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eng1900-001-3 The special page for German friend Oliver
Oliver sent a new E-mail on March 21,2006, and enclosed 1 photo and 1 music with MIDI format.
Oliver is playing, camera shooting person standing in side is his sister
Oliver is playing, camera shooting person standing in side is his sister
Below is the E-mail:

Here I send to you 1 Photo of me with my sister at the piano and an extended midi-file of "1900's madness #1" with the part that is played by the orchestra.

I will still send a better photo of me sometime.

And here still some background information about me:

I am 25 years old, study in Gottingen and my parents live in Wunstorf near the (Ex-EXPO-City)Hannover.

I am studying English, Law and Music Science and I really enjoy my studies and life in Gottingen.

My favourite composers are Ennio Morricone, Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin, Erik Satie, Edvard Grieg and Claude Debussy.

Whom I dont like so much is Haydn and Telemann. They composed some beautiful pieces but in general I find their music a bit "corny" and "shallow".

Novels which I really enjoyed reading were An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser, Catcher In The Rye by J. Salinger and Jack Kerouac`s On The Road.

Of course, I still have more favourite books.

My mother is from the Phillippines and my father from Germany, so I am a "Eurasian", you may figure that out because of my black hair. In fact, I was already 2 times in the Phillippines. But I would say that I mainly have a "German mentality" although I can get sentimental at times...

By the way, who are your favourite composers and authors? And do you play piano or another instrument? That would interest me.

That's all for now.

Best Regards!


P.S.: I found an excellent free sheet music site for piano: and for free classical mp3s (for example you can download there the complete opera Ring Des Nibelungen from Wagner there!)


Annex--The relative map
German map: 1-Hannover ;2-Gottingen
Niedersachsen map:1-Hannover;2-Wunstorf;3-Gottingen
Annex-2: The reply of the web site
Dear Oliver, It is very glad to receive your new E-mail, MIDI file and your photo with your sister. It is more glad to know you are a "Eurasian". We will have more common language from now on. I 'd like to introduce a Philippines web friend for you, his name is Rodison C. Leonardo or "Jing", he is a very enthusiastic web friend for Morricone's works. About him, you can see here . I have introduced you for him by way of the E-mail (, I hope you will establish friendship between you and him, you could directly send E-mail to him.

The new web page has been done, please see here. Tell me please if it have any not proper.

Thanks a lot for introduce yourself, I think you are a very promising young person, it made me recall my young time. The time passed so fast! I have been 70 old years! My life is in petrochemical industry, so I have not so wide-ranging interest in music and literature as you. But I like accordion very much when young, I like to play the" Wave of the Danube" "Over the waves","Auld lang syne","Edelweiss" and Russian (Former USSR) many songs "Kaqiusha","The night in Moscow's suburban"......they will be forever kept my brain. About piano, I have brought a "Otto Meister" (German brand) piano for me and my wife to practice and amusement after retired(1998), of cause, we only are tyro and beginner and only for aged entertainment.

About the novels, it is not too many I read because the job, but I like very much Frederick Forsyths 'novel of political intrigue(UK), as "The day of the Jackal" (see here ), "The devil's alternative","The Odessa file"....., Former USSR's novel "The Making of Steel"(Pavel Korchagin's autobiography novel) is my favorite novel when young, its theme thought and famous remark have influenced my life (include a few generations contemporary with me of new China)and up to forever.

So, that's all for today, enclosed a photo of me with my wife and grandsons.

Looking forward your new photos and other Aged friend HAN

(p.s. The E-mail will also be published in the web page)
Wish Oliver friend every success in the future and looking forward his new works
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