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A movie with Morricone's music
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A fistful of dollars
A fistful of dollars
About the movie from IMDB
Director:Sergio Leone
Writers:A. Bonzzoni (story) &
Víctor Andrés Catena (story) ...
Release Date:18 January 1967 (USA) more
Genre:Action / Western more
Tagline:This short cigar belongs to a man with no name. This long gun belongs to a man with no name. This poncho belongs to a man with no name. He's going to trigger a whole new style in adventure. more
Plot Outline:A wandering gunfighter plays two rival families against each other in a town torn apart by greed, pride, and revenge. more
Plot Synopsis:View full synopsis. (warning! may contain spoilers)
Plot Keywords:Burning House / Woman Shot / Good Versus Evil / Trilogy / Animal Cruelty more
Awards:1 win more
Additional Details
Also Known As:A Fistful of Dollars (USA)
Für eine Handvoll Dollar (West Germany)
Fistful of Dollars (UK)
For a Fistfull of Dollars (UK)
Magnifico straniero, Il (Italy) (working title)
Nur einer bleibt zurück (West Germany) (working title)
Por un pu?ado de dólares (Spain)
Parents Guide:View content advisory for parents
Runtime:99 min
Country:Italy / Spain / West Germany
Color:Color (Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio:2.35 : 1 more
Sound Mix:Mono (Western Electric Sound System)
Synopsis for Per un pugno di dollari (1964)

A lone gunfighter, the man with no name, rides into town on his old mule. He's the cold eyed loner with a clouded past and a cigar hanging out of his mouth. He's as fast as the devil with a gun and damn cynical about life.

But this isn't the ideal town to ride into. Two rival families are against each other in a cut throat war. The one is led by their powerful mother mostly and the other by a blood thirsty criminal, Ramón, who has kidnapped a local man's beautiful wife, Marisol.

The only man who is willing, and not even he's that keen at first, to help "Joe" or the man with no name, is the local inn keeper. But he warns "Joe" that there's only one thing that's worth anything in this town, and it's money. The most thriving job in town is the undertaker's and if you know what's good for you, you'll skip town before he knows your measurements.

But "Joe" ain't dumb. He plays the two families off against each other and earns a whole lost of cash doing it.

He makes a mistake by wiping out a whole hacienda of Ramón's gang and helping the family and the captive woman, escape over the border. Ramón soon grows wise to him and beats him to a pulp, and burns the house of the rival family's down.

"Joe" barely survives with the help of the undertaker who takes him off in a coffin.

In an unknown and abandoned gold mine, "Joe" recovers and gets his thirst back, ready to collect his debt and take out his dear ex-employer, Ramón.

The dust swirls, the vultures circle overhead and the sun is hot enough to set the horizon ablaze, as "Joe" strides back into town. The inn keeper is hanging from a signpost after being repeatedly beaten by Ramón's gang, and "Joe" doesn't like this much.

When Ramón shoots "Joe" with his trusty rifle he's sure that the steely eyed stranger is dead. But "Joe" gets up and reveals he has a sheet of metal under his poncho and a gun pointing at Ramón. He single handedly takes out all the crooks and saves the inn keeper.

The townfolk emerge from their houses, amazed at what just happened. "Joe" tells his pal that the town will be okay now.

And once again the man with no name rides off into the desert, in search of yet another town to make a buck in or a fistful that is... (See here)

An anecdote about Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone
In 1964, when Sergio Leone makes his first Spaghetti Westerns film "A fistful of dollars", for the sake of make it likes an American film and the audiences would like spend money to buy the ticket, Sergio Leone used a stage name (Bob Robertson), Ennio Morricone also used a stage name ( Dan Savio), only the American Clint Eastwood used his original name..... (From here)
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