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13 years of association with Didier Thunus

Didier Thunus is an old friend. start from 2007, it will be the 13th year forour friendship
Our website was founded in 2003. At that time, the Chinese (including the Internet) knew very little about Ennio Morricone. My first webmaster's handwriting recorded the situation at that time. At that time, we searched Ennio Morricone in Google or Baidu, its results were very little . Our old friend Sherry raised his arms on the forum and shouted, "Have any friends who like Morricone here?" Only there are few respondents
In order to learn more about Morricone, I began to Face the West. In order to find out the origin and development of "chimai" music that many fans often ask, in August 2007, I tried to send an email to Thunus Didier, the webmaster of that famous Belgian website with Morricone theme (interestingly, that website is also called "CHIMAI", and it was built at the same year as us). I got a reply soon, and then he sent an email again to add new contents changes. It made me fully feel his enthusiasm and seriousness (See here). Our friendship began from then on
Since then, I have often looked up relevant information on his website. After carefully browsing many web pages, I gradually feel that his website is almost an encyclopedia about Morricone, from music to movies, from hundreds of thousands of tracks to thousands of albums, from detailed introductions about the content, background, relevance, anecdotes etc. of the works to serious answers to visitors' questions, which is almost all inclusive. In 2012, when Didier knew that I was going to edit the third edition of the chronology, he gave me the latest chronology materials that he had spent a lot of energy to write carefully, which helped me a lot
In the years that followed, I often asked him many difficult questions, and he went to great lengths to explain and answer, until I fully understood them. Example: 2016 on the soundtrack to the movie "Flatlandia"
In 2012, I decided to edit and publish "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" and asked him to write a special article for me. He generously promised and to write a rich and moving manuscript in his busy professional work and limited spare time, and soon sent it to me. He gave a detailed introduction to the real process for following Ennio Morricone since he was a teenager, and his real experience with many unique ideas of Morricone's work. Since then, he do has shown his own desire to compose music independently, and in the next few years, he has put it into practice and achieved admirable results
Below: after the English version of "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" was published, he took the initiative to promote it for us on his website
Below: The first CD created and officially released by him (as EverKent) in 2016 - "Bridge of illusions"
"Bridge of Illusions" (幻想之桥)
Below: in 2019, he alone completed the work of re-score, performing and full sound synchronous for the 1922 silent film "Nosferatu" (see this page for details)
Didier Thunus
At the end of 2012, he sent an email to tell me that he had decided to take over the Dutch paper magazine MSV with Ennio Morricone theme, which was about to be closed. He warmly invited me to write for the first issue of the new magazine, and I was very happy to accept his invitation. In order to let the global fans know about the situation of Chinese fans, I chose the title: "Ennio Morricone and China". But my English is very poor, because it is only a little knowledge accumulated by self-study since I was 40 years old. I really feel inadequate to publish it in such a magazine for global fans to read. However, he promised to make careful revise for me. Soon after I sent him the manuscript, I was moved by his carefulness and patience in the emails and revised manuscripts he sent back. Here are 2 screenshots (revised WORD manuscript, PDF e-magazine finally released)
Below is the PDF screenshot of the second issue of MAESTRO
In contact with each other, I expressed to him my disappointing and doubts about Ennio Morricone's official website, and he felt the similiar. With his support, I published a critical article in the eighth issue of MAESTRO in 2015 under the title of "Disappointed and puzzled by Morricone's official website - criticism and expectation from Chinese fans"
13 years passed by. I am already an old man and he also has stepped from young to middle age. Although we haven't met each other, we have at least more 400 e-mails, and I can receive the latest published and free download information of "MAESTRO" from CHIMIA website every year for 8 years. In each issue, he and Patrick Bouster wrote their own articles. From my own experience in editing webpages and books, I can see that it is a time-consuming and laborious thing, it is difficult for people who lack faith and endurance to persist in it for a long time. Through that e-magazine after another, I seem to see that at the other end of the world, in another social environment, there are also people, money is no longer the main goal of their lives, they are quietly, affectionately, selflessly, doing those things what they like and society needs, I understand them, I admire them. Didier Tunus, keep working hard to spread the good things for those who we know or don't know !


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