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  A movie with Morricone's music
engmov-053 Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
The movie was provided by lajiao
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"-official" is in official catalogue
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
About the movie from IMDB


Director:Georges Lautner

Writers:Patrick Alexander (novel)
Jacques Audiard (writer)
Release Date:21 October 1981 (France) more
Genre:Action / Thriller more
Plot Summary:French secret agent Joss Baumont is sent to one of the African countries to kill their president Njala... more
Plot Synopsis:This plot synopsis is empty. Add a synopsis
Plot Keywords:Eiffel Tower Paris / Based On Novel
Awards:1 win & 1 nomination more

Additional Details

Also Known As:The Professional (USA)
Parents Guide:Add content advisory for parents
Runtime:109 min
Aspect Ratio:1.66 : 1 more
Sound Mix:Mono


French secret agent Joss Baumont is sent to one of the African countries to kill their president Njala. However, at the last moment the political situation changes and the French secret service turns him in to the African authorities, and he is sentenced to a long-term imprisonment. After the daring escape he returns to France and deliberately informs his former chiefs of his presence promising them to kill Njala who has just arrived to the country with the official visit. Written by Yuri German {}(See here)

Information of the movie-2

Directors: Georges Lautner

Jean Desailly
Jean-Louis Richard
Jean-Paul Belmondo

Directors Georges Lautner Director

Music Ennio Morricone Composer

IMDb:0082949:104 min
Language: French
Run Time: 104 minutes
A brief-1

Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo almost singlehandedly made it cool to be French when he starred in Jean-Luc Godard's new wave masterpiece BREATHLESS. Though significantly older in George Lautner's thrilling espionage film LE PROFESSIONAL, Belmondo is as cool as ever, turning in another effortlessly smoldering performance as spy Joss Baumont. An exhilarating score from the legendary Ennio Morricone (THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY) adds to the suspense in this tight story of political double-crossing. See here

A brief-2
International action star and heartthrob Jean Paul Belmondo (Godard's "Breathless") brings his smoldering intensity to French super-spy Joss Baumont, a top agent sent on a mission to assassinate a foreign dictator. But when the political winds change, and Baumont is double-crossed by his own government, revenge becomes the name of the game. Prison can't hold him and no one can stand in his way as Baumont lays down the gauntlet, he will carry out his assignment and someone must die! Director Georges Lautner delivers a taut, thrilling espionage drama with a sensational score from Ennio Morricone. See here
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)
Le Professionnel / The Professional (1981)

About "Chi Mai"
001-First appearance of the "Chi Mai" is in “Maddalena”(1971,See here)
002-Thereafter appearance is in "The Professional" (See yellow color,1981, See here)
The wind, the scream-First theme
Bach-First variation
The wind, the scream-First variation
Final decision
The wind, the scream-Second variation
Bach-Second variation
From Africa
The return-On the name of Bach
Bach-Third variation
The wind, the scream-Third variation
The wind, the scream-Fourth variation
Morgan le Fay-2 interludes for harps
Chi mai
The wind, the scream-Main titles movie version
The wind, the scream-Alternate version
003-The melody of the "Chi Mai" was played and sung by famous musicians
Medley - Chi Mai, Intermezzo, Here's To You
Richard Clayderman
Chi Mai
Nightmares On Wax
House Of No Regrets (Maddalena)
Dulce Pontes
chi mai
lisa gastoni
chi mai
lisa gastoni
chi mai
Desire (Chi Mai)
Amii Stewart
The professional OST-1
The professional OST-2
Track listing
1. Le vent, le cri (Premier th鑝e V.C.) (05:20)
2. Bach (Premi鑢e variante) (01:20)
3. Le vent, le cri (Premi鑢e variation) (00:26
4. D閏ision finale (01:25)
5. Le vent, le cri (Seconde variation) (02:14)
6. Bach (Seconde variante) (01:47)
7. D'Afrique (02:11)
8. Le retour (Sur le nom de Bach) (05:29)
9. Bach (Troisi鑝e variante) (01:30)
10. Le vent, le cri (Troisi鑝e variation) (00:40)
11. Le vent, le cri (Quatri鑝e variation) (01:19
12. F閑 Morgane (2 interludes pour harpes) (05:00)
a)(interlude pour harpes # 1) 1'00, b) (interlude pour harpes # 2) 4'00
13. Chi Mai (03:30)
Total Duration: 00:32:11 EMI Records 835626-2
Track listing
1. Il Vento, Il Grido (01:48) GDM Music 2035 Titoli Di Testa
2. Bach (01:19) Variante Prima
3. Il Vento, Il Grido (00:26) Variante Prima
4. Decizione Finale (01:23)
5. Il Vento, Il Grido (02:12) Variante Seconda
6. Il Vento, Il Grido (01:45) Variante Terza
7. Dall碅frica (02:11) Variante Prima
8. Il Ritorno (05:27)Sul Nome Di Bach
9. Bach (01:30)Variante Seconda
10. Il Vento, Il Grido (00:38) Variante Quatra
11. Il Vento, Il Grido (01:18)Variante Quinta
12. Chi Mai (03:28)
13. Il Vento, Il Grido (02:39) Variante Sesta
14. Il Vento, Il Grido (00:53) Variante Settima
15. Il Vento, Il Grido (01:47) Variante Ottava
16. Bach (01:01) Variante Terza
17. Il Vento, Il Grido (02:36) Variante Prima Nona
18. Dall碅frica (02:09) Variante Seconda
19. Il Vento, Il Grido (02:42) Variante Decima
20. Il Vento, Il Grido (01:15) Variante Undicesima
21. Bach (00:52) Variante Quatra
22. Il Vento, Il Grido (02:25) Variante Dodicesima
23. Il Vento, Il Grido (02:26) Variante Tredicesima
24. Bach (00:42) Variante Quinta
25. Il Vento, Il Grido (05:19)
Total length 104 minutes, RMVB format 833 Kbps, 632M. French dub Chinese subtitle   
Download is enable period July 2007
See the movie 103'32"
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