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The Master's notes-4-24
Introduce software
engmaster 004-24
How to use the famous subtitle software "VOBSUB"
Annex: How resolve the problem which subtitle cannot be normally shown
1. How to use it to watch movie
First you have to get a correcting subtitle file for matching with your movie file. The VOBSUB software supports 4 kinds subtitle files, they are SRT, IDX/SUB, SSA and SUB format
Second you can click here to download the software from our site , this is an English free software, 2.32 edition, 1.6M. Of course you also download it from another web site.
01. First install the software. From "Start"-->"All program"-->"VobSub 2.32 All"--> you can see 7 items below
VobSub 2.32 All
You need not to open it, it will auto work when movie was played
02. Please put the subtitle file (files) and movie file to an identical folder, then rename all subtitle and movie files into identical name. Example the movie file is abc.wmv, so the subtitle files are abc.idx and abc.sub (Or This is very important, so you must do it very correctly
03. By way of a player to playing the movie, At the sane time, the VOBSUB software will auto association and start work. A green bend arrowhead will be shown in below taskbar, the subtitle will start to show in the movie
04. If the subtitle cannot normally be shown, it maybe the name of the files have error or the movie file is damaged, or you can try to use another player for playing. Otherwide if there is a option of subtitle in the player, you have to open it
05. There also are many function in this software. Right click the green bend arrowhead, a window will be shown:
VobSub 2.32 All
There are many option in it. First is "Show Subtitle" and "Hide Subtitle", you can select as yourself. In addition, when using a subtitle file with multinational word, it can show all mark as Chinese, English, France...,you can tick off it as yourself. If the word cannot change immediately, please close the movie then play it again
06. Double click the green bend arrowhead, a new window will be shown:
VobSub 2.32 All  adjusting the place of the subtitle
There are two function in the main interface: First is adjusting the place of the subtitle. Tick off "Override placement", then select below "H" OR "V" for go up and down or left and right to move the subtitle, then click "application" or "determine" for in operation
Another function in this interface is adjusting arial. Click "Arial" and a window will shown in side:
adjusting the arial and place of the subtitle
You can select font, style, size, color... then click "application" or "determine" for in operation
following see the "Timing" interface. This is a tool for adjusting time difference: First is "{millisecs]", it can adjusting the advance or delay. Enter a positive number if the subtitle are late, or a negative if they come early
adjusting time difference of subtitle
Below another tool is for whole compressing or draw the subtitle. Two text frame marked a proportion of subtitle and video. You can change any number for adjusting their proportion
There also are many other function in the software, please yourself study and try it !
2. How to use the software to extract subtitle in DVD
01. First put a DVD into CD-ROM, right click and open it then open VIDEO_TS folder to check the position of subtitle of main movie. Example below:
How to use the software to extract subtitle in DVD
There are 4 suites of files in it. They are VIDEO_TS, VIDEO_01, VIDEO_02, VIDEO_03. Generally speaking the main movie in which suite includes most 1,048,574KB files. In this example just is VIDEO_01 's suite. Please remember the number
02. Find "VobSub Configure" (From "start"--"All program"-->Vobsub, see top image), double click to open it
"VobSub Configure" to extracting subtitle
Click "Open" in left-below corner to open DVD. Then select "type of folder" is "Ifo and Vobs....", so all .IFO format files will be shown. Selected the "VTS_01_0.IFO" mentioned before (It is an index file and very important). Then click "Open"
"VobSub Configure" to extracting subtitle
A window will spring forth, and ask you select a folder for save the subtitle files which will be extracted
"VobSub Configure" to extracting subtitle
Another new window will be shown. All subtitles of the DVD will be shown the frame in right above corner.There are many subtitles in the example. You can select one or few or all subtitles reserve in the frame to use the two arrowhead aleft and toward the right. Default another frame's data then click "OK"
"VobSub Configure" to extracting subtitle
The software will start to work for extracting the subtitles. First is "Finding Key..." and it is very fast, then is "Indexing..." operation, it is very slow, it maybe needs more ten minutes. A progress bar can be looked.
"VobSub Configure" to extracting subtitle
"VobSub Configure" to extracting subtitle
Finally, a "READY" will be shown, it means all task have been completed. You can find the subtitle's files(.idx and .sub) in the folder appointed by you and use them. If a "FAILED" was shown, it means the extracting task cannot be completed, it maybe because your DVD or CD-ROM have some problem, so you have to change a computer or DVD disk for try again
The software also have many functions, example cut or combine the subtitle, revise subtitle etc. You can further study it, or search it in the network
If you still have any problem ,please send an E-mail to us
Entry next page: How to reduce weight for IDX/SUB subtitle file (Delete unnecessary language) >>>>
A follow-up explanation (March 2009)--How resolve the subtitle cannot be normally shown
Abstract: A friend said his subtitle cannot be shown, After contact for many time, the problem was resolced by way of replace a MPC player.
We have received an E-mail in March 2009, its content is:
just would like to ask something on how to use vobsub on watching movie. i read about your instructions, i know it's easy but i tried to apply it and nothing happened. maybe what i'm doing is wrong, sorry. that's why i'm asking for help.

could you explain more on putting subtitle files and movie files into identical folders... because what i did is i make a new folder and under that folder i made ( for ex. the title of the movie is goong) movie folder and subtitle folder. under that movie folder i put goong.rmvb. i copied that one on subtitle folder and rename it as goong.sub. is it right? please help. should i put goong.sub and goong.idx at the same time. i mean under subtitle, i just copied goong.sub and rename it as gong.idx. meaning on subtitle folder there are two: goong.sub and goong.idx.
Below is our reply:
Welcome your visit. About your problem:

1. Put all files(goong.rmvb, goong.idx and goong.sub) into identical folder
2. Play the goong.rmvb, the subtitle will be shown.
3. If the subtitle still cannot be shown, please check the all files and vobsub software etc. It is better to change other video and subtitle to try again

For the sake of your convenience, enclosed a RAR file for you. Please unzip it, it has two folder, 001 is SUB+IDX style subtitle; 002 is SRT style subtitle. Play that test.wmv in any folder, you should look the subtitle is shown. If the subtitle still cannot be shown, so please check your vobsub software, PC and other
Below is second E-mail
....i tried all the thing that you told me in the e-mail. on putting goong.rmvb, goong.sub and goong.idx in one folder but when i played goong rmvb nothing happened.

i also tried the sub-test movie that you sent, i didn't see any subtitle. it's been said there that i should check my vobsub and other things.....
Our reply:
Another test for resolve the subtitle problem:

1. First install a MPC player, it has been enclosed (1.71M), This is a green software( sorry only Chinese), first unzip it, then click mplayerc.exe is OK

2. Following enclosed 3 cut images
snap1: Click left above corner "F"---"Ctrl+O" for open your movie file (please first use the "sub-test movie" )
snap2: Click "..." to find your movie file
snap3: Click that icon at left below corner, your movie will start playing

3. If luck, the subtitle should be shown. It can prove the problem is in the player. Please find and select better for your play for long term
The third E-mail: (Excerption)
once again i would like to thank you all for so much help.

i did download the mpc.rar and the subtest was working there while it is not working on real player. i don't know why...

more power to your website!
Our reply:
I am very glad to know your subtitle problem has been shown in the MPC player. It maybe a each other interference between many softwares. I hope you will find a better payer for yourself....
if you need the MPC player, please cilck here to download it from our site (1.71M)
A new explanation (April 2009)
We hope to recommend a Korean player KMPlayer edition for you. It seems able to make the subtitle are shown in anytime and anywhere.It is a green software, just unzip is OK.You can click here to download it from our web site (13.7M). Moreover two suites test file are provided here, they are WMV-SRT and WMV-IDX/SUB file, you can click here to download it (only 275K) for your subtitle's test. You can open any WMV file to use the KMPlayer, the subtitle (English and Chinese) should be shown. If it cannot be shown, so you have to check your PC whether there are too much player? Cancel some players and only remain 1-2 players, perhaps your problem will be resolved.
Wish you every success!
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