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(Original text from here
Because misreading the Morrione.,the controversy over Vicino al ciel & Verr has been around for years. Although many fans and web sites point out that it does not belong to the works of Ennio Morricone, but the official web site has not changed and no any response for years

As early as 2012, Mr. Didier sent me a chronology edited by himself, it has been very clear that these two short films is excluded from Morricone chronology. in 2015, when I re-edited the 3rd edition of chronology, I was very careful to contact my friend Mr. Michel Caletka, he quoted the info in CHIMAI to me, also gave a same clear answer

2) Vicino al ciel & Verró
There's a comment given on the chimai-website, that I think explains very well, why these themes have been listed at first, but have to be eliminated from the chronology, as they have no connection to Morricone at all:
- " This song is NOT linked to Ennio Morricone in any way. Paolina Morrione is the lyricist, with composer Matteo Marletta and orchestrator Marcello Giombini.
The Musicography [page 23] incorrectly suggests: "As composer is mentioned 'Morrione', but this is probably a misprint for 'Morricone'." This assumption is based on the spelling similarity between 'Morrione' and 'Morricone', but also on the sequencing of the author names provided by the 45rpm. As a rule the text author is listed before the music author [Morrione/Marletta]. However, the label of the 45 reads 'Marletta/Morrione', leading to the false conclusion that Marletta wrote the lyrics and Morrione the music.
2:43 - Verrò
Authors: Morrione/Marletta
Lyricist: Paolina Morrione
Composer: Matteo Marletta
Orchestrator, Conductor: Marcello Giombini [1928-2003]
Choir: Coro di Franco Potenza [1922-2011]
Vocals: Milva [real name: Maria Ilva Biolcati] [1939-]
"Musica: Matteo Marletta - Testo: Paolina Morrione - Orchestra: Marcello Giombini - Canta: Milva"
Released on 45rpm:
Verrò / Vicino al ciel - Cetra SP 1071 - Italy - 1961
Disc label: "Slow di Marletta/Morrione - Orch. dir. da Marcello Giombini"
"Numero di catalogo: SP 1071 - Anno 1961"
The B-side [Vicino al ciel] is also not related to Morricone." -
Yet this error has also been copied from one filmography to another.

I open ,it is re-direct to WIKI,I see the info of the 2 short films in its bottom
It is in 7th and 8th of the Discografia:
Verr - Cetra 45 giri SP 620 - 1961 (musica: Matteo Marletta - testo: Paolina Morrione - orchestra: Marcello Giombini - canta: Milva)
Vicino al ciel - Cetra 45 giri SP 620 - 1961 musica: Matteo Marletta - testo: Paolina Morrione - orchestra: Marcello Giombini - canta: Milva)
it shown that composer Matteo Marletta, lyrics by Paolina Morrione there is no any relationship with Ennio Morricone
Other URL cannot be opened, so i have to find other way.
I have found a video in the YouTube
The following is a screenshot of the video
The following is a screenshot of an Italy web site about the composer Matteo Marletta. His original name is Leo DI MARTE

In the OPAC SBN (Online Public Access Catalogue) to search "Matteo Marletta", the 2 film music can be seen, it is consistent with the info above. And It also indicates the text (or sheet music) of the two music are stored in the National Library of Florence Italy,the number is:FI0098 CFICF National Central Library - Florence - FI

Click "Morrione" link, I see there are 4 music by P. Morrione and Matteo Marletta .
In the other Italy web site to search P. MORRIONE, also see similar result
Can get 5 results when research "P. Morricone"
The following are 2 pictures of a SP1071 vinyl disc(from here ), Although due to a long time, but the word MORRIONE is still very clear
I've found powerful evidence in GOOGLE BOOK Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third series :
The text copied as followling: VERRO; slow, versi di P. Morrione, musica di M. Marletta. Professional voice & piano ed. Italy. Edizioni Ciraffa & Edizioni leonardi S.R.L.; 10Aug62; EFO-89099.
Page 1595

VICINO AL CIELO; slow-rock, versi di P. Morrione, musica di M. Marletta. Professional voice & piano ed. Italy. Edizioni Ciraffa & Edizioni Leonardi S.R.L.; 10Aug62; EFO-89113.

The name of the book is " CATALOG OF COPYRIGHT ENTRIES,Third Series VOLUME 16, PART 5, NUMBER 2. (Publish by) COPYRIGHT OFFICE-THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS-WASHINGTON : 1963" PDF format, 128M, pages 1069.

I have downloaded the book. please cintact to me if you need ( Here provide a brief version, 880K page 17, PDF format,You can click here to see or right click to download it

But the info about "MORRIONE" is very little, only there is a bit of in CHIMAI

From the above information, there is no doubt about the composer is Matteo Marletta and lyricist is Paolina Morrione. Unfortunately, too little information about Paolina Morrione,we don't even know when he was born? So the only question to consider is that, Is Paolina Morrione an alias for Ennio Morricone? In 60s, this situation is not uncommon. I see this situation in DISCOGS web site:

DISCOGS-1. Research Verr or Vicino al ciel , open a directory web page There are 13 SP 1071 DISC

DISCOGS-2. Click first disc linkto opne a new page
DISCOGS-3. Click "Marletta" link ,Can see about Marletta's infomation
DISCOGS-4. When click "Morrione" link,A dramatic problem arises!The link point unexpectedly is Ennio Morricone?I see his "Variations", total more 60 names, One of them is Morrione, and there also is a "D. Morricone"!
Click that "Morrione" , Shown a title page of "Morrione" and all catalogue of that "Milva-Verro / Vicino Al Ciel"
DISCOGS-5 I have found the "D. Morrione" in the Ennio Morricone's alternate name bar
Click "D.Morrione" ,looked a spain songs "Vendras" (Verro.Arranged By C. Mapel,Written-By D. Morrione*, M. Marletta*
Here is Spain singer GELU's info:
I try to open F. Migliacci one of two writter ,he really is a lyricist:

So we have reason to infer,that D. Morrione in B2-Vendras (Verro Should also be a lyricist. But I've never heard that Ennio Morricone Lyrics for any songs, so i am to be skeptical about that D. Morrione

I have found the song in YouTube It shows that the song sung by GELU is the same as that song sung by Milva

Video in online(Youku website 02'39")

The song sung by GELU video in online (Youku website 02'39")
I checked Ennio Morricone and Morrione's info in IMDB. No Morrione in Ennio Morricone's alias

Search "Morrione", found 10 similar name:

Doug Morrione (Editor, Everything In the Song Is True (2016)
Kerri Morrione (Self, The Amazing Race (2001)
Phil Morrione (Actor, American Genius (2011)
Alexandra Morrione (Actress, Super Detention (2016)
Stephen Mirrione (Editor, The Hunger Games (2012)
Jeff Mirrione (Actor, Kwoon (2004)
Amanda Marrione (Stunts, Caprice (2010)
Maggie Mirrione
Matthew Mirrione (Actor, The Golden Spiral (2010)
Gaspare Mirrione (Actor, The Sicilian (1987)

It is a pity that not that Paolina Morrione we are looking for


1. A lot of reliable information (Especially National Central Library in Florence Italy and Copyright Office of Congress in Washington) prove that the lyricist is Paolina Morrione and the composer is Matteo Marletta for the 2 songs Vicino al ciel & Verro

2. Some web sites show "Morrione or D. Morrione" indeed is "Ennio Morricone", and he is the lyricist of the 2 songs. But there are 2 problems:

2-1: Whether "Morrione or D. Morrione", any one is not "Paolina Morrione"

2-2: From my personal information, Ennio Morricone was only a composer and never heard of which lyrics he wrote. But Paolina Morrione only is a lyricist

3. Final conclusion:

3-1: The copyright of the two songs belongs to Paolina Morrione (Lyricist) and Matteo Marletta (Composer)

3-2: Unless there are exact data prove that Paolina Morrione indeed is Ennio Morricone, and he really lyricist for the 2 songs, so it is wrong that all show Ennio Morricone is the writer of the songs. In particular, his official website, long-term display of suspicious information above, Ignore all opinions, if can't show reliable proof, not only involve tort problem, for its own credibility, and even for the maestro himself, have caused a bad effect. We ask them to act as soon as possible, or show strong evidence, or correct it immediately

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