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Jackie Chan and Ennio Morricone-1
Jackie Chan is the bestest man with Chinese "GONGFU" in the world at present, and also famous international film star. He is reputed "Chinese dragon" and Chinese pride.
Jackie Chan and Ennio Morricone
Jackie Chan and Ennio Morricone
Jackie Chan and Ennio Morricone
Jackie Chan and Ennio Morricone
Jackie Chan and Ennio Morricone
In January 21,2005, Chinese central TV (CCTV-3) shown a special program--"The legend of Jackie Chan"-- a special interview to Jackie Chan, reviewed his glorious, struggling life. In the end of the interview, a Morricone's music "Gabriel's oboe" in the movie "Mission" was quoted, its mild and roundabout, devout, inflexible, heroic and stirring melody extremely profound mirrored Chan's struggling life.
"The legend of Jackie Chan"
"The legend of Jackie Chan"
"The legend of Jackie Chan"
The host and Chan
Subtitle: Take up the art for 43 years
Subtitle: The 86 movies
Serious injury was 29 times
Break in through the window and dash out
He was injured
Subtitle: Serious injury was 29 times
A scene: Break in through the window and dash out
He was injured
The video in onlinePotato 01:06)
Jackie Chan ’s Milestones

1954 Reportedly offered for sale by his impoverished parents to a British doctor for $HK1,500 (variously translated as $26 or $200); father eventually reconsidered.
Emigrated to Australia with his parents as a small child.
1961 Returned to HK alone at age seven to be indentured to the Chinese Opera Research Institute.
1961-1971 Trained in the techniques of Peking Opera from 5AM to nearly midnight each day; under threat of corporal punishment (caning) and food deprivation, studied acting, singing, dance, mime, acrobatics and a variety of martial arts (dates approximate).
1962 Made feature acting debut at age eight in the Cantonese feature "Big and Little Wong Tin Bar".
Became part of a student performance group called the Seven Little Fortunes where he first worked with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao; the trio would later act together on Chan feature vehicles including "Meals on Wheels" (1983) and "Dragons Forever" (1988), both helmed by Hung, and the Chan-directed "Project A" (1983).
Began appearing in HK singing films as a child.
1971 Graduated and rejoined his parents in Australia; worked at various odd jobs such as dishwashing and bricklaying (date approximate).
Returned to Hong Kong; adopted the stage name Chen Yuan Long and found work as a stunt man, martial arts fighter and extra in the Shaw Brothers studios.
1971 First film role as an adult, "Little Tiger from Canton".
1972 Served as the stunt double for the dreaded Mr. Suzuki in Lo Wei's "Fist of Fury/The Chinese Connection", a popular Bruce Lee vehicle; successfully executed what was reputedly the highest fall ever attempted in Asian cinema.
1972 First credit as fight choreographer, "Police Woman".
1973 First credit as martial arts director, "The Heroine" (also played second male lead).
Appeared in bit parts in "Not Scared to Die" (1973), Li Han Xiang's "Golden Lotus" (1974) and "All in the Family" (1975).
1973 First film lead, "The Little Tiger of Guangdong" (shelved until 1974).
1974 First released theatrical feature in starring role, "Stranger in Hong Kong".
1975 Appeared in "Hand of Death", an early effort by director John Woo.
Starred in six kung fu movies for producer-director Lo Wei (who had helmed Bruce Lee's first two films) beginning with "New Fist of Fury" (1976); most were unsuccessful (dates approximate).
1977 Starred in his first comedy, the kung fu parody "Half a Loaf of Kung Fu"; shelved for two years (date approximate).
1977 Loaned out to independent producer Ng See Yuen (aka Wu Si Yuan) to star in his first hit, "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" (1978); early example of Chan's still emerging comic persona.
1978 Starred in landmark kung fu comedy, "Drunken Master", one of the first HK films to break successfully into the Japanese market.
Established as the most popular martial arts star in Asia since Bruce Lee.
Feature directing debut variously reported as "The Fearless Hyena" (1979) or "The Young Master" (1980); the latter marked his first film with producer Raymond Chow's Golden Harvest Company.
1980 American film debut, starred in Golden Harvest's "The Big Brawl" with Jose Ferrer; marked a departure from his standard country bumpkin character in his HK films.
1980 Played a supporting role in "The Cannonball Run", a road race comedy directed by Hal Needham starring Burt Reynolds and a large ensemble cast.
1980 Returned to HK intent on concentrating on improving his films for the Asian market by making elaborate action-comedies.
1983 Directed and starred in what many consider his finest film, "Project A", a period action-comedy.
1984 Appeared in "Cannonball Run II".
1985 Directed and starred in "Police Story", which was later screened at the New York Film Festival.
Formed the Jackie Chan Stuntmen Association after so many stuntmen were injured during the making of "Police Story" that none were willing to work with him again.
1985 Starred in "The Protector", an American-produced police drama co-starring Danny Aiello.
1986 Directed and starred in "Armor of God", an Indiana Jones parody which became Hong Kong's third highest-grossing film of the 1980s; suffered a skull fracture and a bone fragment lodged in his brain from a fall incurred while executing a relatively simple stunt during the Yugoslavia shoot; underwent brain surgery; suffered some hearing loss; has a permanent hole in his skull.
Formed his own production company, Golden Way; began producing films with Golden Harvest's Raymond Chow, notably "Rouge" (1988) and "Center Stage/The Actress" (1992).
1989 Turned down an offer from Michael Douglas to co-star as a villain in Ridley Scott's "Black Rain".
1989 Directed and starred in "Mr. Canton and Lady Rose", a remake of Frank Capra's "Pocketful of Miracles"(1961) transposed to 1930s Hong Kong which became Hong Kong's top grossing film of the year.
1992 Led more than 300 to march on Hong Kong's police headquarters to protest the powerful local influence of the triads (organized crime).
1993 Played a rare dramatic starring role in "Crime Story", a crime melodrama.
1995 Created original character for "Jackie Chan's Spartan X", a six-issue comic book series from Topps (to hit the stands in 1996).
1996 Honored with a retrospective tribute at the USA Film Festival in Dallas, Texas.
1996 In the US, took part in several "cyber" chats and interviews including the first international satellite-fed community conference on the Internet.
1996 Relaunched US film career as the star of "Rumble in the Bronx", his fifth North American film (filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada); first English-language (dubbed) film over which he had complete creative control; took in $10 million opening weekend, making it top film of that week.
1996 Signed with the William Morris agency for film, TV and advertising work in the USA.
1998 Starred in "Mr. Nice Guy".
1998 Had cameo as himself in "Burn, Hollywood, Burn".
1998 Teamed with comedian Chris Tucker for the box-office hit "Rush Hour".
2000 Starred in action feature "Shanghai Noon".
2001 Reteamed with Tucker on "Rush Hour 2".
2002 Starred in the action comedy "The Tuxedo".
2002 Received a STAR on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
2003 Was reunited with Samo Hung as co-star in "Highbinders".
2003 Starred in the action comedy "Shanghai Knights".
I am Jackie Chan
I am Jackie Chan
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