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000253 Composer Ennio Morricone

122 Rue de Provence
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01 Main Info


Christian Gion


Nicole Calfan, Francis Huster, Jacques François




April 26, 1978 (France)


1 hour 50 minutes


Ennio Morricone










(original title) One, Two, Two: 122, rue de Provence
France One, Two, Two: 122, rue de Provence
Hungary Luxusbordély Párizsban
Spain Madame Petit
United States One Two Two
West Germany Das Freudenhaus in der Rue Provence


MP4  602M 94'47"  Dub FR, EN subtitle Reading Library-R

02 Information
From 1924 to 1946, 122 Provence Avenue was once the most luxurious brothel in Paris. Behind the scenes of swaying glasses and dazzling lights, there are various little-known dirty transactions, which cast a mysterious hue. This movie is based on the autobiography of Fabienne Jamet, the last owner of the brothel. From the Stavisky affair that shook French politics to the early stages of World War II when the French government abandoned Paris and Charles de Gaulle up to resist, most of the plot originated from real life. In order to understand this film with mixed power and sexual transaction, you should have some understanding of French politics back then. Therefore, the following excerpts of relevant materials are for reference only. Morricone's soundtrack for this movie mostly carries classical music, with some of its melodies continuing from the 1976 film 'Rene la Canne', while others can be found in the future soundtrack for 'Paradise Cinema' (FA8802). This movie resource is very rare, it is said that it has never been released on a DVD. All existing videos are transcribed from videotapes. This video was provided after being purchased by a Korean friend Dr. Lee Jinweon. The original video comes with Korean subtitles. At the request of this website, Dr. Li spent a few more days translating Korean into English, providing us with good conditions to appreciate the research. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude here

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References-1 : History and Current Situation of 122

122 Rue de Provence

As you can see from the map below, 122 rue de Provence is not far at all from several of the tourist sights in Paris. But if you happen to pass the building today, although it now houses offices, here’s a fascinating story you can tell your companions.

Back in the day, this building was one of the most opulent brothels in the area.

The establishment, known as One Two Two, opened in 1924. The building had formerly been the private home of a rather grand prince (Napoleon’s brother-in-law in fact) but was ideal for its new role.

With its relatively large number of rooms, many of them could be themed specifically for sexual role play. This even included a couple of torture chambers. And now, most of the businesses in the building are law firms. I’m making no comment.

The One Two Two was host to several well-known patrons in its day, including the rich and famous. The brothel had an attached restaurant and its servers (female staff of course) unsurprisingly wore high heels, small cover-nothing aprons and camellias in their hair. That’s all. And to think that there’ll be lawyers where the camellia girls worked.

Articles about the brothel today usually mention that several Hollywood stars frequented the place ‘to enjoy the restaurant’. This being Paris, i really doubt that the food was the very best the city had to offer though. The camellia girls and the post-prandial activities were much more likely attractions. “Oh, the One Two Two? I absolutely only go there for the restaurant, you know”.

In its heyday, the brothel serviced about 300 clients – often the rich, famous and influential.

The brothel remained open until 1946 and found itself in demand during World War ii as it was frequented by high-ranking German officers needing some relief after the rigours of their day.

The reason for the 1946 closure was governmental. The local authorities in Paris came under increasing pressure to ensure that all such establishments were closed down permanently.

It does make me wonder though how many of the Paris officials were themselves clients of One Two Two.Here

References-2 : History and Current Situation of 122(FR Original) L’hôtel particulier du prince Murat devint en 1924 une maison close, assez rapidement elle comptera 22 chambres (le grenier à foin, la chambre de torture, la chambre égyptienne, le wagon de l’Orient Express, etc…. On y pratiquait un voyage autour du monde des plaisirs érotiques. Les femmes étaient superbes et le restaurant excellent. On y recevait les célébrités du moment et il fallait y être vu. Ce fut avec le Chabanais et le Sphinx l’un des établissements les plus luxueux et les plus célèbres de son temps : en 1938 : 60 filles, 300 visiteurs et 150 bouteilles de Champagne par jour. Réquisitionné pour les officiers allemands, il devient un lieu de délassement pour la gestapo et les collaborateurs. En 1946 l’immeuble sera vendu au Syndicat Patronal des Cuirs et Peaux de France, le mobilier est mis aux enchères. L’immeuble est assez banal, il ne reste rien de l’établissement qui recevait avant guerre la fine fleur de la société française et internationale (Here)
(EN-Online translation) In 1924, Prince Murat's private mansion became a brothel, and soon there were 22 guest rooms (hay loft, torture room, Egypt room, Orient Express, etc.). There, we practiced a journey through the world of erotic fun. The women were great, and the restaurant was also great. It received celebrities at that time. Along with Le Chabanais and Le Sphinx, this was one of the most luxurious and famous institutions at the time: 1938: 60 girls, 300 tourists, 150 bottles of champagne per day. It was requisitioned for German officers and became a resting place for the Gestapo and its collaborators. In 1946, the building was sold to the French Leather Association and the furniture was auctioned off. This building is quite ordinary. The institutions that accepted the essence of France and the international community before the war left nothing. (Here)

References-3 : History and Current Situation of 122 The One-Two-Two was one of the most luxurious and illustrious brothels of Paris in the 1930s and 1940s. The name was taken from the address, 122 Rue de Provence, 8th arrondissement of Paris. The numbers were translated into English to ensure that foreign tourists would be able to find the brothel and as a password for French people. Opened in 1924, the "One-Two-Two" closed its doors in 1946 when the Marthe Richard law prohibited brothels in France. The building is now used for business and law offices.

Origins of One-Two-Two: The One-Two-Two was opened in 1924 by Marcel Jamet and his first wife Fernande, who called herself Doriane. She had formerly worked in another brothel in Paris, Le Chabanais. Doriane, through her husband, acquired 122 Rue de Provence. Initially she only employed three women. Originally, the building had three floors and was the former private mansion of Prince Joachim Murat. A fourth floor was added by Marcel Jamet in 1933. It was later increased to seven imposing floors. There were white shutters which were always closed. Doriane left the One-Two-Two to marry a rich diplomat in 1939. She was replaced by Georgette Pélagie, known as Fabienne, a young woman who became sub-mistress at the age of 21 years. Marcel Jamet married her in 1942 and hosted an extraordinary feast for the 56 distinguished guests, who consumed 34 magnums of champagne and 176 bottles.
Fabienne went on to write a book about the One-Two-Two in 1975. (More see WIKI)

References-4 : History and Current Situation of 122  The Stavisky affair was a financial scandal in France in 1934, involving embezzler Alexandre Stavisky. The scandal had political ramifications for the Radical Socialist moderate government of the time when it was revealed that Prime Minister Camille Chautemps had protected Stavisky, who died suddenly in mysterious circumstances. Political rightists engaged in large anti-government demonstrations on 6 February 1934, resulting in Paris police firing upon and killing fifteen demonstrators. A right-wing coup d'état seemed like a possibility at the time, but historians agree that the multiple rightist forces were uncoordinated and not trying to overthrow the government. (WIKI)

122 Rue de Provence

03  About the film

Plot 1: The everyday life and habits of a famous brothel in Paris. (IMDB
Plot 2: In 1935, two young people depart from Lyon. He works in politics, she works in luxury prostitution...(Here
Plot 3: (FR Original)Le "One Two Two" fut, jusqu'à la Libération, l'une des plus célébres "maisons closes" de Paris. Alors qu'en ce début 1934 éclate l'affaire Stavisky et que monte le mécontentement qui débouchera sur le Front Populaire, une jeune prostituée marseillaise arrive dans la capitale. Dans une gare immobilisée par la grève, Fabienne (Nicole Calfan) rencontre Paul Lardenois (Francis Huster) qui voyageait dans le meme train. Si l'ambition de Fabienne est d'entrer au "One Two Two" celle de Paul est de s'introduire dans le monde politique parisien. Il y parviendra grace au député Bouillaud-Crevel (Jacques François) qu'il rencontrera d'ailleurs au "One Two Two" en meme temps qu'il y retrouve la voyageuse de la gare de Lyon. Dès lors Fabienne et Paul vont, parallèlement, gravir les échelons de la réussite sociale, chacun à sa manière et au sein de deux mondes différents - celui de la prostitution et celui de la politique - mais fort proches. La petite "gagneuse" de province finira par recevoir, en maitresse des lieux, le beau et brillant jeune député Paul Lardenois. Mais le grondement de la guerre séparera définitivement Fabienne, qui pense déja à sa future clientèle allemande, et Paul, séduit par l'appel de Londres. (Here)

(EN Online translation) Before liberation, "One, Two, Two" was one of the most famous "brothels" in Paris. In early 1934, the Stavisky incident broke out, causing high levels of dissatisfaction, leading to the arrival of a young Marseille prostitute in the capital by the People's Front. At a station that was impassable due to a strike, Fabian (played by Nicole Calfan) met Paul Radnova (played by Francis Hester), who was on the same train. If Fabian's ambition is to enter "one or two", Paul's ambition is to enter the political world of Paris. This is thanks to Vice President Jacques Fran ç ois, who will meet travelers at the Lyon train station on 'One, Two, Two'. From then on, Fabian and Paul will simultaneously climb the ladder of social success, each in their own way, in two different worlds - prostitution and politics - but very close. The small 'winners' in the province will eventually receive the beautiful and outstanding young councilor Paul Lardenois. But the roar of war will eventually separate Fabian and Paul, who are already considering her future German clients and Paul is attracted by London's call. (Here)
Plot 4: Romance takes a back seat to drama in this movie depicting life at the once-fashionable Parisian bordello known by its address 122 Rue de Provence. Patronized by the wealthy and powerful, this elegant house of prostitution featured a top-ranked restaurant and specialized rooms for men with unusual tastes: a railroad carriage room, a stable room, etc. In the story, two young people “on the make” bump into each other as they are arriving in the same rail station. Though attracted to one another, they are deliberately vague about their destinations. He is headed for a diplomatic career, she is an ambitious young prostitute who wants to work at the best house in France. Later, they meet at 122 Rue de Provence. (Here)


Film scene
000306  Two young men and women with different dreams, Fabian and Paul, arrived in Paris on the same train

122 Rue de Provence

000550 Paris is on strike. Paul helped Fabian find a carriage to go to 122 Provence Street

122 Rue de Provence

000753 Fabian received a cold reception after entering the door

122 Rue de Provence

000937 After some examination, Dorian agreed to accept Fabian

122 Rue de Provence

001325  Behind the scenes transactions in Room 122 are currently underway

122 Rue de Provence

001430 Paul went to the city government to meet with Chief Buyo and was turned off

122 Rue de Provence

002111 Paul's second request to see him still did not meet his wish. He had a brainwave and followed the officer's car to see him enter 122

122 Rue de Provence

002851 Paul followed in, and through Fabian, he finally met the officer and revealed important information to him

122 Rue de Provence

003210 A political scandal is about to be exposed, and the officer held a secret meeting on the train to discuss countermeasures

122 Rue de Provence

003443 Paul entered the officialdom as he wished

122 Rue de Provence
004248  This historical affair of collusion between French officials and businesses in 1933 ended with the main culprit committing suicide
122 Rue de Provence
004257 Paul was awarded and promoted for his meritorious service
122 Rue de Provence

010012 Paul gradually up as a senator and married Chief Buyo's daughter

122 Rue de Provence

010842  Fabian led a prostitute strike to victory. The boss decided to marry her and take charge of 122

122 Rue de Provence
122 Rue de Provence

012124 In 1939, the Soviet Union and Germany signed a peace treaty, causing chaos in French politics

122 Rue de Provence

012240  The general situation is over, Paul is precarious, and his official career is at a loss

122 Rue de Provence
122 Rue de Provence

012602  122 is also turbulent and at a loss

122 Rue de Provence
122 Rue de Provence
122 Rue de Provence

04  Music Comment
…. It is in a more classical vein that Morricone would write the other score presented on this album. One, Two, Two: 122, rue de Provence is adapted from the autobiography of Fabienne Jamet. It recounts the story of Paul and Fabienne (Francis Huster and Nicole Calfan), two people from the provinces who move to Paris, the one to launch a career in politics, the other to open a high-class bordello.
The main theme represents the roots of what was to later become that of Cinema Paradiso (Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988), both in terms of the writing, particularly poignant as it is, and orchestration (strings, piano, saxophone). Morricone made the choice of a sophisticated music, but also one that is nostalgic, following the example of the piano/harp dialogue or violin solos that we hear all through the score.

Newly mastered by Claudio Fuiano from the original master tapes, courtesy of Sugar Music and EMI, this new reissue contains the same LP/CD record programs for both films. As the two previous CD releases have been out of print for several years by now, we are very pleased to reissue these two classic film scores from his French period. Throughout the two films, Morricone has brought two different timbres – both however very personalized – to the “retro” cinema of the 1970s (Here

05  OST (By Ennio Morricone)





One two two


Encore loin


Premiere experience


One two two


122 Rue de Provence


Photo indiscrete


Sonate interrompue


Encore loin


Au premier etage


Melodie populaire


One two two


Au Deauville

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