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ע Note
NA-8501 (8503) Il pentito / The Repenter (Pasquale Squitieri) (ֱ )
Il pentito/The Repenter (Pasquale Squitieri) (ֱ )
ǸƵ Sorry No Video
Stars ˡŷ Franco Nero
Tony Musante
Erik Estrada
Runtime Spain:120
Date 19851115
In this fast-paced actioner, mobsters fight each other as well as the law with no one clearly winning either way. Judge Falco (Franco Nero) has been sent to Palermo under heavy-duty security to investigate mob bosses. Older Mafiosos are in a deadly war for power with the up-and-coming younger men, and in the middle of all of this, Judge Falco is supposed to bring law and order. When a gang member in New York makes his way back to Palermo to confront some of the Dons about monies due him, his sidekick Vanni (Tony Musante) considers testifying before the Judge's tribunal -- if only to indict his own enemies.(Here)
վ: ⲿĶƬ,Ż໥ɱ,Ϊûŷ.ٷƣʸ »ݣܵı±ɵĪȥ鷸Ż.,곤ĺֵԱһΪȨƲ.֮,ٷӦάɺ.һŦԼŻԱصĪծ,Ļᣨ ĪɢذݣʾԸڷ֤ͥ-Լĵ.
NA-8502 (8504) La cage aux Folles III - elles se marient / La Cage aux Folles 3: The Wedding (Georges Lautner) / һɵ3
Stars Ъ Michel Serrault
Ugo Tognazzi
Antonella Interlenghi
Runtime 87 min
Date 19860214

Third and final version of the La Cage aux Folles series has Renato's drag queen lover Albin learning that he can inherit a vast fortune from a distant relative. But the catch is that Albin must marry (a woman) and produce a heir within a year or the whole inheritance will be forfeited.(Here)

վ: "һɵ"һ.Ƕ˰һԶ̳һŲ.һŮ˽Ҫһһ,еļ̳нû

NA-8503 (8601) La gabbia / The Trap (Giuseppe Patroni Griffi) (ֱ )
Stars Tony Musante
Laura Antonelli
Florinda Bolkan
Country Italy, Spain
Runtime 99 min

An international co-production with dialogue in both Italian and English, this erotic thriller from writer Lucio Fulci and director Giuseppe Patroni-Griffi stars Tony Musante as Michael Parker, a successful American businessman living in Italy with his girlfriend. When she leaves on vacation, Michael is soon involved in a torrid, passionate affair with Marie (Laura Antonelli), a woman with whom he once enjoyed a one-night stand. This time, however, Marie is not about to let Michael off the romantic hook so easily, exacting horrific revenge on her lover. Further complicating Michael's love life is Jacqueline, Marie's nubile preteen daughter, whose attraction for Michael pits mother and daughter against each other in an incestuous love triangle. La Gabbia (1985), which translates as "Collector's Item," was also released in the United States as Dead Fright. Although similar to director Adrian Lyne's blockbuster hit Fatal Attraction (1985), which was released the same year, the rougher-hewn La Gabbia actually preceded Lyne's film.(Here)

վ: һɫӰƬ.һɹЪŮס.Ůȼʱ,ЪֺܿͱһйһҹŮס.һ,ҲЪ׵ѹ.Ҫпµı.ӵ,ڽഺڵŮҲЪ,Ӷһ׵.ⲿ1985ĵӰ""(La gabbia)ֱΪ"Ʒ" (Collector's Item), "־"(Dead Fright)ӳ....
NA-8504 (8506) La piovra 2 - tv series / "The Octopus 2" - (Florestano Vancini) / 2
La piovra 2 - tv series/"The Octopus 2" - (Florestano Vancini) / 2
La Piovra2-9a 22'42"
La Piovra2-9b 22'05"
La Piovra2-10a 22'40"
La Piovra2-10b 22'06"
La Piovra2-11a 22'28"
La Piovra2-11b 22'27"
La Piovra2-12a 24'06"
La Piovra2-12b 20'53"
La Piovra2-13a 23'48"
La Piovra2-13b 21'09"
La Piovra2-14a 22'39"1
La Piovra2-14b 22'20"
La Piovra2-15a 23'07"
La Piovra2-15b 21'53"
La Piovra2-16a 23'19"
La Piovra2-16b 21'39"
All 9-18 360'
Michele Placido as Corrado Cattani
Patricia Millardet as Silvia Conti
Remo Girone as Tano Cariddi
Raoul Bova as Gianni Breda and Carlo Arcuti
Vittorio Mezzogiorno as Davide Licata
Florinda Bolkan as Countess Olga Camastra
Mietta as Rosaria Albanese
Luca Zingaretti as Pietro Favignana
Country Italy | France | UK | West Germany
Runtime Germany: 360 min | Italy: 384 min (4 parts) | Netherlands: 375 min
Date 24 May 1988 (Sweden)

La Piovra (Italian: The Octopus, referring to "The Mafia") is an acclaimed Italian Television drama miniseries about the Mafia.

The story was by Sandro Petraglia. The production was designed by Luigi Perelli. The soundtrack was by Riz Ortolani and later by Ennio Morricone, who went on to compose music for several sequels.

All 10 series have been released in Australia on DVD by Aztec International Entertainment, with English subtitles [1], having been originally aired on the Special Broadcasting Service television channel. It was also broadcast on MHz Networks in the United States. The first three series were shown in the UK on Channel 4.

The TV drama was wildly successful in the USSR, where it appeared on state TV in 1986 [2] and in communist Bulgaria, where is also appeared in the end of the 1980s bg:ܧ (֧ڧѧ), offering to the viewers of both countries thrills and dark drama from beyond the Iron Curtain (Here)


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La Piovra 2

La Piovra 3
La Piovra 4
La Piovra 5 (Here)


Synopsis La Piovra 2(1985) (mini) (TV mini-series)

Part 1 - PAOLA - Police Inspector Cattani fights a losing battle to save his loved daughter's sanity, after what she suffered (see "La Piovra", original mini-series). He loses her, and his only trusted magistrate in the fight against The Octopus.

Part 2 - FRIENDS IN COMMON - Cattani is approached by the Number 2 of his best friend in Rome to conspire against him, and ends up fighting for his life in prison, against thugs who are friends of his worst enemy. Cattani must swallow his pride, and recurs to the lustful Contessa who has other friends in common.

Part 3 - RETURN TO ROME -Cattani's love life is as confused as his behaviour; he sleeps with the enemy, and is recruited to ITALA, the cultural association for the study of the ancestral popular traditions of Italy, The Octopus by another name. Part 4 - VENGEANCE - It leaves an acrid taste in Cattani's mouth, has he loses yet an important ally, and severes his ties with the beautiful Contessa, when he wakes up fire in enemy ground. Part 5 - CRIMINAL AMBITION - Cattani's major achievement so far leaves him without friends in Rome; his former teacher explains between whiskeys how easy it is for an intelligent man to fall into criminal ambition. Part 6 - DESTINY - Cattani's takes one year leave without pay from his desk job at the Intelligence Services, and then destiny presents him with a couple of revenge opportunities against the tandem of corrupt politicians and mafia expatriates, again at heavy personal cost. (See here)

All Synopsis (From La Piovra 1 -- La Piovra 10) See Our page

վ: ""(Ϊ"",йֵľ籾)һdzij15.ɣ ƤDZд,ͷɰ,Եڶɰ Ī￵.еʮDVDɰĴAztec˾(ӢĻ).ȥ,MHzӢĵ4ƵӾ.20Ͱʮͱ,ҲⲿĻڰᆰƬ.

2: "ͬ" õ-2ڶʩı.Ͷ,෴һַ.ȥӽǸIJ,ΪҪҪ.

ע: ҳҲṩCCTVĺ""ڶ¼ƽĿ.ڹں͹ıŲͬ,ԶڹŵLa Piovra 2,൱CCTVĵ8-16.(ܳ360) ϴ,Ƶվ,ÿһΪϴ,ﹲ16Ƶ.ڵƵվѿԽ2Gϵļ,Ҳɼ緢չٶ֮һ.

1-10 вֵľ(Ӣ)վҳ

ע: CCTVȺ󲥳Ƭ().վ¼е1-5ֲṩ.йվйҳ. More see the page in our site

NA-8505 (8502) Yado/Red Sonja (Richard Fleischer) / Ů/̫
Yado/Red Sonja (Richard Fleischer) / Ů/̫
Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger
Brigitte Nielsen
Sandahl Bergman
Country /
Runtime 89 min
Date 1985-07-03
The tyrant Gedren seeks the total power in a world of barbarism. She raids the city Hablac and kills the keeper of a talisman that gives her great power. Red Sonja, sister of the keeper, sets out with her magic sword to overthrow Gedren. The talisman's master Kalidor follows to protect her. Of course they fall in love - however Red Sonja's power bases on the oath to never give herself to any man...(Here)

NA-8506 (8505) Via mala - tv series - (Tom Toelle) ֱ
Stars Mario Adorf
Maruschka Detmers
Milena Vukotic
Country West Germany, France, Italy
Runtime 270 min
Date 17 May 1986 (Sweden)

Television film in three parts based on the novel by John Knittel about a tyrannical father of a family who live in the Swiss Alps, in the Via Mala.(Here)

(German) Nach dem gleichnamigen Roman des Schweizers John Knittel von 1934 entstand die dreiteilige TV-Produktion Via Mala unter der Regie von Tom Toelle, die Mitte der 1980er Jahre sehr erfolgreich im deutschen Fernsehen lief und nun auf DVD erscheint. Bereits 1948 wurde der Stoff um einen sadistischen Kerl, der in der idyllisch-kargen Landschaft des schweizerischen Kantons Graubnden seine Familie auf unsagbare Art und Weise tyrannisiert, von Josef von Bky nach dem Drehbuch von Thea von Harbou mit Carl Wery in der Hauptrolle verfilmt. 1961 erschien dann eine weitere filmische Adaption von Paul May mit einem geradezu teuflischen Gert Fr?be als gewaltt?tiger Alkoholiker, bevor schlie?lich Mario Adorf diese Rolle in dem Fernsehspiel bernahm, das allein durch diesen hervorragenden Darsteller berhaupt erst zu einem Vergleich mit den frheren Verfilmungen antreten kann.

Im schweizerischen Hochgebirge unweit der Via Mala-Schlucht treibt der S?gemller Jonas Laurentz (Mario Adorf) einer Ausgeburt der H?lle gleich sein Unwesen. Der versoffene, verhurte und bestialisch brutale Kerl schikanisiert seine Frau Sophie (Milena Vukotic) sowie seine erwachsenen Kinder mit belsten Beschimpfungen und skrupellosen Gewaltt?tigkeiten. G?nnt der cholerische Patriarch seiner Familie nicht einmal das Existenzminimum, bestiehlt er auch noch Frau und Kinder und rafft auch sonst jeden Penny an sich, den er kriegen kann, um seinen verdorbenen Lebensstil zu finanzieren. Als Jonas Laurentz, der in der gesamten Gegend als heruntergekommener S?ufer bekannt ist, schlie?lich auf Grund seiner kriminellen Brutalit?t fr eine Weile ins Gef?ngnis muss, atmet seine Familie erleichtert auf und bemht sich nach Kr?ften, nunmehr eine wrdige Existenz zu fhren.

Die wenigen Monate, die der Vater abb?en muss, sind jedoch bald vorber, und es zeigt sich rasch, dass Jonas Laurentz in der Haft keineswegs gel?utert wurde. Nach seiner Heimkehr droht sich die unertr?gliche Qu?lerei fr die Familie erneut fortzusetzen, und es hat den Anschein, dass er im Gef?ngnis noch st?rker verroht ist, denn er macht selbst vor dem kleinen ererbten Besitztum seiner Lieblingstochter Silvie (Maruschka Detmers) nicht Halt. Durch die Abwesenheit des Vaters ein wenig gest?rkt und nicht bereit, wiederum ihr Dasein wie permanent gedemtigte und geprgelte Kreaturen zu verbringen, regt sich Widerstandsgeist innerhalb der Familie Laurentz, vor allem bei Sohn Niklaus (Dominique Pinon), der nach etlichen Maltr?tierungen k?rperlich stark eingeschr?nkt ist, sowie bei seiner Tochter Hanna (Sissy H?fferer), und auch ihre Mutter Sophie ist nicht l?nger willens, ihren gemeinen und gef?hrlichen Mann zu ertragen ...

ber mehr als vier Stunden auf zwei DVDs verteilt erstrecken sich die drei Teile dieser fr das Fernsehpublikum mit ein paar gef?lligen Details wie der nackten Maruschka Detmers angereicherten Version der Geschichte, die mit Mario Adorf als popul?re Filmikone kr?ftig dort punkten kann, wo sich die Dramaturgie in allzu seichte Ebenen begibt. Auch wenn Via Mala es vor allem in der letzten Episode vermag, die moralische Tiefgrndigkeit des Stoffes zu transportieren, steht hier im Gegensatz zu der puristischen, eindringlichen Verfilmung von Paul May mit Gert Fr?be als Jonas Laurentz berwiegend der letztlich zu ausfhrlich angelegte Unterhaltungsaspekt im Vordergrund. Und dieser gestaltet sich keineswegs gering, ist es doch allein schon ein Vergngen, den massigen, stimmgewaltigen Mario Adorf wten zu sehen, auch wenn die anderen Charaktere schlichtweg zu blass bleiben und die Abgrnde des dichten Themas sich nur andeutungsweise erheben.(Here)

Mario Adorf als Familien-Tyrann: Dreiteiliges Heimatdrama
Mitten in der Schweiz, in einem einsam gelegenen Haus an der Via Mala, fristet die Familie Lauretz ein karges Dasein. Die ehemals gutgehende S?gemhle ist durch die Trunksucht des alten Jonas (Mario Adorf) heruntergekommen. Sohn Niklaus (Dominique Pinon) hat er zum Krppel geschlagen, auch seine Frau Sophie (Milena Vukotic) und die ?ltere Tochter Hanna (Sissy H?fer) sind st?ndigen Mi?handlungen ausgesetzt. Nur Silvie (Maruschka Detmers), die Jngste, liebt der Alte ber alles. Als Jonas im Streit einen Mann angreift, mu? er ins Gef?ngnis. Befreit von einer gro?en Last, arbeitet Niklaus wie besessen, um die Schulden abzutragen. Aber als Jonas aus dem Gef?ngnis entlassen wird, beginnt die Tyrannei von neuem. Niklaus beschlie?t, seinen Vater zu t?ten(Here)

ע: ⲿϵƬ¹ӡʿԼ (1891-1970)1934ͬС˵ı.Ȿ12ȫй71汾,αϵ¹Ļ.½Ͷʮȫ򾭼ΣʱʿɽϿȵһӪľļIJбҳͼ˥.Ȥѿзĵϻ
Ӱ (/Ӣ/) Name and Director (IT/CN)
ע Note
NA-8601 (8604) La Venexiana / The Venetian Woman (Mauro Bolognini) (ֱ ˹Ů)
Stars Laura Antonelli
Īݿ Monica Guerritore
ɭ Jason Connery
Runtime Argentina:102 min / Spain:100
Date 19860309
Venice, sixteenth century. Giulio, a foreign gentleman spends a memorable night in the city where he meets and beds two beautiful women. They are Angela, a widowed lady, and Valeria, whose husband has left for Florence (Here)
վ: ʮ͵˹,һʿŮ˲һȹҹ.ǹѾӵķ˰ɷڷ.
Mission/The Mission (Roland Joffe)/ ̻/ս
Stars ޲ء Robert De Niro
ס˹ Jeremy Irons
ס˰ Ray McAnally
Country Ӣ
Runtime 126 min
Date 19861031

Jeremy Irons plays a Spanish Jesuit who goes into the South American wilderness to build a mission in the hope of converting the Indians of the region. Robert DeNiro plays a slave hunter who is converted and joins Irons in his mission. When Spain sells the colony to Portugal, they are forced to defend all they have built against the Portugese aggressors. (Here)

Father Gabriel ascends the mountains of Brazil to bring christianity to the natives. He is successful and brings about a golden age among them. Mendoza, a slaver, kills his brother in a fit of rage, and only Fr. Gabriel's guidance prevents his suicide. Gabriel brings Mendoza to work at his mission with the natives, and Mendoza finds peace and asks to become a priest. The church , under pressure, cedes the land to the Portuguese which will allow slavers in again. Mendoza breaks his vows and organizes the natives to resist while Gabriel warns him to help them as a priest

ԼƵݵʷʫʽڽðƬλеͻҲеӣӳʮ׳ۣijЩӰϢס˹޲ء޵ĶϷҲʿɹۡʮʱʿαȶɵ޴Ϊ˽̻ᡣū޶Ϊɱ˵ܵܶھεĺһǰĿĵǵĴԾ߹ģʱȴΪֳسͻڵطսɱʮֱ롣 ()

վйҳ. More see the page in our site
NA-8603 (8705) Gli occhiali d'oro / The Gold Rimmed Glasses (Giuliano Montaldo) (ֱ ۾)
Gli occhiali d'oro / The Gold Rimmed Glasses (Giuliano Montaldo) (ֱ ۾)
OST Music page
Stars աŵ Philippe Noiret
³ء Rupert Everett
ޱ򡤸ŵ/ǡŵ Valeria Golino
Country ˹
Runtime 110 min
Date 19870317

In this tragic romance set in Ferrara, Italy in 1938, and at a nearby seaside resort, a wealthy Jewish boy is thwarted in marrying the girl he loves when Mussolini's race laws (enacted to cement the r... read more egime's growing alliance with Germany) take effect. Rather than suffer as a Jewess, his intended converts to Catholicism and marries a young fascist. Meanwhile, the town doctor, who is a homosexual, becomes increasingly outcast when he openly falls in love with a boxer. The boxer at first is the man's lover, but when he decides to beat and rob the doctor, no one comes to his aid, and later he commits suicide. This movie is part of a trilogy about prewar Ferrara by director Giuliano Montaldo. (Here)

This movie, based on a novel by Giorgio Bassani, plays in the high-day of Mussolini's Fascist Italy. Eraldo is a golden boy, a stunningly beautiful college student and boxer, popular and spoiled rotten by his mother. To keep living beyond his means he 'gratiously accepts' the generous, rarely returned favors of Dr. Fadigati, an elder, gay gentleman who tries to live his life morally despite the age, but cannot keep stand by as it leads to increasing violence, especially against Jews such as the brilliant student David Lattes and even a professor at Eraldo's North Italian university. More tragedy is in the making...(Here)

The narrator, a young man of age twenty (at the time of the main events of the story), a member of a middle-class Jewish family of Ferrara and a student of literature at the University of Bologna. He is becoming aware of the impact of Fascism on his family and on all Jews. Sensitive and sympathetic to the trials of other Jews, yet barely grasping what the growing anti-Semitism of the Fascist regime may mean to Italian Jews, he witnesses the torments of Dr. Fadigati, who is in his own way just as much an outsider as the...(The entire page is 620 words.)

վ: Ӱȡ԰С˵. ·īᷨ˹ͳʱ. һһв׼̫ͥ꣬ڲǴѧѧϰѧԽԽʶ˹ļ˺̫˵Ӱ.׼Ůʱ,ī巨Чֹ.ò̲һķ˹ӽ顣ͬʱ,һͬҽһȭ,ȭ׼ȥҽ......

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