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A serious mistake of Morricone concert brochures
(Original text from here

I have got 2 brochures about Ennio Morricone 2015-2017 Euro tour concerts. One is "ENNIO MORRICONE MY LIFE IN MUSIC" in the Morricone Oberhausen concert on March 26, 2015 sent My Chinese friend Ms. Hongmei; Other one is the "ENNIO MORRICONE THE 60 YEARS OF MUSIC TOUR" in Munich on March 7,2017 sent by my German friend Mr. Chilian

I am very happy when I receive these brochures, because I can to study these concert although I can not attend these concerts. But after reading this information carefully, my mood has become heavy. In 2015, I have found an mistake in that brochures sent by Ms. Hongmei: 10 films composed by Ennio Morricone were lost, and they are all in the 1975 year of the filmography

First of all, I think that did the chronology change? I open Morricone chronology in the official web site, I looked that 10 films in the 1975 item still be shown there
So, be sure that it was a mistake on the brochure. There an official URL "WWW.ENNIOMORRICONE.ORG" was printed in back cover of that brochure.

In accordance with my usual habits, I will send an email to inform the official site. but in the past few years, I have repeatedly sent emails to it (For other problem), always get no reply. I once doubted whether there is problem in the mailbox or network? But my a Chinese friend tell me that, in order to the copyright and business issues to use Morricone's works, they sent email to in march 2017, and to receive reply soon. It can be proved that the mailbox or network is smooth, only they ignored my email. I am old, do not want to nosy to much, and I think they'll find the obvious problem. Slowly, I have forgotten about it

After two years later, in March 2017, I received new brochure "ENNIO MORRICONE THE 60 YEARS OF MUSIC TOUR" for 2016-2017 Morricone tour concerts. At the beginning, I was just concerned about the program. Later, when I read the Film Music , I suddenly saw the problem again! The old problem in 2015 is exactly the same is shown before me

See here for more clearly image

First of all, I was thinking, is not my own wrong? Because there is a lot of problems in the chronology of the official web site, did they release a new chronology? I quickly opened the chronology in the official web site (Film Misic 1970-1979), It has not changed, and still the same as the above 2015 screenshot.

It shows that this error has been going on for two years. what should I do? I think again and again, no matter what attitude the official web site points to my email, I should still inform them. From 2015 up to now, the concerts has been held for more than 30 times and there are 10 times this year will be hold, Its audience of nearly 100 thousand people, such a serious mistake must be corrected.

In order to make them pay attention to this matter, I carefully look for all the public related e-mail address, use my two mailboxes (China's paid email and Hotmail) to send the email on May 4,2017: (Produced by) (Rome Office) (London Office) (ҵѣCHIMAI վվ) (ҵѣµĪ￵վվ)


It is gratifying that I have received a reply soon after a few hours,Although it is not what I need, but at least prove that the email route is smooth. And I also reply soon this genteman from London:
Well, let us together wait for the news from Italy, hope they do not ignore again ! Assume the professional responsibility that should be assumed
Follow-up problems(June 3, 2017)
A new problem in the 2 brochures has been discovered recently,two films that was listed in the 2013 of EMOW was lost(or it is error of the EMOW's filmography? It needs to be explained by themselves)?The 2 films are:
Il Teatro di Pirandello ( Massimo Raniere)
Edith (Joshua Sinclair)
See below screenshots:
In 2 brochures:

Another problems: The same film was repeatedly listed in 2008 and 2009:

2008: Pane e liberta (Di Vittorio) - TV (Alberto Negrin)
2009: Bread and Freedom -tv (Alberto Negrin)

Why? Hope that the EMWO to clarify
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