediate escape while Egypt is disoriented. Aaron explains that they need this time to prepare for the hard journey.
EXTENDED SCENE: Merneptah?s horse. The Pharaoh goes to his dying horse.
EXTENDED SCENE: Smearing the blood. Moses and Aaron explain the preparations. Two children do their part, wondering what it is all about.
EXTENDED SCENE: The Tenth Plague hits Egypt. Aaron notes the silence. The screams in Pharaoh?s hall is repeated twice in the series.
DELETED SCENE: Moses sits ready for the Exodus.
DELETED SCENE: During the ?Israel? scene, Dathan packs up some gold.
DELETED SCENE: The ?Israel? scene is interrupted by a scene of Merneptah?s son?s funeral procession.
DELETED SCENE: A Nubian and Greek sit alone in the lonely work pits. They talk about how now their people are asking for freedom. They consider the Plagues a natural disaster that the slaves took advantage of to win their freedom. They discuss the natural status of slavery.
EXTENDED SCENE: The sand storm. A lost child is reclaimed. After Moses declares their location to the Promised Land, Eliseba shows doubt.
EXTENDED SCENE: Pharaoh?s revenge. Reports are made of rioting and disorder. After making his edict to punish the Hebrews, Merneptah holds his grieving wife?s hand.

Part 4
DELETED SCENE: The Israelites migration to the Sea of Reeds. An old woman?s laments her stolen jug of water. Moses urges to Joshua that they make progress, but not forget their past.
DELETED SCENE: Dathan collects the treasury, asking people that they beg for Egypt?s forgiveness and generosity to return them back to their saner internment. He is attacked by Joshua, starting a riot.
DELETED SCENE: The Egyptian Army mobilizes. Merneptah steps to his chariot, ordering minimal bloodshed. He orders that Moses be captured, tried, and executed for blasphemy, treason, and murder, especially murder.
EXTENDED SCENE: Crossing the parted Sea. Dathan and his cargo. A child points to the clouds, shaped like a calf.
EXTENDED SCENE: Miriam?s dance to God for deliverance.
DELETED SCENE: Some young men rob the old of their water. Moses protests.
EXTENDED SCENE: A couple lament their dying child to Moses.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses and Joshua. Joshua asks why they are travelling away from Canaan. Moses explains they are avoiding Egyptian posts that might recapture them. Moses is impressed with Joshua?s knowledge of star-direction and prediction. Aaron is uncomfortable with Joshua having Moses? favor.
DELETED SCENE: Moses wanders alone upon the creek. He spots a man and his married lover ready to commit adultery. He admonishes them for their disruption of unity, but leaves them be. The couple are puzzled by their leader.
EXTENDED SCENE: Aaron and Eliseba at the waterfall. Aaron implores they move on soon.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses and Miriam discuss the miracles of the quail migration and Manna. Moses speaks a poem about Manna, taught to him by Jethro and Zipporah. Miriam desires to see her sister-in-law.
DELETED SCENE: A Hebrew is arrested for gathering Manna on the Sabbath. Aaron gives him a light punishment.
DELETED SCENE: The Amalikites first appearance is their heads peeking out of the rocks above the Israelites.
DELETED SCENE; The Israelites bury their dead.
ALTERED SCENE: The battle against the Amalikites. ?Israel? is played during the battle in the mini-series, with narration.
DELETED SCENE: The Israelites migrate to Sinai.

Part 5
DELETED SCENE: Narrated scene of Joshua guiding the Israelites into Sinai.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses and Zipporah. Zipporah comments how thin and old her husband has become. Before they make love, Joshua calls for Moses. He leaves to meet him.
DELETED SCENE: Joshua tells Moses a killing has taken place. Moses laments how gaining weapons to kill has led to killing among themselves. Moses learns the murdered is the Single Man of Rueben for the married wife of Judah (the couple Moses met last episode). Moses comes upon the murdered corpse, reproaching this act not as war-killing but murder. Moses frowns to the elders? punishment that the relatives receive some recompensation, as if a possession held as much worth as a life. This is a complex issue.
DELETED SCENE: Jethro looks unhappily as Moses acts as sole judge to the multitude.
DELETED SCENE: Jethro meets with Moses alone. He tells Moses that he should organize judges and different branches of senior and junior officers to better govern the Israelites. Sinai roars, calling Moses to it.
DELETED SCENE: Moses comes to the area of the Burning Bush. He hears a voice telling him to set laws.
EXTENDED SCENE: The Covenant. Miriam looks at Zipporah and her child.
DELETED SCENE: Eliseba henpecks Aaron about sharing authority with Joshua. She questions the existence of God, doubts the Sea parting, and questions Moses? sanity.
EXTENDED SCENE: Aaron and Eliseba. Aaron is worried about how long he can keep the crowds satisfied about Moses? return. Eliseba tells him the time is now for him to take power.
EXTENDED SCENE: Gathering the gold. People throw jewels and goblets into the pyre. Eliseba drops her jewelry into it.
EXTENDED SCENE: Aaron presenting the Golden Calf. A child recognizes the calf from a cloud image (last episode).
EXTENDED SCENE: The celebration dance for the Calf.
DELETED SCENE: Aaron treats a sick child. He hears the disorder outside.
DELETED SCENE: Dathan and his cohorts enjoy some wine and some psychedelic fumes.
EXTENDED SCENE: The calf-worship orgy. The morning comes with Dathan watching the calf with evil intent. He gives a dagger to his men to find a sacrifice. During the orgy, Eliseba is manhandled. A drugged-out woman mounts the calf. Worshippers in drug-hazes look mesmerized at the Calf.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses attacks the worshippers. Levites charge and attack the disloyal. Moses speaks to the speechless Aaron: Not enough knowledge has led to a waste of everything. The movie omits the dialogue.

Part 6
ALTERED SCENE: Punishment of the blasphemers. The series has the gold-swallower scream off-screen to the wary watchers. The movie has the off-screen scream before a shot of a punisher pouring the gold.
ALTERED SCENE: Narration is spoken during the building of the temple. The movie has no narration.
DELETED SCENE: Zipporah puts her son to sleep. The child misses his busy father. Moses comes in and embraces wife and son.
EXTENDED SCENE: Aaron?s first prayer as High Priest. He prays that God forgives him and the people.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses and Miriam. Miriam cries to Moses, saying she tried to stop the blasphemy. She is carried in the journey. She speaks about her history, putting Moses into the Nile & getting her mother for Bithia. Her last words are a sad prediction of her people?s nomadic future. After she dies, Aaron speaks a eulogy to the sky.
The movie has a scene separate from its source: Moses and Aaron burying their sister.
DELETED SCENE: A scene of migration with hymns.
DELETED SCENE: Moses, Aaron, and Joshua come to the border of Canaan. Moses urges that they not cross the border. He orders the making of the Tabernacle.
The movie has a scene of Moses and the people having a feast.
DELETED SCENE: After the Sabbath-breakers are executed, Dathan and a victim?s brother rebuke Moses for such a punishment. Moses tells Dathan that he was spared for his earlier blasphemy so that he could finally understand the good of the law. Dathan takes light of it.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses speaks to God about stepping down. God tells Moses that the present generation shall not see the Promised Land, nor will he.
DELETED SCENE: Scenes of the older Israelites complaining about their present situation, remembering the good old time in Egypt.
EXTENDED SCENE: The report of Canaan. A man complains about coming for nothing. The Levites begin their protest formally, before Moses asks for their bluntness. Dathan says that they return to Egypt, not as slaves, but as a separate nation, the God of Israel in treaty with the Gods of Egypt.
ALTERED SCENE: Moses damns Dathan and the disloyal. The movie interrupts this scene with a shot of a dead Aaron (from a later scene). The series and movie have different angles for Moses? last words to the dead Dathan.
DELETED SCENE: The Israelites continue their migration, with scenes of the older people falling dead on the ground and abandoned.
The movie replaces this sequence with another migration scene with Moses paraphrasing God?s curse of exile on the disloyal.
DELETED SCENE: Aaron dies with Eliseba and Eleazar at his side. Aaron gives the rank of High Priest to Eleazar. Moses speaks a eulogy for his dead brother (The movie shows a shot of the dead Aaron in the chastisement of the disloyal scene).
ALTERED SCENE: The battle montage has the narration in different synch.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses and Eleazar. Moses tells Eleazar his importance in carrying on the tradition of being High Priest from his father.
EXTENDED SCENE: Moses climbs Mount Nebo. Eleazar performs a ritual at the temple. The people see Moses.
ALTERED SCENE: Moses gazes at the Promised Land. The series gives Moses a complete turn, than shots of the land. The movie blends the footage.
The movie ends with Moses getting God?s grant for retirement, adding the promise to always be with him. His close-up is freeze-framed with a dissolve of the sky, fading to the Israelites crossing the Jordan to the ?Israel? theme.
DELETED SCENE: Joshua and a fellow Israelite spot Moses coming down. Moses lays down on a rock and dies, hearing God?s promise to always be with him.
The mini-series has a special closing. The movie has a dissolve of the dawn with Moses? face.

Downloaded period Aug.1- 30, 2005
Click here for directly download the movie ( 358M,rmvb ) >>>>>>
In order to get a faster speed, it is suggested you select the Beijing time 0:00-9:00 for download.
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