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From a Italy friend (Musician) PAS' email

I have received an email sent by Italian friend PAS on January 23, 2017. He wrote:"“I wanna suggest this live version at EBS TV KOREA of Pasquale Stafano on piano and Gianni Iorio on bandoneon of Ennio Morricone's compositions. Please check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt3yMDPi4n0"
I open the video by way of VPN, see the video, its title is Once upon a time in America-Nuovo Cinema Paradiso-Ennio Morricone-P. Stafano & G. lorio
Once upon a time in America-Nuovo Cinema Paradiso-Ennio Morricone-P. Stafano & G. Iorio
Once upon a time in America-Nuovo Cinema Paradiso-Ennio Morricone-P. Stafano & G. Iorio
P. Stafano & G. Iorio

In order to facilitate the sharing of domestic fans, I have uploaded this video to Youku website (06'33 ")

Piano - Bandoneon duo - Morricone-Once upon a time in America-Nuovo Cinema Paradiso ( Youku website 06'33 ")

In this video, the accordion caught my attention, because I liked to play the accordion from a young age, so I was interested in it. I think it is a bit like the Bayan that is popular in Russia, but not too like. Because its main keyboard is vertical
Pasquale Stafano piano; Gianni Iorio bandoneon
I see that notes below that vodeo: "Pasquale Stafano piano; Gianni Iorio bandoneon". I go to search the "bandoneon", there is an explanantion in the WIKI: "The bandoneon (or bandonionSpanishbandoneón) is a type of concertina particularly popular in ArgentinaUruguay, and Lithuania. It is an essential instrument in most tango ensembles from the traditional orquesta típica of the 1910s onwards, and in folk music ensembles of Lithuania."
The bandoneon (or bandonion)
I suddenly think of a web page's scene in the 1972 film "Il maestro e margherita" edited by me: The master denounced the bureaucrats of the writers' association In a party at a club, he was rejected, and then left the club bitterly. A Russian folk song played by an accordion appeared at this time. That accordion player performs very well. (The video is in 006-00:48:30-00:51:36 in that web page or this video web site)
"Il maestro e margherita
But I'm a little confused, because it's very long when it is pull opened. I find this video, and re-observe carefully. I finally figured it out: It do is bandoneon and not Bayan!
"Il maestro e margherita
In the video provided by friend PAS, this bandoneon's tone is very beautiful. When it is accompaniment for the piano, that kind of background sound like organ is very mellow; when it is a lead role, its sound is constantly changing, sometimes like a flute, sometimes like a black tube, sometimes like a trumpet, an instrument to play a lot of roles, making the two-person band become very rich and colorful, fascinating. The piano is very accurate and appropriate, sometimes it is very gentle, sometimes sonorous and forceful. It is very perfect match between the two.
This suite music from two of the most famous, and is also the most familiar to ordinary people film "Once upon a time in America" and "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" what composed by Ennio Morricone. Its theme is to call to the audience for the memories of their childhood. Although the plot of the 2 films is very different, but they are closely linked to the main line of human, especially in middle-age and old people's inherent nostalgia. Modernist are the inherent homeless people"Go Back Homeis the deepest demand of the modernist as the nostalgia to his death. The works of Morricone take this emotion into an immortal melody, two luthiers play the literal symbol and deduction into a shock wave one and another one, to touch people's visual and auditory nerve, causing endless memories and resonance. Just look at the faces and unconscious movements of the audience under the stage, you can know the show was a great success.
According to the links in the web site, I go to see the two performers, Stafano and Lorio's personal homepage, can see that they have a long-term cooperation and released a lot of works
Pasquale Stafano and Pianist, Composer, Arranger

Then I opened the pianist' website, Pasquale Stafano and Pianist, Composer, Arranger in the home page and other words impressively in the eyes. The text of the side describes the pianist's recent activities, including performances and tours in korea.

Pasquale Stafano and Pianist, Composer, Arranger
Pasquale Stafano and Pianist, Composer, Arranger
Pasquale Stafano and Pianist, Composer, Arranger
Next we also can see the musician's resume, the concert record, the music album and so on. The following is a summary of its content:

About Me: pianist, composer and arranger born on December 1972, he graduated in Classical Piano in 1994 and in Jazz in 2000 at "Umberto Giordano" Music Conservatory in Foggia (Italy). He has also a Degree in Economy with Marketing specialization, at University of Foggia in 2004.

He attended the "Specialization Jazz Course” “CPM” Siena Jazz” held by the pianist Mauro Grossi and the jazz combo class held by Marco Tamburini in 1996, and "Pescara Jazz Master Class” held by the pianist and composer Brandon McCune, teacher of Columbia Jazz School of Chicago in 1999. He participated at several national and international competitions, of contemporary, chamber music and jazz music, achieving always first prizes.

Collaborations: He collaborates with some of the best contemporary jazz musicians among which Javier Girotto, Gabriele Mirabassi, Fabrizio Bosso, Valtinho Anastacio, Max Ionata, Gustavo Toker, Roberto Ottaviano, Koki e Pajarin Saavedra, Michele Rabbia, Kiwha Lee, Yeahwon Shin.
He also collaborated with the Italian very famous actors Michele Placido and Giorgio Albertazzi and with Magna Grecia Orchestra, U. Giordano Orchestra and Orchestra Tipica Alfredo Marcucci of Turin.


With his many musical projects he currently performs all around the world in some of the main Theaters, Festivals and Jazz Clubs like: Paesiello in Lecce (Italy), Abeliano in Bari (Italy), Giordano in Foggia (Italy), Eliseo in Rome (Italy), Regio in Turin (Italy), Lauro Rossi in Macerata (Italy), Nymphenburg Castle in Munchen (Germany), Duc Des Lombardes in Paris (France), La Palma and Alexander Platz in Rome (Italy), Ferrara Jazz Club (Italy), Folk Club in Turin (Italy), Maison Musique in Rivoli (Italy), Chorus in Lausanne (Switzerland), La Spirale in Friburg (Switzerland), Porgy & Bess in Vienna (Austria), Treibhaus in Innsbruk (Austria), BP Club In Zagreb (Croatia), Panic Jazz Club in Marostica (Italy), Dusseldorfer Jazz Rally in Dusseldorf (Germany), Jazznastarowce in Warsaw (Poland), Beat Onto Jazz in Bitonto (Italy), Tam Jazz in Pedaso (Italy), Bolzano Jazz & Other (Italy), Bucarest Music Festival (Romania), Fivizzano International Festival (Italy), Macerata Jazz Festival (Italy), Groznjian Jazz Festival (Croatia), Cracjazz Jazz Festival (Poland), Gipfel du Jazz in Freiburg (Germany), Gulf Jazz Festival in Dubai (Arab United Emirates), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Manama (Bahrein), Emmas Festival in Olbia (Italy), Villa Celimontana in Rome (Italy), Musica sulle Bocche in Santa Teresa di Gallura (Italy), in Noc Jazzu in Krakow (Poland), Jazz au Chellah in Rabat (Morocco), Jarasum International Jazz Festival in Gapyenong (South Korea), Changwoo World Music Festival in Seoul (South Korea), Banjul Music in Seoul (South Korea), Blue Note in Seoul (South Korea), All That Jazz in Seoul, Cheng-Kung Hall in Tainan (Taiwan), Eslite Performance Hall in Taipei (Taiwan), Guri Art Hall in Guri (South Korea), Kous Concert Hall in Seoul (South Korea), Beishan International Jazz Festival in Zhuhai (China), Hong Kong Jazz Festival, Haeundae International Jazz Festival in Busan (South Korea), Artbridge in Daejeon (South Korea), Daegu Culture Center in Daegu (South Korea), Akordeono Festivalis Vilnius in Vilnius (Lithuania), Auditorium Umberto Agnelli IIC Tokyo (Japan), Gates'7 in Fukouka (Japan), Baecham Art Hall in Seoul (South Korea), Busan Sea Real Music Festival in Busan (South Korea), Artfactory in Daejeon (South Korea), Ulsan Jazz Festival in Ulsan (South Korea) Norodowa Orkiestra Symfoniczna Polskiego Radia Katowice (Poland), Juillet Musical de saint Hubert (Belgium), Letni Festiwal Jazzowy Krakow (Poland) and many others.

Teaching and other activities: .........

Main musical projects:
Nuevo Tango Ensamble;
Pasquale Stafano & Gianni Iorio;
Pasquale Stafano jazz trio;
Pasquale Stafano trio feat. Yeahwon Shin;
Pasquale Stafano East-West Quintet with musicians from Taiwan.


It can be seen that this is a very young, active musician. As Ennio Morricone who at the age of thirty or forty began to enter the peak of his caree, this 45 year old musician is sure to burst out even more bright In his future life. We wish him to create and produce more and better works, and also hope him that In the process of interpreting Morricone's works, more to show his musical talent!

February 5,2017
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