RFA6401   E la donna creò l'uomo

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E la donna creò l'uomo

The video screenshot  000130 Composer: Morricone

E la donna creò l'uomo

01  Main Info


Camillo Mastrocinque


Thomas Fritsch, Alexandra Stewart, Gino Cervi


Italy, West Germany


February 27, 1964 (West Germany)


1 hour 30 minutes


Ennio Morricone










(original title) ...e la donna creò l'uomo
France Un coeur plein et les poches vides
Italy ...e la donna creò l'uomo
Portugal Coração cheio, bolsos vazios
United States Full Hearts and Empty Pockets
West Germany Volles Herz und leere Taschen


MP4  650M 100'28" Dub DE to EN subtitle Reading Library-R

02 Information
This is a paid video, black and white drama co-produced by Italy and West Germany in 1964. Enino Morricone appeared in the name of Eduardo Morricone in the film. Its theme song and complete soundtrack, both Special skills of playing instruments and the tension and relaxation of melody, show the extraordinary talent of the Maestro and are impressive. The plot of this film is both simple and complex. It is difficult for audiences who do not understand German to understand the twists and turns. This time, we take advantage the opportunity of publishing of《Ennio Morricone Rare Volume》 to use the good English subtitles paid by SONIX website, which provided great convenience for readers. Looking carefully, it is not difficult to see that behind the conventional plot of men and women's love, the director interprets a universal truth, as a folk song sings: "Happiness will not fall from the sky, and No harvest without hard work" (see the screenshot at the end of the film 013921, the words of the coachman who has been watching from the beginning to the end of the film, should be the final expression of the Director)

E la donna creò l'uomo

03 About the film
 Plot1:A young German comes to Rome on vacation and is not slow to win female hearts. When the game become dangerous due to a possible marriage, the young man returns to his homeland (IMDB)

Plot2: Rik, a young German, goes on holiday to Rome. For a while, he has tremendous luck on his side. Not only does he receive an abundance of coins from a weighing machine, but he also wins money from a restaurant when he comes in as the 10,000th customer. Soon his luck changes, but not before he finds true love with a journalist. (See here)

Plot3 :  Un ragazzo tedesco a Roma, per un insieme di circostanze casuali, si trova al centro di eventi più grandi di lui. Ma quando si accorge che sta per essere travolto, torna in Germania, non prima di avere promesso ad una ragazza che tornerà presto per sposarla. (See here

The Stills
 000741  Rik, a young German tourist, is lucky to become the 10000th customer of Italian hotels

E la donna creò l'uomo

002822  Luck kept coming to him, and Rick won the car prize again

E la donna creò l'uomo
005655  In a plot of sex trading, Rick was used as the manager of a real estate development company. He thought it was another lucky god waving to him
E la donna creò l'uomo

010740  A classic trade of power and sex is being staged in the box of two doors of the train

E la donna creò l'uomo

012034  Due to all sorts of accidental mishaps, In the inside plot of real estate, Rick made a big mistake

E la donna creò l'uomo

012941  The storm is coming to Rick, and reporter Laura informs Rick

E la donna creò l'uomo
013907 Rick said to Laura that he wanted to be a new man before returning
E la donna creò l'uomo

04 Music Comment
E la Donna Creò l’Uomo, known in English as Full Hearts and Empty Pockets, is an Italian comedy-drama directed by Camillo Mastrocinque, starring Thomas Fritsch and Alexandra Stewart. The film is incredibly obscure these days; the limited information available online appears to indicate that it’s a film about a man who is blackmailed into taking a promotion at work, and who then becomes corrupted by his own success prior to his eventual downfall. The film’s poster, on the other hand, appears to indicate that it’s about a 6-inch tall man who terrorizes women biting their noses, so what do I know?

Morricone’s score is playful and tune-filled, with a solo violin melody underpinned by lively plucked strings and a whimsical-sounding harpsichord; it eventually gives way to something a little more wistful and introspective, playing the same melody on an electric guitar, but at a slower tempo and with a moody string wash. The soundrack feautres several variations on this main theme done in multiple styles ranging from bossa nova to modern jazz, and one especially interesting one with the intriguing title “Exoticoerotico”!

The best release of the soundtrack is the version which came out in 2005 on the GDM Music label, which pairs around 30 minutes of score from E la Donna Creò l’Uomo with selections of music from the score for the 1965 film Idole Controluce. As you might expect, the main theme from “E la Donna Creò l’Uomo” can also be found on the comprehensive 15-CD compilation Ennio Morricone: The Complete Edition, released by GDM Music in 2008. (See here

05  OST Composed by Morricone





 E La Donna Creo' L'Uomo (Titoli)(03:02)


 Exoticoerotiko (02:14)


 Dawn In The Park (03:15)


 Donnabossa (03:02)


 E La Donna Creo' L'Uomo (01:54)


 Inseguendo Lei (02:01)


 Dolcemente Donna (01:55)


 Sexydonna (02:44)


 Aspettando Lei (02:25)


 Correndo Verso Lei (02:34)


 Donnajazz (02:48)


 E La Donna Creo' L'Uomo (01:48)

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