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Collection of doubted points in the third edition filmography
Film Name
Simple Explanation
Le Pillole di Ercole (Luciano Salce) Morricone music was rejected Composer Ennio Morricone, score rejected by producer; Armando Trovajoli replaced Ennio Morricone (CHIMAI)
Verrò (short film) It has been deleted in 2015 third edition chronology, but it still in the official web site It's Morrione, not Morricone
Vicino al ciel (short film)
The Bible / Bible... In The Beginning (John Houston) Morricone music was rejected Original Music by Toshiro Mayuzumi (musical score); Ennio Morricone (uncredited) (IMDB); Composer: Toshiro Mayuzumi (replaced Ennio Morricone); Ennio Morricone (unused) (ChiMai)
Agente 077: Missione Bloody Mary/ Ian Fleming's Goldfinger (Directed by Sergio Grieco /as Terence Hathaway) Not included in the IMDB formal filmography IMDB show Directed by Sergio Grieco; Original Music by Angelo Francesco, Lavagnino. Only inn Sountrack colume: Agente 077 missione Bloody Mary (writer "Bloody Mary") CHIMAI soundtrack: Composer(s): Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, Ennio Morricone (main theme) .In the cast list (Film 0'54") also have similsr display
Ragazza del Charleston / Arabella / Bad Arabella (Mauro Bolognini) Never released the album or compilation  
La Femme écarlate ( Jean Valère) Morricone music was rejected Composer: Michel Colombier; Ennio Morricone (apparently rejected) (ChiMai) (CHIMAI); Music by Michel Colombier (IMDB)
Chuncho, quien sabe?, El / A Bullet for the General (Damiano Damiani) Morricone only as music supervisor , but most people admit that it is Morricone's work. So here included in TU Composer: Luis Bacalov; Ennio Morricone-music supervisor (ChiMai); Music by Luis Bacalov (musical score); Music Department: Ennio Morricone-music supervisor; Bruno Nicolai- conductor (uncredited) (IMDB
Labbra di lurido blu (Giulio Petroni) Never released the album or compilation Never released the album or compilation
Le Ricain / The Man from Chicago (Sohban Kologlu, Jean Marie, Pallardy) Its theme used Morricone stock music, But never released the album or compilation. Composer: Ennio Morricone (1 original theme + existing music); Bruno Nicolai (existing music); Luis Bacalov (existing music) (ChiMai), (CHIMAI); Music by Ennio Morricone (IMDB) Never released the album or compilation
Alla scoperta dell'America / The Discovery of America - tv - (Sergio Giordani) There is dispute for the released year IMDB shows 1964, no director and composer info; ChiMai shows 1977 (See a note in the bottom)
Dietro il processo - Episodes: Il caso Pasolini, Il caso Montesi (Franco Biancacci)
No the film and director info in IMDB
La Luna / Luna (Bernardo Bertolucci) Never released the album or compilation (Only 4 used music in the ChiMai Composer: Giuseppe Verdi, Ennio Morricone, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (ChiMai), (CHIMAI) Never released the album or compilation (Only 4 Reused Tracks in ChiMai)
Il pianeta d'acqua - tv documentary - (Carlo Alberto Pinelli) No the film in IMDB See ChiMai and Japan website.No the film in IMDB
Don't kill God (Jacqueline Manzano) No the film in IMDB , and Never released the album or compilation (Only 1 track in ChiMai Composer Ennio Morricone (ChiMai) (CHIMAI). Unreleased score (Comment); No the film in IMDB.But can see 01, 02, 03. Never released the album or compilation (Only 1 Track in ChiMai)
La Bibbia: Abramo - tv / The Bible: Abraham (Joseph Sargent) IMDB 2010 info is difference with 2015 info.2015 shows the composer only is Marco Frisina Composer: Ennio Morricone; Marco Frisina (ChiMai), (CHIMAI); Original Music by Marco Frisina, Ennio Morricone (2010-IMDB) Series Music by Marco Frisina (2015-IMDB)
Con rabbia e con amore (Alfredo Angeli) Never released the album or compilation Miscellaneous Contributions; Composer Ennio Morricone (from Il diavolo nel cervello) (ChiMai), (CHIMAI) , Never released the album or compilation
Marianna Ucria / La Lunga vita di Marianna Ucrìa (Roberto Faenza) Morricone music was rejected Composer: Franco Piersanti; Ennio Morricone (score rejected) (ChiMai), (CHIMAI); Music by Franco Piersanti (IMDB)
The Life and death of Richard III ( André Calmettes, James Keane) / Richard III (Neue Musik für einen Stummfilm-André Calmettes, James Keane) No Morricone info in IMDB Composer Ennio Morricone in 1997 (ChiMai); Sound Mix: Silent-No composer (IMDB)
What dreams may come / Al di là dei sogn (Vincent Ward) Morricone music was rejected Composer: Ennio Morricone (Rejected); Michael Kamen (Replaced Ennio Morricone); Alfred Shnitke (uncredited) (ChiMai), (CHIMAI); Original Music by Michael Kamen (IMDB); "Composer(s):Michael Kamen; Ennio Morricone (rejected) (soundtrack)(FilmScore);
Morte di una ragazza perbene (Luigi ) Only the official web site have the film. and never released the album or compilation

No the film in ChiMai.. IMDB and Japan site: Original Music by Pino Donaggio,

Same name film
TA7102 1870 / Correva l'anno di grazia 1870 (film) / Tre donne - tv version - (Alfredo Giannetti) ChiMai Were listed 2 films as Correva l'anno di grazia 1870 and Tre donne, IMDB Were listed 4 films::Correva l'anno di grazia 1870 ; Tre donne - L'automobile (TV Movie);Tre donne - 1943: Un incontro (TV Movie);1971 Tre donne - La sciantosa (TV Movie)-All directord are Alfredo Giannetti.
TB8303 Tre donne (Short-Giacomo Campiotti) / The film is same name with TA7102, but its director is different. it was shown only in Filmography's Composer column, no other info (IMDB); No the film in ChiMai.
TA9106 Money / Money - Intrigo in nove mosse (Steven Hilliard Stern,105 min see IMDB) Music by Ennio Morricone (IMDB).
TB9103 La thune (Philippe Galland, 88 min, see IMDB)/ Money Music by Richard Horowitz, Ennio Morricone (IMDB).
TA7412 Mosè - tv series / Moses the Lawgiver (Gianfranco de Bosio) Series Music by Ennio Morricone (IMDB).
TB9501 Moses ( TV Movie-Roger Young ) / The Bible: Moses / Mos?/font> Music by Marco Frisina. (From Music department Morricone-composer: title music) (IMDB); Composer Ennio Morricone and Marco Frisina (ChiMai).
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