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A study of the music "Chi Mai"-b
We still have some problems about Mr. Didier's reply, so I send an E-mail again to Mr. Didiert on August 20,2007. Soon I received Mr Didier's reply again. Below is their summary:
001-The writer's E-mail to Mr.Didier on August 20, 2007

Dear friend Didier, I am very happy to receive your reply about the "Chi Mai", I think you have spent much time and painstaking care for this thing. Thanks very much for your kindness assist for me.......

It is very sorry I still need your some help:

1. I don't know if you are willing to put your any photo in this page for make Chinese friend understand you more? If you are willing, please send the photo for me. If it is not proper you think, please don't mind it

2. I don't know that there any similar melody between "come maddalena" and "Chi Mai" . They seems difference (See above web page's reference materials 002-001 and 002-002), so I don't know your word in your reply :"On the B-side of the 45" was the piece soon to be called "Come Maddalena", but here with the title "Goldrausch" "......

3. I hope I can find the "Goldrausch (Gold Rush)" and "Terra Magica(004-005)" by way of the Google and other so that I can study them. I have found a few images or links and put them in the page (see 004,005 red color frame). But I am not affirm which is right or all are not. I hope you will tell me some URL or other info for I can understand them.

4. I don't know if you have a few "Chi Mai" lyric, English is better. If you have, I hope I can get it


Mr.Didier's reply on August 20,2007
Hello Han,

It was my pleasure to provide you that information. Sorry if some points were not very clear. Actually, the piece called "Terra Magica" is exactly the piece "Chi mai" which appears on the Maddalena score. And the piece called "Goldrausch" is exactly the piece "Come Maddalena" which appears on the Maddalena score (shortened to last less than 5 minutes, like it was also on many compilations). So the only mystery is that they were published in 1970, and with a different title. But they are not different music: they are the same pieces as we know from the Maddalena score. And there is indeed no similar melody between "Chi mai" and "Come Maddalena". I hope that this answers your questions.

You made your page very attractive with all those additional details. Well done. I didn't know that the BBC film about D.L.George was actually a series - I thought it was a documentary.

I have the lyrics of the A.Stewart song:
Come, come into my arms
Lay down here beside me
Gently guide me
The pain and pleasure
I'm scared to you

A man by design
Perfect and divine
Lover lets cover each other with gladness
Come come and discover each other with wonder
Ah, lover let's cover each other with love

Oh sweet passion
Cover me
Take me like the first time
Is a last time
Oh gently open wide

Oh my heart is on fire
Burining with desire
Lover lets cover each other with gladness
Come come and discover each other with wonder
Ah, lover let's cover each other with love

Love, love, love

And of Dulce Pontes' song:
The house where I was born
Still stands
For who I am
Every stone laid
Is a bridge made to my past

The house where I grew tall
Over me
Shadows bring everything back in soft light
I wouldn't change yesterday not in my life
And so, I live in a house of no regrets

There are many rooms inside my head
Corridors that wind, through time, never end
They are journeys made to be
Every house is part of me

The house where I found love
Sends me shivers
Like the first time
Stairways I climb to the heights

The house where I grew old
Will be
Free of ghosts
From what I've done I won't run come the dark night
I wouldn't change yesterday not in my life
The years show, I live in a house of no regrets

Attached is a picture of me which you can use.


Now, we have cleared all problem, and got the valuable lyrics. Thanks a lot Mr. Didier, I hope our friendship will be forever!
For the sake of make further clear the source of the "CHI" and "MAI", I look up the words in two "Italiano-Cinese dizionrio". So it is easy to find them. Below is its images for reference:
On August 27,2007, Mr.Didier sent a image about the German Vinyl 45", under the title "Terra Magica" "Goldrausch" (1970) which is he once introduced (See previous page)to me again, it made us to understand the history more clearly. Thanks again Mr. Didier, below is the image
Thanks a lot for Mr. Didier and wish "Chi Mai" site will be more prosperous
4 Chi Mai music provided by Huangzhejiang on Jan. 17, 2010 (See here only Chinese)
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