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A special column of the music general counsellor of Morriunion
Mr. Yang dalin and Ms. Yang dong
A magnificent movie symphonic poem
-- Discussion of Leone's "past Trilogy" (1): "Once upon a time in the west"
The Chinese famous specialists and pioneer for research on film music  The married couple Mr.Yang dalin and Ms.Yang dong
The Chinese famous specialists and pioneer for research on film music
The host of Beijing radio and TV station and so on.
The music general counsellor of "China Morricone Fans Association"
The married couple Mr.Yang dalin and Ms.Yang dong
Their E-mail
A magnificent movie symphonic poem
-- Discussion of Leone's "past Trilogy" (1): "Once upon a time in the west"
The writer Daling Yang
Translated by hwg and Tianyi Han on 18th Nov, 2009
Myself ever thought a question: Look on an Italian who only shoot six films in his life as a great master of movie, whether only because personal preference so that lack objectivity and impartiality? However i found that for years, The most talked-about from professionals to ordinary lovers and highest frequency of occurrence in the world's movies , exactly are the six films. And of ten also with heartfelt feelings of admiration and reverence in talking about the six films. There are many people to research this Italian in the world. One representative is that former president of the Royal College of Art of UK, the current chairman of the British Arts Review Committee, Professor Christopher Frelin. The celebrity was knighted in 2001, he is the writer of Sergio Leone's biographer and recognized "expert about Leone" in the world. In China, the professionals who look on the Leone as a film great master is a lot of people. Film scholar and translator Li Xun just is one of them. In addition, The writer also found that in the years of research the world of film music, No doubt the one after another of melody from the screen with its extremely rich and the picture a sense can Touch people's hearts, gives the inner visual to left indelible impression, but not a film's music like as Leone's six works of music, can let the audience be infatuated into that be carried away into a region of dreams and "Worth hearing 100 hundred times". A past neighbor which did not relate for a long time due to a busy, a friend in chorus of Orchestra recent suddenly call: ask for the music of "Once upon a time in the west", because, he is not only damaged the video record of many years ago because watch too much, also damaged the acoustic record of film soundtrack because hear too much ... ...
C'era una volta il West, English literal translation from the original Italian title translates is Once Upon a Time in the West, it is Sergio Leone's first film of "past trilogy" following the "Reward Trilogy". As we all know, "Western" recognized the geographical concept in the world refers to the mid-19th century in the North American continent, the vast area of virgin in the west of the Mississippi River. The westerns film Born in the early 20th century, later became a type of film of the most representative types of film in the United States. Broadly speaking, all the Westerns film are about the story of the Western Region, but from the first embryonic-type westerns film "The Great Train Robbery" in 1903, until the "How the West Was Won" in the early of 1960s that spent three master directors and more than a dozen major actors star, their title is not one called the "Western Story" or "the West past". Instead Italian director Sergio Leone shot a Italian-style and can be called epic "Once upon a time in the west" same take the United States at that time as background.

Leone 's acrossing from third " The good, The bad and The ugly" of previous trilogy to first " Once upon a time in the west" of last trilogy,always made the writer associate to Beethoven taken a huge step from the second Symphony to the third Symphony. As the "heroes symphony" produced On that basis of C major 1st and D major 2nd symphony with the shadow of Mozart and Haydn, "Reward Trilogy" with experiment color also seems to be created for the gestation and birth of the great "Once upon a time in the west". The reason made "Once upon a time in the west" became the leading immortal works in the world's cinema, not only is its magnificent of historical background backed by the story, The "Music Properties" of the film itself -- a full structure of Sonata presented by five parts of introductory usic, exposition, development, recapitulation ,coda, and the "aria" type of relationship between every characters and theme of every soundtrack, all have made this Italian-style westerns film likes a unique, magnificent islands, rises high in the sea of all the American Western films. Some people say that the Italian can shoot his westerns into a big opera, I believes that Leone mades his Spaghetti Westerns film into A huge movie symphonic poem equivalent of a single-movement.

When we often flashed a video fragment of the "Once upon a time in the west"" on the inner, ears will certainly sounded a engraved heart melodies, the music to accompany the groups of the lens will be with a permanent marker. The soprano Edda Dell'orso's wordless humming with Meaningful and commom humanity in all its nostalgic Complex feeling, with crazy sand waves that Smoke-like swept the western earth, over one after another yellow rock peaks where towers aloft the Immemorial Monument Valley, fly to an infinite extensive distance in where junction with elapsed golden age, become to a great elegy dedicated by Sergio Leone for the western United States on his mind.

In the many factors making the "Once upon a time in the west" became immortal masterpieces, music played a most important role. It is roughly the same with the worth of this fundamental element which photography that is film can exist in. In fact, it is difficult to imagine that Sergio Leone's works without Ennio Morricone's music. The Penetrative power and a strong Infectious possessed always by Morricone melodies, can not be compared by any other film composer, For all seen the "Once upon a time in the west" of the people, Sound mournful, like whine harmonica and character-oriented banjo sound, There also is unspeakable, vast wide, soothing moving theme melody, all will never be able to forget. And the most unique approach that is "the music exists prior the film", made all the important scenes shoot in accordance with mood and rhythm of Morricone music that is created in advance, then mosaic in them, therefore the overall effect formed between sound and pictures, is quite different with the concept of "unify sound and pictures" of that film shoot by conventional techniques

Aug.9,2007 (This article is a abbreviated version)

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