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The personal page of HAN-1(2007)
Wenguang  Han
Brief introduction:Wenguang Han Was born in 1937 in Tianjin China.1954 graduated from the Beijing Chemical Industry Shool and assigned to the Nanjing Chemical Industrial Corp., served as foreman, workshop director, deputy plant director and chief engineer from 1954-1974. 1974-1997 was transferred to Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Corp. (Nanjing), Served as plant director, vice president. Retired in 1997. Founded " Morricone Fans" website in 2003. Was elected the honorary president of " China Ennio Morricone Fans Association" (MorriUnion) in 2009.
Web pages: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11
A note from the web site : Webmaster of the site
Wenguang  Han
Wenguang  Han
1954 (17 years old) To work in Nanjing Chemical industry Corp. (From right second) (See here)
1954-1974 (17-37 years old) To hold the post of the section chief, director of workshop, design manager, deputy plant director and chief engineer in Nanjing Chemical industry Corp.
Wenguang  Han
Wenguang  Han--in France for checkout the making rotor
1974-1984 (37-47 years old) To hold the post of first plant director in Nanjing Qixiashan chemical fertilizer plant (imported from France) (See here)
1979 (42 years old) in France for checkout the making rotor (See here)
Wenguang  Han --  1980 year.(43 years old) After the turbine compressor to replace a new rotor compensatived hy French corp., joint photo with French experts in the night.
Wenguang  Han -- 1981 year.(44 years old) The Vice-Premier Kang-shien visit fertilizer plant Qixiashan
1980 (43 years old) After the turbine compressor to replace a new rotor compensatived hy French corp., joint photo with French experts in the night.
1981 (44 years old) The Vice-Premier Kang-shien visit Qixiashan fertilizer plant in Nanjing China
Wenguang  Han --
Wenguang  Han -- visit Topsoe Co. in Danmark
1984-1997 (47-60 years old) To hold the post of vice president in Sinopec Jinling (Nanjing) petrochemical corp. and up to retired
1986 (49 years old) visit Topsoe Co. in Danmark (See here )
Wenguang  Han --
Wenguang  Han --
1986 (49 years old) visit India fertilizer plant and in the its staff home
1988 (51 years old) In a constructing site of thermal Power Plant of Sinopec Jinling petrochemical corp.
Wenguang  Han -- visit Dresser-Rand plant in American Olean
Wenguang  Han --
1989 (52 years old) visit Dresser-Rand plant in American Olean(See here )
1993.4.18 (56 years old) to meet by chance Bill Clinton in the white house when visit Washington (See here)
Wenguang  Han --
Wenguang  Han --
1993 (56 years old) visit Italian Eni-Montefibre Corp
1994 (57 years old) visit YALOVA fiber plant in Turkey and visit Istanbul
Wenguang  Han --
Wenguang  Han -- in Bangladesh for contract with an abroad project
1995 (58 years old) visit American CYTEC PAN plant
1997 (60 years old) in Bangladesh for contract with an abroad project of Eastern refinery plant (See here)
Wenguang  Han -- entertain a German long friend Mr. Chilian at home
Wenguang  Han -- A technology guide for Chemical industry plant")
1999 (62 years old) To entertain a German long friend Mr. Chilian at home (See here)
2001 (64 years old) My professional book ( "A technology guide for Chemical industry plant") was published (See here)
Wenguang  Han -- travel at my own expense in Europe with my wife
Wenguang  Han --
2006 (69 years old) traveling in Europe with my wife (See here)
2008 To meet Ms.Sherry in HongKong. It is third time meeting with her
Wenguang  Han --
2009.5.22 (72 years old) On behalf of Chinese Morricone's fans and present politely a gift to the great master Ennio Morricone in the culture Institute of Italy embassy in Beijing (Here)
Group photo with famous movie music critic Mr. Dalin Yang and Ms. Dong Yang couple In the Italy Embassy Cultural Office in Beijing on May 22,2009
Wenguang  Han --
Wenguang  Han --
Group photo with fans in Beijing China Film Archives on May 22,2009 (Here)
To discuss the activities of the Organization with Suyi in Great Hall of the People in Beijing on May 23,2009. It is the second meeting with him (Here)
Wenguang  Han --
Wenguang  Han --
2009.5.24 (72 years old) Make a statement in the establishing meeting of "China Ennio Morricone Fans Assocition" in Beijing international building and accept the invitation to serve as its honorary president (Here)
2011.4 At home to entertain volunteer Ms. Peili Xu (See here)
Wenguang  Han --
Wenguang  Han --
2012.6 (75 years old) "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" was edited by me and published and released, the book has been collected as literature by China National Library"( See here)
2012.7 At home with friend Mr. Gang Li to entertain French friend and fan Mr. Nicolas (See here)
Wenguang  Han --
Relevant original words and translation in the Book "Postscript of Publication" (P 243, Chinese text)



During the editing process, we found its webmaster Mr. Han Wenguang through the website of "Ennio Morricone Fans". He heard that we are going to publish a new simplified Chinese edition "ENNIO MORRICONE -- LONTANO DAI SOGNI". Mr. Han generously shared the book "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" of the website, helped to count the number of nominations and awards of Ennio Morricone in 60 years, and authorized us to select the articles in "Ennio Moricane Fans Handbook.“. An article interviewed by French Music Radio to Ennio Morricone is included in our new book as an appendix , and the filmography (chronology)of Ennio Morricone has been edited by the Mr. HAN himself.

Mr. Han provided three versions of the chronology: the first edition included films, television, advertisements and short films composed independently or collaboratively by Ennio Moriconne, also including later films that quoted music from previous film music composed by Morricnes, which was a relatively complete edition; the second edition contained films and television works; and the third edition contained only films works. However, considering the space limitation, after repeated choices, we chose the third version painfully. If you are interested in a more complete chronology, you are welcome to visit the chronology column of "Ennio Moricane Fans"

Mr. Han is more 80 years old. He used his precious vacation to complete the chronological edition. During the period, he also changed the computer with bigger display because of vision problems. We are very grateful to him for his meticulous and logic in providing information and for his patience and detail in responding to the editors.

Wenguang  Han --
During the period of 2015-2016 (78-79 years old) , at the invitation of Beijing Houlang Publishing Company, I participated in the editing of the appendix part of the new book "ENNIO MORRICONE -- LONTANO DAI SOGNI", which the company is translating and preparing to publish. provides the Ennio Morricone latest filmgraphy and related articles. And has been highly praised by the editorial department.
Wenguang  Han --
Wenguang  Han --

In May 2017 (80 years old), assisted Houlang Publishing Company in soliciting Italian translations through the notification of all members, e-mail, personal contact and so on for the new book (Simplified Chinese Version) of Ennio Morricone "INSEGUENDO QUEL SUONO" among Morricone fans. Within a week, six friends from Italy, Hong Kong and China applied, finally, Shao Sining was confirmed and signed the translation contract.. This book will be published this year (2019). Please look forward to it.

In May 2019 (82 years old),, accompanied by my daughter (the travel agency insisted) my wife and I went to Cambodia for a tour. One is to see the famous Angkor Wat and the real life of the local people; the other is that I have a little relationship with the late old King Sihanouk. This time, I went to his palace in Siem Reap (that was the place when Cambodia was in a crisis, where he was holding an important conference - the Khmer summit, see here). I didn't expect that the king's palace was so simple and unadorned , deep feelings. And I'm afraid this is my last overseas trip
On New Year's day in 2020 (83 years old),, after two consecutive years of hard work, the 2020 Morricone Resource Library, which includes all the resources about Morricone's works that I have collected for more than 20 years, is finally open to everybody. I hope that the nice works of Morricone will keep company with everyone in the long time, and also hope that more fans to absorb their essence, nourishment, sublimate people's hearts and build a prosperous and harmonious society.
In January 2022 (85 years old), the "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook Volume 2" (Chinese version) edited for three years was finally published. The book has 2571 pages, including 58 new FA films, 453 FB and FC films and 1010 online music auditions. Its content is unique in the world. It is my heartfelt commemoration of the second anniversary of the master's death
In April 2022 (aged 85), "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook Volume 2" (English version) was released worldwide. The book has 2398 pages. Although my physical strength and eyesight have been greatly difficult, I am finally very glad that I can insist on completing this task!
The flight of time, how momentary is a man's life!
It is a life to do it alone, and a career to do it all!
2023 revised
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