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7402 Fatti di gente per bene / The Murri Affair-A
Fatti di gente per bene / The Murri Affair
Fatti di gente perbene / The Murri Affair
ӰƬʾӰ"¼"Ī￵ (00:02:04)
ӰƬʾ"¼/Fatti di gente per bene"Ī￵ (00:02:04)
ݣ Ī Mauro Bolognini Ա

ɪաܽ/ܽ¶ Catherine Deneuve .... Linda Murri

ޡ Giancarlo Giannini .... Tullio Murri

Ѷ϶ࡤ Fernando Rey .... Prof. Murri

ŷ Tina Aumont .... Rosa Bonetti

ޡ Paolo Bonacelli .... Francesco Bonmartini

Corrado Pani .... Pio Naldi

Ettore Manni .... Carlo Secchi

Marcel Bozzuffi .... Augusto Stanzani

Laura Betti .... Tisa Borghi

Rina Morelli .... Giannina Murri

Giacomo Rossi-Stuart .... Riccardo Murri

ķ˹˹ͼ Kim Rossi Stuart ....

Lino Troisi

ݣ (ɪաܽ/ܽ¶ Catherine Deneuve) (ޡ Giancarlo Giannini) (Ѷ϶ࡤ Fernando Rey) ( Tina Aumont) (ޡ Paolo Bonacelli) ( Corrado Pani)
ɫ ɫ
ʱ 120 min / West Germany:110
Sergio Bazzini
Mauro Bolognini
Ƭ Ralph Baum
ԭ ¡Ī￵ Ennio Morricone
ʦ Ennio Guarnieri
ʦ Guido Josia


Baba, ogul ve gelin Turkey (Turkish title)
Die Affare Murri West Germany
Drama of the Rich (undefined)
La gran burguesa Spain
La grande Bourgeoise France

Murri-skandalen Sweden
Professori Murrin tapaus Finland
The Murri Affair USA (DVD title)
To angeliko prosopo tis ypsilis koinonias Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)

װ Gabriella Pescucci
Mauro Cappelloni


1974-09-28 1974
¡1975-04-02 1975
1976-03-27 1976
ձ1977-07-18 1977
1978-01-27 1978

David di Donatello Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1975 Won David Best Film (Miglior Film)
Tied with Gruppo di famiglia in un interno (1974).
Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1975 Won Silver Ribbon Best Costume Design (Migliori Costumi)
Gabriella Pescucci
ӰƬ: ӰżЭά-ѷװƽ (Silver Ribbon) 1975 Best Costume Design (Migliori Costumi) Gabriella Pescucci Ӱ-ѵӰ David di Donatello Awards(David) 1975 Best Film (Miglior Film)
Storyline: Based on a true incident, this tells the story of a troubled young man who kills his sister's reactionary, violent and abusive husband and is eventually arrested for the murder. However, the dead husband happened to be a member of the Italian nobility, and the trial starts to turn into more of a prosecution of the defendant's socialist politics and the activities of his father, a well known liberal social reformer, than the actual crime itself. (Here)
Ӱ(վ): Ӱϵ20ͳҶһʵʷı.һŵɱһ,ñŰɷıɱﱻĹ.ȻȥɷǡһĹ,һʼʹʵʷﱾر˶ԱᵳԱλͺĸ--һĸҵ
йشƬĽܼ,ӢĽܴҲǻ೭ȥǼ.վͨܶҵһЩй,зͱ༭,ʹܶԴƬĹ,и˽. ͬĽ,ȻԸеӰƬ(ʵǶԸ¼),¸100ԺĽȻԶδ.
002-1 ӰƬ
Fatti di gente perbene
Professori Murrin tapaus
Die Affare Murri
The Murri Affair
Drama of the Rich
To angeliko prosopo tis ypsilis koinonias
La gran burgues
Baba, ogul ve gelin
La grande Bourgeoise
һЩҵĵӰ,ѾԸоⲿӰƬ(Ҳһ¼),ͬҵDzͬ:֮ͬ(),߲(,,ϣ,δ֪),Ҳ(),϶(,,,).ɴҲɼһ¼ĸԼϲijӰ.ΪϣܱȽֱ׵صһ¼ʵ(GGԶTo angeliko prosopo tis ypsilis koinonias ѡϣĺԶϣĵʾΪ ææŦ˦ɦʦ ЦѦϦҦئЦ Ӧc ԦצǦ˦c ʦϦɦͦئͦɦc)
002-2 ӰƬͷĻ
The Murri trial, that was actually held at the beginning of the century,filled the chronicles for the gravity of the fact, the reputation of the characters, and the atmosphere of morbid curiosity. The authors, freely recalling it,were inspired impartially by the trial records, from which emerged, besides the facts,that raised around it. the characters and personalities of the protagonists of this family tragedy.
: а19ͳ,¼Ĵԣ永λ,ʹڶڸð̬ĺ棬ʹΪʱʷİߴͥ¼йеؼȡУԿŵ̬׮Щͥ¼չʵ࣬ҲչͥԸ͸ԡ
002-3 ŦԼʱstarpulsվ
Based on a true story, this political thriller/drama explores the ordeal of Linda Murri (Catherine_Deneuve), a 19th-century upper-class Italian woman who was caught in an unhappy marriage and who broke the code of behavior for aristocrats by taking a lower-class lover. After her husband was murdered, Murri stood trial for the murder. Her professor father's socialist opinions were clearly the reason for the harshness of the prosecution. The case was widely known throughout Italy at the time, and caused a national furor. Murri did not actually arrange to murder her boorish nobleman husband Count Bonmartini (Paolo_Bonacelli); rather, she told her brother how unhappy she was and that she was afraid for her life. He acted on her complaint by taking the drastic step of murder. The trial resulted in her being given a long prison term, along with her brother (Giancarlo_Giannini), her lover Carlo Secci (Ettore_Manni) and her brother's assistants Pio and Rosa (Corrado Pani and Tina Aumont). The relentlessness of the prosecutor Giudice Stanzani (Marcel_Bozzuffi) and the spinelessness of the family patriarch Augusto Murri (Fernando_Rey), the professor with the unpopular opinions, are key dramatic features of this complex story. Clarke Fountain, Rovi (Here and here, here)
վ: ⲿξ/ϷƬһʵĹΪ.ӰƬ̽ʮϲ׼һһĸŮմ ɪաܽ).Υ˹Ϊ淶ȥһϵ͵ȼ.ɷıɱԺ,Ϊıɱ.Ľڸ׵ȻΪط̵Ķ.ð,ͬʱһҵĺ䶯.ʵϲûаıɱҰĹɷ򲮾ᣨޡݣ.ֻǸĵܵǶôң».Ŀ֮ĵܵܲȡ˼ҵıɱж.нд˳ͽ,ĵܵ(ޡ),˿ ͨ )ܵܵƤŷ¶˿ ݺ͵ ŷݣ.˹ ˹̹( ),ųļ峤¹˹ ڣѶ϶ࡤݣܻӭ,ӹµĹؼϷص. (վ2011.2.20,תעԴ)
002-4 վĽGGԶ鿴)
il 2 settembre 1902 il conte francesco bonmartini viene trovato ucciso in casa sua. il caso viene affidato al giudice stanzani propenso a credere al delitto a scopo di rapina. nove giorni dopo il suocero, augusto murri, medico di fama internazionale, si presenta alla polizia accusando dell'assassinio il figlio tullio, avvocato e consigliere comunale socialista, sospettato di aver ucciso il cognato a causa di un rapporto incestuoso con la sorella. la stampa e' divisa tra coloro che attaccano i murri e coloro che li difendono, mentre l'opinione pubblica si accanisce contro tutti i personaggi coinvolti. il processo, celebrato a torino nel 1905, sara' un susseguirsi di colpi di scena tra verita' e menzogne.premi e riconoscimenti1975 - miglior film david di donatello (Here and here)
002-5 һDVDվ
Starring Catherine Deneuve, Giancarlo Giannini, Fernando Rey, Tina Aumont, Marcel Bozzuffi and Laura Betti. Music By Ennio Morricone. After a liberal and wealthy woman marries a conservative, loutish doctor, she finds her new life veritably suffocating. To alleviate her misery, her thoughtful brother does away with her distasteful husband. Based on a tru story. English language version.The Murri Affair was gratifying! You have to wot this movie! A splendiferous performance by Tina Aumont & Laura Betti make The Murri Affair a ought to nail down movie! The spectacular cast includes Tina Aumont, Laura Betti, Paolo Bonacelli, Marcel Bozzuffi, Catherine Deneuve. This cast just make The Murri Affair the more amazing! (Here)

վ: ɪ ܽݣޡᣬѶ϶ ŷɣ .֣ Ī￵. һɺ͸ԣŮ˼޸һصģֱɵҽϢΪ˼ʹ࣬ĵĵܵܳ˷еɷ.ӰƬһʵĹ.Ӣ."¼"ģӦ֪ⲿӰһ ŷ ɵļõݳӪʹ"¼"Ϊһ"Ӧöס"ĵӰׯ۵Ӫ ŷɣ ٣ ɪ ܽ. ЩԱֻ"¼"˾棡(վ2011.2.20,תעԴ)
002-6 йصͼ"ŵ-ǽıɱ"(Indecent Secrets: The infamous Murri Murder Affair)
"ŵ-ǽıɱ"(Indecent Secrets: The infamous Murri Murder Affair)
ҪOn a hot summer day in Italy in 1902, the brutally stabbed body of Count Francesco Bonmartini was discovered, by means of its decomposing stench, inside his locked apartment. He was a typical Italian provincial aristocrat in all but one way: he had married into a prominent but deeply troubled family. His father-in-law was one of the nation's most famous doctors. His wife, Linda, a young freethinker, was the apple of her father's eye. Linda's brother dabbled in anarchism. Linda's lover was her father's top assistant. Her relations with them were illicit, incestuous -- and murderous.
The scandal that erupted was a top news story in Europe and America for three consecutive years. Investigators uncovered successive layers of a conspiracy that constantly twisted and changed its shape. The suspects included all these men as well as their servants and lovers. There was a diverse array of murder weapons, including knives, heavy pellets, and poison. There were rumors of missing accomplices. Intimate relations among many suspects were uncovered through sensational letters and testimonials. Witnesses died mysteriously. A suspect tried to kill himself. One question lingered throughout and still haunts researchers today: what role did Bonmartini's widow, Linda, known as "The Enchantress," play? Was she the spider at the center of the vast web, or did the plot originate with the key men who loved her so desperately?

Scholar and writer Christina Vella combines meticulous research with a novelist's eye for a great story. As she unspools the tight, tense drama, she offers a fascinating picture of Italian society in the early 20th century, with a historian's insights into life at both the top and the bottom. From sexual dysfunctions, to prison conditions, to the patronage systems that permeated medicine, law, and politics, the Bonmartini murder provides a window into a rich world. The result is an unforgettable story and an invaluable introduction to an Italy that is still recognizable today.

߼: Christina Vellaholds a Ph.D. in modern European and American history. In addition to teaching and lecturing, she is a consultant to public television and to the U.S. State Department. She lives in New Orleans.(Here and here)


Ҫ1902һȵ죬˹ . ԢֽĶ,ʹʬ屻.һ͵.һԺյŵļͥ.ȫҽ֮һ.մ,һ˼ң׵.մĵܵ.մ׵ĵһ.ǵĹϵǷǷ,-ͷdzΣյ.ŵıŷ޺ΪŵĹ.ĵ,һıҿ.˰е˺.ɱ˵ăǶ,,,Ͷҩ.ͬıʧٵĴ.ͨ˸жź֤,˵ܹϵҿ.֤,һͼɱ.һȻео:ΪŮסƵմﵹڴ˰аʲôɫ?Ǵһĵ֩? ĹؼǵĹı?

ѧ,ҿ˹ άС˵ҵ۾ϸµоҪʷ.⿪һĸ,20ͳҶ˷羰.ʷѧҵ۹ⶴ˵ʵ.Թܵϰ,,͸ҽѧ,ɺεᱣϵͳ.ıɱṩһ븻Ĵ,γһĹºͶǸϡɱı

߼: ˹ άоִŷ޺ʷIJʿ.˽ѧݽһҹ̨Ժʡס°¶ (վ2011.2.20תעԴ)

Indecent Secrets: The infamous Murri Murder Affair йصͼ"ŵ-ǽıɱ"(Indecent Secrets: The infamous Murri Murder Affair)
002-7ҿ˹ άվ (վ2011.2.20תעԴ)
ҿ˹ άChristina Vellaholdsվ
The Infamous Murri Murder Affair
by Christina Vella

The true history of a bizarre 1905 murder case in Venice and Bologna, Italy, involving adultery, incest, perjury, the obsession of four men with the woman at the center of the conspiracy, and---not least---a description of how people in Italy lived at the turn of the 20th century.

ŵ-ǽıɱ ˹ ά


THE PUBLIC'S INTENSE INTEREST in scandalous trials did not begin with O.J. Simpson or Michael Jackson. The Murri affair, which erupted in Italy in 1902, was considered the crime of the century for many years. As late as the 1970s, a movie starring Catherine Deneuve was based on the salacious case.

In Indecent Secrets: The Infamous Murri Murder Affair, Christina Vella provides a riveting account of the scandal. In 1902 in Bologna, Count Francesco Bonmartini was found grotesquely murdered. Bonmartini was the son-in-law of Italy's most prominent physician and scientist. Suspicion fell first on prostitutes Bonmartini had consorted with, then on his wife's brother, Tullio Murri, and then on the wife herself, Linda Murri.

1902ڲǣ˹ رıɱ.ҽͿѧҵŮȾļŮ,Ȼӵĵܵͼ,ȻԼմ...
Tullio eventually confessed to the killing, but he had also drawn others into the crime, people who came from the highest and lowest extremes of society. He had involved his lover, a girl whose ten brothers had died from malnutrition. The shadowy involvement of his famous father was always in question; Professor Augusto Murri, though an apparent model of rectitude, was madly obsessed with his daughter and may even have planted the idea for the killing in Tullio's disturbed mind. All together, eight people were indicted for the murder, and several unindicted conspirators were involved as well.

˹ Ხ
˹ Ხ
At the center of the story was Linda Murri----the so-called enchantress?-- who was either innocent of all the murder plans swirling around her, or who instigated the entire conspiracy.Four men were madly, slavishly, in love with Linda----her husband, her lover, her brother, and her father. According to credible sources, her husband was the only one with whom she was not having sexual relations.

Small wonder that the crime occupied almost every newspaper in Europe for three years, as the whole continent lined up on the side of the victim Bonmartini---the side of Catholic, landed aristocrats---or Murri side, the side of scientists, socialists and atheists. Many people believed the theory that Tullio had not in fact committed the murder, but had confessed in order to protect the real killer, Linda.

µմ ----νŮ? - Χıɱе޹?ıĹıɿ?ӷ,ūİմ----ɷ,,ĵܵ,ĸ.ݿɿϢԴ,ֻɷûԹϵһ.


As the long trial proceeded, secret diaries came to light. Important witnesses began dying under mysterious circumstances. Had they, like Bonmartini, been killed by the powerful Murris? Was Linda truly a malignant spirit, or only the victim of uncontrollable frenzy in the press? The culmination of the trial and its aftermath was a story more bizarre than any novelist could have invented.



As in her previous books, historian Vella uses a dramatic, true event as a framework for telling a larger story: what it was like to live in Italy at the turn of the 20th century, the time when Italians were emigrating en masse to America. She offers many details about such things as housing, meals, medical treatments, morals, the legal system, prisons, travel conditions, newspapers, and peasant life in Italy, and vividly describes cities where the Murris lived---Bologna, Turin, and Venice. The result is an exploration of fascinating characters and a window into Italy's complex society at the dawn of the modern era.(Here)
ǰдһʷѧάʹһϷԵ,ʵ¼Ϊ,һĹ:20֮ʲô.ʱ˴ƾӵ.ṩйסʳҽƣ£ɣУֽԼũȵȷϸ.סij--ǣ飬Լ˹.ʤؿ˴ִⴰڵĸӵ (վ2011.2.20תעԴ)
003-ڵĪ Mauro Bolognini
Ī  Mauro Bolognini
Ī  Mauro Bolognini
Ī  Mauro Bolognini
Ī (Mauro Bolognini, 1922.6.28--2001.5.14)˹ɴƤ˹Pistoia. ԭһרҵѧ,ЭLuigi ZampaͷYves Allegret ,Jean DelannoyʼĵӰ.ڶʮʮ,ʼԼݵӰGli innamorati ("İ")ڹԱȡ˵һɹ.
ʮݵӰGiovani mariti ("ɷ"), La notte brava, La giornata balorda ("Ժ"), Marcello Mastroianni-Claudia Cardinale ,Il Bell'Antonio ,ЩӰľ籾ȫPier Paolo Pasolini.()
1961,뿪,ֱӵɫӰLa Viaccia Senilita , תԵѧӰ֮ǰ,Le bambole (ż), I tre volti ("Ů˵˵"), Le fate ("Ů")Le streghe (Ů).
ʮĵӰMademoiselle De Maupinʾµɫ,ĺƷǶŶյ,ҵഺ Metello BubuMassimo Ranieri),Ӱ Giancarlo Giannini, Catherine Deneuve ݵ Fatti di gente per bene (¼)Anthony Quinn Dominique SandaݵFernando Rey, L'eredita Ferramonti (Ų/ٺϻ)ԼIsabelle HuppertݵĵӰLa Dame aux camelias
,ݴɫĵӰ,͵The Charterhouse of Parma The Time Of Indifference. һɫصϷ1992Husbands and Lovers
ҵഺ Metello
Ų/ٺϻ L' Eredit Ferramonti
 La Villa del venerd
ҪŮ Le Plus vieux mtier du monde
Fatti di gente per bene
ټ Un bellissimo novembre
ҵഺ Metello
Ų/ٺϻ L' Eredit Ferramonti
La Villa del venerd
ҪŮ Le Plus vieux mtier du monde
¼ Fatti di gente per bene
ټ Un bellissimo novembre
軨Ů La Storia vera della signora dalle camelie
AQUILE (1989) TV Աģ
Թ Haunted Forest
СΪʤ Che Guevara: Hasta la Victoria Siempre
 Nick and Jane
Per le antiche scale
軨Ů La Storia vera della signora dalle camelie
AQUILE (1989) TV Աģ
Թ Haunted Forest
СΪʤ Che Guevara: Hasta la Victoria Siempre
Nick and Jane
ڹϵĽ Per le antiche scale
άǡũׯ La Viaccia
Ӣİ Il Bell'Antonio
ëƤά˹ La Venexiana
ѷռ2 Tain 2 - A Aventura Continua
O Enfermeiro
Le Bambole
άǡũׯ La Viaccia
Ӣİ Il Bell'Antonio
ëƤά˹ La Venexiana
ѷռ2 Tain 2 - A Aventura Continua
O Enfermeiro
Le Bambole (more)
ڵݵӰ"" (ͼƬȡԱվ)
ͼ ڵݵӰ"" (ͼƬȡԱվ)
񽱼¼ (IMDB,˱δ"¼"Ļ񽱼¼,ԭ,ҳ)
Cannes Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1976 Nominated Golden Palm
for: Eredit Ferramonti, L' (1976)

1970 Nominated Golden Palm
for: Metello (1970)

1961 Nominated Golden Palm
for: Viaccia, La (1961)

1958 Nominated Golden Palm
for: Giovani mariti (1958)

1956 Nominated Golden Palm
for: Innamorati, Gli (1955)

David di Donatello Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1999   Career David  
Giffoni Film Festival
Francois Truffaut Award
Locarno International Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1975 Won Special Prize of the Jury
for: Per le antiche scale (1975)

1960 Won Golden Sail
for: Bell'Antonio, Il (1960)

Montreal World Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1987 Won Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
for: Mosca addio (1987)

San Sebastian International Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1966 Won Prize San Sebastian Best Director
for: Madamigella di Maupin (1966)

1962 Won Prize San Sebastian Best Director
for: Senilit (1962)

Ī Mauro Bolognini1985ɵӰίִӰƬ5γɵӰڽ鵽ӰƬInnamorati, Gli (1955)Giovani mariti (1958)Viaccia, La (1961)Metello (1970)͡ŲEredit Ferramonti, L' (1976)Per le antiche scale (1975)һƬ1975忨ŵʵӰر𽱣İ¡Bell'Antonio, Il (1960)1960忨ŵʵӰӰƬλ˹ٰʵӰѵݵijƺţ1999ӰҵԱӰ׿Խס()
ڱרŽվҳ >>>>
004-1 մ (Linda Murri ) ɪաܽ Catherine Deneuve
19431022ճ,Ӱ̳Сˡ֮ƣ͸߹һڰң13Ȧ½Ӱ̳ŷĵݶͿռɪաܽ13꼴ڡŮѧݳ 1964꣬ڸƬɪɡаŮǣĵļĬʹɹʵӰڴ󽱣Ӵȷǵĵ λߺ죬1966ݡˡΪ֪ǡһӰԽֵľʵ嵼ݲŬ(Luis Bunuel)ġˡһıɫС˵ĵӰڲŬɸ£ɹʵ뽻龳 ̽Ů˵ѹįɪաܽƬ1968ӢѧԺŮ ˲Ŭ⣬ݣ縥ߡ˹ȶ֮ܰݵλݡͬĸŮԣʮָӵΪɹƷС񡷡ˡ˿ȡȡ⣬нܳϲܡ199 9ġĸˡУܽŮһĸⲿԽ׳İϲ˵ 40ڷӰ̳ĵλȻdzΪȫԺ׷Ӱ()
մ (Linda Murri ) ɪաܽ Catherine Deneuve
մ (Linda Murri ) ɪաܽ Catherine Deneuve
մ  ɪաܽ
մ  ɪաܽ
004-2 ͼ (Tullio Murri ) ޡ Giancarlo Giannini
194281˹ (La Spezia, Liguria.ԱԱ.ͶѧԺ1965꿪ʼĵӰŮ.ڵӰAnzio and The Secret of Santa Vittoriadanе,֮ڵӰ"ȹ"(Swept Away)г.1976꣬ݵӰ""(Seven Beauties)Ϊǵİ˹Ϊñð˹Ӱ"The Shining"Ϊܿƶɭ( Jack Nicholson)õ˺ܸߵ.ӢΪںĵӰд˴ĵĽɫ,"Ĭĸ2(Hannibal)еѲԱ (Inspector Pazzi), "" (A Walk In The Clouds)"ŭԮ"(Man on Fire)
ĽɫLina Wertmuller.ִĵӰ.ȥ"ȹ" (Swept Away) (Seven Beauties), "ջ" (The Seduction of Mimi), Love and Anarchy, ҹ (A Night Full of Rain), "˹Ǻ"(Francesca e Nunziata).
2000ĵɳħ(Dune miniseries)ݻʵ. 2002꣬ݿֲƬ(Darkness)."Casino Royale"ǩĺԼ(,ɱվ)
ޡ Giancarlo Giannini
ޡ Giancarlo Giannini
ͼ (Tullio Murri ) ޡ Giancarlo Giannini
004-3 ¶˿ ȵ (Rosa Bonetti) ŷ/ Tina Aumont
ŷ/ Tina Aumont Ա: Ů : 1946-02-14 2006-10-28 : ,, ְҵ: Ա Maria Christina Aumont

Maria Christina Aumont (14 February 1946-- 28 October 2006), best known as Tina Aumont, was an American actress of French, and Dominican descent.

She was born in Hollywood, California, the daughter of actors Jean-Pierre Aumont and Maria Montez. She married actor and film director Christian Marquand in 1963, at the age of 17.

She made her debut as Tina Marquand in Joseph Losey's 1966 movie Modesty Blaise(Ů). She worked in Italian cinema with, among others, Alberto Sordi (Scusi, lei e favorevole o contrario?, 1966)(СϵĵӰ"Բ޳ɻ򷴶?") , Tinto Brass (L'urlo, 1968 and Salon Kitty, 1975)((Ȱ˹Ӱ"""ٷ"), Mauro Bolognini (Fatti di gente perbene, 1974)(Ī Ӱ"¼"), Francesco Rosi (Cadaveri eccellenti, 1975)(ɵʬ), and Federico Fellini (Fellini's Casanova, 1976)(Ŀŵ).

In 2000 she retired from film work. She suffered a pulmonary embolism and died in Port-Vendres, Pyrenees-Orientales, France at age 60.(Here)

¶˿ ȵ (Rosa Bonetti)  ŷ/  Tina Aumont
¶˿ ȵ (Rosa Bonetti)  ŷ/  Tina Aumont
Tina Aumont
004-4 (Tisa Borghi) Laura Betti ....
Ա: Ů : 1927-05-01 2004-07-31 : ,- ְҵ: Ա / : Laura Trombetti 񽱼¼: 2003ӰżЭ˿)(); 2003ӰżЭά; 1979ʥ˹ٰʵӰ ŮԱ. "1900(),; ز׹¼; ѹҳ; ¡ɣ; Ů; ¼ȶಿӰƬ(Ӱ)
  (Tisa Borghi)    Laura Betti ....
Laura Betti
"Chi Mai"
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