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Notice: This page is disabled since May 1,2013, see the new subscription page please >>>>>>

Subscription notification to "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" 2013 English edition

After the book was issued in June 15-30,2012, it was given a warm welcome by the Ennio Morricone fans at home and abroad. Many friends send email to express their surprised mood after obtaining this book. In addition, the China National Library after carefully reviewing and judge this book, mail the document which serial number is NO.ZL201291502 to us on July 15,2012, agree to accept the book as literature book to receive it as the Library's collections (See the following attached images). This is a full affirmation of Chinese country specialized Institution to this book value, also is best encourage regarding the enterprise that we are engaging the absorption, spread the overseas outstanding cultural art achievement as the Chinese non-government folk figures.Due to the time limit set in the first release of very short, many friends have missed this opportunity for various reasons. Several months, the editor still unceasingly received request order this book from the home and the overseas. Considered that the friends expressed warm to this book, and the experience and insufficient in first edition, decided to issue a new version in 2003.

The main change includes:

1. Revised some oversights and mistakes in first edition;

2. supplemented 6 important contents:

0-1 Preface of the 2013 English edition (And the collected certificate by China National Library )-----3
4-1-8 The music Analysis of Italian film " Stanno Tutti Bene "------------------------------------------------------243-250
4-2-3 A statistics and research on 1960-2008 401 directors within Morricone official directory---------259-271
4-2-4 Morricone's 120 famous music for guide of Beginners---------------------------------------------------------272-277
5-3 About (China) "Ennio Morricone Fans Association" ("MorriUnion")------------------------------------------296-313
5-4 About our website "Morricone Fans"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------314-322

3. Separately release Chinese edition and English edition. Because some measures in the editing, printing and mail etc., the prices of books are also correspondingly reduced. We hope that this will bring many joys and convenient to readers.

The following are a few related explanation:

1 The collection certificate of China National Library
The collection certificate of China National Library
The collection certificate of China National Library
The written certificate was mailed by China National Library to the editor ( Mr. Wenguang Han ) on July 6,2012 and July 15,2012 for take the "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" as a collection of literature documents by the Library (The collectong number is ZL201291502
2  The photosof 2013 English edition
Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook
Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook
Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook
Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook
Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook
Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook
The Front and back cover-"Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" 2013 English edition
3 General catalogue
General content

Content -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1-2

Preface and instructions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3-6
0-1 Preface of the 2013 English edition                     (And the collected certificate by China National Library )----------------------------------------3
0-2 Editor's words-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
0-3 The general notices and instructions-----------------------------------------------------------------------------6

Chapter-1 About Ennio Morricone-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7-11
1-1 Survey about Ennio Morricone----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------7

Chapter-2 The information of Chronology of the film
composed by Ennio Morrcone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12-79
2-1 The chronology and alias of the film composed by Ennio Morricone--------------------------------12
2-2 A total catalogue of film in alphabetical order----------------------------------------------------------------41
2-3 A research on Morricone filmography --------------------------------------------------------------------------54
2-4 The complete filmography edited by webmaster of "CHIMAI" Mr. Didier Thunus---------------58
2-5 A screenshot of 401 soundtracks chronology in the official site--------------------------------------71

Chapter 3 Integrate overview of Ennio Morricone's
soundtrack and its films---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------80-226
3-1 1961-1969 (108 films and 1531 Tracks)------------------------------------------------------------------80
3-2 1970-1979 (141 films and 2145 Tracks)---------------------------------------------------------------117
3-3 1980-1989 (65 films and 1067 Tracks)------------------------------------------------------------------169
3-4 1990-1999 (55 films and 818 Tracks)--------------------------------------------------------------------194
3-5 2000-2008 (32 films and 487 Tracks)--------------------------------------------------------------------214
3-6 Summary table--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------226

Chapter 4 Ennio Morricone's works' appreciation and research -------------------------------------227-277

4-1 A special of China's famous film music critic Mr. Danlin Yang and Ms. Dong Yang----------227
4-1-1 A brief about Mr. Yang-dalin and Ms.Yang-dong--------------------------------------------------------227
4-1-2 The Establishment of the Music Style of the Italian Spaghetti Westerns film
---- An analysis of the incidental music of the "Bounty Trilogy" (1)----------------------------------------229
4-1-3 The Establishment of the Music Style of the Italian Spaghetti Westerns film
---- An analysis of the incidental music of the "Bounty Trilogy" (2)----------------------------------------231
4-1-4 A magnificent movie symphonic poem-- Discussion of Leone's "past Trilogy" (1):    "Once upon a time in the west" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------232
4-1-5 A complex elegy of "revolutionary era" -- Discussion of Leone's "past rilogy"(2):      "Once upon a time ….the Revolution"---------------------------------------
4-1-6 An elegy fulling of hope and dreams--Discussion of Leone's "past Trilogy" (3):   "Once upon a time in American"----------------------------------------------------------------------235
4-1-7 A thinking about "Malena"---- Italy-US co-production film "Malena" first analysis ----------237
4-1-8 The music Analysis of Italian film " Stanno Tutti Bene "----------------------------------------------243


4-2 The editor's articles ------------------------------------------------------------251
4-2-1 A Study of the music of""Chi Mai" composed by Ennio Morricone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------251
4-2-2 A Comparative and Study on Morricone 2002-2010 concerts in Europe, USA and Asia-------------------------------------------------------------254
4-2-3 A statistics and research on 1960-2008 401 directors within Morricone official directory---------------------------------------------------------259
4-2-4 Morricone's 120 famous music for guide of Beginners----------272


Chapter 5 Other --------------------------------------------------------------- 278-335

5-1 An index for the columns and webpages in the websit ----------278

5-2 A column of webmaster friends of important overseas sites----280
5-2-1 The webmaster of The "CHIMAI" Mr. Didier Thunus in Belgium--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------280
5-2-2 The webmaster of The "Ennio MorriconeFanpage" Mr. Michael Caletka in Austria --------------------------------------------------------------------284
5-2-3 The webmaster of The "A Fistful of Soundtracks" Mr. Takeshi Igarashi in Japan----------------------------------------------------------------------286
5-2-4 The webmaster of The "KUNICZ Caricatures" Mr. Ilia Shubin in Russia-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------288

5-3 About (China) "Ennio Morricone Fans Association" ("MorriUnion")-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------296

5-4 About our website "Morricone Fans"------------------------------------314

5-4b Our team of friends and volunteers ------------------------------------323
5-4b-1 Our team of friends -------------------------------------------------------323
5-4b-2 Our volunteers --------------------------------------------------------------329
5-4b-3 Editor's activity photos in past years -------------------------------331


The Main References----------------------------------------------------------------337

4  Subscription prices
Prices in U.S. dollar as the unit. Foreign currency exchange rates by every day



Each book price
Prices in U.S. dollar (See Note 2)
Postage (1 book, including packaging and registration fee) in U.S. dollar (See Note 2)
Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Abroad (See Note 3)
Express parcel (about 3-10days)
air packet , countries the average (about 15-30days)
Surface mail (about 45-60days)
Black and white paperback
70 grams of A4 paper, color cover paperback, black-and-white digital printing, 337pages
6.6 USD
Color printing paperback
80 grams of A4 paper, color cover paperback and color digital printing, 337 pages
25.6 USD
1. Please contact prior if order more 2 books so that to calculate postage
2. Above list in USD as the unit. Please according the exchange rate at the time to calculate for all foreign currency
3. Above postages is an average price. In neighboring Asian Nations postage will get discount.

4. In order to suitable the "Handbook" publishing and fans' convenience to enjoy or study, we special to launch the"quick and easy services". One of them provide Morricone completely OST soundtrack resources (include 398 sets OST 5590 music) original price is 30 US Dollars. If you ordered the "Handbkook" at the same time ordering the "quick and easy service", you can enjoy the services of a thirty percent off discount. your payment only is 21 US Dollars for the service. You will receive the resources at the same mail with the "Handbook".

5. Please contact us if you have any especial need, example you need a color cover hardcover, thicker paper or coated art paper for printing etc. Its price will be agreed by E-mail. If you live in abroad and want to use EMS for mail, please contact me in advance
6. 2013 Chinese edition see here
5  Order and payment
please enter this page and use PayPal for payment, total payment amount includes the books and postage sum. If you need 2 books or more, please contact first for to calculate the postage
Please send E-mail to after payment. To avoid accidentally deleted please marked " Handbook payment" words in your E-mail title,,And please specify the following:


Your full name:
The book's style (2C or 2D):
Payment amount and currency:
Payment date:
The detailed mailing address ( please specify zip code and telephone. For mail, the phone is a must):
We will reply to you soon within 3 days after receive your E-mail。If you cannot receive our reply, please use our other box .
April 6, 2013----The reflect to the "Handbook" in the world and editor's response >>>>>>
Original notice for 2012 edition
In order to coordinate the publication of the Handbook, we open a bulk of resources delivery service >>>>>>
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