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1974 莫里康内配乐电影概览 (手机版)
A basic view for 1974 film composed by Ennio Morricone (Mobile edition)
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电影及导演  Name and Director
Stars Marcello Mastroianni
Lea Massari
Mimsy Farmer
Country Italy
Runtime Germany: 110 min | USA: 115 min | France: 100 min
Date Italy 6 September 1974 USA 1 March 1985
Greece 21 October 2007 (Panorama of European Cinema)
  A anarchist leader (Fulvio) wishes to retire, as he is old and tired. He tries to hide himself, but his friends find him and insist he carries on helping them.(Here)
本站简译: 一个无政府主义者的领导者(Fulvio)希望引退,因为他是老了,累了。他试图隐藏自己,但他的朋友找到他并且坚持要求他的帮助

编者注: 上面这段译文来自IMDB.这段文字可以说是太过于精炼了.以致于人们很难知道这部电影的特点和精华.就笔者自身体会而言,无论就电影的内容,形式,还有莫里康内精心的配乐而言,这部电影应该属于莫里康内爱好者必看(对于铁杆而言,还应该是必研)的一部电影.在这个概览页里,我就只说这些吧.详细的内容请您浏览本站的专门电影及音乐网页010203

Note: This is a very important movie directed by Taviani brother and composed by Morricone. Especially for the Morricone Fans. Its content is very profound, and its music is very excelllent. We suggest you to see oue special movie-music page for the movie 010203

Stars Catherine Deneuve
Giancarlo Giannini
Fernando Rey
Country France | Italy
Runtime 120 min | West Germany: 110 min
Date 28 September 1974 (Italy)
  Based on a true incident, this tells the story of a troubled young man who kills his sister's reactionary, violent and abusive husband and is eventually arrested for the murder. However, the dead husband happened to be a member of the Italian nobility, and the trial starts to turn into more of a prosecution of the defendant's socialist politics and the activities of his father, a well known liberal social reformer, than the actual crime itself. (Here)
本站简译: 电影基于一个真实的事件.它叙说了一个受困扰的年轻男子杀死以暴力虐待他姐姐的丈夫并以谋杀罪而被捕的故事。然而,这个丈夫是当年意大利的一个贵族,这场审讯进而更多地演变成为对这名年轻男子的社会主义政治活动以及他的著名的自由主义社会改革者的父亲的控告


This film describesed a historical event that at early nineteenth century in Italy and sensation throughout Europe and America for many years.more see the page in our site.

Stars Ninetto Davoli
Franco Citti
Franco Merli
Country Italy | France
Runtime 130 min | France: 155 min (Cannes Film Festival) (premiere)
Date 20 June 1974 (Italy)
  In this film inspired by the ancient erotic and mysterious tales of the Middle East, the main story concerns an innocent young man who comes to fall in love with a slave who selected him as her master. After his foolish error causes their separation, he travels in search of her. Various other travelers who recount their own tragic and romantic experiences include stories of a young man who becomes enraptured by a mysterious woman on his wedding day, and a man who is determined to free a woman from a demon (Here)

本站简译: 这部电影从中东古代的色情和神秘传说中得到灵感.故事主要讲述一个天真的年轻人爱上了一个选他作主人的奴隶.由于他的愚蠢错误导致了他们的分离,他于是外出旅行以便能找到她.途中他遇到了各种各样的旅客,他们向他讲述自己的悲剧和浪漫的经验.....


More see our page

NA-7404  Il giro del mondo degli innamorati di Peynet (Cesare Perfetto) / 佩尼特环游世界的爱
Stars Serenella Verdirosi
Massimo Turci
Country Italy | France
Runtime ----
Date Japan 15 June 1974
Japan 23 November 2001 (re-release)

1974, Raymond Peynet's whimsical book Il giro del mondo degli innamorati di Peynet (or "Peynet's Loves around the World") was adapted as a seldom-seen animated feature. Though the film runs less than an hour and a half, its soundtrack features a huge amount of music with full scores written by both Ennio Morricone and his frequent collaborator (and choir leader), Alessandro Alessandroni (the whistling guy on many Morricone spaghetti westerns). The story of this yellow-submarine influenced ani (Here)

(Italian) Valentino e Valentina, fidanzatini, fanno il giro del mondo iniziando da Bethlemme ove giungono con il cammello e ricevono da Gesù Bambino una colorita auto in cambio del fiore che hanno regalato. Passano dalla Grecia e arrivano in Spagna di cui osservano il folklore antico e moderno. A Firenze assistono a una gara di calcio e al matrimonio, celebrato da Dante, tra la Venere di Botticelli e il David di Michelangelo. In America e in Giappone girano turisticamente. In Russia sulla Piazza Rossa assistono, a una sfilata e anche a manifestazioni di dissenso. In metropolitana giungono a Parigi.(Here)

Gli amanti creati dalla fantasia del francese Raymond Peynet divennero i protagonisti di un cartoon italiano sceneggiato da Manfredo Manfredi, basato sul best seller di Peynet. Questo film debuttò il 14 giugno del 1974 e diventò un grande successo popolare. Per le musiche vennero interpellati due grandi nomi: Il premio Oscar Ennio Morricone e Alessandro Alessandroni, il famoso fischio dei western all'italiana, conduttore dei celebre coro dei Cantori Moderni nonchè arrangiatore e compositore di parecchie colonne sonore. .(Here more see 010203)

本站简译: 在这部由凯撒 波菲图导演,基于意大利画家,艺术家曼弗雷迪的畅销书改编的动画片中,一对年轻的恋人踏上了周游世界之旅.他们从圣城伯利恒出发,途经希腊,西班牙,意大利,法国到达美国,日本,前苏联...一路上虽然遇到不少困难,但更多的是生活的乐趣和增长了知识.莫里康内和亚历山德罗尼的配乐为此片增光不少

编者注: IMDB显示此片由Alessandro Alessandroni 谱曲,有一条加注说其中的"A Flower's All You Need"系由莫里康内谱曲 (Here)

Note: IMDB: Original Music by Alessandro Alessandroni and "A Flower's All You Need"
Written by Ennio Morricone (Here)

NA-7405  L'anticristo/Blasphemy / The Tempter (Alberto de Martino) / 反对基督 / 诱惑者
Stars Carla Gravina
Mel Ferrer
Arthur Kennedy
Country Italy
Runtime 112 min
Date 22 November 1974 (Italy)
  Ippolita is a paralyzed young woman with serious mental problems stemming from the death of her mother. Her crisis of faith and the intervention of a well-meaning psychologist lead Ippolita to remember her past life as a witch during the Inquisition. Eventually, Ippolita becomes possessed and starts seducing local men, only to kill them. An exorcism seems to be the only solution to stop the madness (Here)

本站简译: 伊波丽塔是一个瘫痪的年轻女子,她由于她母亲去世而引起严重的精神问题. 一个心理学家的善意参与引起了伊波丽塔回想她作为一个迷人女子的往事.最后伊波丽塔似乎着了魔,她开始引诱男人并杀死他们.驱魔似乎是使她停止疯狂唯一的解决办法.

NA-7406 La cugina / The Cousin (Aldo Lado) / 表妹
Stars Massimo Ranieri (02)
Dayle Haddon
Conchita Airoldi
Country Italy
Runtime Brazil: 90 min
Date Italy 26 July 1974
USA July 1976

In this erotic comedy from Aldo Lado two cousins, Enzo (Massimo Ranieri) and Agata (Dayle Haddon), who have been flirting since childhood eventually become lovers after Agata marries a rich baron. Product (Here)

From GDM: "GDM issues on CD the OST by Ennio Morricone for comedy with erotic tones “La cugina” (aka “The cousin”) directed in 1974 by Aldo Lado and starring Massimo Ranieri, Dayle Haddon, Christian De Sica, Laura Betti, Stefania Casini, Francesca Romana Coluzzi, José Quaglio. Enzo and Agata, two Sicilian cousins, flirting by game during the adolescence, become lovers when she, by convenience, marries a rich baron. Ennio Morricone has written sensual themes with pop arrangements performed magically by the voice of Edda Dell’Orso, by Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni and by the flugehorn by Oscar Valdambrini with recurrent atmospheres between magic and eros. Compared to the previous 2001 release (coupled with the OST of “Viaggio con Anita”), this CD contains an inedit take of the track “ De Copalamo” and an alternate mix of “La sera, la notte, il giorno”. For this brand new edition the stereo session master tapes have been digitally restored." (Here)

(Italian) Enzo e Agata, due cugini siciliani, flirtano per gioco durante l'adolescenza, diventando poi amanti quando lei, per convenienza, sposa un ricco barone.(Here)

Enzo e Agata sono due cugini che flirtano per gioco fin da adolescenti. Finiranno per diventare amanti dopo che lei per convenienza ha sposato il ricco barone Ninì. E il teatrino della solita pruriginosa ambientazione siciliana trova il suo momento liberatorio nella tesissima scena finale in cui si scatena l'amplesso dei due incestuosi amant (Here)

本站简译: 这是一部由阿尔多 拉多导演的情色喜剧片.片中两个主角,一对表兄妹恩佐和阿佳塔自幼便学会玩弄调情.在阿佳塔嫁给一个富有的男爵之后他们又变成了情人
NA-7407 La smagliatura / La faille/Weak Spot (Peter Fleischmann) / 弱点
Stars Michel Piccoli
Ugo Tognazzi
Mario Adorf
Country France | Italy | West Germany
Runtime Germany: 111 min | France: 110 min
Date France 18 June 1975
Italy 10 October 1975
West Germany 19 March 1976
Hungary 8 October 1987

This international collaboration has five unrelated titles in four languages, and includes filmmakers and stars from France, Germany, Italy and Greece. It is set in the modern period in Greece, during that time known as "the rule of the Colonels." The story concerns the cat-and-mouse police investigation of Georgis, a travel agent (Ugo Tognazzi), for his possible involvement in the death of a man under surveillance who was shot in the cafe at which Georgis was having lunch. For a while, it is impossible to tell who is the cat and who the mouse; ultimately, though, the heavy-handed tactics of the police win through. (Here)

(Italian) Un operatore turistico greco viene arrestato per aver avuto contatti con un oppositore del regime. La polizia interroga il malcapitato serratamente, con l'intento di incastrarlo in vari modi: alla fine non potrà far altro che soccombere alle torture psicologiche somministrategli. (Here)

Nella Grecia dei colonnelli (mai nominata) un brav'uomo (U. Tognazzi) è arrestato dagli sbirri della polizia politica per cospirazione e affidato a un funzionario (M. Piccoli) e a un autista (M. Adorf) per essere portato nella capitale. Durante il viaggio funzionario e arrestato imparano a conoscersi. In un'oscura conclusione si viene a sapere che era un marchingegno per mettere alla prova la fedeltà al regime e la professionalità del poliziotto. Scopo: raccontare che la dittatura è machiavellicamente perversa e che dei suoi metodi sono vittime anche gli adepti.
Cupo On the road politico, film raro, da riscoprire. Tognazzi è braccato dal regime, controllato da un poliziotto che forse gli è amico. Tratto dal romanzo Lo sbaglio di Antonis Samarakis, ha in realtà più di un aspetto in comune con i film basati sui romanzi di Buzzati e interpretati da Tognazzi stesso (Il deserto dei tartari). Come le surreali storie dello scrittore infatti, l'ambientazione è incerta e la trama ambigua (pur lanciando una critica feroce contro i totalitarismi). Cult!.(Here)

(French) Un homme de quarante ans est arrêté pour un motif quelconque. Il est envoyé a la "Centrale". Lors d'un interrogatoire, l'inspecteur découvre que cet homme appartient à un réseau de l'opposition. L'homme sera gardé en .(Here)

本站简译: 这部合拍影片共有五个互不相关的带有四种语言的段落.制片人和演员分别来自法,德,意和希腊.希腊部分设定为现代一个被称为"上校的统治"......
NA-7408  Le secret / The Secret (Robert Enrico) / 秘密
Stars Jean-Louis Trintignant
Marlène Jobert
Philippe Noiret
Country France | Italy
Runtime 102 min
Date 9 October 1974 (France)

A stranger enters into and forever alters the life of a couple. He claims to be pursued by certain authorities who intend to prevent him from disclosing a secret that only he holds, whence the title. Is he lying, or insane - or is he telling the truth? Who, if anyone, is after him? And what *is* - the secret? (Here)

In a mysterious secure establishment, a prisoner named David effects a remarkable escape. Convinced that he is being pursued, he flees to the open countryside.  Here, he meets a reclusive writer, Thomas, who lives in an isolated country house with his young wife, Julia. The couple offer to take David in for a few days and the fugitive reluctantly
agrees to stay. Having formed a bond of trust with Thomas, David reveals that he is on the run from the authorities, and that he has discovered a state secret that puts all of their lives in danger. Although Thomas believes the mysterious stranger, Julia is more suspicious and soon becomes convinced that he is a madman who will kill both of them...(Here)

本站简译: 一个陌生人闯入并永远改变了一对夫妇的生活。他声称他被当局所追踪,以防止他揭发一件只有他一个人所掌握的秘密.他在说谎还是患有精神病--或者他是真的? 谁在追踪他? 他的秘密是什么?


NA-7409  Le trio infernal / The Infernal Trio (Francis Girod) / 凶恶三人帮
Stars Michel Piccoli
Romy Schneider
Mascha Gonska
Country France | West Germany | Italy
Runtime France: 107 min | Germany: 84 min (cut)
Date 22 May 1974 (France)

Marseilles, 1919. Georges Sarret is a distinguished and respected lawyer, recently honoured for his services in the First World War. He takes as his lover Philomène Schmidt, a young German woman, who has just lost her job and home. To enable Philomène to remain in France, Georges finds her a husband – who dies conveniently of natural causes a month after the wedding. Georges repeats the trick with Philomène’s sister, Catherine – marrying her off to an old man who dies suddenly so that the scheming trio can profit from his life insurance. When an accomplice in the scheme, Marcel Chambon, threatens to blackmail them, Georges and his two lovers have no option but to kill him and his mistress. Having dissolved the bodies in sulphuric acid, Georges hires another man to pose as Chambon so that he can secure his assets. Flush with the success of this venture, Georges proposes his most ambitious scam: he will insure Catherine’s life with five separate insurance companies; a young orphan woman who is dying from tuberculosis will provide Catherine’s death certificate when the moment comes. Unfortunately, the scheme does not go quite as planned...(Here)

An elegant and outrageous black opera, handled with a panache that deliberately flouts notions of good taste. Piccoli enjoys himself hugely as the civic eminent (a distinguished lawyer newly invested with the Legion of Honour) who swindles and murders unscrupulously with the help of his lovers, two sisters (Schneider and Gomska). The result is a finely balanced fairytale (complete with 'happy' ending), full of a subversive mockery of pathetic respectabilities, unkind but not callous. Avoid the English-dubbed version, which coarsens the film to such an extent that it's scarcely recognisable: the exuberant excesses of Piccoli's performance are made to look merely hammy(Here)

本站简译: 影片讲述一战以后,马赛的一个著名法国律师和他的两个德国姐妹情人不择手段地谋害她们的丈夫以便从中获取利益.当他们的同伙威胁敲诈他们时,他们又杀害了他....

NA-7410  Leonor / Mistress of the Devil (Juan Luis Bunuel) / 莱昂娜 / 魔鬼情妇
Stars Michel Piccoli
Liv Ullmann
Ornella Muti
Country Spain | France | Italy
Runtime 101 min | USA: 85 min (dubbed version)
Date Spain 18 September 1975 (Madrid)
USA September 1977

Richard is a medieval nobleman. After his first wife dies in an accident and is buried in the family vault, he remarries and has children by his second wife. A mad longing for his first wife Leonor comes over him, and he sells his soul to the devil for a chance to get her back. But when she returns, she is a murderous vampire (Here)

Film Description: Leonor, the 1975 Juan Luis Bunuel (son of legendary Spanish director Luis Bunuel!) Spanish/French/Italian female vampire fantasy horror thriller ("Mistress of the Devil.") starring Liv Ullman, Michel Piccoli, Ornella Muti, Antonio Ferrandis, Jose Maria Caffarel, Piero Vita, Anna Casber, and Loreta Tovar (Here and more see 0102)

本站简译: 理查德是一个中世纪的贵族。他的第一任妻子在事故中死亡后被埋在地下室里,他再婚后他的第二任妻子生了孩子.他狂热地渴望他的第一个妻子莱昂娜能回到他的身边,为此他不惜出售他的灵魂给一个魔鬼.可是当莱昂娜回来时,她却是一个危险的吸血鬼.
电影及导演  Name and Director
NA-7411  Milano odia: la polizia non può sparare / The Kidnap of Mary Lou (Umberto Lenzi) / 绑架玛丽洛
Stars Tomas Milian
Henry Silva
Laura Belli
Country Italy
Runtime 99 min
Date Italy 8 August 1974
USA November 1975

A psychotic small-time criminal realizes that the everyday robberies, rapes and murders he commits aren't making him all that much money, so he figures to hit the "big time" by kidnapping the daughter of a rich man.(Here)

本站简译: 一个患有精神病的罪犯认为仅仅是抢劫和谋杀还不能使他赚大钱,所以他计划去绑架一个富翁的女儿去开创他的"大事业"
Stars Burt Lancaster
Anthony Quayle
Ingrid Thulin
Country UK | Italy
Runtime UK: 141 min (theatrical version) | USA: 360 min
Date Italy 22 December 1974
  Drawn from the book of Exodus, this miniseries recounts the life of the Hebrew leader who received the Ten Commandments from God and delivered his people from Egyptian bondage in the 13th century B.C. Unlike DeMille's Hollywood versions of the story, the emphasis here is less on spectacle than on often harsh realism. In 1976, a reedited version of the six-hour Italian-British coproduction (coauthored by Anthony Burgess) was released theatrically as `Moses.' (Here)

本站简译: 这是一部讲述著名圣经故事的电影,源自圣经"出埃及记".公元前13世纪,希伯来民族的领导人摩西接受了上帝的"十诫"并且领导他的人民跋山涉水历尽艰辛,逃离了埃及人的奴役

这部电影由于莫里康内的卓越配乐而出名,更多详细介绍请见本站电影网页. This film is known by Morricone's excellent music, more see the page in our site.
NA-7413  Mussolini, ultimo atto / Mussolini: The Last Four Days (Carlo Lizzani) / 墨索里尼的末日
Stars Rod Steiger
Franco Nero
Lisa Gastoni
Country Italy
Runtime Argentina: 125 min | USA: 91 min | West Germany: 109 min (video) | Italy: 126 min
Date Italy 29 March 1974

Rod Steiger portrays Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in this internationally produced "how the mighty have fallen" biopic. In the waning days of the war, the once-strutting Il Duce hides from his pursuers like a common thief. He's hoping to fall into the hands of his former Axis comrades or the benign Allied troops, rather than suffer the vengeance of the out-for-blood Italian freedom fighters. But it is the latter group who reaches Mussolini first, ignominiously executing both the dictator and his mistress Clara Petracchi (Lisa Gastoni). This strangely cast period piece features Henry Fonda as a German cardinal and Franco Nero as an Italian officer. Originally titled Mussolini: Ultimo Atto, The Last Days of Mussolini was also issued as The Last Four Days.(Here)

It is April, 1945. As the Third Reich is starting to crumble and blame is being passed in every direction, Benito Mussolini (Rod Steiger) finds himself at the center of his country's wrath and a marked man by the Allied nations. Betrayed by the Germans, wanted by the Americans, and hated by the Italians, "Il Duce" sees no other choice except to escape for Switzerland, accompanied by his loyal mistress (Lisa Gastoni) on his dangerous and, ultimately, fruitless journey. But with blood on his hands and a death sentence on his head, the dictator who once thought of himself as "a new Caesar, a God," is forced to see the harsh reality of his crimes and the price that he will have to pay as his enemies close in on him......One of the most fascinating aspects of this film is the portrayal of Claretta Petacci, Mussolini's long-suffering and faithful mistress. Lisa Gastoni is utterly heartbreaking as the woman who absolutely refuses to see her man lose, throwing herself on the line for his protection, even when her own life is threatened. This intimate and somewhat disturbing relationship gives the film a much deeper level of pathos than most other treatments of the subject.
....... (Here) (More see 01020304)

本站简译: 1945年4月,随着第三帝国的崩溃,意大利法西斯独裁者贝尼托 墨索里尼已预感到自己的末日来临.他深知意大利人民对他的仇恨和他将要付出的代价,更怕自己落到游击队的手中,在最后的日子里他和他的情妇克拉拉仍想逃往瑞士.不过他最终仍没有逃过正义的制裁而落入了自由战士的手中.影片记述了在最后四天中,他和他的情妇被游击队抓获并被处死的经过
NA-7414  Sesso in confessionale / Sex Advice (Vittorio de Sisti) / 性的忏悔
Stars Documentary
Original Music by Ennio Morricone
Cinematography by Erico Menczer
Film Editing by Ruggero Mastroianni
Country Italy
Runtime --------
Date 2 May 1974 (Italy)

Alla base del film sono dei colloqui tra sacerdote e penitente che la sceneggiatura estrae dal noto omonimo libro-inchiesta e che la realizzazione mette in scena ambientandoli in chiese e località a volte note e a volte riconoscibili. A questo materiale, naturalmente letterario, il lavoro aggiunge una serie di episodi, costantemente licenziosi, che intenderebbero visualizzare le situazioni e azioni oggetto di accusa sacramentale e di discussione. (Here)

(Italian) Alla base del film sono dei colloqui tra sacerdote e penitente che la sceneggiatura estrae dal noto omonimo libro-inchiesta e che la realizzazione mette in scena ambientandoli in chiese e località a volte note e a volte riconoscibili. A questo materiale, naturalmente letterario, il lavoro aggiunge una serie di episodi, costantemente licenziosi, che intenderebbero visualizzare le situazioni e azioni oggetto di accusa sacramentale e di discussione. Infine, vertendo l'inchiesta esclusivamente sui più comuni problemi del sesso (ad esempio rapporti prematrimoniali, matrimoniali e liberi) la pellicola riporta dichiarazioni dal vivo di quattro esperti: il teologo Carmine Benincasa, lo psicologo Emilio Servadio, il sociologo e sessuologo Luigi De Marchi, la giornalista Patrizia Carrano.(Here)

Se trata de un documental. El tema es la investigación sobre cuestiones comunes, por parte de los profesionales del sexo, con la participación de un teólogo (it:Carmine Benincasa), un psicólogo (Emilio Servadio), una terapeuta sexual (Luigi De Marchi) y una periodista (Patrizia Carrano). Las conversaciones entre un sacerdote y una penitente ofrecen pistas de los distintos argumentos.(Here)

Noiosa carrellata di finte confessioni di argomento sessuale. (Here)

本站简译: 这是一部记录片.电影以神父和性问题忏悔者之间的谈话为基础,并对被调查的最常见的性问题(如婚前性行为,婚姻和自由)由四位专家(神学家,心理学家,社会学家和性学家)进行评论和讨论
NA-7415  Spasmo / The Death Dealer (Umberto Lenzi) / 死亡经销商
Stars Robert Hoffmann
Suzy Kendall
Ivan Rassimo
Country Italy
Runtime 94 min
Date Italy 16 February 1974
  Christian (Robert Hoffman) and his girlfriend are taking a walk on a deserted beach when they discover a woman's body lying. A closer look proves that she's alive. The next day Christian meets her again at a yacht party and they fall in love. Later at a nearby motel, something weird happens as they prepare to go to bed together: An intruder breaks in and starts beating Christian who accidentally shoots him with his own gun. A few hours later they find out that the corpse is missing and a series of weird incidents takes place.. (Here)
本站简译: 克里斯汀(罗伯特霍夫曼)和他的女朋友在一片荒芜的海滩上散步,他们发现一具女尸躺在那里。再仔细一看,证明她还活着。第二天,克里斯汀在游艇派对中再次和他的女朋友会面并坠入爱河。后来在附近的汽车旅馆,在他们准备一起睡觉时,怪异的事情发生:一个入侵者闯入房间,并开始殴打克里斯汀,并且意外地用他自己的枪射中他自己。几个小时后,他们发现尸体失踪了,一系列怪异的事件接连发生......
NA-7416  Spazio 1999 - tv - (Lee H. Katzin) / 空间 1999)
Stars Martin Landau
Barbara Bain
Nick Tate
Country UK | Italy
Runtime 48 min (48 episodes)
Date 5 September 1975 (USA)
Year: 1978 | 1977 | 1976 | 1975 (See all 48 Episodes)

The crew of Moonbase Alpha must struggle to survive when a massive explosion throws the Moon from orbit into deep space.

In 1999, Moonbase Alpha, nestled in the Lunar crater Plato, is a scientific research colony and watchdog over silos of atomic waste from Earth stored on the Moon's far side. On September 13, 1999, magnetic energy builds to cause an explosive chain-reaction of the waste, blasting the Moon out of Earth orbit and off the plane of the ecliptic, out of the Solar System. The inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha are unable to return to Earth and must survive on their wandering Moon as it is displaced further into unknown space by freak space warps. Along the way, they are joined by an alien woman with the ability to change herself into any living creature at will (Here)

Note: IMDB: Series Directed by
Charles Crichton (14 episodes, 1975-1976)
Ray Austin (9 episodes, 1975-1976)
Tom Clegg (5 episodes, 1976-1978)
David Tomblin (4 episodes, 1975-1976)
Bob Kellett (3 episodes, 1975-1976)
Val Guest (3 episodes, 1976-1977)
Lee H. Katzin (2 episodes, 1975)
Bob Brooks (2 episodes, 1976-1977)
Peter Medak (2 episodes, 1976-1977)
Kevin Connor (2 episodes, 1976)
Robert Lynn (2 episodes, 1976)

Note: total 3 composers in the TV series, According to IMDB data, there ar 3 composers in the series TV: They are Barry Gray (24 episodes, 1975-1976), Derek Wadsworth (24 episodes, 1976-1978), Ennio Morricone (unknown episodes). Ennio Morricone only is one of them. His work in Season 1, Episode 1: Breakaway and Season 1, Episode 10: Black Sun dericted by Lee H. Katzin. But we only looked 2 composer's name-Barry Gray and Vic Elms (Associate) in the 2 season video (Below images) . It maybe 2 cause: 1-Morricone only participate in one or few soundtrack; 2-This still controversial. See our addded page or here please.

本站简译: 在1999年,在月球基地生活的阿尔法队员,舒适地生活在建在月球洼地的科学试验室里,并负责监护储存着来自地球的核废料的地窖.9月13日,由于磁能的作用,引起了核废料发生了连锁爆炸.巨大的爆炸波使月球脱离了地球轨道和黄道平面,并进一步脱离了太阳系.阿尔法队员已经无法返回地球.由于一个不明的怪异弯曲空间力的作用,他们将进一步流离失所.......

编者注: 编者注: 这是一部自1975-1978年播出的有关人类探月幻想的电视连续剧,先后共有三位音乐家为其谱曲.根据IMDB的资料,先后共有三位音乐家为其谱曲.他们是Barry Gray (24 episodes, 1975-1976), Derek Wadsworth (24 episodes, 1976-1978), Ennio Morricone (unknown episodes)。莫里康内只是其中之一,他是在1975年由李 凯金(Lee H. Katzin)导演的Season 1/10 : Breakaway 和Season 10/10: Black Sun 两集中参加谱曲的.但我们在这两集视频的演职员表作曲家中仅见到了Barry Gray和Vic Elms(合作),并未见到Ennio Morricone的名字。(见下图)这有两种可能:一是莫里康内仅参与了其中某一个或几个乐曲:二是对此尚存在争议。详情见这里或这里 .详情见本站附页这里

Season 1/10 : Breakaway 51‘53“/52’59”
Season 10/10: Black Sun 49'42"/50'04"
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