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The Master's note -4-26
Introduce software
engmaster 004-26
How to use eMule (Edonkey)
Introduce a green free English software eMule v0.48a Xtreme 6.0
01 - This is a free green software with multinational language. First click here to download from this web site (6.7M RAR file). Only unzip it is OK. Double click the emule.exe file, the software will start to work
02 - When use the software in first time, a guide program will be shown, please progress following its prompt step by step. There is a "test port" item in the progress, you can ignore it temporary and click next up to end
A window of the software will be shown (below image). It can automatic determine the word of your PC and show. This is a "Servers" interface. There are 2 links was shown in right-below corner ("My info"). The eD2K Network should be connected after 1-5 minutes. The download will be possible when only eD2K was connected.(Kad is a auxiliary link. The download still be possible when Kad cannot be connected)
If the word is not proper, click "Options" item in the tool column, then select "General" (Below image), select a correct language, then click "application" or "OK" for revise
03 - First setting the route of downloaded files and its temporary files. Because these files is very big ( One movie with AVI format is about 0.7-1G, and its temporary file is more big), so it is better the space of your hard disc is more than 20-40G. Click "Directories", then select place for incoming files and temporary files. It is better they are split two places to avoid confusion. Then click "application" or "OK"
04 - Download will be started in this time. Click "Transfers" icon, an empty window will be shown.
05 - First to find the downloaded link of eMule. Example "A compile of free resources of Morricone's works in the whole world" in this web site or VERYCD .... (Below images)
Click those links, eMule software will automatic open and work.
The characteristic of eMule download is from slow to fast and lasting. It is better to select 10-20 download items in same time, you could made its window into minimize when it is working, then you can do any other job in your PC. If you need close your PC, first close the software then shut down your PC. After restart your PC, open the software, it will automatic resume download. A full downloaded file should be moved in time so that vacating space. You need not tend those temporary files, they will be automatic deleted after download of every file was finished
Lasting tenacity is main characteristic of donkeys, this just is why "eMule" is the name of the software! When you got so much downloaded movies,music and other after one period, you will feel the "eMule" is so lovely!
06 - Another important function of the software is searching worldwide resources of the eMule download. And its efficiency is very high. The resources introduced by our web site mainly is from the engine. Click the "Search" icon, then add the key word in search frame and click "Start", wait a moment, the result will be shown, and there are detailed information "Name", "size", "format" every result, so that discard the false and retain the true for your use.
Right click any resources, many items will be shown. Click "download", the software will automatic be started and beginning download process (A new item will be shown in the "Transfer" window); If you need to reserve the eD2K link's address of any searched item, click "Copy eD2K links",then paste it in a text or web page for use later on.
07 - The port is a common problem. If your PC pass an ADSL to connect network directly, the problem generally will not appear. But pass a router, often appear the problem. Click "Option" icon of the software, then click "Connection" in left side, a window will be shown
Click "Test ports", a new page will be shown. If one or two green hooks was shown, it is OK.
If it is red fork, so you need setting your router.
If the property's setting of TCP/IP in your PC is "Automatic catch IP address", so you should setting a "Plug and Play" function in your router. Example in a TP-LINK router (sorry ,below is a Chinese page), first click "DHCP" server, then point in "start using" and adding proper figure in start and finish address frame, final click "Save", restart the router and test ports again, the problem should be solved.
If the port problem still not been solved, so please try to change the property's setting of TCP/IP in your PC, made it from "Automatic catch IP address" into " appoint IP address", example appoint to "". Then resetting the router: first click "Virtual server" in left side, then adding two ports in "" for eMule, its numerical value can be any value between 1024-65535, selecting "ALL" in the protocol column and tick off "Start using", finally restart the router and test ports again, the problem should be solved (Please attention the port's number in eMule software should fit with number of roeter)
If there still are some problem, please further refer to the user manual of router or relevant web pages (01, 02, 03, 04). You also can see here or here, you will get more understanding and help.
Wish you every success !
Dec. 15, 2008
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