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1961-1963 莫里康内配乐电影概览
1961-1963 basic view of films composed by Ennio Morricone
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"Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" 2013 English edition
编号 No.
电影及导演 (意/英/中) Name and Director (IT/EN/CN)
备注 Note
NA-6101 (6003) Alla scoperta dell'America / The Discovery of America - tv - (Sergio Giordani) (直译 发现美洲)
此片在2015第3版年表中已改为TA7711 (见这里
Alla scoperta dell'America/The Discovery of America - tv - (Sergio Giordani)(直译 发现美洲)
Stars Giovanna Ralli
Raf Vallone
Country Italy
Runtime ???
Date 1961? 19641971(见右边说明)?
Sergio Giordani (1929-2006) (Here) (Here)
Giovanna Ralli (1935-) (Here) (Here)
Raf Vallone (1916-2002) (Poro.it)(Here)
(Italian) Sergio Giordani (Roma, 13 agosto 1929 – Roma, 10 settembre 2006) è stato un regista italiano. Si è diplomato presso il Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia a Roma nel 1952 con Alessandro Blasetti e Roberto Rossellini. Per il cinema ha realizzato, con il fratello Brando ed Enzo Biagi, il documentario Italia proibita (1963), mentre per la televisione, fin dai suoi inizi, inchieste, documentari e film per i servizi giornalistici della RAI (Sette giorni in Parlamento, TV7), per i programmi culturali ("Linea contro Linea", "Odeon", "Variety", "Italia Sera") e per il settore spettacolo (per la serie Storie e Leggende popolari della Terza Rete RAI diresse i telefilm "La scoperta dell'America" che gli valse il premio Maschera d'oro, "Mamma 'li Turchi" e "San Benedetto" per il quale gli fu assegnato il Premio della stampa cattolica "Navicella d'oro".(WIKI)
Above: An info about full cast and crew of the film (IMDB)
Above: An info about the Star Giovanna Ralli (IMDB)
Above: An info about the Star Raf Vallone (IMDB) (Poro.it)(Here)

Plot: it is a documentary of how America was discovered. The documentary dericted by Italian Sergio Giordani (1929-2006). It is a telefilm for Italian RAI TV station and earned the golden Mask award.This kind of film, TV with the title is very much, but it is very rare that the film composed by Ennio Morricone, more difficult to find its images or video. And its produced year is 1964 or 1971 in some info. Here was listed 1961 according to the info of Morricone's official website.

此片是由意大利新闻记录片导演塞尔乔 ,乔达尼 (Sergio Giordani 1929-2006)执导的电视记录片.该片曾获意大利"金面具奖"(premio Maschera d'oro).这个标题的电影,电视以及视频资料非常之多,但是真正关于由莫里康内谱曲的此剧资料却极少,视频更难找到,仅在意文的维基百科有一点资料.目前我们只从IMDB上找到其中有一部意大利出品的电影(在维基里称为电视影片--telefilm). 确实是由莫里康内谱曲.它有两个演员如左表所示,但在那里没有显示出导演的名字.而且它的年代是1964,并非官站所标注的1961.(大多数网站也是标注为1964年.在奥地利莫里康内主题网站站长Michael先生给我的电邮中,更是把这个时间定为1971年,请见下附的他的邮件)这部TV剧持续的时间多长也有待进一部考证.不过这个标题的OST唱片倒是随处可见(见右图).它包含了11个曲目.从它们的名字来看,例如2和10-爱情主题;3-滑稽戏;4-温柔的谜;5-异国情调;6-航海家的调查....等等,估计这是一部含有故事情节并至少有几十分钟以上的电视片.这些都留待今后大家共同研究发现吧!(在意大利RAI网站有一段视频可以参阅)

... on the official site, there's at least one big mistake. ALL SCOPERTA DELL'AMERICA dates from 1977, clearly not from 1961. The error was first introduced through MSV, when Martin published the EMM (Ennio Morricone Musicography). At that time nothing was known about that movie. Now we have a CD, and so we know it is in fact a documentary of how America was discovered, and we also know the exact year. Nevertheless this mistake remains constantly reappearing on many published lists, even on the official site....

The reply from Austria friend Mr. Michael Caletka on June 18, 2015
This error (1961) was reprinted in 1990 by the filmography ; the movie is from 1977

1) Alla scoperta dell America - where does 1961 come from?

Long before any chronology was provided by an official site or book, there have been the fans.
The movie here is a documentary on how Columbus discovered America in 1492. That docu was only shown in Italian-TV, and propably only once, so it was not much known. In 1986 the first book with a filmography ever appeared: Hommage au Maitre Ennio Morricone by Jean Lhassa. Obviously he couldn't find more information on this move but the title (which alone is a great effort), and gave it the year 1961 - the earliest year in the filmography. This error was reprinted in 1990 by the filmography published by Martin van Wouw. Simply because no further information could be obtained. From that time on the error has been copied from one filmography to another.

This was until in 2006 we got a CD with the music of the film. Now in the liner notes it is clearly said, that the movie is from 1977 and I guess we can rely on that information. Laurent is in a way right too, when he states that "the music itself doesn't sound 1961, but is clearly 1977". If one is as acquainted with Morricone's work as Laurent (and has the musical ability), he clearly can identify according to the orchestration and arrangement-style, from when the music must derive. (He may not have been polite, but he has a point.)

Stars Ugo Tognazzi
Georges Wilson
Gianrico Tedeschi
Country France | Italy
Runtime 100 min
Date 1961
1944. Primo Arcovazzi a fanatic member of Brigate Nere (fascist organization) is in charge to bring an opponent to the regime, Prof. George Wilson, from Abruzzo to Roma. He accepted the mandate because of his wish to be upgraded to "Federale". They travel by a sidecar trough the disastrous Italy, near to the final collapse, under bombings and in agony. Nevertheless the bad situation, they manage to build up a kind of friendship. Primo, even if the signals of final destruction are near, doesn't lose his trust in the regime. The end is near (Here)

这是一部带有喜剧风格却又寓意颇深的黑白影片.尤以其是电影音乐大师莫里康内公认的处女作而备受世人注目.影片描写二战末期在盟军解放罗马前后的历史转折时期,分处两个敌对阵营中的两个小人物命运的突然倒转和他们之间的奇特友情.1944年意大利解放前夕,一个法西斯黑色旅的年轻成员阿科瓦吉(Primo Arcovazzi 由著名演员雨果 唐格纳吉扮演)受命负责把一个反法西斯政权的教授伯纳菲(Erminio Bonafé)从阿布鲁佐(Abruzzo 意大利中部的一个省,西距罗马约100公里))押送到罗马.在路上,他们遇到了一连串的倒霉事.在途中,他们遇到了游击队的袭击和德国人的关押;在几次盟军的空袭中,两人又遇到了不少麻烦和危险.在这些不期而至的遭遇中,两人之间渐渐地建立了一种特殊的友情.当他们历经困苦最终到达罗马时,才发现罗马已经被美军解放了,阿科瓦吉的命运这时也发生了急剧的倒转,他从一个持枪的押送者变成了一个即将被捕的法西斯.在一群愤怒群众的追捕中,阿科瓦吉几乎要被骚乱的人们打死.在最危急的时刻,伯纳菲教授给了这个为人正派的阿科瓦吉以帮助,使得他幸免于难. 更多研究内容请见本站此页
NA-6103 (6102) Verrò (short film) (直译 播种/我将回来)
Stars ???
Runtime ???
Date ???
61-03 Verro61-04 Vicino Al Ciel ,这两部1961年短片(Short filmcortometraggio)的资料十分难找,影片内容目前还不得而知.目前我们所知道的只是它们的原声音乐,而且各自只有一首,都是来自意大利著名女歌手蜜尔瓦(Maria Ilva BiolcatiMilva La Rossa,这里)于1961年灌制的胶木唱片(见这里).经过长时间的搜索,我们终于在一家俄罗斯网站上找到了一段密尔瓦演唱的视频,现提供给大家聊以充饥(见右侧视频)
2011.12.26 补充资料
The reply from Austria friend Mr. Michael Caletka on June 18, 2015
(Morrione isn't Morricone)
作者是 Morrione 而不是 Morricone

2) Vicino al ciel & Verró

There's a comment given on the chimai-website, that I think explains very well, why these themes have been listed at first, but have to be eliminated from the chronology, as they have no connection to Morricone at all:

- " This song is NOT linked to Ennio Morricone in any way. Paolina Morrione is the lyricist, with composer Matteo Marletta and orchestrator Marcello Giombini.
The Musicography [page 23] incorrectly suggests: "As composer is mentioned 'Morrione', but this is probably a misprint for 'Morricone'." This assumption is based on the spelling similarity between 'Morrione' and 'Morricone', but also on the sequencing of the author names provided by the 45rpm. As a rule the text author is listed before the music author [Morrione/Marletta]. However, the label of the 45 reads 'Marletta/Morrione', leading to the false conclusion that Marletta wrote the lyrics and Morrione the music.

2:43 - Verrò
Authors: Morrione/Marletta
Lyricist: Paolina Morrione
Composer: Matteo Marletta
Orchestrator, Conductor: Marcello Giombini [1928-2003]
Choir: Coro di Franco Potenza [1922-2011]
Vocals: Milva [real name: Maria Ilva Biolcati] [1939-]
"Musica: Matteo Marletta - Testo: Paolina Morrione - Orchestra: Marcello Giombini - Canta: Milva" http://bit.ly/LqWbdp
Released on 45rpm:
Verrò / Vicino al ciel - Cetra SP 1071 - Italy - 1961
Disc label: "Slow di Marletta/Morrione - Orch. dir. da Marcello Giombini" http://bit.ly/M2xzeW
"Numero di catalogo: SP 1071 - Anno 1961" http://bit.ly/Tq5DEP
The B-side [Vicino al ciel] is also not related to Morricone." -
Yet this error has also been copied from one filmography to another.

NA-6104 (6103) Vicino al ciel (short film) (直译 接近天堂)
Stars ???
Runtime ???
Date ???
NA-6201 (6204) Diciottenni al sole / Eighteen In The Sun (Camillo Mastrocinque) / 太阳光下的18岁
Stars Catherine Spaak
Lisa Gastoni
Gianni Garko
Country Italy
Runtime 100 min
Date 1962
Nicole Molino (Catherine Spaak) and Nicola Molino (Gianni Garko) are not related to one another. In fact, they don't even know each other until both are inadvertently assigned the same hotel room on the island of Ischia. Nicole isn't interested in any hanky-panky, so Nicola promises to keep his hands to himself. Though this is an Italian picture, the storyline adheres strictly to tried-and-true Hollywood formula, and Nicole and Nicola fall in love. 18 in the Sun was released in the US under the infantile title Beach Party Italian Style; its original Italian title was Diciottenni al Sole.(Here)
本站简译: 两个互不相识的男女青年到意大利尼斯基亚岛去旅游.一个不经意的错误把两人分配到了旅馆同一个房间.由此展开了一段青春爱情故事,两人坠入爱河.此片在美国上演的名字是"意大利风格的海滩派对"(Beach Party Italian Style)
NA-6202 (6203) I motorizzati (Camillo Mastrocinque) (直译 摩托化)(黑白片)
Stars Gianni Agus
Mercedes Alonso
David Areu
Country Italy | Spain
Runtime 91 min
Date 1962
(Italian) Bonucci racconta una serie di episodi umoristici sulla smania della motorizzazione nell'Italia del boom. Alcuni dei più popolari attori comici italiani degli anni '60 in storielle di spirito facile e innocuo.(Here)
本站简译: 影片讲述了在上一世纪六十年代意大利经济繁荣时期的许多幽默小故事.意大利许多有名的喜剧演员参加演出
NA-6203 (6205) La cuccagna / A Girl.. and a Million (Luciano Salce) (直译: 百万女孩)(黑白片)
Stars Donatella Turri
Luigi Tenco
Umberto D'Orsi
Country Italy
Runtime 104min
Date 1962


In La Cuccagna, director and co-writer Luciano Salce has put together the ingredients he enjoys the most in his films, a lightweight story with a bit of conflict between old values and new. In this routine tale, Rossella (Donatella Turri) has a steady relationship going with her rather sullen boyfriend Giuliano (Luigi Tenco) but is also out in the job market, looking for a good position somewhere. She finds a place with a crazy, ambitious businessman (Umberto D'Orsi) but then faces a series of challenges to her morals and the temptation of easy money.(Here)
本站简译: 电影的核心是在讲述人们新旧价值观的冲突与矛盾.罗塞拉与她的男友朱利亚诺有一个良好的关系,但是她仍然希望寻找一个更好的职位。她终于找到了一个雄心勃勃的商人,但她同时却面临着一系列道德与金钱诱惑矛盾的的挑战.
NA-6204 (6202) La voglia matta / Crazy Desire (Luciano Salce ) / 欲海惊心杀人夜 (黑白片)
Stars Ugo Tognazzi
Catherine Spaak
Béatrice Altariba
Country Italy
Runtime 110 min
Date 1962
A middle-aged and slightly conservative businessman meets a band of rowdy youths and is smitten by one named Francesca. He is pursuaded to join their party and even pay for most of it, as he finds himself strangely attracted to Francesca, who seems his complete opposite.(Here)   Crazy Desire (La Voglia Matta) stars Ugo_Tognazzi as a middle-aged Italian businessman on a cross country motor trip. He comes across a group of rambunctious teenagers, including sexy Catherine_Spaak. Infatuated by the girl, Tognazzi allows Spaak to deplete his pocketbook to pay for a wild seaside spree for herself and her friends. When challenged to a fight by the leader of the kids, Tognazzi, much to his own surprise, wins, and is hailed as "one of the gang." But when he wakes up on the beach the next morning, he's all alone. Alternately wacky and wistful, Crazy Desire was the film that secured the international reputation of Italian director Luciano_Salce. From the opening sequence during a amateurish outdoor production of Julius_Caesar to the closing seascape shot of the solitary and bemused Ugo Tognazzi, there's hardly a false move in the picture. Crazy Desire was based on Enrico Siella's short story -A Girl Named Francesca (Here)
本站简译: 一个中年和偏向保守的商人在自驾旅游时,接触到一伙喧闹的青少年,包括性感痴情的女孩.他们极力说服他参加他们的集会.他花钱支付她们海滩的狂欢活动.但当第二天早晨醒来时,他发现只剩下了自己孤独的一个人.这部电影是基于恩里科的短篇故事"一个女孩叫弗朗西斯卡"改编的
NA-6301 (6301) Duello nel Texas / Gunfight at Red Sands (Riccardo Blasco) / 红沙地上的枪战

Stars Richard Harrison
Giacomo Rossi-Stuart
Country Spain | Italy
Runtime 97 min
Date 1963
Note Music by
Ennio Morricone (as Dan Savio)

An avenging stranger guns down a gang of ruthless bandits in revenge for the murder of his family.(Here)

本站简译: 一个无情的枪手报复杀害了他家人的土匪团伙
NA-6302 (6304) I basilischi / The Basilisks (Lina Wertmüller) (直译 蛇怪)
Stars Antonio Petruzzi
Stefano Satta Flores
Sergio Ferranino
Country Italy
Runtime 85 min
Date 1963
The neorealistic story follows the uneventful lives of Francesco, Sergio and Antonio, three young men, who live in a small, poverty-stricken village. Since all three are unemployed they while their time away roaming the streets and chasing girls. One day Antonio's aunt asks him to stay with her and his cousins in Rome. He accepts her offer and enrolls at a university in Rome leaving his two friends behind who envy him for his new upscale lifestyle. But eventually Antonio returns to the village, initially just for a day. Though he boasts about his life, he never goes back to Rome and instead opts for his friends and the place he grew up in, despite all its shortcomings.(Here)

本站简译: 弗朗西斯,塞尔吉奥和安东尼,三个年轻人在一个贫困的小城镇过着平静的生活。所有三个人都失了业,他们闲来无事就在街头漫游,跟踪女孩。有一天,安东尼奥的阿姨要他去罗马和他的表兄弟待在一起,并答应让他在罗马上大学。他接受了她的提议,离开了那两个非常羡慕他的新生活的朋友.不过最后安东尼奥还是返回到镇里.虽然他对他们誇耀罗马的生活,但他从不再回罗马,尽管城镇有很多不足,但他还是选择了他生长的那个地方,还有他的朋友们.

NA-6303 (6302) Il successo / The Success (Mauro Morassi / Dino Risi uncredited) (直译 成功)
Stars Anouk Aimée
Vittorio Gassman
Jean-Louis Trintignant
Country Italy | France
Runtime 106 min
Date 1963
Decided to break, an official of a company board in real estate speculation and compromises little cleaner. Becomes rich, but, before you get in the "tour" had a devoted wife and a dear friend. Now, however, remained only as a dog.
(here) La commedia parla della spinta a arricchirsi di certa società degli anni sessanta, con un Gassman che, nel ruolo del trentottenne e infelice intellettuale Giulio Ceriani, cerca il successo per mezzo della speculazione edilizia in Sardegna.Non avendo il denaro per acquistare il terreno da lui individuato come frutto della sua fortuna, Giulio si fa in quattro per avere dei prestiti da vecchie conoscenze, fino a perdere ogni dignità.
Alla fine vi riuscirà, sacrificando la vita di famigliari e amici, agli occhi dei quali egli appare ora una persona diversa. Perde il suo unico amico, Sergio, interpretato da Trintignant, e la moglie, Laura, interpretata dalla Aimée, in virtù di una vita da ricco ma senza amici e amore.
本站简译: 朱里奥( Vittorio Gassman 饰演)为了发财致富,下决心到撒丁岛去作房地产投机.由于没有钱购买土地,他不顾个人尊严,四处找人拉关系借钱.虽然他成功,但他失去了他深爱的夫人劳拉(Anouk Aimée 饰演)和唯一的好朋友塞尔吉奥(Jean-Louis 饰演).因为在她(他)们眼里他已变成了另外一种人.现在只有那条狗还留在他身边.
NA-6304 (6303) Le monachine / The Little Nuns (Luciano Salce) / 小修女
Stars Catherine Spaak
Sylva Koscina
Amedeo Nazzari
Country Italy
Runtime 100 min
Date 1965
Two nuns come to Rome to protest to an airline about its jet planes which have been flying over their convent school, disrupting teaching of the little orphans who study there and damaging the ancient fresco of their patron saint through sound vibrations (Here).

本站简译: 两个修女来到罗马,向航空公司抗议.因为他们的喷气飞机天天飞过他们的修道院,扰乱了她们的教学,破坏了许多孤儿在那里的学习环境.飞机掠过头顶时的振动甚至破坏了修道院的古代壁画

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