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An open letter to the official website of Ennio Morricone >>>>>>
Ennio Morricone was awarded the Honorary Oscar on Feb.25,2007
The great master of music for movies ENNIO MORRICONE, he has been the advanced age of 75. He is a most famous great master in the history of movies, we don't know that how many music for movies he has wrote, maybe more 500, there even are his footmark of creation in the movies with any of style almost. When we was infected by his magical music, let us remember this name of great musician - ENNIO MORRICONE...
"Once upon a time in the west" theme music is MORRICONE's representative work, and also is a unequaled masterpiece in movie music in the world. All people - from motion-picture critic to common audience and music-lovers appreciate and discuss this music with gasp in admiration and worship always. Its glamorized timbre, fluent melody and meaningful style brings great affect for the movies of the world........(Select from Mr.Yang-dalin's article)
The Master Ennio Morricone's autograph and reply in March 2006 for our Philippine friend JING (See here)
A select of Morricone's music for try listen
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01-Once upon a time in the west (1968)(Sung by Edda Dell'orso)
02-Once upon a time in revolution (1971)
03-Once upon a time in America (1984)
04-Titoli (A fistful of dollars)(1964)
05-Per qualche Dollaro in piu(For a few dollars more(1965)
06-The good,the bad and the ugly(1966)
07-On earth as it in heaven (The mission) (1986)
08-Chi Mai (The professional(1981)
09-Cinema paradiso (1989)
10-La califa (1970)
11-1900's theme (The legend of 1900)(1998)
12-The man with harmonica (Once upon a time in the west(1968)
13-Cockey's song (Once upon a time in America)(1984)
14-Here's to you(Sacco E Vanzetti-1970)
15-Fur elne handvoll dollar (Theme from A fistful of dollar)(1964)
16-Der aubenseiter (Le marginal)(1983)
17-My name is nobody (Mein name ist nobody-1974)
18-The untouchables (1987)
19-Gabriel's oboe (The Mission)(1986)
20-The first love (Marco polo) (1982)
21-Tarantella in 3rd class (The legend of 1900)(1998)
22-Enduring movement (The legend of 1900) (1998) Score >>>>
23-Magic waltz ("The legend of 1900",composed by Amedo Tommasi ) (1998) Score >>>>
24-Chanson lointaine (Il serpent) (1973)
25-We are one (Orca)(Carol connors)(1977)
26-Last boys calling (The legend of 1900)(1998)
27-Ma L'amore no("Malena",Non-Morricone's music.Song. Italian Tango, Sung by Lina Termini)

28-Cinema paradiso (Sing by Portuguess songstress Dulce Pontes,supplied by Russian young friend Nickita Zakharov)

29-O Amor A Portugal(Sing by Dulce Pontes,supplied by Russian young friend Nickita Zakharov,more into f1006)
30- Moses theme (Moses)(1974)
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After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.(Huxley, Aldous Leonard)
A select of Morricone's music (Following above) for try listen
Music name (Movie name and years)
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Relative page
31-ora a te, poi a me (Anche se volessi lavorare, che faccio -1972)
32-playing love ═he legend of 1900 )(1998) score >>>>
33-Tell me tell me (H.Nohra) (La stagione dei sensi-1969)
34-Nella fantasia(The Mission -1986)
35-you're still you (Malena-2000)
36-The Wild Horde(Mein name ist nobody-1974))
37-tramonto(anche se volessi lavorare, che faccio -1972)
38-Il Vizietto (La Cage Aux Folles-1984)
39-Main Theme from Once Upon a Time in the West(played by Yo Yo-Ma)
40-Main Theme from Marco Polo (played by Yo Yo-Ma)
41-La ballata di Sacco e Vanzetti (Played by Clayderman)
42-Medley - Chi Mai, Intermezzo, Here's To You(Played by Clayderman)
43-Casualties Of War(Casualties of War)(1989)
44-Once upon a time in the west(Disco style DJ Goldstar and Edda Dell’Orso--By Club Amokk Techno)
45-Algiers November 1 1954 (La battaglia di Algeri-1966 )
47-Il Maestro E Margherita(1972)
48- La luz prodigiosa (sung by Dulce Pontes)(2003)
49-La Cena ("La califfa"-1970)
50-The adventurer
51-Bye bye Colonel ( The good,the bad and the ugly 1966 )
52-Io e te ( Metello 1969, Sung by Massimo Ranieri )
53-il quarto stato.mp3 (NOVRCENTO,1976)
54-Thewindth (Le professionnel) (1981)
55-Thewind (Le professionnel) (1981)
56-From American Sex Appeal To The First Fellini(Cinema Paradiso,1989)
57-On the roofs of paris (frantic) (1988)
58-Una Pura formalità (,1994)-Ricordare(Sung by Gerard Depardieu)
59-Galileo (Galileo 1968)
60-Dimenticare Palermo (Dimenticare Palermo 1990)
61-La Ballata di Hank McCain ( Gli Intoccabili / Machine Gun McCain 1968)
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A newest special album (Febrory 2007)
We All Love Ennio Morricone
Provided by Philippine JING
Product Description
Receiving an Honorary Oscar at the 79th Annual Academy Awards for his lifetime achievement, composer Ennio Morricone has made a monumental contribution to more than 500 indelible film and television scores including "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," "The Mission," "Once Upon a Time in America," "The Untouchables," "Cinema Paradiso" and others. To celebrate Maestro Morricone, 16 guest artist that include Andrea Bocelli, Chris Botti, Celine Dion, Ren??e Fleming, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Yo-Yo Ma, Metallica, Quincy Jones, Bruce Springsteen and others join in all-star performances of Maestro Morricone's most memorable music on his new album WE ALL LOVE ENNIO MORRICONE.
Name and performer
Try Listen
1. I Knew I Loved You -- Celine Dion
2. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Quincy Jones featuring Herbie Hancock
3. Once Upon a Time in the West- Bruce Springsteen
4. Conradiana- Andrea Bocelli
5. The Ecstasy of Gold - Metallica
6. Malena - Yo-Yo Ma
7. Come Sail Away - Renée Fleming
8. Gabriel’s Oboe - Ennio Morricone
9. Conmigo – Daniela Mercury featuring Eumir Deodato
10. La Luz Prodigiosa - Dulce Pontes
11. Love Affair- Chris Botti
12. Je Changerais d’Avis - Vanessa and The O’s
13. Lost Boys Calling -Roger Waters
14. The Tropical Variation – Ennio Morricone
15. Could Heaven - Denyce Graves
16. Addio Monti - TaroMonti - Taro Hakase
17. Cinema Paradiso - Ennio Morricone
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